I bought a private jet to surprise some FaZe members with a random dream trip to Las Vegas!! It was so much fun :)
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    If you read this far down the description I love you

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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug  6 months ago +4516

    Count how many times I said the word “lit” this video

  • Dave White
    Dave White 11 hours ago

    This is the first time I've ever heard of this guy. What does he do to earn money?

  • Christopher Parker
    Christopher Parker 12 hours ago

    were Charolette and Faze Kay making out or what ?

  • Muse Eyob
    Muse Eyob 23 hours ago

    Grecce in Athenas

  • Luca Ronchin
    Luca Ronchin Day ago

    To many ads

  • Eli Yeet18
    Eli Yeet18 Day ago

    Australia Melbourne

  • Sherwyn Spiers
    Sherwyn Spiers Day ago


  • Michael Haines
    Michael Haines Day ago

    You said it 11 times I think *also your my favorite youtuber*

  • Suma Mario
    Suma Mario Day ago

    I like the jet

  • Suma Mario
    Suma Mario Day ago +1

    You say lit like million

  • Anas Salim
    Anas Salim Day ago

    Great vid

  • energy amaanvlogs
    energy amaanvlogs Day ago +1

    Who else is watching this in 2020

    If so please subscribe, and stay safe

  • energy amaanvlogs
    energy amaanvlogs Day ago +1

    Rug won 10 thousand and 10 thousand comments

    Please subscribe to me when I hit 1000 I will do giveaways

  • Isaiha Pancho
    Isaiha Pancho Day ago

    Rugs brother n Nordan needa have a race with there Mclarens 🚫🧢

  • Soncho’s Gaming

    Go to a cruise

  • Gaming With Doze
    Gaming With Doze 2 days ago

    Can you go to phillipines pls

  • Brayden Dixon
    Brayden Dixon 2 days ago

    Come to Canada

  • simple uploads
    simple uploads 3 days ago +1

    For anyone wondering if this is his actual playing there's a thing of chartering which allows you too kind of rent a private jet.

  • brayden smith
    brayden smith 4 days ago +2

    bro adapt sounds like hes on somethingp

  • The derp
    The derp 4 days ago

    San Francisco California

  • Hassan Hussain Year 8

    mad lit lit lit lit

  • Xavier Tucker
    Xavier Tucker 6 days ago

    in his next travel he should go to the bahamas

  • BloCboy jb
    BloCboy jb 6 days ago

    Adapt is high asf lmaooo

  • Adrian Magallanes
    Adrian Magallanes 7 days ago +1

    im a big fan faze rug your so cool
    travel philippines 🌎🗺🏖🏞🌅🌄🌌✈

  • gamer boy
    gamer boy 7 days ago


  • Omar Gonzalez
    Omar Gonzalez 7 days ago +1

    I'm ther

  • prosper warene
    prosper warene 7 days ago

    Please come to Dakar Sénégal ♥️😭🙏

  • Kieran Clasen
    Kieran Clasen 8 days ago

    bro your so cool

  • Anthony Jimenez
    Anthony Jimenez 11 days ago +1

    7:03 they are having sex

  • Chef’s House BD
    Chef’s House BD 12 days ago

    faze fug you are the best youtuber i ever saw ur music vid is amazing

  • Enzo Laniger
    Enzo Laniger 12 days ago

    9 mins of him talking 1 min of jet I CAME HERE FOR JET AND HE DOESN'T SAY A WORD ABOUT IT OHER THAN "iT's sO FrEAkInG LiT" amutuer

  • Sr Pelo
    Sr Pelo 13 days ago



    Are you a millionaire

  • Dragondino Gaming
    Dragondino Gaming 18 days ago

    Make sure to blur the plates on the cars and the jet 😂

  • XaÚ__CJ
    XaÚ__CJ 19 days ago

    Where’s jarvis

  • Adam Saleh
    Adam Saleh 21 day ago

    Everything in this Video was rented from the fantasy cars to the plane and I think even the girl too

  • Julie Mathers
    Julie Mathers 21 day ago

    There I pads pros in the plane

  • Aaron Breaux
    Aaron Breaux 21 day ago

    Hey guys I’m going to show u guys how rich I am for no reason

  • A127 _q8
    A127 _q8 23 days ago

    Go to Kuwait

  • Poonam Bawa
    Poonam Bawa 25 days ago


  • marcochavezz 209
    marcochavezz 209 26 days ago

    Rug go to the Bahamas

  • xuul-_-
    xuul-_- 26 days ago +2

    This is the flex 💪 of the century 😂

  • VYB_Quaz
    VYB_Quaz 27 days ago

    You should visit Baldwinsville New York it’s my home town and it’s pretty lit

    • VYB_Quaz
      VYB_Quaz 27 days ago

      Nah like FR jokes tho but it’s actually pretty lit it’s not like a lot of money but it’s actually fun if you have someone to show you around

  • FoX AA
    FoX AA Month ago

    rich are gonna be richer
    poor are gotta be poorer

  • Raja ateeq alam
    Raja ateeq alam Month ago


  • Hari Setyobudi
    Hari Setyobudi Month ago

    Estimated your monthly incomes from youtube is 300k$-+

  • Hetvi Vyas
    Hetvi Vyas Month ago


  • Minerva Pavon
    Minerva Pavon Month ago +1

    go to new york please

  • Marce Minita
    Marce Minita Month ago

    I thought I was going to see Vegas.

  • Houssam Habhab
    Houssam Habhab Month ago

    It looked like Charlotte was gonna swallow Kay

  • Angela Silva
    Angela Silva Month ago

    I think you should do 24 hours in the Gucci store

  • Diego K
    Diego K Month ago

    Utah you should go to Utah

  • The derp
    The derp Month ago

    I wish airplanes all airplanes Emirates Turkish airlines had hotels in them so the airport will had receptionist and restaurants and room service and you will not hear other people

  • Amelia Shelley
    Amelia Shelley Month ago

    you should go to chicago or ny

  • AKEEL rubriks
    AKEEL rubriks Month ago

    Faze come to south a africa

  • Aaron Delapaz
    Aaron Delapaz Month ago

    Come to Hermiston Oregon it a cool and chill place please

  • russel warner
    russel warner Month ago

    BTW that looks like a citation 10 so yeah that is BTW

  • gaming NINJAS
    gaming NINJAS Month ago


  • gaming NINJAS
    gaming NINJAS Month ago


  • Maria Pieters
    Maria Pieters Month ago

    I want you to gow to Aruba plss

  • Gmail Email
    Gmail Email Month ago

    rented a jet not bought one

  • Satya Asija
    Satya Asija Month ago

    You should go to India

  • Mr. Funny
    Mr. Funny Month ago


  • Isis Gang
    Isis Gang Month ago

    I have been to Los Vegas and I stayed at hard Rock hotel

  • YourBoi Anthony
    YourBoi Anthony Month ago

    crazy i live in Vegas

  • Ariel Pouravrahim
    Ariel Pouravrahim Month ago

    It’s every day bro. Gucci Gangster dude

  • Ariel Pouravrahim
    Ariel Pouravrahim Month ago


  • Dayshaun Freeman
    Dayshaun Freeman Month ago

    You can go new York with you family

  • Jonny Blaze432
    Jonny Blaze432 Month ago +1

    Flex rug

  • Juniormoore Moore
    Juniormoore Moore Month ago

    Come Trinidad and Tobago for carnival February 25th- 26th its a really nice experience

  • LARRY FLynn
    LARRY FLynn Month ago

    Brian that was awesome you are the man

  • Zion Robles 2
    Zion Robles 2 Month ago

    Travel to Virginia that’s where I live

  • Ismael Esquivel
    Ismael Esquivel Month ago

    Travel to new york

  • HM _GAMING123
    HM _GAMING123 Month ago

    Travel to my land pakistan

  • Loose Shackles
    Loose Shackles Month ago

    he didn't buy a jet it does not mean you bought the jet just because you went on it

  • Damian Castellanos
    Damian Castellanos Month ago +1

    This is. How many time faze rug said crazy🤪🥳🤪🤪

  • gijs voskamp
    gijs voskamp Month ago

    Go to THE Nederlands

  • reaktor12 gaming
    reaktor12 gaming Month ago

    Go to croatia pls

  • Slim’s World
    Slim’s World Month ago

    Go to Chicago

  • Alex Lee
    Alex Lee Month ago

    I’m your fans I’m going to be a TVclipr like you can I know which app you use to do the video