Avengers: Endgame - SPOILER Talk

  • Published on Apr 26, 2019
  • Avengers: Endgame has arrived, so let's delve deeper into the spoilers I couldn't talk about before. Here's my AVENGERS: ENDGAME - SPOILER TALK!
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  • Darrin Hall
    Darrin Hall Day ago

    Loved everything about this movie 10 out 10

  • Darrin Hall
    Darrin Hall Day ago

    Dude get your facts straight the ship took some damage on titan tony an nebula repaired what could but only a small amount they drifted for a while

    REIVAX XAVIER 3 days ago

    to answer your question about the iron man tech with the infinity stones, the nano tech that he developed is highly adaptive to all materials. but if that's not good enough for you, the armor and gauntlet in this movie are not the same model as the bleeding edge armor in infinity war. stark probably designed this armor specifically for this task.

  • Logan Williams
    Logan Williams 4 days ago

    Well if I’m being honest, the first time I saw it I loved it. It was perfect. But after watching it and viewing it as a movie, it really sucks. It’s arguably one of the worst movies ever made with this type of budget.

  • David K
    David K 5 days ago

    Holy crap, that short clip of the baby elephant flailing around with his/her trunk while Jeremy talked about Hulk with a dick growing out of his forehead made me laugh out loud!

  • Lord Turles97
    Lord Turles97 6 days ago

    E!!! heemmm!!! *adjusts glasses I don't own* if there was no resistance in space then why aren't we able to travel at lightspeed?! FFFFFFF!!!!!!!! I'm browsing Toys R Us for some parrabelum rounds as you speak!! Made me dribble on my favourite victim!!!!

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 7 days ago

    You idiot why spoil!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I hate this guy !!!!!!

  • javon carter
    javon carter 7 days ago

    I I'm ironman

  • Zage
    Zage 10 days ago

    Just realized that there are 6 stones in one timeline....
    The day before Thanos destroys the stones...He was weak too so....

  • Eddie Costa
    Eddie Costa 10 days ago

    What’s really funny....Thanos destroyed all the stones/gems right...so going forward Dr. Strange doesn’t have the Eye of agamotto anymore....no time stone going forward correct ?

  • Beautiful Boy
    Beautiful Boy 12 days ago +2

    Honestly the most underrated line of the film:
    “go to sleep or I’ll Sell all your toys”

  • Lil_Dak_1
    Lil_Dak_1 12 days ago

    If Captain America has America's ass, does this mean Black Widow has Russia's rack?

  • PyroRomancer
    PyroRomancer 16 days ago

    My device has audio safety features where it pauses videos if there's an absurd spike in audio in relevance to the device's volume and the video paused as you snapped your fingers.

  • QuantumBraced
    QuantumBraced 17 days ago

    The rat is flerken in disguise because flerkens are actually Skrull.

  • Thelonliness TLL
    Thelonliness TLL 17 days ago

    If you're on mobile, right after Jeremy says "I am Iron man" at 20:18, skip ahead 5 seconds

  • Scsigs
    Scsigs 17 days ago

    Don't give Taika Waititi any ideas with comedy & the Hulk, Jeremy.

  • Scsigs
    Scsigs 17 days ago

    I personally don't care that they wanted Captain Marvel in this movie, but I care that nothing she does of any importance couldn't have been taken care of by someone else or something else with a rewrite. She just comes off as tacked on to a movie that didn't need her. Like, if Marvel had just held off on having her in the MCU until Phase 4, nothing about this movie would be any different & I hate that.

  • D1ce Gam1ng and Sports

    I cried when Tony died

  • D1ce Gam1ng and Sports

    Omg when thanos bombed the place I thought he killed all of them

  • D1ce Gam1ng and Sports

    I loved how they tied her into the timeline also. Idk why I never thought of the attack being in New York and them protecting the time stone

  • Bryan Maldonado
    Bryan Maldonado 20 days ago +1

    22:59 Had me dying 😂

  • Nancy Friesen
    Nancy Friesen 21 day ago

    Needed to be 1 year instead of 5. Thor should've trained Marvel to be awesome and then become fat (cause that was funny) then finally right before the battle Thor go back to normal six pack self that we all love. Hulk and Banner should've had struggling relationship. Cap and Black Widow should've been together. Time travel needed to have ripple effect(changing anything changes future) just to add risk. Scratch that just have Avengers hunt Infinity Stones cause they weren't destroyed just hidden (yes have Thanos lie)! Stan Lee's tombstone should've been shown by Tony Stark. Cap should've yelled Avengers Assemble instead of tiny whisper. A lot of wishes that weren't fulfilled.
    Reminded me of Last Jedi, lots of glamour and cgi and no story.

  • Super Smexy Santa Alter

    I dont think the stones can bring back anyone who was actually dead. Just undo the people who got dusted by the stones. So no Black Widow, Iron Man or Vision.

  • Ricky Castle
    Ricky Castle 25 days ago +2

    Well the movie was a big let down for me.
    There were outstanding moments like avengers assemble and I am Iron Man but the whole movie could’ve been a lot better.

  • The Last Starfighter
    The Last Starfighter 26 days ago +1

    Theory: before Captain Marvel appears Tony records this message on the Iron Man helmet. My theory is that the message actually arrived and pepper saw it, rocket located the ship and sent Captain Marvel.

    AKSHU DHAVALA 26 days ago

    I think the Stan Lee Cameo was short before he died

    • Scsigs
      Scsigs 17 days ago

      I mean, it definitely was.

  • Alex Angerman
    Alex Angerman 27 days ago

    I always figured the jump drive or whatever was broken and that's how people actually travel in space because even if the ship kept moving, it can't travel near fast enough in short time to get back to Earth.

  • dharmpal kaushik
    dharmpal kaushik 27 days ago

    How can you say that👿👿🖕

  • Cloud10
    Cloud10 27 days ago +1

    I didn't like the "I am Iron Man" line, I feel like something else should have been in place, or just silence as Thanos realizes what's happened.
    Also found it kind of funny that Thanos didn't even realize this huge power surge just left him as Iron Man slipped by until Iron man was showing them off.

    I also enjoyed Infinity War much more than this movie, I thought the fight scenes were more interesting, and the overall flow of the movie was better.
    Anyway unpopular opinion, you may now begin with the dislikes

  • Redeemer Nigoohaem
    Redeemer Nigoohaem Month ago +2

    cheesy, cringy , some bad CGI, lame , clichee and so much talk n not much action
    seriously wtf
    the cap vs thanos scene was the best thing n amazing . rest was bland AF
    also how can thor take the mjölinr from the past ?
    didn t thor need it ? wtf

  • Tyler McGee
    Tyler McGee Month ago

    Power stone- morag 2014
    Rocket & rodey so thanos doesn’t find out
    Space/Reality stone-Asgard 2013
    Thor nebula was too drunk to remember the cube was in Odins vault
    Soul stone-vomir 2014
    Nat & Clint still care for eachother
    Mind stone- 2015 Avengers tower
    Rodgers takes it b4 ultron is born and tell them about the future
    Time stone 2016
    Stark & banner tell Dr Strange to look in the future early so when the black order comes they are prepared and there is no stone to take

  • Clarisse
    Clarisse Month ago

    im sorry but this was the worst avengers imo

  • alex guzman
    alex guzman Month ago +1

    It actually made sense that the black widow would go, since she really has nothing to lose. Hawk would still have his family come back if the win the fight which they did.

  • Manuel Casillas
    Manuel Casillas Month ago +1

    We had a year to “marinate” the snap from thanos. The transition was fine

  • Andrew Cabral
    Andrew Cabral Month ago

    You missed the part when Cap finally says "AVENGERS...assemble.

  • Hayder Almullahasan

    If both black widow and gamora were sacrificed for the sole stone why did one come back while the other did not?

  • Samuel Louis
    Samuel Louis Month ago

    They have to stop the ship in space because with no fuel they wouldn’t have power to steer it. They could end up anywhere or if they were on a direct trajectory with earth they would crash. They also probably would use any power left for the life support

  • elijah kouza
    elijah kouza Month ago

    man, fuck you. how dare you for south paw? i’ve liked you for YEARS and you shit on this shit? maaaaaan. shit on you for promoting MCU GARBAGE. get your lazy ass check, sit at home till your gf get home. the point is, SOUTHPAW DESERVED SO MUCH MORE AND YOU KNOW IT, GOD! THOUGHT YOU WERE GENUINE! Way to prove that if you like these atrocities, that no one critics opinion means a goddamn fuck. remember your controversial, real reviews? ME EITHER! way to give up on your own critique and opinion. you were harder on films before fame. go fuck yourself stay at home boyfriend ass bitch.

  • takakanonouma greenland

    I’d give. The movie a 8.3/10.

  • JawaPunter
    JawaPunter Month ago

    The stones being gone will leave them open for attack from the next BBEG.

  • jaquil ray
    jaquil ray Month ago

    Can you do a video on the next phase of marvel like ya always do Jeremy 😋😁

  • EightshFox
    EightshFox Month ago

    Tony Stark's passing: I sat speechless, holding back the tears.

  • Dota Time
    Dota Time Month ago

    Mild argument 😂😂

  • Lemon alam
    Lemon alam Month ago

    The Stark tech made Vision, and Vision had a Stone in his head , so of course Tony can make , and Tony's suit Is capable of harnessing all the Stone's power!

  • Mike Scott
    Mike Scott Month ago

    There is friction in space dust and gas clouds would slow down a ship. Also nearing a body that has gravity would slow a ship down sorry Jeremy

  • Metroid51
    Metroid51 Month ago

    Until i saw his name spelt i thought it was walkqin Phoenix

  • ValiantOpinion
    ValiantOpinion Month ago

    Yooo he roasted the shit out of Thor lmfao

  • Richard Tompkins
    Richard Tompkins Month ago

    Doesn't Loki Create a mask and puts all of his thoughts and powers into it...there's the hammor of Thor...but what about the mask of loki...does that happen in this new timeline?

  • SimplyJustin
    SimplyJustin Month ago

    Kinda sad he didn’t talk about Wanda’s powerful fight against thanos lol

  • Jason Dorsey
    Jason Dorsey Month ago +5

    Let’s me Honest we all smiled and cried like baby’s when the original six’s signatures came up in the credits

  • Derek Hudson
    Derek Hudson Month ago

    Ok so....Gamora was sacraficed for the Soul stone but they could go back in time and bring her to the current timeline.... Couldnt they do that with Stark and Black Widow?

    • liamclarke91
      liamclarke91 Month ago

      Problem is it's a different Gamora (especially since the 'new' one is from before GotG1). Even if they snatched Tony and Nat, they'd just be kidnapping from another timeline.

  • Vidhya Ramakrishnan

    Joker is better

  • Harris Syed
    Harris Syed Month ago

    You what should have happened:
    * Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier becoming Captain America given the on-screen history with Steve Rogers/Captain America that shows that they're very important to one another.
    * Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow surviving and Steve Rogers/Captain America receiving a heroic sacrifice like Tony Stark/Iron Man.

  • Jacob Molyneux
    Jacob Molyneux Month ago +2

    Bit late. But that was stan lee himself. But they cgi younged him

  • Scott Carroll
    Scott Carroll Month ago +6

    Endgame was more satisfying but Infinity War was the better movie.

    • Tyler McGee
      Tyler McGee Month ago +1

      Scott Carroll can’t say it better

  • waffle mafia
    waffle mafia Month ago

    honestly i loved endgame and infinity war... 12/10



  • Try To Stay True To The Truth

    Foul and obnoxious review.

    • MG3
      MG3 Month ago

      wtf are you talking about it was good

  • jerrett barkley
    jerrett barkley Month ago +1

    I would settle down with Peggy Carter. 👍🏾

  • Nate427
    Nate427 Month ago

    The thing I wondered about deals with the soul stone. So you have to give up the thing you love most to get the stone, what happens if you give the stone back? At the end of the movie they had to return all the stones to the time and place they got them. Would returning the soul stone bring back Black Widow? If nothing else, I think it definitely leaves the door open for possibility of her return.