Five reasons why Narendra Modi won - BBC News

  • Published on May 31, 2019
  • Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has won a second five-year term in office after his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) stormed to a resounding election victory.
    The party is likely to build on the commanding majority it secured in 2014.
    So how did Mr Modi manage to exceed expectations and win by a landslide? Here are five key reasons behind his success.
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  • Nevill Dutta
    Nevill Dutta 7 days ago

    bbc sucks

  • datta sai chukkaluru

    Not impressed with 3 rd reason

  • Hash Time Podcast
    Hash Time Podcast Month ago

    Narendra Modi has successfully formed an emotional bond with the rural population of the country, that is one of the major reason he won with such a huge margin again.

  • SS gaming
    SS gaming Month ago

    Just letting you guys know that BBC completely hates India .it supportes other countries over India . even if they are wrong .BBC is full of corruption and hatered

  • drno2012
    drno2012 Month ago +1

    1 personality agreed, 2 nationalism. Disagreed. 3 allies all are dependent on BJP, so disagreed. 4 look east. Is top 5 agreed, 5 social media cannot be top 5

  • Shruti G
    Shruti G Month ago

    BBC is again making mistake of seeing what it wants to see, They have following wrong reasons
    3.Key aliance
    4 Eye on east
    5. Media
    They got just 1 right. The rest is 2 Wefare schemes really reaching the people, 3 Clean corruption free reputation 4 Shunned appeasement and did the right thing 5 Khan Market Gang (Bonus to Modi)

  • Joy Chakravarty
    Joy Chakravarty Month ago


  • Lion Of Aryavarta
    Lion Of Aryavarta Month ago

    Ban BBC in India

  • vikram kumar
    vikram kumar Month ago

    Seriously BBC that what you can do go to villages and then find out why he won...

  • rajeev3983
    rajeev3983 Month ago

    Bbc k bhadvo burnol lelo haramkhoro

  • desi boy
    desi boy Month ago +2

    Mascular nationalism?
    When we Indian defend ourself why is it called masculer nationalism
    When they fought against Germany was it also masculer nationalism

  • Abhishek Raut
    Abhishek Raut Month ago

    Lol Bjp Won Because of its development work and Clean Corruption Free Governance of last 5 years .. and also Pm Modi is a Nationalist and he only work ..he has no family ..he is left his wife so early in his life .. He is like a Monk ,,

  • Vishwanath Petkar
    Vishwanath Petkar Month ago

    Muscular Nationalism??
    More like effing self defense. Its disgusting how BBC acts like the air strikes were wrong while their govt was bombing civillians in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Where is the Islamophobia and Warmongering title for them?
    Freaking Colonial Hypocrites

  • Bijay Yerra
    Bijay Yerra Month ago +1

    Idiot news channel.. hey BBC, why you didn't mention on all those schemes of Modi Govt for common citizens? Why no mention of note ban, which is a damn bold move by Modi Govt? There are ton's of other govt achievements... I only smell a strong sense of jealousy from BBC.

  • Gourishankar Panicker
    Gourishankar Panicker Month ago +8

    BBC is the gold standard of bad journalism. Keep up the good work dimwits.

  • aryan3510
    aryan3510 Month ago

    Modi ji one because modi ji represents the Vedic aryan race culture religions language identity history civilisation geography glory to modi ji the man that rouse the aryans from the ashes shine you light once again glorious aryans thank you modi ji

  • Samar Singhal
    Samar Singhal Month ago +1

    Liberal white fools and their media. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Raj Singh
    Raj Singh Month ago

    Oppossition party congress did not win trust ofupper class....and did horrible strategy

  • Achala Gulati
    Achala Gulati Month ago


  • Devine Truth
    Devine Truth Month ago

    1. Bjp is not anti-hindu. It cares for Hindus.
    2. Bjp gave importance to modernisation of military and national security.
    3. bjp gave importance to development.
    4. Bjp did many reforms.
    5. Bjp has united hindus.
    This is what happens when hindus united. Combine enemies are not able to defeat you.
    Hindus had forgotten how the hindu dynasties prathihara, rashtrakuta defeated the arab forces from sindh. Defeat was so devastating that arabs finally gave their ambition of occupying india.
    If byzantines and persians had united , history wpuld have been different.
    Look at srilanka, christians there had similar ideology like indian christians. I.e hatredness towards majority religion. But happened to them?..... easy target for terrorists.

  • Rajesh Singh
    Rajesh Singh Month ago +1

    You hired Dhruv Rathi, the smart man who hides truth to spread propaganda . You have become Fake news Corporation.

  • K D
    K D Month ago

    Once again, nefarious british govt trying to influence with their leftist rhetoric. The attack on Indian soldiers was a terrorist attack and not a "militant" attack. Protecting the nation from terrorists is not called nationalism. It is called defense.
    Coalition is not a reason as BJP alone reached majority with 300+seats.
    Media as a reason? Trying to fool? Media including racist brit media bbc, and other government sponsored racist media like dw worked to influence the results against modi. This video is continuing to do that.
    What really worked is his clean uncorrupt governance and ground level support to people, poverty eradication and an overall sense of well being. Basically, the govt did what govts are elected to do. But you racist brits won't accept that. You want to build a negative story around it to suit your racist agenda where an India should be subsurvient to you racists.

  • Retheesh chandran
    Retheesh chandran Month ago +5

    British Broadcasting Communism.....

  • Krishna radhey
    Krishna radhey Month ago

    Sixth reason is BBC and Times too.

  • riya
    riya Month ago

    This is absolutely the stupidest thing I have ever seen. take it down - BBC I legit lost all respect for you. This looks like it was researched through an open google search. Not even one mention of the BJP's actual policies? This is absolutely insane and I hope nobody that watches this shitty content actually takes it seriously.

  • DewDee
    DewDee Month ago

    Five reason s is a stretch. There just one reason.

    KiTT FOXXE Month ago +1

    Clean up your shitholecountry

    • DewDee
      DewDee Month ago

      Your mother's.

  • Azeem Mazhar
    Azeem Mazhar Month ago

    I love bbc

  • Azeem Mazhar
    Azeem Mazhar Month ago

    Good bbc

  • South Efrikan
    South Efrikan Month ago

    He is not an islamic and is not called by the Koran to kill hypocrites and unbelievers.

  • God Father
    God Father Month ago

    Curry for all!


    LOL ๐Ÿ˜‚ BritShit BullShit Corporation = BBC

  • Shubham Singh
    Shubham Singh Month ago +1

    Only one reason
    Brainwashing by indian news media In support of modi
    By hiding facts and figures and
    Regulates biased propaganda.

  • Zain Sisku
    Zain Sisku Month ago

    First reason is communal polarization and divided people based on religion and caste

  • Thirteen class
    Thirteen class Month ago

    Fake Chenese news

  • Harry Sack
    Harry Sack Month ago

    Omg. Just listen to that music. This guy must be one evil far-righter. Please BBC tell me who to hate so I can signal my virtue. Iโ€™m a loyal NPC.

  • Rajeev Sowale
    Rajeev Sowale Month ago

    one of the main reasons why BJP won is that there is unfortunately no worthy opponent. Rahul Gandhi as a leader and congress party and its policies fail to impress people.
    BJP failed on many promises still it won, Ganga cleaning project is in mess.

  • Shankar G
    Shankar G Month ago +1

    No word on the work done. the way Brexit is being handled i think the once ruler of the world is mired and bogged down in total chaos and egoistical battles

  • Prajwal Rahangdale
    Prajwal Rahangdale Month ago +2

    when you talk of media
    include yourself bbc
    spreading propaganda against modi didnt work
    use burnol

  • Sree
    Sree Month ago +21

    No values..... many of the news related to India and modi govt are just mere political opinion of their people without reserach, no reasoning & no facts.
    we need better international news agencies...

  • abhishek gupta
    abhishek gupta Month ago +2

    If somebody is epitome of biased journalism , it is BBC . Have some shame BBC

  • Sami Khan
    Sami Khan Month ago

    MBS saudi prince gifted Choekidar Modi election expenses Rs 20 billion.
    Modi chela Amit Shah Best election opposition purchase Dallal purchses them.
    EVM VOTE machines also hacked and monitored from Russia and Israel or even from US.
    It is Usual for BJP TO PLAY EVM Hacked like this big win
    Gunda Raj of Dalals

  • zisan zinu
    zisan zinu Month ago

    1st reason evm hacked

  • pmun tsi
    pmun tsi Month ago

    The 5th point media??? That was completely false majority of media is leftists they always make fake news on Modi...

  • a ahir
    a ahir Month ago

    only one reason money

  • Guru Ji
    Guru Ji Month ago +1

    You are wrong BBC, BJP can win British elections if there is EVM in your elections as well in India.
    It's media and EVM (tempered ) who made Modi PM for 2nd term.
    This time EVM, E.C, is not fair.
    democracy is finished in India.

  • Ashutosh Kumar
    Ashutosh Kumar Month ago

    We will make your queen come and apologise for Bengal femine which starved 3 million of us to death..
    Also we gonna name Churchill as mass murderer...
    Just you wait..dumbshits...
    Desrespect from India ๐Ÿ–•
    Also, enjoy multiculturalism

  • Anoop darang
    Anoop darang Month ago +8

    When jealousy strikes BBC.

  • D B
    D B Month ago +1

    Modi is a corrupt piece of shit. That's how and why he won.

  • Noman Arsh
    Noman Arsh Month ago

    MODI IS THE ONLY OPTION INDIA HAS. Its like chosinh him or no one. He can sink india aur keep it on land nothing matters. Killer of innicent lives in gujrat and corrupted liar who spent 3000 crore on s statue....

  • Kris Peake
    Kris Peake Month ago +1


  • the Game lovers
    the Game lovers Month ago

    people can't trust BBC

  • dส’eษชms
    dส’eษชms Month ago

    superpower 2020

  • Kaushik Roy
    Kaushik Roy Month ago +70

    The most corrupted media
    BBC News...

  • Dion Nash
    Dion Nash Month ago +5

    No, its just one reason," hatred towards minorities". Full stop

  • Aqal Mand
    Aqal Mand Month ago +1

    There was only 2 reasons. 1.)Indians are generally blindly supporting Hindu fascism. 2 ) There was mass bias and rigging at every level. Including media allowing RSS agenda and narrative. Election commission seems clearly biased allowing terrorists and extremist run for elections unquestioned. Supreme Court favoriting Modi and RSS in cases. You ask why? Read reason 1).

    • D B
      D B Month ago

      Aqal Mand 100% correct. You're a man who does his research and knows the truth. Good man ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ

  • Shubham Mishra
    Shubham Mishra Month ago

    Another reason why he won because he has done number of surgical strike in pakistan and eliminated hundred of pakistani terrorist.
    Hope they will get virgin females in hell....

  • G Joeye
    G Joeye Month ago


    which has been creating fake news,fake narrative, fake perception, selective coverage and encouraging racism etc. about india, indians and hindus since 1947.

    this organization will OF COURSE hate modi and bjp, because they *dont want corrupt free, hardworking, with TOUGH NATIONAL INTEREST DRIVEN government which will PROPEL india's GDP to 2nd largest by 2060 which anglo saxon driven world hate it to the core. So they create these fake news*

    they are after all BRICS NATION especially india.

    BBC, india will be 2nd largest economy by 2060. there is nothing u could do about it.

  • mat mt
    mat mt Month ago

    Half of the credit goes to EVM and other half goes to Phulvama and Balakhot incidents

    • G Joeye
      G Joeye Month ago +1

      of course, for madherch0ds like u, who hate BJP will even question SUPREME COURT OF India forget about EVM.

      GUESS WHAT MADHERCH0D, BJP will GOVERN india until 2060.

  • mat mt
    mat mt Month ago +1

    Half of the credit goes to EVM and other half goes to Phulvama and Balakhot incidents

  • mat mt
    mat mt Month ago

    Half of the credit goes to EVM and other half goes to Phulvama and Balakhot incidents

  • mat mt
    mat mt Month ago

    Half of the credit goes to EVM and other half goes to Phulvama and Balakhot incidents

  • mat mt
    mat mt Month ago

    Half of the credit goes to EVM and other half goes to Phulvama and Balakhot incidents

  • Notebook Of Thinkers
    Notebook Of Thinkers Month ago +1

    BBC, just to let you know, even Fox News has not stooped so low as to add negative music themes to make things seem negative. What happened in India is what happens all over the world.

  • Arun Singh
    Arun Singh Month ago

    I can't understand why BBC not worried about u.k ,Brexit,unemployment in u.k and other important issues....just for views bbc so much focus on bias and BBC sucks.

    • Thanos
      Thanos Month ago

      @asif mohammad fuck your religion and holy day
      Love Jesus

    • asif mohammad
      asif mohammad Month ago

      @Arun Singh thank u... same to you..

    • Arun Singh
      Arun Singh Month ago

      @asif mohammad happy Ramadan in advance asif Mohammed miya๐Ÿ•‹๐Ÿ•‹๐Ÿ•‹๐Ÿ•‹๐Ÿ•‹

    • asif mohammad
      asif mohammad Month ago

      @Arun Singh nope... bbc news is not a western news... however what about aljazeera... its to criticise ... hope that channel is not baised... even not cnbc etc... whatever in our country all are equal and we are secular.. and we dont behave mercy less on minority or torture muslim or non muslim in our country...

    • Arun Singh
      Arun Singh Month ago

      @asif mohammad first of all I talked about which country where you really belong & yes for us India is first not any other country either you talk about u.k or u.s ,China....I think you don't know world reality That's why you seem so desperate here but asif Mohammed I don't know why you are not talking about your country may be you feel ashamed to introduce yourself from your own country but other nations don't do like you so don't tell me which godi media you follow or believe because I know in your country you people don't have even 1 English language broadcasting news channel be devotees of west news channels because today time every channel has bias prospective but I don't think you aware about it anyway modi has come and again his regime will work till 2024.......

  • Anirudh Kashikar
    Anirudh Kashikar Month ago

    background music please?

  • Brijulal Kithu
    Brijulal Kithu Month ago +12

    Ur video was very bad... That BJP wining seat map was of 2014.. Not of 2019

  • Tom
    Tom Month ago

    People donโ€™t watch bbc anymore. They are full of crap. My tele is always on Netflix after work. Why am I even still paying tv licence? Love India and itโ€™s people

    • Tom
      Tom Month ago

      asif mohammad what is godi media?

    • asif mohammad
      asif mohammad Month ago

      Bcz its a bitter pill for < somebody> to swallow truth. You like only godi media bcz it's convinces you

  • benbow7
    benbow7 Month ago +5

    The muslim obsessed BBC hate Modi and they hate India.

  • AJAY
    AJAY Month ago

    6th Reason... Not to forget .... Rahul Gandhi