Anti Social Social Club: Don't Believe The Hype

  • Published on Mar 17, 2017
  • Complex's weekly series Don't Believe the Hype takes a look at what's hot and what's just hot air. Sneakers, clothes, tech, food-nothing is safe. On this week's episode, Speedy takes on the highly coveted streetwear brand Anti Social Social Club. Can Complex staffers tell the difference between an Anti Social Social Club hoodie and a fake? Find out on this week's episode of Don't Believe the Hype.
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Comments • 650

  • Sneakerhead1999
    Sneakerhead1999 Hour ago

    So i found an ASSC hoodie off eBay for 40 bucks but i cant tell in the pics whether or not it has the two round holes that the strings go through.... does that mean its fake or real?

  • i want milk.
    i want milk. 9 days ago

    If the fake looks real, might as well just get it right? You wouldn't be able to really tell a difference

  • Nilbog Impala
    Nilbog Impala 19 days ago

    "i dont even rock hoodies" LMAO im dead

  • Versace Diaper
    Versace Diaper Month ago

    I guess I’ll be copping a fake then

  • Nam Nguyen
    Nam Nguyen 2 months ago

    “Antee social social club”

  • Bricky Boi
    Bricky Boi 2 months ago +1

    I️ really don’t care about the clothing line
    But i really really like to say i have no friends

  • yung salt packet
    yung salt packet 2 months ago

    How much is shipping for a shirt

  • Raffiki Tacos
    Raffiki Tacos 2 months ago

    For dumb people, antisocial does not mean avoiding or staying away from people, antisocial means going against societies norms and values. For example violent and harmful behavior is antisocial behavior.

  • MauriCostanzBaby 777
    MauriCostanzBaby 777 2 months ago +2


  • djjlc
    djjlc 2 months ago

    Why is complex promoting a brand that rips people off and take their money and doesn't send their products out?! You guys really will do anything for the check! Complex not care about the culture they are the true vultures

  • Verselec {XDIE\DIEX}
    Verselec {XDIE\DIEX} 2 months ago +3

    Yous I took my basic black cotton tee and went to the print shirt store and I got it for 12$ none of my friends know its fake

  • Prince Snake Lololol
    Prince Snake Lololol 3 months ago

    Lol some guy wears that at my school. Idk if its fake or not.

  • Steven Alvarez
    Steven Alvarez 3 months ago +5

    They should do an episode where both the pieces of clothing are fake

  • Rax
    Rax 3 months ago

    Assc such a trash brand lool

  • isaac kim
    isaac kim 3 months ago

    so does the real one not have a metal ring?

  • moivaanmoi
    moivaanmoi 3 months ago

    naaah fuck anti shipping shipping club, i only like their log oso i bought a fake because i dont want to support such a shitty brand

  • Michael Jarrett
    Michael Jarrett 3 months ago

    I always see kids wear this in my local city, is it a real club? If it is then it must be a shit one because all the kids who wear it seem to have friends.

  • fopperer
    fopperer 4 months ago +1

    stupid brand

  • M fear
    M fear 4 months ago

    I bought a fake one and its actually have better quality than the real one.

  • gmshawty
    gmshawty 4 months ago

    What scarf did that Korean guy have on

  • Helio's Cousin
    Helio's Cousin 4 months ago

    Don't they print on gildan

    • moivaanmoi
      moivaanmoi 3 months ago

      yes, Gildan and independent

  • HZ 1
    HZ 1 4 months ago

    Guys , do you know where they buy basic tshirts and hoodie?

  • Dexterrr
    Dexterrr 4 months ago

    Anti Selling Selling Club.

  • Dexterrr
    Dexterrr 4 months ago

    He says the wrong Anti.

    BARTHEZ 4 months ago

    I have "Pro Social Social Club" t-shirt.

  • motor head
    motor head 4 months ago

    ima just start my own brand n print on gildan

    • JUMP MAN 23
      JUMP MAN 23 3 months ago

      motor head dont forget to make it limited and make it minimum $200 a tee.

  • Shannon Abram
    Shannon Abram 5 months ago

    anti poser poser club

  • R I C H A R D
    R I C H A R D 5 months ago

    I could fall into a coma for 3 months and my clothes still wouldn't have been shipped before the time I wake up

    KAILA WILLIAMS 5 months ago

    Yo my mans had on the real version and was still freezing his ass Im spending $20 on this replica cus it looks nice but not that damn nice TF. Then Im going to buy a nice coat to put over my $20 hoodie. bye hoe.

  • UrsusGaming
    UrsusGaming 5 months ago

    Anti anti anti club

    Anti nigga nigga club

  • pawloiox2
    pawloiox2 5 months ago

    aka Gildan hoodie with text

  • Piebeats
    Piebeats 5 months ago

    did the dude at the end afirmed to not drinking water???

  • PapadumGeek
    PapadumGeek 5 months ago

    0.55what that dudes name, Did he used to have a TVclip Channel?

  • Steven Gabballa
    Steven Gabballa 5 months ago +1

    I wanna work at complex now

  • AyoFro
    AyoFro 5 months ago

    This shit is ass

  • Mengwen Wang
    Mengwen Wang 5 months ago

    I have been waiting my order for 5 month...still havent gotten my hoodies

  • Eesa Fredericks
    Eesa Fredericks 5 months ago

    anti gildan gildan club

  • gmu2
    gmu2 5 months ago

    Both wack AF, final answer.

  • T T
    T T 6 months ago


  • cannibal nightmares
    cannibal nightmares 6 months ago

    'couldn't care less if I'm wearing a fake hoodie. half of the people who recognize the "anti social social club" from the internet don't even know that there's a brand behind it. what difference does it make other than the drastic change in the amount of money you have in your pocket? smh

  • FatFrankyDonuts
    FatFrankyDonuts 6 months ago

    My ma at the end of these videos is the real MVP. Funny dude

  • ThvtRvndomGuy
    ThvtRvndomGuy 6 months ago

    dont care about this brand i only rock ftp and stray rats

  • 3 incher
    3 incher 6 months ago

    they just restocked!!!

  • Michel Schmidt
    Michel Schmidt 6 months ago

    When it Drops in Germany? how much is a hoodie and a tshirt? how fast its sell out ?

  • Warriors blew A 3-1 lead

    Is a assc hoodie of amazon for 80$ fake?

  • Warriors blew A 3-1 lead

    How can I get one

  • Clear Men
    Clear Men 6 months ago

    nick lurk founded assc he interviw about his life being a.s

  • Samuel Smith
    Samuel Smith 7 months ago


  • Taaipei
    Taaipei 7 months ago

    Anti Gildan Gildan Club

  • PooPoo Guy
    PooPoo Guy 7 months ago

    anti social social club uses gildan blanks

  • Bryan Valencia
    Bryan Valencia 7 months ago

    "I don't even rock hoodies tho" got me dead

  • Logan Sosa
    Logan Sosa 7 months ago

    "don't believe hype" series is a mistake

  • James Frank
    James Frank 7 months ago

    Bro what does believe the hype even mean?

  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez 7 months ago

    Night I bought a shirt from 5 below
    that shit 100x fresher than that anti shit

  • RageElixir
    RageElixir 7 months ago

    Both gildan

  • Aaron Blews
    Aaron Blews 7 months ago

    🐜 E Social Social Club

  • Wait you is a dude?
    Wait you is a dude? 7 months ago

    anti gildan gildan club

  • Henry Sylvester
    Henry Sylvester 7 months ago

    How did they fool Joe?!

  • Eleusis Aparicio
    Eleusis Aparicio 7 months ago

    They both cheap ass hoodies b

  • _ 404
    _ 404 7 months ago

    anti gildan gildan club

  • asian persuasion
    asian persuasion 7 months ago +9

    i bought a fake one man it was bright fucking orange. like nobody gives a shit if it's real or fake. they're sweatshirts and they look cool. why would you spend so much money for the "original" one when you can get a look alike easily for like a third of the price

    • Enni Szeretek
      Enni Szeretek 3 months ago +1

      asian persuasion bcuz if u dont have money for the original dont buy fake onesss😂

  • Richard Robertson
    Richard Robertson 7 months ago

    So I usually buy hoodies in the £30 price bracket from ordinary clothing shops like TkMaxx. If I buy a fake streetwear hoodie for £30 on ebay, is the quality of the hoodie worse or equal to the normal £30 hoodies I buy?

  • Dardan M
    Dardan M 7 months ago

    Wait wait that's not a parody? That brand actually exists...

  • plumprumpas
    plumprumpas 7 months ago


  • Timothy Brown
    Timothy Brown 7 months ago

    Not good quality, no unique designs...I don't get it.

  • Razerhasgame
    Razerhasgame 7 months ago

    Still waiting on my shit

  • DeepGlaze
    DeepGlaze 7 months ago

    Lmfao you guys are so late on this don't take any fashion advice from these losers

  • Adam A
    Adam A 7 months ago

    Do both fake next time

    PESO PIDDY 7 months ago

    They the same

  • Levi Cohen
    Levi Cohen 7 months ago

    Beijas bad

  • Jay King
    Jay King 7 months ago

    Wow, shit vid.

  • palacev
    palacev 7 months ago +1

    assc is the biggest fucking shitbrand

  • Austin Warner
    Austin Warner 7 months ago

    you didnt even review the real hoodie??????? dont believe the hype, it ain't nothing but a brand name slapped on a gildan

  • Nightbot
    Nightbot 7 months ago

    lmao ain't catchin me wearing that stupid shit

  • Felipe
    Felipe 7 months ago

    Trash social club

  • soapwad
    soapwad 7 months ago

    anti social social club hoodies are straight culture

  • Malyngar
    Malyngar 7 months ago

    It's fucking gilidan who gives a shit

  • Eileen Murray
    Eileen Murray 7 months ago

    So sad how our society buys into labels and name brands now a days like who the fuck cares its a fucking hoodie you're gonna look like a teenage boy that doesn't know how to dress and calls girls bitches either way 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Frank Ocean
    Frank Ocean 7 months ago

    😂😂😂 the ending

  • big spit
    big spit 7 months ago +1

    completely biting the antihero logo

  • Spooky
    Spooky 7 months ago

    anti shipping social club

  • polaroidstyles
    polaroidstyles 7 months ago +9

    Omg those r some good fakes where can I find them ??

    • Dreama Wisha
      Dreama Wisha 3 months ago +1

      I wouldn't recommend Wish. I bought an anti Social hoodie from there and they were pretty shitty. I'd try eBay or Amazon or something like that.

    • NickAir
      NickAir 4 months ago

      polaroidstyles just download the wish app. But be carefull of the size ur buying bcuz its asian size. U might have to measure ur chest sleeve and shit like that, so that u dont get a too small one

  • RK Audio
    RK Audio 7 months ago

    resell on anti social social club isn't even that expensive. i got the real pink sweatshirt from urban necessities for only $150

  • Tic Tacs On the Floor
    Tic Tacs On the Floor 7 months ago

    they should have had two fakes and then asked

  • theaznkid360
    theaznkid360 7 months ago

    The only goddam difference is the metal sockets for the drawstring I got myself a fake for 15 and I ain't paying 80+ bucks for no dam drawstring and metal ring.

  • Shaza
    Shaza 7 months ago

    When you watch the video after buying a hoodie

  • leela
    leela 7 months ago

    Absolute shit why are you buying a normal fucking jumper with word on it for $$$ no fucking point

  • en en
    en en 7 months ago

    saw this and thought of suga, sorry had to say it

  • Effie and Friends
    Effie and Friends 7 months ago

    love the givenchy bag 👌

    BEAN POLE 7 months ago


  • Ty Bell
    Ty Bell 7 months ago +24

    Aye if you cant tell its fake, doesn't matter that its fake

  • 808 ___ NOAH
    808 ___ NOAH 7 months ago

    Test me bitch

  • 808 ___ NOAH
    808 ___ NOAH 7 months ago

    Fuck all this hype beast shit! Givenchy bag 0:27

  • Icon
    Icon 7 months ago

    anti social mean psychopath -_-

  • 中转站内涵段子搬运工

    I don't fuck with ass club

  • Henry Jarnigan
    Henry Jarnigan 7 months ago

    why this guy look like wififunerals little brother

  • Lonely Bwoy
    Lonely Bwoy 7 months ago

    The hype been dead

  • Qasim Siddiq
    Qasim Siddiq 7 months ago +2

    Yo they only say sold out cause they open up stock on their release and take all orders until a certain time and everything becomes sold out after that cut off time.

  • roejieks
    roejieks 7 months ago

    Fuck Neek Lurk