My first (and last) Tinder experience

  • Published on Nov 28, 2017
  • My first (and last) Tinder experience - animation
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    MY advice to all of you: meeting people in real life is soooooo much better than online. It might workout for you online, I'm sure there are a lot of happy people.
    But... when it goes wrong. It REALLY goes wrong...
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Comments • 11 023

  • Mena Yacob
    Mena Yacob 6 hours ago

    That girl is insane Jesus..

  • Isabella Prado
    Isabella Prado Day ago +1

    Thanks a lot I’m scared of dolls now and a PRINCESS!!!!!!!

  • Isabella Schraader
    Isabella Schraader Day ago +2

    I hade no clue he lived in Tokyo

  • hypnojon32
    hypnojon32 Day ago +1

    I had an experience like that in my early 20's only the person had a scotty dog fetish. We were surrounded.: the couch had throw pillows with scotty dogs embroidered on them , dogs on the cups, plates , spoon handles etc. There were 2 glass cases (like in a jewelry store) FULL of varied sizes of scotty dogs made out of: wood, glass, cloth, everything. Fort. there was no real animal to be found.

  • Haley Delude
    Haley Delude Day ago

    You shouldn't trust people on dating apps bc they could put up a fake picture and lie about who they look like and who they are. And when you meet them in real life, they're personality might be different than it is online. You don't know what people do nowdays they might try to kidnap you, rape you and kill you. You never know what these crazy people are up to

  • Mathias Kristensen
    Mathias Kristensen 2 days ago

    I hope she watches this

  • Amanda Marie
    Amanda Marie 2 days ago

    of all the disney movies

  • Ddrew2525Ddrew
    Ddrew2525Ddrew 2 days ago

    Well its tinder what do you expect?

  • Test Subject 16
    Test Subject 16 2 days ago

    So... I am always to overenthusiastic so.... when I am acting normal I am over reactive.

  • Denzel Delaney
    Denzel Delaney 3 days ago

    At least it wasn't like my experience, literally EVERY girl I talked to on Tinder was a "webcamer" or one that's asks to add my snap and be confused on why you added them

  • Daisy WolfLover
    Daisy WolfLover 3 days ago


  • Daisy WolfLover
    Daisy WolfLover 3 days ago

    “You like marbles?!”

  • Fleato
    Fleato 3 days ago

    I've had this happen.... was all about a chick from PoF and we met. And no. Just no. It was for sure she was great with pics. But now

  • Brittney Cofey
    Brittney Cofey 4 days ago

    We all float down here

  • Lulahit
    Lulahit 4 days ago

    Excelente servicio ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Pusheenosarous 328
    Pusheenosarous 328 4 days ago +1

    *Rapunzel* wants to know your location.

  • 556to762
    556to762 4 days ago

    wasnt that weird . id do her

  • Muke 64
    Muke 64 4 days ago

    Is that what happened to me I was just be like nope freaking book it to the car lock the door and just took it as fast as I can with my car traffic laws appear to be ignored

  • Megan G
    Megan G 5 days ago

    That was wild 😂 I loved it

  • On My Way to Korea
    On My Way to Korea 5 days ago

    Abort mission 😂😂😂

  • M
    M 5 days ago

    WHAT DID YOU DO? You realize the crazy ones are the most fun right? YOU FOOL!
    I mean that or they fucking kill you. But whats life without a little risk? GO AHEAD >:) FLIP THAT COIN ^_^
    Pro tip kids. Always go for the crazy ones. You may get a few cuts, but you'll walk out with some psycho-chick on your side who with a simple text you can UNLEASH ON YOUR WORST ENEMIES. Think about it. A pathological weapon you can just drop like a grenade and then walk away. Just make sure you get her phone and delete your contact information off it. Makes it way easier to deny that you know her when she tries to ask you for bail money or tells the cops it was all your idea. WHICH YOU NEVER ADMIT. Now if you will excuse me in an unrelated note i have to do my monthly address change.

  • Justin Ornelas
    Justin Ornelas 6 days ago

    Lmao wow! After the dolls i would’ve flipped the hell out. “Omg I’m done! First of all, You’re gross, clean the litter box! Secondly, who the f*** rips heads off their dolls, why are you on Tinder?! Did you kill your parents?! Oh yea and the worst part! You definitely photoshopped your pictures!You need help” 😂

  • liona squires
    liona squires 6 days ago


  • 80s is godess
    80s is godess 6 days ago

    Can you go on tinder meet a phyco and make a video

  • FishingtheSkyxd
    FishingtheSkyxd 7 days ago

    you would make a great stand up comedian

  • lil tanggg
    lil tanggg 7 days ago

    You literally meet the most problematic ppl on tinder fr

  • julia-db-x
    julia-db-x 10 days ago +1

    The “huh” did it for me 😂😂😂

  • Are you Now
    Are you Now 10 days ago


  • Ismael Hernandez
    Ismael Hernandez 10 days ago +1

    You should make more story type of animation I love the show ones but I like these too

  • epicwolf3
    epicwolf3 10 days ago

    Would love to hear more stories this was great!

  • Christie Angelie
    Christie Angelie 10 days ago

    Need more story times like this lmao

  • Christie Angelie
    Christie Angelie 10 days ago

    Dudeee I would have said I was allergic and dip

  • Faraj Pathak
    Faraj Pathak 11 days ago +3

    I got my TPlus just by using:
    Write within Google *Tinder O Plus*
    always works for me

  • Meghan Ambrose
    Meghan Ambrose 12 days ago

    *This is creepy* 😨

  • Jewel H
    Jewel H 12 days ago

    I actually did have a good tinder experience believe it or not, and I wasn’t even expecting it! But I guess I just got lucky 😅 that being said I think people should be careful with online dating, and it’s not for everyone. But sometimes you just have to take a chance :)

  • King Jackal
    King Jackal 13 days ago +1

    "It's just storage...For my corpses...." I would've jumped out the bathroom window

  • Hugh Kwan
    Hugh Kwan 14 days ago

    LOL. u r the western version of 谷阿莫!!!!

  • Alo Ramos
    Alo Ramos 14 days ago

    This remind me of that iCarly episode hahahah

  • SerenityM16
    SerenityM16 14 days ago

    Yeah, people talk to cats similar to dogs

  • sal khan
    sal khan 14 days ago

    His voice is so satisfying fam u need a podcast where u just talk

  • Tom Towers
    Tom Towers 15 days ago +1

    He didn't like her but went for dessert, Makes a lot of sense.

  • benjamin mutethia
    benjamin mutethia 16 days ago

    very funny

  • ssandroAle gesBor
    ssandroAle gesBor 16 days ago

    Yo Tinder is great, EASY PUSSY. U just got UNLUCKY AF

  • Emma Ramirez
    Emma Ramirez 16 days ago


  • Tchalamet
    Tchalamet 16 days ago

    I miss video like this....😔

  • MegaGug 95
    MegaGug 95 17 days ago

    I didn’t know tinder worked outside of the US

  • Terry Rucker
    Terry Rucker 17 days ago

    What could we do to get you on board with the Yang Gang? He wants to give every American over the age of 18 $1,000 a moth. He's running for president. This is our future. This man is all about the making the world a better place for all of us.

  • killerwolf zzz
    killerwolf zzz 17 days ago

    I call bs

  • cindy Lou Who?¿
    cindy Lou Who?¿ 17 days ago +1

    Well then... I'm going to be leaving now.

  • The Wonderlandfox
    The Wonderlandfox 17 days ago

    The moral of the story: DON‘T MEET NEW PEOPLE !!!

  • Robert Mitchell
    Robert Mitchell 18 days ago

    Thanks for the "heads up" 👁️U👁️

  • Heather Miller
    Heather Miller 18 days ago

    Hahaha you are hilarious! Glad you got out of there with your head attached. Lol

  • MyLast 3Words
    MyLast 3Words 18 days ago +2

    Look, I know you said you are not the biggest Marvel fan but...
    Your voice reminds me of DeadPool.

  • Emily Peace
    Emily Peace 19 days ago

    Best tale since Anderson!!

  • Lucy Thomas
    Lucy Thomas 20 days ago

    That was pretty smart. Free dating apps like Tinder that just anyone can use and anyone can put anything they want on it and leave out anything is just a very scary.

  • Amanda Sprigg
    Amanda Sprigg 20 days ago +1

    sorry that is totally bullshit because you said it isnt doesnt make it real

  • Suçons
    Suçons 20 days ago +49

    This sounds like it could be on Riverdale

  • Lil JoJo
    Lil JoJo 21 day ago


  • Srki Aki
    Srki Aki 22 days ago

    My first TInder experience was nice. The second one was a bit creepy, in the third one i met a little bit of crazy girl. It all depends what you want, stick to your principles, thats the most important thing. I personaly deleted Tinder after that, its not easy too handle. Especially you have to be online like...... Forever. I dont like to be Online all the time. And off course...the Trust issue think, thats the biggest problem. Go out, there is plenty of Girls out there to meet

  • CatzeZ
    CatzeZ 22 days ago

    it's like that episode of icarly

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 23 days ago

    Watched first minute of your video. It was kinda dumb...

  • Paulina Campos
    Paulina Campos 23 days ago

    What do you want to do?
    I'd like to stay home.
    That's soooooo like me!!

  • TuttiFruttiMarmelade
    TuttiFruttiMarmelade 23 days ago

    oh sweet Jesus, good that you’re still alive

  • Big Bubba ASMR
    Big Bubba ASMR 23 days ago

    When he had actual good animation

  • ChloeSIMMER xox
    ChloeSIMMER xox 23 days ago

    This is my first ever video I’ve watched of yours & I died of laughter you had me hooked! Subscribed ✅

  • Cis Lunar
    Cis Lunar 23 days ago

    hey man, everyone poops no need to be ashamed of that. =)

  • Greenfire316
    Greenfire316 24 days ago

    Meeting people at the library? You on Netflix.

  • Warren G
    Warren G 24 days ago


  • Sakurakuro
    Sakurakuro 25 days ago

    Laughed so much. Thank you for this upload, it made my day. :)

  • Saamiya Sandino
    Saamiya Sandino 25 days ago

    3:13 is me

  • willa golzaga
    willa golzaga 25 days ago

    Old school Alex: **no mic** THIS GIRL WAS LIKE SMOKING HOT
    Old animation school Alex: She was gorgeous

  • noora köngäs
    noora köngäs 26 days ago

    "Rick and Morty is overrated"?! Dafuq you just say..👹😾😆

  • shymickey6
    shymickey6 26 days ago

    Buuuut you were matched, actually matched with her. What's that say about you? 🤔

  • sophie
    sophie 27 days ago

    i've had some interesting tinder experiences..yeah don't think i'll be going back to it

  • Cuteness Queen
    Cuteness Queen 27 days ago

    RAPUNZEL IS A 7/10!?
    *HOW DARE YOU!?*

  • ImAllecc
    ImAllecc 27 days ago

    This was to funny. You Savage af

  • yasser80abuzain1
    yasser80abuzain1 27 days ago +1

    6:37 "We all float down here"..what a clever reference to Stephen King's (It)!.😎

  • xyz123abv 411
    xyz123abv 411 27 days ago

    Wouldn't be surprised if she was plotting to use a kitchen pan

  • InitialPC
    InitialPC 28 days ago

    I used both tinder and plenty of fish, on both apps my "matches" would make fun of me, probably because my means of standing out from other guys worked.. just not in a good way, though I did find one match who wanted to go out with me, we talked for weeks and she was absolutely into me, she kept talking about what she wanted us to do together in the future and we havnt even gone out yet at that point, so the time comes and we go to the movies, right before we sit down she says "I have to go to the bathroom ill be right back" she never came back, she ditched me, when I got home I found out she blocked me on everything, she went from all over me to wanting none of me in an instant, I deleted tinder after that.

  • Samuel D. Jacob
    Samuel D. Jacob 29 days ago

    Ok, things can happen, but in this moment i have a relationshipp with a girl i met on tinder and i am really happy with her.

  • uut sup
    uut sup Month ago

    hahahaha.. hey im talking to my pillow too every nite before goin to bed

  • The Sequence
    The Sequence Month ago

    I laughed so hard.... really funny bro. Had to subscribe!

  • S∆N7Y
    S∆N7Y Month ago

    Alex what have you done to your art now,its really awful

  • Jared McDaniel
    Jared McDaniel Month ago

    I loved this video! It reminds me of BrewStewFilms! You have a great concept for a TVclip channel here. I guess I'll have to subscribe.

  • Laura Kirwan
    Laura Kirwan Month ago

    What do you do when you find a gurl who is your type???? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

  • MiraaFiction
    MiraaFiction Month ago +5

    I have so many questions. Like what was she even saying to those dolls LMFAO.
    I'm seriously questioning wether she was some doll obsessed creep or if there's a back-story to her talking

  • Lava Yuki
    Lava Yuki Month ago +1

    I remember one of my friends "date" showed up with their kid...

  • Mest Debest
    Mest Debest Month ago

    Online dating is total nonsense. Femoids are total nonsense. Only games & food & bike

  • Sadie Mae The Guacamole Dog

    The ad was longer than the video and wrong

  • Yasemin Sevgilioglu

    Fifthy shades of grey (Disney edition)

  • The American Crusader

    I met my gf on Tinder. While she does have anxiety, she is an awesome gf.

  • Nyota Akito
    Nyota Akito Month ago

    What the ... xD

  • Clair _
    Clair _ Month ago


  • KilleWh4le
    KilleWh4le Month ago

    what is "we all float down here" mean? I am not native eng speaker TT

  • Cocoaben
    Cocoaben Month ago

    i would have at least asked WHY she decapitated the dolls before "can i use your bathroom?"

  • DavidVercettiMovies

    At least you got a match :(. Not even with the dustbins I got a match, s**it app

  • Mai R. Lovegood
    Mai R. Lovegood Month ago

    Oh my god this is so funny hahaahhh

  • Kenzie Kate
    Kenzie Kate Month ago

    Hahaha! This is hilarious! Glad you’re ok and showing this to all of my friends who try dating apps!

  • Mourka
    Mourka Month ago

    I have been now for 4 days on tinder, got 3 likes with no matches. Finally one match came up and I am so happy. I sent hi and then it disappeared.
    I think I need to stop trying.

  • Apo risms
    Apo risms Month ago