Top 10 Weirdest Planets We've Discovered

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  • Cryo 329
    Cryo 329 Day ago

    Its funny how the thumbnail is Mustifar

  • Gregor Adler
    Gregor Adler 13 days ago

    Would you mind adding references in Celsius scale as well as Kilometers? The vast majority of World is using the superior metric system.

  • Mark Genesis Valencia
    Mark Genesis Valencia 14 days ago

    our second home is: glesse

  • DatOne Egyptian
    DatOne Egyptian 14 days ago

    We should begin getting better names for those planets.

  • Megan Lockhart
    Megan Lockhart 16 days ago

    As Enrico Fermi asked, "Where are they?"
    So....where are they?

  • D1gamer
    D1gamer Month ago

    xD that r&m scene at the beginning "IS THIS SOMETHING YOU'D SEE AT SKOOL?"

  • Goward Horton II
    Goward Horton II Month ago

    The planet named Luke proves God made everything because the planet clearly was ordered earlier then they wanted to believe

  • Australicans
    Australicans Month ago

    i want you to click my icon plz

  • Titan Slayer
    Titan Slayer Month ago

    A planet with life. We need to send people travel to that planet for 2 million years. There must be hundreds of generations born in the ship.

  • Andrew Schaub
    Andrew Schaub Month ago

    Another solar system? Would you say another star system?

  • Lotte De Vos
    Lotte De Vos Month ago

    European computer cousin verbal reserve writer diversity legitimate fear.

  • dethkruzer
    dethkruzer Month ago

    What? Nothing about the one where it rains molten glass sideways?

  • WaveLength
    WaveLength Month ago

    there was no f-ing big bang idiot

  • Brinley 04
    Brinley 04 2 months ago

    Bullshit. The planet in the thumbnail is mustufar. Also, it's a moon

  • PelycheeaceRA
    PelycheeaceRA 2 months ago

    "had its gasses vaporized" yup makes sense. i wonder if theres a planet with frozen solids on it.

  • Eugenio Pena
    Eugenio Pena 2 months ago

    Do one of the top 10 mathematicians

  • Bruce The Great Dane Dog

    Yeah!! 55 Cancri BABY!

  • Kill yourself by swallowing Apple Seeds

    Here comes the "God created us" fags

  • Varun Verma
    Varun Verma 2 months ago


  • Varun Verma
    Varun Verma 2 months ago +1

    My planet name is Gt6664

    ELEGANCEatSIMPLICITY 2 months ago

    Create animation and don't use movie clips.

  • Darian Rhock
    Darian Rhock 2 months ago

    Mo murcury venus earth mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune that's 8 oh Pluto 9

  • Life and Facts
    Life and Facts 3 months ago

    thanks nice video

  • SlimeLover x
    SlimeLover x 3 months ago

    New planet has been discovered! Quick think of a name for it! Ah I know!
    *bashes keyboard* 0MQW-0NFGU0GY 1U2-3UNDON[0

  • bowlofarthritus
    bowlofarthritus 3 months ago

    I am not close minded at all of life existing in other distant planets.... but curious how picky nature has to be in order to create it? Certain chemical mixtures with specific levels of ultraviolet rays, certain tempuratures, certain breathable compounds.... You cant really make a cake when all you have in your fridge are carrots and ice cubes.....

  • BiRDiE
    BiRDiE 3 months ago +1

    So does that mean PSR B1620-26 b is the oldest planet in the universe

  • lets play calvin X3
    lets play calvin X3 3 months ago +1

    Who is Nibiru (Planet X)?

  • KidsLive
    KidsLive 3 months ago

    correction a super earth is a planet that is bigger than earth but is smaller then a gas giant/to small to be a gas giant

  • Patriotsean
    Patriotsean 3 months ago

    clickbait, there from movies

  • Converter Craft
    Converter Craft 3 months ago

    stop about movies in top 10 things ya noob

  • Jonn Green
    Jonn Green 3 months ago

    I subscribed

    VIRTUAL ESENCE 3 months ago

    A planet that LITERALLY HOLDS AN WTF?!? SIGN?

  • Zaria Anyanwu
    Zaria Anyanwu 3 months ago

    Who is naming these planet.

  • Lil Scadzi
    Lil Scadzi 3 months ago

    What If Dragon Ball Z is real and Goku is there??

  • Mystical Moon
    Mystical Moon 3 months ago

    My favorite planet is.

  • Jack Breen6887
    Jack Breen6887 4 months ago

    The thumbnail is the star wars planet Mustafar


  • One Step
    One Step 4 months ago

    Yes kids there's a big mothertrucker meteor will hit earth and SCREAM "WTF" .....ok cool (thumnail)

  • rishabh arya
    rishabh arya 4 months ago

  • LazerAnimatorGamer Ultra


  • Tim The Warlord
    Tim The Warlord 4 months ago

    jez we've discovered so many planet you thing we give them better names >:(

  • GoobyShift
    GoobyShift 4 months ago

    wtf your clickbaiting you even said dantdm somked weed your a cunt you bich you dubass guys dick heads man

  • I See I'm at Your Window

    kepler 1b is how hell sometimes is described hot and dark

  • Dark Savage
    Dark Savage 5 months ago

    I am packing my bags and moving to CoRoT-7b.

  • Ethan Fabela
    Ethan Fabela 5 months ago

    Rick and morty

  • EpicKC01Gamer !
    EpicKC01Gamer ! 5 months ago

    I mean subbed lol

  • EpicKC01Gamer !
    EpicKC01Gamer ! 5 months ago


  • Average Life
    Average Life 5 months ago

    Where's Nibiru/Planet X

  • Kevin Bobbitt
    Kevin Bobbitt 5 months ago

    I'm waiting for azeroth to be discovered

  • SaraSippy
    SaraSippy 5 months ago

    Who else thinks Pluto is a planet it's just a dwarf planted 😢

  • SaraSippy
    SaraSippy 5 months ago

    I swear, one of these is my WiFi

  • Yaoi
    Yaoi 5 months ago

    *listens to this while doing homework and just ended up writing about space*... Wait... This is math.

  • Guy Guy
    Guy Guy 5 months ago

    Number 11 planet vegeta

  • phun - puhnium
    phun - puhnium 5 months ago

    Come on, no No Mans Sky references?

  • Uganda Knuckles
    Uganda Knuckles 5 months ago +1

    Maybe they just smashed the keyboard with a hammer to name all the planets

  • minus shoot
    minus shoot 5 months ago

    anyone else hate the estimate for the amount of the diamond planet. it literally makes no sense. if we got the planet diamonds would be worth nothing

  • Von The Stampede
    Von The Stampede 5 months ago

    #1 Namek

  • Aoghan Mc Connell
    Aoghan Mc Connell 5 months ago +2

    These names are looking like a fucking wifi password😂

  • Majin Sole
    Majin Sole 5 months ago

    Yo, where is Freeza Planet 419? ~_~

  • SKMC69
    SKMC69 5 months ago

    We see wobbles and patterns, then we assume. We haven't discovered anything.

  • Gerald Herrmann
    Gerald Herrmann 5 months ago +1

    a planet made of diamond is worth nothing, because only rare things do have value.

  • Amir
    Amir 5 months ago

    Lol the Rick and Morty scenes

  • T. Gorbach
    T. Gorbach 5 months ago

    Stating the value of the 55 Cancrie based on the value of the diamond is silly. The value of the diamond is based on its rarity on earth (just as all commodities are) so its obvious that, if by some unimaginable chance somehow humans could mine huge sums of diamonds from 55C and return them back to earth the result would be to plunge the value of the diamond to the point of worthlessness. So, ironically, going to 55 Cancrie to mine diamonds for profit would simply make diamonds worthless.

  • I am the Anonymous
    I am the Anonymous 5 months ago

    Well, a diamond planet practically makes the value of diamonds worthless.

  • Tim Sticle
    Tim Sticle 5 months ago

    1:55 420 blaze it

  • PS Ultra
    PS Ultra 5 months ago

    8:01 Rick and Morty crack me tf up. 1 of the funniest shows I've seen in a while.

  • Marc Domicello
    Marc Domicello 5 months ago

    what makes a planet weird?

  • B' Lady
    B' Lady 5 months ago +1

    Can believe there's *Rick and Morty Clip* in this show

  • Andrei Moisi
    Andrei Moisi 5 months ago

    With supply and demand at play that diamond planet would be worth less than my pee.

  • am Here
    am Here 5 months ago

    Just stating my opinion. No one bother trying to reply to this comment.

    The Big Bang never happened.

  • Ricardo LP
    Ricardo LP 5 months ago

    Awesome video, nevertheless the movie and tv clips to exemplify are kinda out of place and make it less interesting.

  • TheMaster4534
    TheMaster4534 5 months ago

    Really? Using Mustafar in the thumbnail?

  • Aaron Pearson
    Aaron Pearson 5 months ago

    0:00 - "Well, these planets certainly are different from Earth"
    6:36 - "When this planet's discovery was announced in 2015, it generated a lot of excitement, as it was dubbed a second Earth"

  • -T-X-M-
    -T-X-M- 5 months ago

    Since TVclip is an *international* website, it would be appropriate to use metric apposed to using retard units that only 3 countries in the world use.

    And no I do not wish to go on another website to convert retard to metric, I didn't come to TVclip to have to go to another website to get the information, and no most of the viewers aren't from the US.

  • Mike Engelberg
    Mike Engelberg 5 months ago

    Watch Mojo always makes go to the Comments section

  • ţ å ï ñ ţ ê ð_ j å ð ê

    They don't give them easy names to remember

  • DarkPhoenix
    DarkPhoenix 5 months ago

    The problem with planets being light years away is that they might have changed so much by the time we get there mainly because we are still viewing it from maybe thousands of years

  • Tashuma Pervis
    Tashuma Pervis 5 months ago

    where do they get this shit from. they lie so much. wake up people they spend trillions just to lie to you.

  • christopher preitt
    christopher preitt 5 months ago

    Best one word cartoon characters? Excluding pokemon...

  • Only Juan
    Only Juan 5 months ago

    What I can't imagine is a telescope being that fucking amazing so we can know about planets light years away...



  • Gary #314159265359
    Gary #314159265359 5 months ago +1

    The amount of diamonds on the diamond planet, whatever it's called, if brought to earth, diamonds would be cheap because of the massive amount of them on that planet

  • killafornia hotboi
    killafornia hotboi 5 months ago

    You know what planet I can't wait for them to find

  • Torqus
    Torqus 5 months ago

    I dont understand how a planet made out of diamond is weird or amazing. It sounds pretty common, and also, its value wouldn't be so high, if we get it, the value of diamond would drop to practically nothing.

  • Sherrill Gamer
    Sherrill Gamer 5 months ago

    I thought Adam was the oldest person mentioned in The Bible?

  • Jasper Hardy
    Jasper Hardy 5 months ago

    I don't know if I should believe or not believe this 😒

  • Killa T1Acid
    Killa T1Acid 5 months ago

    where's GJ1214? The waterworld?

  • Kush Inhailer
    Kush Inhailer 5 months ago

    Align 55 cancri e in between earth and the sun and the world would have it's own disco ball

  • Flat Accord Music
    Flat Accord Music 6 months ago

    There are no planets. Wake up.

  • Kamilla Iqbal
    Kamilla Iqbal 6 months ago

    there's one made out of just diamonds

  • دانيال كمال
    دانيال كمال 6 months ago


  • Pixel gaming 123 X
    Pixel gaming 123 X 6 months ago

    This is why I Believe aliens or real

  • Caveman SpongeBob
    Caveman SpongeBob 6 months ago

    If we were to take all that diamond from the last planet, diamond would lose all its value and be worth less than a cup of coffee. (edit: accidentally used one "e" in "coffee" at first)

  • IMcRoni
    IMcRoni 6 months ago

    NASA scientist 1: What were gonna name this planet?
    me: *smashes keyboard*
    NASA scientist: Great name! can you show it?
    NASA scientist: if you find other planet name like he did

  • EmirSha
    EmirSha 6 months ago

    I need some Likes so i can Like myself later...

  • Michael McCarrey
    Michael McCarrey 6 months ago

    Looks like someone's got one heck of an imagination. #FlatEarth .

  • Caius Ballad
    Caius Ballad 6 months ago

    Still waiting for Krypton

  • DaMajestic
    DaMajestic 6 months ago

    This comment has been deleted by the U.S. Government

  • Ronin Void
    Ronin Void 6 months ago

    ricky and morty is so entertaining when im high.

    YOU_KNO_ WHO 6 months ago

    “Draco constellation.”🔫🔫💀

  • Marshall Weintraub
    Marshall Weintraub 6 months ago +1

    Uranus should be the weirdest Planet.