r/Entitledparents Mother Steals Seat and FREAKS OUT When Caught!

  • Published on Aug 31, 2019
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    r/Entitledparents Did you pay for that seat? Ha! Don't you know that every seat belongs to entitled mothers and their precious children? Even if their adorable child is actually a full grown adult? This entitled Karen tries to bully her way into OP's seat by having a public freak out, but OP is having none of it. Find out what happens in today's Entitled Parents video! And don't forget to subscribe for more daily Reddit content!
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  • rSlash
    rSlash  Month ago +2018

    Entitled Parent:
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  • Untamed Gaming
    Untamed Gaming 20 hours ago


  • Jay5
    Jay5 Day ago

    No I play fortnite (simply for challenges)

  • Aleisha Bulley
    Aleisha Bulley 2 days ago +1

    "And this is why I live with Dad."

    Me: **drops mic**

  • TheBlueWolfAnimation

    “Our next reddit post is from (how ever you spell it lol)
    But when I realized it basically said “Ja Makin Me Scream” 😂🤣😅

  • Brads Been There
    Brads Been There 4 days ago

    I bet one or two the stories on this stupid page are actually real. It's sad the gullibility of some people.

  • Jacob Clark
    Jacob Clark 4 days ago

    Subscribe to RSlash ya'll

  • Emma Nash
    Emma Nash 5 days ago

    I love that you have added the ambient music. Perhaps it was there all along and I just didn't notice but I like it none the less.

  • Kimberly Pidgeon
    Kimberly Pidgeon 5 days ago

    Why are people like this

  • Drabbest Animal
    Drabbest Animal 6 days ago

    Was it Ray’ reptiles

  • Dragongameing
    Dragongameing 7 days ago

    My mom and me had and an encounter with an em, an entitled manager

  • Zander ll
    Zander ll 7 days ago

    Hi ex Subway worker here. Yea I feel your pain lol

  • Tyler Eaton
    Tyler Eaton 7 days ago

    I have an outdoor gym in my community also. Kids think it's a playground and get hurt

  • Nathan Spicer
    Nathan Spicer 9 days ago

    I would beat the crap out of entitled uncle

  • demon queen envy sin

    The brother with the sister who has cancer I would have forced my mom to make it so they never ever come back to the house again

  • The Real OneMileSmile
    The Real OneMileSmile 10 days ago

    I actually kinda felt bad for her until I heard the update.

  • CrazyMysteriousGamer -

    Try using voice changer

  • Alex the furious
    Alex the furious 11 days ago

    im offended by the fact your stereotypical just to say that im a fortnite player bro come on...

  • Indica Baez
    Indica Baez 12 days ago

    No I play fortnight and don't care

  • Emily Bullet
    Emily Bullet 12 days ago

    Good God theses people are so stupid

  • Moff Ant
    Moff Ant 14 days ago

    I really dont understand how people have family members they don't like and still deal with them. A few of my bc siblings I haven't talk to in a decade and never will, problem solved

  • oofacheeto
    oofacheeto 14 days ago +3

    This is why I live with dad

    Destruction 100

  • Todoroki T
    Todoroki T 17 days ago

    Im a vary nice kid and so is my little brother and we both play fort so you can't say that all fort players a entitled 9:45

  • Andrew Howland
    Andrew Howland 17 days ago

    Wait someone took the kids from Karen?.....Truly these are the end times.

  • GD ChocoMilko
    GD ChocoMilko 17 days ago

    How to Destroy Entitled Mothers (Employee/Manager/Owner edition!)
    1: wait for an entitled parent
    2: if she insults you pull out an Uno reverse card
    3: repeat 1 and 2

  • Cabers In Ur Babers
    Cabers In Ur Babers 17 days ago

    There is a cure-ish for cancer.
    Go on Facebook to the group “Sword Of Keto”. Ask the admin, Matt Edwards about it.

  • Lily Castella
    Lily Castella 18 days ago

    Karenthia 😂

  • haziqfsx91
    haziqfsx91 18 days ago

    The 2nd entitled mom is a good example of indian who think their social caste matter anywhere in the world.

  • Lily Barner
    Lily Barner 18 days ago

    I feel so bad for the teen daughter in the last story...

  • CrivMizzet
    CrivMizzet 19 days ago

    Man a +5 sword is sick loot, you cant just ask for that

  • ElitePlagueArtist/EPA
    ElitePlagueArtist/EPA 19 days ago

    This is TVclip anger therapy

  • libra8a
    libra8a 19 days ago

    The last one was great.

  • Kaylim Z
    Kaylim Z 19 days ago

    Fortnite is for fags.

  • Corey Whorton
    Corey Whorton 19 days ago

    Poop and pp

  • Jasiek B
    Jasiek B 19 days ago

    9:42 not every (i dont Play fortnite to be sure) some playera are just playing for fun, that is just a stereotype

  • Edward Larsen
    Edward Larsen 20 days ago

    Man I love your commentary. You really are one of the funniest readers out there. Thanks for the awesome content on the daily.

  • V3n0m
    V3n0m 20 days ago

    That entitled kid prob has zero wins and lost a game before coming and he doesn’t represent every fortnite player

  • Kim Tinte
    Kim Tinte 20 days ago

    How to quit playing D&D just as you want to start and learn?
    Your brother is DM and kills you off in 3 rolls.😂😂😂😂

  • Julian Mancillas
    Julian Mancillas 20 days ago

    I play fortnite guess I'll leave.

  • Susan Robinson
    Susan Robinson 20 days ago

    Of COURSE the kid telling her EM that, "This is why I live with my dad" was awesome!! But I just wanted to say that I hope the Little Sister with cancer is doing better, and her big sister seems like a wonderful person! Such a heartbreaking story :-( Oh, and I also wanted to say that I wish the Entitled Uncle in that same story goes to HELL!!! Thank you :)

  • DabDab BamBam_2
    DabDab BamBam_2 21 day ago

    how fun. the voices you do for the ek and em make me want to punch myself and the screen

  • Kristin Wiebold
    Kristin Wiebold 22 days ago

    if OP said nah your kids are too old for me it would be confirming that he is a pedophile. That isn't something you would want to say in front of anyone. Even if it isn't true and you are being sarcastic.

  • Ralph Leavsey-Moase
    Ralph Leavsey-Moase 22 days ago

    Why do people think fortnite is bad and Minecraft is better they're both great games and I play both because Minecraft is my childhood game and fortnite is a good game as well

    • Ralph Leavsey-Moase
      Ralph Leavsey-Moase 20 days ago

      @Karmalide Kithe tell that to someone else because last time I remembered cod doesn't let you build or drop toilets on enemys or play as batman, black widow or starlord or be able to play as thanos

    • Karmalide Ki
      Karmalide Ki 20 days ago

      Fortnite is overrated because there are so much battle royals who are the SAME. maybe they don't have the dancing moves,but it's literally the same...

  • Agent Will
    Agent Will 22 days ago

    I'm gonna be honest, I. The second one when he said seven year old girl, I somehow heard seven foot girl.

  • Drink Your Nail Polish

    Emtitled parents are narcisitic and neglectful.

  • Toby Bere
    Toby Bere 23 days ago +2

    EM: [Insert pointless yelling here]
    Daughter: This is why i live with dad...
    r/MurderedByWords or r/EntitledParents?

  • HX3 EN/FR
    HX3 EN/FR 23 days ago +1

    Those types of people should die

  • Daedy Jackson
    Daedy Jackson 24 days ago

    Its probs not my place to ask but who is seaing this at 8:45 :3

    • Daedy Jackson
      Daedy Jackson 24 days ago

      Oh I dident mean to do that link sorry

  • Polly the Bird
    Polly the Bird 24 days ago

    Rslash roasts fortnite players yet his job is to read reddit posts

  • Megan_ YT
    Megan_ YT 24 days ago

    I named my bird Karen because of you Rslash you showed me these story’s in a good way though not trying to be roude

  • ツEclipse
    ツEclipse 24 days ago

    The 21 year old should have ordered a drink in front of 23 year old em

  • Kookie Jeon
    Kookie Jeon 24 days ago

    8:55 if that was me i would be like " so if i broke your arm now, you still needed to play video games with me? now come here and get me the hammer"

  • James Miller
    James Miller 25 days ago

    It's weird how so many entitled moms are named Karen. I wouldn't name my daughter that because I'd be afraid she'd grow up to be like that.

  • FallenAngelNeko666
    FallenAngelNeko666 25 days ago

    You know.... Instead of asking the mom to come take back her kids.... Corrupt the children's minds with all the card games in the store.... The parents would have suffered the consequences.

  • Karosai
    Karosai 26 days ago

    Why do people dislike? there is nothing to dislike about this, just memes, and something to wake up and listen and watch to.

  • Katia Souza
    Katia Souza 27 days ago +6

    ~Someone: *Breathing*
    ~Entitled Mom (EM) : ~GIVE ME YOUR AIR!!!

  • Voidlord
    Voidlord 28 days ago

    At least in the U.K. we have the right to refuse service at any time with no prior warning. And that’s enshrined into law as well...

  • BLUE-BOYS 24
    BLUE-BOYS 24 28 days ago

    If I ever meet an entitled parent, I want them to be an entitled dad so that I can punch right in the face for being an a******

  • The angel Of awesomeness

    14:42 should’ve thrown the sandwich in her face 🤣

  • M Man
    M Man 29 days ago

    I would have kicked out the uncle and kid