My first (and last) Tinder experience


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  • Rebecca Rushman
    Rebecca Rushman 16 hours ago

    "If you ask me what I want to do, the answer is 'I'd like to stay home, please' like... 9 out of... 8 times."

  • Matthew O'Donnell
    Matthew O'Donnell 23 hours ago +4

    Honestly thought the “storage” room was going to be a sex dungeon, but the decapitated dolls were much worse.

  • Emichuu
    Emichuu Day ago

    And here my friend met two beautiful girls on there and somehow ended up having a threesome when they all kinda fell into meeting up together. At least he got something out of it but they weren't marriage material unfortunately, you know the kind of women that just um...want to be taken care of and have you hold their shopping bags while they shop with your money.
    Another friend kept matching with quite the odd folk including an obvious transwoman, which hey I got no problem with that but he seemed defeated at that point, they just weren't his cup of tea. And then the non-tinder alright gals (that really only want the d it seems) somehow end up being weird and getting bored in the end, go figure.
    As a sickly potato I thought I'd never find anyone that would tolerate me but apparently I ended with the first guy I met on some online game and really hated at first, when I was 12. Our parents finally allowed us to meet in person when we were 17 and turns out we were compatible and even owned the exact same backpack, woo cray. We've been together so long we don't even remember our anniversary or what would count as one, oh well. Since I didn't die, we're still together and to this day I love him unconditionally, but he's still a jerk every once in awhile (like everyday~). How this happened, I do not know... I got lucky but feel I don't deserve it.

  • Paranormal Minds

    I didn’t want to do that I wanted to go home😔😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jessica Vogt
    Jessica Vogt Day ago

    I met my boyfriend on Tinder and I was on the app for maybe two or three weeks. It is possible to find someone great. We had an automatic connection. I thank God for dating apps because if there weren't dating apps, then I would most definitely be single because I am super shy when it comes to dating. Don't ever feel ashamed of using a dating app because it does work for people. I could see myself being with him forever.

  • Tjkalia Woods
    Tjkalia Woods Day ago

    lmaooooo I laughed way too hard oh my gosh

  • Chase Westwood
    Chase Westwood Day ago +2

    I have to say thank you for this video. I've been conflicted on dating apps for awhile

  • Yasmyne McDonald
    Yasmyne McDonald Day ago +1

    Lol, 🤣

  • Caroline Balkon
    Caroline Balkon Day ago

    there also connecting single you could try I don't try tinder becuz I heard there were story about people hooking up with other ppl just for one night stand and my family just says don't do it or you get disowned I like best any dude or gal should head to connecting single look it find your babe or guy on there in local or country listing its everywhere and its free...

  • Natalie Grant
    Natalie Grant Day ago

    Never related so hard to something in my life. Last tinder date? Yuck!

  • Daniel Godoy
    Daniel Godoy Day ago +1

    HAHAHAHA, good creepy story!

  • Mari Martini
    Mari Martini 2 days ago +1


  • Alvin Carter
    Alvin Carter 2 days ago +1

    I'm alergic to cats

  • Alvin Carter
    Alvin Carter 2 days ago

    My room is the exact same way but only instead of tangled it's star wars and science

  • DarkByke Twitch
    DarkByke Twitch 2 days ago

    I dunno, not a dealbreaker. People collect stuff. Look at all those weird ass men that collect warhammer dolls. *cough* action figures.

  • Alvin Carter
    Alvin Carter 2 days ago +1

    Nope, nope, nope, nope, hell no rick and morty isn't overrated don't think I didn't catch that. 🙃

  • MrLeftygreen313
    MrLeftygreen313 2 days ago

    Too funny!!!

  • Poj Dia Vaj
    Poj Dia Vaj 2 days ago

    It’s worth it so taste it.

  • Lauren Anderson
    Lauren Anderson 2 days ago

    😅Tinder whores?!!!

  • Dodge Morningstar
    Dodge Morningstar 2 days ago


  • Kaleigh Hayden
    Kaleigh Hayden 2 days ago

    I just feel bad for the cat

  • Jason Turnbaugh
    Jason Turnbaugh 2 days ago

    New subscriber n I gotta say I'm very happy with this channel!!! Keep going with whatever you wanna talk about funny asf I'm in lol

  • PoisedPlanet
    PoisedPlanet 3 days ago +1

    Sea rabbit copy

  • MeshMeshBro
    MeshMeshBro 3 days ago

    i have never laughed this hard before

  • Kristensen Rozhdestvensky

    6:55 made me subscribe 😂

  • LPSromantical
    LPSromantical 3 days ago

    Hi you don't know me but I'm looking for a new best friend I'm...
    A girl
    Love Harry Potter
    And I have ginger hair
    Hope you can relate to me if you want to be my friend DM me on Instagram @islabellrobertson

  • Pogohg
    Pogohg 3 days ago

    1:06 "Tinder horror stories"? Or "Tinder whore stories"?

  • Paranoid Android
    Paranoid Android 3 days ago

    8/7 like, i mean, u know.
    and such brilliant minds live in japan. great

  • Abgadiel
    Abgadiel 3 days ago

    "Do not use dating apps" or just be assertive. :)

  • Ed
    Ed 3 days ago

    If this isn't exaggerated then you had super bad luck!
    I've never had a bad date on dating apps! Pretty normal ladies so far! Heck I even met my current partner online.
    Although I never ever had a date through tinder! For some reason every match was either a self absorbed bitch or a spam bot!
    But OkCupid and a few others were very ok.

  • BadMotherFuCKer
    BadMotherFuCKer 4 days ago

    Pump and dump

  • Maitreya Laridon
    Maitreya Laridon 4 days ago

    That's entertaining, but really fairly tame. For me, the craziest dating situations were always people I met offline. Online dating was usually more boring than anything. You meet and realize you don't really have much in common, politely leave after lunch or whatever and a little mildly awkward small talk, and never contact each other again.

  • tatae for president
    tatae for president 4 days ago +1

    *...but did he get the dessert?*

  • Princess Secillie
    Princess Secillie 4 days ago


  • Katie D
    Katie D 4 days ago

    Even if this story is fake it’s still hella entertaining lol

  • Man Max Geo
    Man Max Geo 4 days ago

    "They might be normal
    But the might skin me alive
    He is like
    "What I have to lose
    Win win situation"
    Probably gonna sub after this one itself LOL

  • Tipsy Owl
    Tipsy Owl 4 days ago

    Wow, you're hilarious!

  • Mindy Shortcakes
    Mindy Shortcakes 4 days ago

    I met my bf from tinder 2.5yrs ago and everything seems to work out fine The . We both have good career, we’re independent and have our stuff together. We’re both growing as a couple and went through life struggles as a team and I’m actually grateful that we’ve met each other. We love each other deeply, we respect each other’s differences and support each other to allow ourselves to grow and be a better version of ourselves.
    I think sometimes it’s the way we put ourselves out there that attracts the wrong person. You just have to be smarter about it and know your value as a person. We all have our eccentricities and we just have to find that person who can tolerate your qualities. Enjoy life while you can but set boundaries and have self respect.

  • GenFalcon
    GenFalcon 4 days ago

    But could have got laid, the crazier the kinkier

  • Brendan McMahon
    Brendan McMahon 5 days ago

    This was awesome

  • Big Fat BNSF juice
    Big Fat BNSF juice 5 days ago

    I’ll believe you if you believe me that I did CPR on a worm today

  • Odin Dark
    Odin Dark 5 days ago

    But was she cute tho

  • Bravo Booty
    Bravo Booty 5 days ago

    Dude this is worthless banter

  • dino cat
    dino cat 5 days ago

    at least the cat SAVEd u

  • Sean Stare
    Sean Stare 5 days ago

    That pinnocio (spell check) bit got me so good I subscribed

  • Universal Kombat
    Universal Kombat 6 days ago +1

    This story is pretty tame for what the rest of us guys have probably experienced on dating apps. Am I right or what fellas?

  • Tegan Thrussell
    Tegan Thrussell 6 days ago

    Moral of the story, if you meet someone, ever, in person or online, just... don't fucking go to their house XD
    At least until you've been in consistent contact for a few months.
    Always stay in a public setting, and you (should) be safe.
    And when you do go to someone's house, and you get a bad vibe, NEVER PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN
    This has been advice from a random who has never dated online before.
    Enjoy your day.

    • Maitreya Laridon
      Maitreya Laridon 4 days ago

      If you're a straight woman perhaps, but if you're a straight guy you don't have that much to worry about. Woman murderers and rapists are pretty rare, so unless they have a huge murderous, ex boyfriend or husband they didn't mention a guy won't be in much danger.

  • Tegan Thrussell
    Tegan Thrussell 6 days ago

    So... What was she saying to them?

  • ProfessorProfanity
    ProfessorProfanity 6 days ago


  • Randall Johnston
    Randall Johnston 6 days ago

    I was catfished my first date..never again

  • Luie Autumn
    Luie Autumn 6 days ago

    This literally gave me chills uughhhgh

  • Christopber Cisneros

    OMG I have not laughed this hard at a video in along time thank you

  • averaged Hoe
    averaged Hoe 6 days ago

    Don't worry it took me 7 girls to find my first girlfriend and to be done with that app

  • david sloan
    david sloan 6 days ago

    just found your channel... lol sry.. love the vids.

  • Samantha Styer
    Samantha Styer 6 days ago +1

    Even if this is fake I dont care this was hilarious as fuck lol

  • tristan beaumont
    tristan beaumont 6 days ago

    Crazy date better than no matches lol

  • ___hecin fric___
    ___hecin fric___ 6 days ago

    I remember the original upload...

  • Icy Endia
    Icy Endia 6 days ago

    2:18 DANG!!!

  • Madisen Campbell
    Madisen Campbell 7 days ago


  • Isabelle
    Isabelle 7 days ago

    Maybe she just was autistic

  • Stacie Green
    Stacie Green 7 days ago

    I was LITERALLY cry laughing this whole video.😂😂😂
    It took me a moment to collect myself enough just to be able to write this comment.
    You are HILARIOUS!!!!

  • Martin Booth
    Martin Booth 7 days ago

    I'd honestly still date her

  • Bismuth Crystal
    Bismuth Crystal 7 days ago

    Woah. Nothing wrong with dating apps or meeting up with people you met online. Especially now that they're far more ubiquitous. Years ago, the percentage of strange and desperate people on them was definitely much higher. Just use them safely. Always meet in a bright, populated area. Make sure you know your exit routes; more than just "multiple exits." Think about how you're getting home. Make sure someone knows where you are. Do so in a way that's visible to the person you're meeting. It's generally really easy to do smoothly: "Sure, let me just let my friend know we're going to get a drink so I can't meet up later." And don't go somewhere unknown, alone, with someone you just met, especially if you have a bad feeling! Also, meeting as part of a group is a great idea. That same situation would not have happened for a number of reasons on a group date. And it would have probably been less awkward.

  • Brian Mcminn
    Brian Mcminn 7 days ago

    That repunzel chick was my mom....ive always wondered why I'm half Japanese half animation

  • JulianimeIsAmazing
    JulianimeIsAmazing 7 days ago +2

    Super long story: TLDR: Don't use dating apps unless you know you're attractive or wealthy.
    You know my Tinder story? It applies to almost every dating app I've used as well. I'll break it up into several parts:

    • J Tinkerton
      J Tinkerton 2 days ago

      I was gonna say this is Joseph Campbell's "A hero's Journey" - 2018 version, but you haven't gotten through the last part of the arc yet. The one where you stop caring for any knocks, blows and other external factors and learn to just take it in stride while making your way to the end-goal, whatever that is.
      The fact is you could die tomorrow or in ten years, but the question is what you'll be looking back on when you get there.
      If you haven't done so, consider changing the small things you do every day because they affect your subconscious in myriad small ways, and it affects your conscious thinking. Anything from the food you eat, exercising, smoking, drinking, *porn* , activities you immerse yourself in, to the problems that bother you routinely. Examine what you could improve or cut out entirely. Also examine what you can add to your life that might offer an improvement. The reason I'm stating this is that you mentioned living a sedentary lifestyle combined with junk food which, IMO, leads to depression and/or mental health issues.
      By making these small but compounding changes, you are actively taking control and transforming your life into what you want it to be. Once you've got that level of control, you can starting setting up some higher goals. A light to guide you through the darkness.
      Most importantly, don't take any of what I (or anyone else) said as fact and research and think for yourself. Best of luck to ya.
      P.S. Your dad made his own life choices and he is the person who bears responsibility for them. Do not allow people to guilt trip you with their own inadequacies and mistakes.

    • Odin Dark
      Odin Dark 5 days ago

      Just commenting so i can refer to this guide at a later date. Currently on the, "wasting a year of college" part. everything is exactly accurate thus far

    • JulianimeIsAmazing
      JulianimeIsAmazing 6 days ago +1

      Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. I'm not particularly fond of general platitudes and wishful thinking, just because it seems a bit irresponsible to give people false hope. And yet all of my interactions with people would lead them to believe I am a happy optimist and that I am constantly only seeing the good in everything. I mean, in all fairness, I could die today or tomorrow in an accident, and even before me, several much better people have already died without romance in their lives, so it's not like I am hopeless, but it's not like the world owes me anything. I think I just wanted to unload my frustrations with myself, so I'm glad at least someone out there bothered to read it and even reply.

    • Ryan Tolliday
      Ryan Tolliday 7 days ago

      I think you have plenty of desirable traits for a woman to be interested being in a relationship with you, and you will come across one who doesn’t mind ‘looks’ and other things. If you want to enjoy your life, you put the things that matter to you and that you love at the fore, and you’re already magnetic. It’s easy isn’t it. Unattractive is doing things in your life for the wrong reasons, who wants to be with a person who wallows and gives out their frustrations blindly to the world... I vaguely sense you’re a good person, and smart, so you’ll be FINE. Enjoy your time and feel free to shout back at the world anytime.

    • JulianimeIsAmazing
      JulianimeIsAmazing 7 days ago +2

      With all of the change in the man's life, he, now 26, decided to try dating apps just because why the hell not? He already knew he'd mostly be engrossed in work and not have time to really go out and do anything, plus, he wasn't truly fond of or passionately interested in anything in particular. Needless to say it's been about 6 months (where the 26-27 years originally stated comes into play) and the man has had absolutely no real matches on a single dating app. Not Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Coffee Meets Bagel, etc... I've tried them all and all to no avail. Spoilers, I am "the protagonist", that was [part of] MY life's story. Fuck everything, fuck my life, at least I'm somewhat content with my life right now but fuck love, fuck romance and romantic feelings and fuck attraction.

  • Screenshots mom Kk
    Screenshots mom Kk 7 days ago

    That’s wired asf

  • EremikaHaven
    EremikaHaven 7 days ago

    Doesn't clean the someone who's had cats my entire life and currently have two, that is NASTY! And its really neglectful to the cat. How would she like to use a toilet that's overflowing with shit and piss? I scoop my cats' litterbox twice a day, and even give it a real proper cleaning with baking soda and bleach once a month. This girl is just nasty...and lazy. Forget the creepy Rapunzel crap, THAT is the real reason to stay away from her

  • Mc Paintcraft
    Mc Paintcraft 7 days ago

    She liked head, what's bad with that? Lol

  • Christopher Everard
    Christopher Everard 7 days ago

    You need an HBO special or something. Dude you're great story teller.

  • Aniket Dubey
    Aniket Dubey 7 days ago

    Black mirror episode on TVclip

  • Mega Rayquaza Gaming

    *_You like marbles?_*

  • Thomas Wilson IV
    Thomas Wilson IV 7 days ago

    Yea I got so much... stuff out of those apps, including my gf.

  • Trinder3467
    Trinder3467 7 days ago +1

    3:27 nice butt

  • Aaa Aaa
    Aaa Aaa 7 days ago

    my TINDER STORY:me:wanna have sex?
    her:why not?
    her:at my place i am tranny is this ok?

  • Love Will prevail
    Love Will prevail 7 days ago

    Something like this happened to me too( kinda catfish ---- I mean he was photogenic!!! even his voice was different) long story short I was very disappointed when I met him( this is when you really start hating Photoshop)

  • PerfectChaosdoesntEx

    3yrs for me in Japan (when I lived there) Do you speak Japanese fluently?

  • Don 53
    Don 53 7 days ago +4

    „Lets just have some Dinner, nice conversation“ *rick and morty is overrated* lmao 😂

  • Garett
    Garett 7 days ago


  • Suhash Mandal
    Suhash Mandal 7 days ago

    U might be joking

  • ThirdEye Profit
    ThirdEye Profit 8 days ago

    I literally died laughing at work when you said she was my type lik hhehhhhhhhhhgg

  • drew greene
    drew greene 8 days ago

    This actually killed me, inta-subscribe from me :D

  • Joel Knuckles
    Joel Knuckles 8 days ago

    Dude, you're a great storyteller! this video had me in stiches!!

  • Dr m
    Dr m 8 days ago

    This happened to me on local site called RSVP. the girl looked a blonde bombshell in her profile photo, this was taken 5 years prior to huge obesity odessy. When I got I to her place I thought the person I met was her sister or a large friend, but no it was her. I had too really squint to reconcile her photo to what was before me. We went to the local pub and I just smashed vodkas until she looked like the photo then we went back her place. Long story short I fucked her. She was a whole lotta Rosie

  • Niko 2064
    Niko 2064 8 days ago

    Lol! I love this story and all the animations!

  • Fill Riley
    Fill Riley 8 days ago

    I've seen Return to Oz, is that what the hell was going on???

  • Torence Halvorson
    Torence Halvorson 8 days ago

    The cat l we all float down here” hahahah

  • Edgar Larios
    Edgar Larios 8 days ago +1

    This guy is a great storyteller. I was 100% invested. I actually felt pretty sick when he described the Rapunzel heads. Don't know why. I really got creeped out.

  • Jamaal Willis
    Jamaal Willis 8 days ago

    Am to ugly for Tinder. So being ugly is sometimes a blessing and a curse it seems.

  • Random Obsessions
    Random Obsessions 8 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks this guy looks like a fusion of James and Jaiden?

  • Leonaleo Art
    Leonaleo Art 8 days ago

    Lol do u know where saitama is?

  • well sh*t
    well sh*t 8 days ago

    _I am glad that TVclip didn't stop recommending this too me_

  • wosh
    wosh 8 days ago

    how do you even come up with this kinda shit?

  • Jonathan Lehmann
    Jonathan Lehmann 8 days ago

    i have yet to try tinder i'm now giving it second thought's

  • derpyryan
    derpyryan 8 days ago

    Who else immeditaly knew this would get creepy as soon as he said he was in japan

  • Nottingham idk
    Nottingham idk 8 days ago

    You Sound Like James From TheOdd1sOut.

  • Demi God
    Demi God 8 days ago

    That's y I always facetime, I aint got time for girls that have a couple screws loose.

  • Arush
    Arush 8 days ago

    This is the only video I've liked in months on TVclip.

  • Go MGTOW
    Go MGTOW 8 days ago

    I feel sorry for the cat. Having to poop into its own poop, and she never cleans up the mess = YUK !

  • Go MGTOW
    Go MGTOW 8 days ago

    She sounds completely normal to me. Now if she had REAL dead human heads on her closet shelf, then I would advise her to lay off on the caffeine as they were having an effect on her, but that would be cool with me too. But then again, you should see the crazy shit that's in MY storage closet.

  • hhh2
    hhh2 8 days ago

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