Ray Dalio Honored by the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations

  • Published on Dec 2, 2019
  • Ray was recently recognized as an esteemed honoree at the annual gala for the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations in New York City, where he was introduced by Evan Greenberg and spoke on the evolving U.S.-China relationship and its implications for the future. Ray’s deep appreciation for China goes back through his several decades of travels there and his many close relationships in the country. Henry Kissinger also spoke at the event and you can hear his remarks here: bit.ly/Kissinger_USChina
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Comments • 230

  • Kong
    Kong 7 days ago

    Most of the good culture of china is during the tang han ming dynasties.
    That culture has been mostly destroyed by China and only a fake version of it is implemented for tourism income.
    What is left of it was exported to hong kong taiwan and other high chinese communities overseas.
    Destruction of the local language in favor of the national language. Etc.
    The declined in the qing dynasty after they lost power of course. Once they went demo and commi they lost lots of wealth.
    Communism destroyed lots of books culture and intelligent people because they dared to think unfortunately.
    Let's hope china doesnt make the same mistake again for their elites in power.
    But it's up to them.

  • Saman Soltani
    Saman Soltani 11 days ago

    Love his voice

  • Yuehao Wu
    Yuehao Wu 18 days ago

    So heartfelt !

  • Zero11
    Zero11 Month ago +1

    Just sounds like betrayal, why help chinese orphans when there are plenty in America? Just cuz its cheaper to do so and you can reach more kids? Essentially just a numbers game designed to feel better about the shit show.

  • abhideutsche
    abhideutsche Month ago


  • iam1ina1000000
    iam1ina1000000 Month ago +3

    If anyone wants to know what Ray Dalio thinks next week, be sure to tune in to the Max Kaiser show on RT news today... Ray consistently repeats everything Max says, (a strange 'coincidence' to see how that poser Ray Dalio always thinks the exact same thought Max Kaiser shared on RT news a week before.)

  • Mike Bailey
    Mike Bailey Month ago +1

    All of these men and women indulge space fraud. Entertainment Industry, Government, Professional Rigged Sports, all branches of this criminal mob in the Western Hemisphere must be sent into poverty. We can’t control what they do to their fraudsters in the Eastern Hemisphere, but these charlatans are Organized Crime and must be dealt with harshly.. Madame/Sir, if Nixon called the moon from the White House on a landline in 1969, then why do we need 5G. Yes, they all bilked the system, millions of manpower hours, and on the backs of honest men and women. These people all need to be arrested, yes, Hollywood, Pro-Rigged Sports, their 4th Branch of this criminal Government, they all must be confiscated of all their wealth, real estate, and power...

  • Nasdaq trader
    Nasdaq trader Month ago

    Fascinating graphs.

  • High Brass
    High Brass Month ago +4

    He’s just a sell out. I have no problem with China but I do have a problem with exporting our jobs and our technology for the short term gain of guys like this. I agree with Trump when he says you can’t blame China, it’s the oligarchs and globalist here that we should blame. I am doing what I can to stop buying Chinese products so their communist government can no longer take advantage of their slave labor.

    • High Brass
      High Brass Month ago

      Tom Tizya globalism is not rational to those who pay the price.

  • Mike Bailey
    Mike Bailey Month ago

    Kissinger is a war criminal, you're sick...

  • Adamn孙
    Adamn孙 Month ago

    A documentary film about Xinjiang.


  • Michael Weston
    Michael Weston Month ago

    Xi Whiz, I wonder who lined his pockets!banned.video/watch?id=5d88028a6ea55b001471a4f4

  • BB. W
    BB. W Month ago +2

    America belong to America..got it ..

  • psycleen
    psycleen Month ago +1

    maher of loosing

  • Macs Headroom
    Macs Headroom Month ago +2

    Sadly we couldn't ask the average Chinese person if they like and enjoy their system, most would be afraid to answer honestly with out fear of loosing social credit s... another name for RIGHTS.

  • B Adventures Vlogs
    B Adventures Vlogs Month ago

    Congratulations on the recognition, and nice quick presentation 👍

  • Libtards got Trumped
    Libtards got Trumped Month ago +1

    Free Hong Kong

  • Cheng Ji
    Cheng Ji Month ago +3

    sir, i worked in chocolate building fresh from Tsinghua university 2001, overlooking changan ave and st regus hotel. since then Chinese economy have grown fast. thank you for reminding me good old days.

  • Ms. RDM
    Ms. RDM Month ago +1

    I really thank God for people like you...you are a blessing to humanity. thanks for your videos i've been learning a lot :-)

    • David l
      David l Month ago

      @Balla Jallow he's made it clear in other interviews that he wants to expose china so to speak. He's a sort of trojan horse. He interviewed with patrick bet david and you can see that was his motivation towards china. He wants to be the know 'ambassador' and then slowly detail in how china and usa are fundamentally different. He's the equivalent of white people that are expert in asian studies that go on news to tar the chinese. No different. China must be aware already...

    • Balla Jallow
      Balla Jallow Month ago

      David l how though?

    • David l
      David l Month ago +1

      he is lying about liking china.

  • San R
    San R Month ago

    Ray Dalio is the man

  • Charles Wilson
    Charles Wilson Month ago

    It's the Jewish Zionist that's has the distrust with this world. Not just with China.

  • K. DV
    K. DV Month ago

    he has parkinson disease...

  • Why are you so Angry?
    Why are you so Angry? Month ago +2

    He is hedging his bet that China will rule the world and wants to be in a safe position as he pushes the rest of the world into reset. How obscure, yet typical. More fake houses and bubbles.

  • A Hoy
    A Hoy Month ago

    Ray Dalio for the president.

  • skutch Blobaum
    skutch Blobaum Month ago +3

    So in other words he helped all the other billionaires offshore all the jobs here in the US and made a ton of money doing so.

    • LighteN Ing
      LighteN Ing Month ago +1

      On one hand the US has the lowest unemployment rate, on the other you blamed China for stealing millions of US jobs…wondering how this could be mathematically and logically possible?

    • romeas10
      romeas10 Month ago


  • macroman
    macroman Month ago +5

    I hope the world can respect each other rather than hate each other !

    • High Brass
      High Brass Month ago +1

      macroman we just hate the greedy people in charge. Some of us are trying to keep our country, our jobs, and our culture. Some of us are fleeing our country, jobs, and spreading the same culture we’re fleeing.

  • romeas10
    romeas10 Month ago +1


    • Why are you so Angry?
      Why are you so Angry? Month ago

      Very Educational, why do they always prey on the weakest in society? Thank You!

  • B Prop
    B Prop Month ago

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  • Davie Donna
    Davie Donna Month ago +2

    Despicable Chinese regime ass kissing. This is a totalitarian regime that has concentration camps, encourages the rape of Uigher women, and harvests organs from Falun Gong practitioners to sell on the market. The CCP hates the west, hates America, and wants revenge for the "Century of Humiliation". This man has financial ties in China do not trust his rosey lets be friends bullshit. We're in a war and China has been firing the first shots for 20 years.

  • john cramer
    john cramer Month ago +4

    lots of BS

  • Joseph English
    Joseph English Month ago +2

    A bunch of sell out punk elites. We do not want communism or to partner with ruthless communist organ harvesters. These people are traitors...

  • Mac CskyBsky
    Mac CskyBsky Month ago +2

    Only a comunist country could make a deal with a comunist country

    MAGA ZOG Month ago

    Any foreign relations with the CCP is highly immoral. Totally unacceptable.Such a disgrace.

  • D Storm
    D Storm Month ago +10

    How did he dodge the draft and Vietnam?

    • m c
      m c Month ago

      clever people don't fight silly wars. Trump is the exception

    • Ahn James
      Ahn James Month ago

      very well obviously....

  • tiffsaver
    tiffsaver Month ago

    I wonder how much the Chinese Communist Party paid to sponsor this painfully obvious piece of publicized dog dribble?? It seems like only yesterday that Bill Clinton signed the NAFTA deal, effectively giving ALL our good jobs to China, the same country that took every single thing we gave and taught them to their personal advantage, and against us. Even today we teach their children in our own universities how to better compete, and literally ELIMINATE our entire country's financial core, technological advancements, and way of life. That's the "good news."
    Now, with the advent of 5G, the Republic of China will have yet more ways of spying on US citizens, just as they already have on their own, using 3D facial recognition, AI, and other "social monitoring" systems that have already enslaved their own people. Yes, Ray Dalio, you have taught the "warm and friendly" CCP well, and now they will return the favor by utterly destroying our manufacturing base, our economy, and our personal freedoms. Great job, buddy.

  • capt nobody
    capt nobody Month ago


  • capt nobody
    capt nobody Month ago +3


    • Leto2ndAtreides
      Leto2ndAtreides Month ago

      Their government is really heavy handed in its dealings with opposition. Less so in the Hong Kong case perhaps, but...
      That's some serious reaction they have shown to terrorism and terrorist risk in their Muslim province. Not an uncommon kind of simple mindedness for politicians, but still... Usually, in most of the world, governments are too dysfunctional to easily execute the stupid ideas some leaders are coming up with.

  • New Cosmos TV
    New Cosmos TV Month ago +2

    Thanks to known China from different ways through different views.

    • romeas10
      romeas10 Month ago


  • Zippy Lucke
    Zippy Lucke Month ago +5

    There is so much fundamentally wrong with the Chinese government that an economic explanation is insanity. His charts are not history, and even if they weren't confusedly bias, they're simply anecdotal and prove nothing. Shanghai will not replace NY because the majority of businesses will not learn the language, fear the government's absolutist control, and want the rule of law to be based in human rights (individual rights) not some pseudo-water-world legal system where you get melted into fertilizer or sent to a death camp or trampled by a tank or just DISAPPEAR. If the world was simply socio-economic darwinism, China would be a super-power, but there is fundamentally more to this picture than Dalio's chart shows..

    • mathiso01
      mathiso01 Month ago

      @keff lol, China was almost always separated into states, at war with each other. Don't you watch Kung Fu movies?

    • Zippy Lucke
      Zippy Lucke Month ago

      Look everyone here has valid points as their opinion. I wouldn't try to dissuade you from having your own personal understanding of the topic. But the way Dalio shows culture, civilization, and economies progressing over time simplifies the viewpoint to suit his own opinion. Which is fine also, since he is not a historian. But I would caution everyone listening here that, the assumption that technology or culture makes a civilization the world leading super power, is too simple. There's lots of great examples especially in the middle east of cultures which had better technology, culture, politics, and even more progressive human rights stances. But as time progressed, it wasn't enough. You might use that argument against the US. But there's categories Dalio omits and categories where he skews the scale, where the US really does surpass it's peers and China would have to fundamentally change, and not just through metrics.

    • 白旻己
      白旻己 Month ago

      BTW that chart showed the Chinese culture's flow throughout history, i think majority of Chinese will agree that those dynasty are "China",(Huaxia culture).
      I do not think China will replace US in short time become world No.1, we still have a lot of downside to improve as well, but as a normal Chinese citizen I am feeling life is getting better and better.

    • 白旻己
      白旻己 Month ago

      you should go visit China, see & do research yourself rather than just watch all those staff from media and conclude. Chinese government did a lot of things some of them are rly wrong, however there are also a lot of good decision making. Those who made terrible decisions were punished. TBH i do not like Chinese government, but compare to other governments, i think they are doing an ok job recently.

    • keff
      keff Month ago +1

      And it was once said, that NY would never overtake London. To Americans, 100 years is ancient history. You look so closely at the trees, you cannot see the forest. From year 0 to 1820, China as been been one of, if not the preeminent power in the world. Her GDP accounted for at least 20% of the world for 2000 years. She has been able to adapt to constant changing times. The few times, when she became too arrogant and refused to adapt, was when she fell....like the last 100 years. Americans look at the fallen China of the last 100 years and think that that was the way China always was.

  • Tom Engel
    Tom Engel Month ago +6

    great place to send all USA/UK/EU the moslem "refugees"- to China,right globalists? When will 60Minutes or The View do an onsite interview with some of the millions of Chinese moslems interred in concentration camps ?

  • Steven Lee
    Steven Lee Month ago +1

    You have my respect. it's easy just follow the mainstream media to demonize and hurt each other, but it would end up lose-lose for US and China. As a Chinese American in US, do believe while short term there are misunderstandings due to culture and background differences, eventually two countries would understand each other well and work together win-win will prevail.

    • TF2Blozi
      TF2Blozi Month ago +1

      China having concentration camps is not a matter of cultural difference. And if that's what you truly believe, then the people of China might be as evil as their government.

    • Leto2ndAtreides
      Leto2ndAtreides Month ago

      In business, people often choose to try to understand and respect other cultures. But politics is about what excites voters more. And most voters don't like complex things.

  • Omowale Babagbemi
    Omowale Babagbemi Month ago +4

    I admire and respect a lot how Ray distills lessons from History to lay man like me. The world power might change hand soon but I think it would be better they share the power and continue to make the world a better place for the less empowered nation and people.

    • Leto2ndAtreides
      Leto2ndAtreides Month ago +1

      Too many people have old school tribal instincts and views on power. Not that they've become meaningless, but collaboration is key for a more advanced technological future where everyone's lives are better.

  • Dr. Fell
    Dr. Fell Month ago +5

    I don't agree with Ray, "See each other with each other's eyes"?.. We came, We saw, We found out that previous administrations , and hedge fund managers have made deals with a power that wants to overtake us. Ray smiles as he brags for China how We paid for 80% poverty nation to be lifted to only 1% as we fell to 80%. It was done with our trade deals, it was done on our tax dollar... hip hip hurray. Their is something treasonous in this policy.

    • Leto2ndAtreides
      Leto2ndAtreides Month ago

      @TF2Blozi A lot of their approaches are practically better. Sure, they've cut corners (as everyone does - you can definitely take that view about the rise of the US if you want to), but that's not really why they're successful (cheating also not to a large degree, why the US and its rich are successful).
      And in any case, China's rise isn't going to be held back at this point. The US may have successfully sabotaged Japan's rise, but that also made China wary of similar attempts at sabotage.
      Maybe its rise can be delayed, but direct confrontation also means making an enemy of the dominant power of the future.
      No country stays on top forever. It's how it is.

    • TF2Blozi
      TF2Blozi Month ago +1

      @Leto2ndAtreides There is a difference between falsely thinking others get ahead by cheating and HAVING DIRECT EVIDENCE that others got ahead by cheating. China is part of the second case.

    • Leto2ndAtreides
      Leto2ndAtreides Month ago

      The "Others must've gotten ahead by cheating" viewpoint tends to be extremely dangerous to one's own progress, because it means that it's not your responsibility to win by becoming better than you are.
      It's the same mindset many people have towards the rich in the US. "It's okay to take from them. They stole and cheated their way to the top. It was all just luck. They're not better than us, and they don't deserve to have better lives."

  • This And That Facts
    This And That Facts Month ago +2

    Only bad things about china is IP theft

    • TF2Blozi
      TF2Blozi Month ago

      I would add harvesting organs from living prisoners of conscience to that list as well. chinatribunal.com

    • Leto2ndAtreides
      Leto2ndAtreides Month ago

      That's kinda like saying that people torrenting movies is a horrible tragedy. Those people were never likely to pay for the movie in the first place.
      And you really need to get people at the price points that they are willing to pay.
      If Nike doesn't cater to people who have less money, that creates an opportunity for someone who is willing to serve them.

    • Shan R
      Shan R Month ago

      U watch tv

  • Mister Grizz
    Mister Grizz Month ago

    U.S.-China Relations my ass trump put that in the same place as our election protection and our national security

  • Michael Lydeen
    Michael Lydeen Month ago +4

    Stockholm Syndrome is like sugar frosting on a POS.

  • Franco Anzures
    Franco Anzures Month ago +1

    Where is Russia probably #2!!

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  • Ashton Marlin
    Ashton Marlin Month ago +7

    Yes, let us embrace China and it’s glorious communism here in America! We need social credit scores and a completely centralized government, so that we the filthy peasants can feel secure under the caring foot of our overlords!

    • Joseph English
      Joseph English Month ago

      Ashton Marlin amen !!!!!

    • Leto2ndAtreides
      Leto2ndAtreides Month ago +1

      The US is following a similar, albeit more perverted path, with government doing many of the same things, but more behind the scenes, and in a more inefficient and dysfunctional way.
      The system is more decentralized, and many of the parts are outside the direct vision of government. So citizens have very little influence, except through the vote (doesn't matter), and perhaps voting with your wallet... Which still can't do much, because people are focused on their own convenience first.

    • Shan R
      Shan R Month ago

      Free money and lazy boys

  • sean sundance
    sean sundance Month ago +4

    Glad US has a brave man who speaks the truth in the current political climate. Respect from me

  • Dickson Chee
    Dickson Chee Month ago +2

    Usa should not come in to support hk they hk is under china is forever under china .........!

    • TF2Blozi
      TF2Blozi Month ago +2

      China number 4. Free Hong Kong. Taiwan number 1. USA will bring democracy and human rights to China

  • Theo Carbone
    Theo Carbone Month ago +3

    Ray is a fruad.

    THE KILLERS Month ago +2

    a read his book very professionel and clear minds ray dalio greetz for him

  • Juan Reese
    Juan Reese Month ago

    Wow. Simply put his speech is a cold stark reminder that China is an economic and social juggernaut that will usurp America’s position as the eminent world leader. As Americans we can either accept our role as the second banana, if you will, or resist China ‘s inevitable dominance through wars be it trade, currency or military conflict which will only foster global instability, tumult and fracturing. Ray surely has put in to practice the old adage, if you can’t beat them, join them In doing so he has unabashedly equipped them with the financial capacity and means to make America their footstool. Capitalism creates men like Ray as it emphasizes individuality which in essence a doctrine of loyalty to self , not to nation or brother or race.

    • TF2Blozi
      TF2Blozi Month ago

      @Leto2ndAtreides You must be unaware of the extent of China's stealing. It is estimated they steal about $540 billion worth of intellectual property from the US EVERY YEAR. Think about that number, that is trillions of dollars. It's not a matter of a difference in philosophy, it is thievery. If it were merely a matter of Chinese workers being very productive, then why do they need to steal so much? Why do they need to lie when they report their economic statistics? Not a single country trusts China's statistics, they are verifiably untrue.

    • Leto2ndAtreides
      Leto2ndAtreides Month ago

      @TF2Blozi With the US actively sabotaging a lot of old alliances, that will change.
      China's philosophy is mainly just different from the west.
      And thinking that they are lying and cheating (more than the average American), is dangerous thinking.
      You would be better off looking at their immense hard work and the sacrifices made so they could advance.
      People complain that they used to devalue their currency. But aside from increasing liquidity and giving the government more money without having to raise taxes on the people directly... That means that as a country, they were being paid less for all the work they did.
      And the Chinese often work 12 hour days, 6 days a week by default.
      So work yourself to the bone and then get shortchanged on the pay to boot.
      And they still continued working hard for decades to make it this far.

    • TF2Blozi
      TF2Blozi Month ago

      @Leto2ndAtreides There will never be mutual trust and respect between the US and China. Trust and respect is antithetical to the CCP strategy of lying, stealing, cheating, and stealing at any opportunity in order to get ahead. We've been trying to create respect for decades. There's a reason China has no true allies.

    • Leto2ndAtreides
      Leto2ndAtreides Month ago

      Make it a fight, and only one can win. The cost of losing such a war would be epically nasty. In general, it's not hard to maintain interdependence and invest in China in ways that China's rise also strengthens the US.
      There are more intelligent ways to play the game than turning it into a fight.
      And it's easier to negotiate good outcomes when there is mutual trust and respect. Show disrespect or enmity, and no good compromises are possible.
      The US will not advance by acting like an animal. The world changes. You have to leverage the opportunities you have, while accepting that not everything will go your way, and you can't stay on top forever.

    • TF2Blozi
      TF2Blozi Month ago

      @LiveWell6 Yes exactly

  • Long-Yi
    Long-Yi Month ago +1


  • a Little Pal
    a Little Pal Month ago

    And China(RMB) is the reserve currency for long-gone thousands of years ago. ha.

  • sh00t1ngf1sh
    sh00t1ngf1sh Month ago +2

    The only white man who comments on china who has actually been there and experienced the culture. If you want to be understood, seek first to understand, rather than follow what you have been taught by mainstream media that is paid via the google click through algorithm.

  • a Little Pal
    a Little Pal Month ago +6

    You see what is happening in Hong Kong, and still, you sing this China song, what is wrong with you?

    • Leto2ndAtreides
      Leto2ndAtreides Month ago

      There are some people that are bitching a lot and causing trouble. The Chinese government is trying not to take a harsh attitude towards things.
      It's not like they couldn't send in the military to crush the problem. They aren't.
      Although it feels like the Chinese government doesn't know how to handle the problem and guide it to a good conclusion.

    • Shan R
      Shan R Month ago

      Look ur back yard dont worry abt neighbor

    • Shan R
      Shan R Month ago

      Ur wrong boy wait and see.

  • a Little Pal
    a Little Pal Month ago +2

    Their "enterprises" are state-funded and state-controlled, what do you expect to compete on?

    • My Account
      My Account Month ago

      Silicon Valley was sponsored by the US government

    • Xiao Chen
      Xiao Chen Month ago +1

      a Little Pal what about the white house-controlled google? The cease of chips supply to Huawei is market oriented or led by the white house? you tell me

  • a Little Pal
    a Little Pal Month ago

    another China-singing person? what is so special about China? It's getting tired and tired on this China tune seriously.

    • Leto2ndAtreides
      Leto2ndAtreides Month ago

      China is likely going to be the most interesting country in the world in a few more decades. Even ignoring power, they are evolving in interesting ways.
      Most countries though, are likely to be largely irrelevant to the future of humanity.

    • 5aral
      5aral Month ago

      anyone who wants money will support china

    • Galler
      Galler Month ago

      Anybody wants to dance with the one who owns (or will be) the power. Easy