TOP 10 reasons to become a PILOT!!!

  • Published on Jun 8, 2017
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    Dear friends and followers!
    Welcome back to my channel, and thanks for tuning in to watch this video where I show you ten good reasons why to become a pilot.
    I know this video will bring many comments, as many of you know that flight school is expensive etc. This video is more about showing you what your benefits are as a pilot and having a career in aviation.
    I want to do a video very soon on how to finance your flight school costs etc.
    Apart from that enjoy my top 10 reasons why the life as a pilot is so great. Sure I could make a video about the top 10 reasons not to become a pilot, and maybe I will. And maybe many pilots don´t agree with my attitude/opinion about the career as a pilot. But as many of you know me from my channel, I´m a very positive minded person, I deal with things as they present themselves, sure it can be harsh getting up at 3:30 am and get ready for your flight, but therefore I get to enjoy my breakfast with a fantastic sunrise and be done for the day at about 2:00 pm. Make the best out of your life, stop whingeing about how stressful life can be. Get your act together, cause nothing ever good came out of your comfort zone.
    Please leave a comment if agree with my list, but please spare me with comments about the cost of flight school, standby duty, and jet leg problems, I have to deal with them as everyone else has and had too.
    Big thank you to my Instagram and youtube colleague pilotpatric for sending me his picture of the executive jet. Go to Instagram and look for @pilotpatric or here on youtube @pilotpatrick and check out his great pictures and videos.
    Also big thank you to "People of the sky" on Facebook for sharing and supporting my channel. Go to @thegoballife here on youtube to check out their videos.
    Thanks for your time, see you next week,
    All the best your "Captain" Joe
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  • Dezon97
    Dezon97 22 hours ago

    its a dream of mine becoming a pilot. right now saving money for the training

  • jumpinjack1
    jumpinjack1 Day ago

    Wasn't that guy on Hot Tub Time Machine?

  • Michelle Gaborekwe

    i wish my dream become possible.... and fly never complicated.

  • Mein Führer
    Mein Führer 2 days ago

    im warning ppl watching this video but it needs tons of math here.
    cuz i suck at math

  • Cars,Bikes, and Planes

    Is it alright if you live in Philippines for example can you fly a plane from a different country??

  • Memez Unlimited
    Memez Unlimited 4 days ago +1

    Everyone here is like 14 or 10 its super cute. Those of you who are 14 you can already begin flight lessons in America!

  • Memez Unlimited
    Memez Unlimited 4 days ago +1

    @CaptainJoe I've heard a lot of stories about flight attendants getting harassed by male pilots. I plan on being a pilot but I'm female. Will the same happen to me? :(

  • Alfred Thompson
    Alfred Thompson 8 days ago +3

    I want to be a pilot. Even though I'm from a poor family

  • x̸x̸x̸ ガチャウルフ x̸x̸x̸

    i am really sad because my dreams are to become a pilot but sadly i wouldn’t have enough money to pay for the lessons

    • Mike P
      Mike P 9 days ago

      Most people have to take a bank loan to pay the training.

  • Ishank Sangwan
    Ishank Sangwan 11 days ago

    Where are u from

  • Clancy Slater
    Clancy Slater 11 days ago

    So chicks money chicks cool destinations chicks cheap flights and chicks sounds good to me

  • Dayananda NN
    Dayananda NN 12 days ago

    Timestamp please

  • Aviator 아메드 the_

    How to get girls :
    Either be a pilot
    Or be a Dubai policemen
    (Becuz of their supercar police)
    I wanna be a pilot since I was 5 yrs old
    I wish I be one in the future

  • Monoplayz
    Monoplayz 15 days ago


  • Michael Russell
    Michael Russell 16 days ago

    fantastic positive video!

  • DripzzyDripz
    DripzzyDripz 16 days ago

    If your a pilot it’s holiday every day

  • Red-rose Kelly
    Red-rose Kelly 17 days ago

    I know there are female pilots, but I feel like people always leave us out. :/ I want to become a pilot and I’m a girl.

  • William Mays
    William Mays 17 days ago

    What would you say is the best airline to fly for in America?

  • Blixxy
    Blixxy 19 days ago

    I live in a shitty area and i have wanted to be a pilot since i was little i am literally playin fsx as i am typing but the money is tight so

  • Prottay Ahmed
    Prottay Ahmed 20 days ago +1

    Hi captain Joe. I'm 10 I want to be a pilot I love Airplanes

  • RandomGuineaPig Aviation

    may i ask to any pilots out there does it get boring doing the same thing daily/weekly. Flying would be awesome but is it also quite repetitive

    • Mike P
      Mike P 18 days ago

      Many jobs can contain work which is repetitive. I don't see aviation that bad. And if flying is what you want to do...

    KWN WONG 21 day ago

    Much people are 14 and want to be a pilot I also want to be one but yeah I don't now

    KWN WONG 21 day ago

    I'm now a kid but my dream job is being a pilot but I don't now probably I'm not going to be one

  • Tack Tuber
    Tack Tuber 21 day ago

    I'm in the market for a private plane. Any suggestions?

  • DittO.
    DittO. 22 days ago +1

    Everyone is like - Money

  • AliveButNotDead Mix
    AliveButNotDead Mix 22 days ago

    In India, it takes 18 to 24 months for becoming a first officer.

  • Gaming Ocelot
    Gaming Ocelot 23 days ago +1

    10 reasons to become an air traffic controler please

  • BlitZ GaminG
    BlitZ GaminG 23 days ago

    I'm 16 and in about a week I'll have my first solo. My dream from a younge age is to become a military pilot

  • Tohid Faraji
    Tohid Faraji 24 days ago

    Is it true pilots need bachelor's degree for employing

    • Mike P
      Mike P 23 days ago

      In the USA the major airlines usually require a college degree, but regional airlines don't require that. In Europe it's not mandatory to have a college degree.

  • degenerate boi
    degenerate boi 24 days ago

    @2:51 so I guess airlines don't hire gays?

  • L. Merbecks
    L. Merbecks 24 days ago

    Sadly I cannot become a commercial pilot... but I WILL become the one building them :)

  • Dillinger Kaushansky
    Dillinger Kaushansky 24 days ago

    What rank are you ?

  • zicro
    zicro 26 days ago

    I would love to be a pilot but i would never get as much time with family

  • Nickw
    Nickw 26 days ago

    3:07 what a legend

  • Nikhil kulkarni
    Nikhil kulkarni 26 days ago

    Love your videos 😘

  • A wild Potato
    A wild Potato 26 days ago

    The biggest downside is the HUGE HUGE bill that you need to pay, it's like £80,000-£120,000

    MARV STUDIO 27 days ago

    I rlly wanna be a pilot but i dont have enoth money

    • Mike P
      Mike P 24 days ago

      Most people don't have their own money to pay the training. It's a usual way to take a loan.

      MARV STUDIO 25 days ago

      @skyllar pascuite thanks for the support 👍😁

    • skyllar pascuite
      skyllar pascuite 25 days ago

      MARV STUDIO You can always get a loan. Don’t give up on your dreams

  • udit kochhar
    udit kochhar 28 days ago

    Do people wearing specs are not eligible for pilot course

    • Mike P
      Mike P 27 days ago

      You can wear glasses if they correct your vision. However, there are limits: hypermetropia not exceeding +5.0 dioptres or myopia not exceeding -6.0 dioptres.

  • Jm56Z
    Jm56Z 28 days ago

    So now I don't respect pilots anymore. I only respect them when they are in the plane (and even better if there are some problems and they land the plane safely).

  • Jarrel Velasco
    Jarrel Velasco 29 days ago

    I want to become a pilot someday!!!✈️

  • Vipper Kong
    Vipper Kong Month ago +1

    This just encourages me more to be a pilot. By the way...

    Cabin pressure is the best comedy program

  • Baschie Baschieba
    Baschie Baschieba Month ago

    My FI is a pilot and doctor 🤔🙈

  • Noahinglis111
    Noahinglis111 Month ago +1

    I'm 14 and it's my dream too be a pilot but I'm just not smart enough😓

    • Mike P
      Mike P 29 days ago

      Noahinglis111 - When you are 14 it's too early to give up. First thing you have to do is to be graduated from high school. Because you have to wait a few years, you can now focus on studying. You will know much more when you are 18 or 19. Everything is different when you have finished your school and you are older. Just keep your goal in mind.

    • Sicko Andy
      Sicko Andy Month ago

      I'm also 14 and i also wanna be a pilot

  • Mr Engine
    Mr Engine Month ago

    I also want to be a pilot and aeronautical engineer what are my chances of being both

    • Mr Engine
      Mr Engine Month ago

      @Mike P thank you for the advice i appreciate it👍

    • Mike P
      Mike P Month ago

      There are pilots who have that background. You can go to college and get the degree and then have the flight training. And maybe you can already get the private pilot licence at the same time when you are studying.

  • GLR
    GLR Month ago

    The only thing I care is: DO PILOTS GET TO F*** THE STEWARDESSSEES???

  • GLR
    GLR Month ago


    • Mike P
      Mike P Month ago

      You can read about the subject:

  • Photography Csordás Dominik

    Where do you work? Or what airline?

  • Trenton Pottruff
    Trenton Pottruff Month ago

    I turned 21 today and I'm beginning ground school next month. It was a big decision to enroll because of the cost and I wish I made this decision a few years earlier, but I'm still young.

    • Mike P
      Mike P Month ago

      You don't have to be worried. There are airline pilots who started their training when they were 30-45. You are young.

  • Chris Aisake
    Chris Aisake Month ago

    What is your best airlines????Mine is Fiji Airways

  • Dkoe
    Dkoe Month ago

    6:19 i love it!

  • Regenerated
    Regenerated Month ago


  • Mohammed Ali Bassim

    He's sooooooo right 😂😂😂

  • Keiran Playz
    Keiran Playz Month ago

    4:02 fucking love catch me if you can with Leonardo DiCaprio fun fact Frank Abagnale Jr played by Leonardo DiCaprio actually appears in the film as the officer that puts Leonardo DiCaprio in the back of the police car in France at the cheque printing location

  • GRV• CD•
    GRV• CD• Month ago

    im 11 years old and i want to be a pilot. Im from Philippine so i want to be a pilot of Philippine Airline a350 is my favorite aircraft

  • warrior 1972
    warrior 1972 Month ago

    lousy career choice!

  • Adaz
    Adaz Month ago +8

    People won’t see this but, Captain Joe is the reason I’m working towards my piloting career, in year 9 and made my options, hopefully I become a pilot.

  • Seymouna Napi
    Seymouna Napi Month ago +1

    One question: can a 5'2 person eligible to fly a plane if it comes to height?

    • Keiran Playz
      Keiran Playz Month ago +1

      Yes from what I know but you might need a booster seat but it all depends on the airline so look into what the height requirements are for the airline you want to work for

  • Aleklo Gaming05
    Aleklo Gaming05 Month ago +1

    Me: See the video
    Also me: *start playing war Thunder*

  • skogstrollet 1
    skogstrollet 1 Month ago +2

    in Norway the avarage salery is around 130 000 dollar and around 1 100 000 million nok a year. And its not that expensive to become a pilot in norway

    • Fish Boi
      Fish Boi Month ago

      Wow det er mye penger da

  • gamingknight 47
    gamingknight 47 Month ago

    I really want to be a pilot... A helicopter pilot imagine hovering or opening the door mid and landing almost anywhere