Here's Why White Supremacists Are Chugging Milk

  • Published on Oct 19, 2018
  • White supremacists might lack empathy, compassion and open-mindedness, but they're getting enough calcium.
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Comments • 2 879

  • Sreemoyee Gupta
    Sreemoyee Gupta 23 hours ago


  • Alexander Fisher
    Alexander Fisher 2 days ago

    Don't complain about not lasting 16 minutes, with these new condoms that is encouraged.

  • Sapphire Riddles
    Sapphire Riddles 7 days ago

    I mean... It is a genetic mutation resulting from the scarcity of food in the climate they're from, but... doesn't that just mean they were to stupid to move?

    COACH BILL!!! 12 days ago

    This leftist bullshit is sooooooooooooo hilarious. KEEP FEEDING THE TROLL!

  • bearjew
    bearjew 25 days ago

    It's a meme people invented to trigger shia lebouf. You people all just got owned by 4 chan.

  • ossimjew
    ossimjew 28 days ago +1

    "At a rally"-It was SHia Ladouche gay HWNDU art project, hardly a rally you Orange man bad deceptive shill

  • mboiko
    mboiko Month ago +1

    There could be only 2 White Supremacists in the whole country and the media and cable news would still have it as a news story almost every day. Why, because it makes for good TV ratings and getting votes...fear sells.

  • Jazira Hendrix
    Jazira Hendrix Month ago

    Actually, Mongol people can digest lactose well. Their ability to get energy from horse milk in their diet made them stronger and used it strategically against enemies that depended on the agricultural diet for strength.

  • Kevan
    Kevan Month ago

    Is this satire? Nobody is stupid enough to believe this is really white supremacy

  • Egzit Woond
    Egzit Woond Month ago

    Fucking Milk Drinkers.

  • Niyog Ray
    Niyog Ray Month ago

    651 cereal killers disliked this.

  • Dr. Snowman
    Dr. Snowman Month ago

    NPCs, NPCs everywhere.

  • Mary Rose Kent
    Mary Rose Kent Month ago

    Best G-spot joke ever!

  • Eric Schick
    Eric Schick Month ago

    The “rally” that they were at was actually Shia Lebeefs “he will not divide us” art installation and they were doing this to troll him.

  • fuckfannyfiddlefart

    White supremacists breast feeding from cows udder milk!
    It's not enough to abuse other humans they have to abuse animals too, ironically cows milk is bad for you, full of female hormones, makes you fat and gives you brittle bones!
    But at least animal abuse is capitalist so they understand that unlike the leftists, many of whom don't realize that earring animals contributes to their own oppression.

  • Skeletorrential Downpour

    i am so pale my skin glows when light is shone on it, and cannot drink milk |:

  • Kemetic Witchcraft
    Kemetic Witchcraft Month ago

    I'm white and lactose intolerant.

  • GuilelessDragon
    GuilelessDragon Month ago

    What's a milk drinker like you doing out here? Go home to your mother.

  • Fatnorth759
    Fatnorth759 Month ago

    They are also the condoms that failed leading to Hitler 😂

  • Anders Jackson
    Anders Jackson Month ago +1

    Why shirtless?
    Because they want to show others that they can't possible in any way can be homosexual. So it is a way, likt Putin does, that overdo manliness. Strange, to use clearly homoerotic signals to show that you can't be homosexual. By the way. Look up Tom of Finland.

  • Anders Jackson
    Anders Jackson Month ago +1

    Hm, it is more like 75 years ago, WWII, not 50 years.

  • bel pet
    bel pet Month ago +1

    Peta also said milk is inherently racist.... Idk how.
    In addition, Hitler was vegetarian.... Is the kkk going to stop their barbecues? Because I hear their ribs are to die for

  • John Barry
    John Barry Month ago

    Men graperrrrrr!lol

  • Thomas Meadows
    Thomas Meadows Month ago

    I mean, if we break down the phrase to each individual word to understand the meaning, aren't you sort of a white supremacist yourself?

  • Simon.español
    Simon.español Month ago

    Steven Colbert is now the Alex Jones of democrats

  • Sara
    Sara Month ago

    Iranian adult here and I can very much drink milk

  • Corey Mason
    Corey Mason Month ago +1

    Milk those KKKows

  • Jim Fortune
    Jim Fortune Month ago +1

    The Masai pretty much live off a diet of milk and blood.I don't recall them being exceptionally white.

  • tho mas
    tho mas Month ago


  • Syncrossus BAR
    Syncrossus BAR Month ago

    ... They know it's a meme right? It was started as a satirical comment on how anything can be a hate symbol after pepe was made into a hate symbol for being commonly used by white supremacists. I don't know if Colbert missed the joke or if I'm missing that Colbert is making a joke by pretending to take it seriously.

    JALAYNE ATKINS Month ago

    That tolerance joke was both clever AND funny. Nice job!
    Cracked me up!😂😂😂

  • Stargazer39
    Stargazer39 Month ago

    Logically white supremacists carry milk with them to ease the pain of mace in their smug faces.

  • The Don
    The Don Month ago +1

    Hey Libtards, when ya all leaving for the border to help all those poor immigrants enter the US?

  • Telly Vin-a
    Telly Vin-a Month ago

    aww did you have to ruin milk for me

  • JDMime
    JDMime Month ago

    fo his head . . .so he can go back where he came from :D

    • JDMime
      JDMime Month ago

      (I assume he came out of his Dad's ass) . . .Make Assholes Gassy Again!

  • Ingrid Dubbel
    Ingrid Dubbel Month ago +1

    I love milk. I loathe racists.

  • James Cronin
    James Cronin Month ago

    Cheerios... full of glycophosphate... the active ingredient in Roundup! Aka: Agent Orange. Aka: Dioxin. Bon apetit!

  • Benji Berigan
    Benji Berigan Month ago

    Where are the supremacists if not in Hollywood.

  • oggyreidmore
    oggyreidmore Month ago +1

    There is a concept in biology called neoteny. It means the retaining of childlike traits into adulthood. All humans are the result of neoteny, since we retain the childlike features of infant chimps into adulthood (small jaw, large cranium, finer body hair, etc). Guys, lactose tolerance doesn't mean you are more evolved, it means you are a biological man-child.
    To put into perspective, here are some other childlike traits:
    Poor grasp of nuance
    Prone to tantrums
    Small, underdeveloped genitals

  • S Ga
    S Ga Month ago

    I think I'm going to go drink some milk right now.

  • Transatlantic Stardust


  • IWillTakeAGuranteeOfBetterOverAPromiseOfPerfect

    Lactose tolerance is almost ubiquitous in East Africa. The Massai in Kenya don't do agriculture, they are almost purely pastoralist so most of their diet is beef and dairy products like milk.
    In West Africa, pastoralism never got that popular and agriculture was the main food source. Looks like that justifies hundreds of years of slavery and oppression to some people.

  • Leonard M
    Leonard M Month ago

    Don't manly men already have a juice? I think they call it whiskey or beer(german beer)

  • Me TV
    Me TV Month ago

    His voice is getting old as in age

  • Rich Felon
    Rich Felon Month ago

    Lactose these "NUTS" Republicans.

  • Rich Felon
    Rich Felon Month ago

    Hahaha!!!! Nice!

  • North Guy
    North Guy Month ago

    Lactose will give older men boobs!

  • Bilbo Faggins
    Bilbo Faggins Month ago

    Its okay to be white... Just because your white does not mean your a white supremacist..I would never take pride in something as silly as the shade of your skin but it IS okay to be white.

  • Emily Hillyard
    Emily Hillyard Month ago

    I just dont get why a condom needs to be self lubricating. Like straight people, you do realize the VAGINA is self lubricating. If you are doing sex right there shouldn't really be a problem(minus outliers)

  • vincentvangogodancer

    Because they're stupid in more ways than one. The end

  • FukU2222
    FukU2222 Month ago

    For you libtard NPCucks

  • Claudio Oyibo
    Claudio Oyibo Month ago

    Error 404? Nah, I think you mean the Blue Screen of STD.

  • Ken Silva
    Ken Silva Month ago

    That feel when you are the only Asian person in the comments

  • david snider
    david snider Month ago

    Its easy just quit watching the democratic charged show no ratings they go away simple

  • jmarks881
    jmarks881 Month ago

    I know friends that that have challenged each other before by seeing who could drink the most gallons of milk without puking first but they weren't alt or nothing they were just idiot teens it was a thing before the alt rights started doing it fact they didn't invent being shirtless either

  • Shonem
    Shonem Month ago

    This is stupid,
    The original retardation here was that milk was racist.
    People were actually saying milk is racist, but nice to conflate it to evil shadowy "white supremacists" using milk to BE racist like 3-4 years after the "milk is racist" thing even happened.
    Your observations are not only wrong, they're stale and out dated.

  • Jon Dunmore
    Jon Dunmore Month ago

    2:42 -- Stephen asks, "Why shirtless?" Because, Stephen, it's more homoerotic that way.

  • lawton ratnam
    lawton ratnam Month ago +1

    The Conservatives in every nook and corner of the world are the same. Whether it is the Taliban, the Tea Party, the Tories , ISIS , the Republicans, Boko Haram, the National Front, Likud, BJP or other Right wing groups They use faith or religion as camouflage, attend churches, mosques,synagogues and temples regularly. They have little or no knowledge of science, strictly adhere to archaic traditions, customs and rituals. But they are devoid of any conscience, compassion or empathy the most important attributes that set humans apart from the rest of the animals .They are self centred and are apathetic to others' suffering, ready to kill even children and have all the signs of sociopaths .They have total disregard for the environment, the fauna and flora or the planet we inhabit which sustains life, with the mindset that everything there is to be exploited. They are the only animals or sub-humans who are unable or unwilling to live with nature and constantly fighting against it, hell bent on making NATURE history. In addition they are generally Nationalistic, Homophobic, Xenophobic, Sexist, Misogynistic and Racist. Human race, except the Conservatives has evolved and progressed with the passage of time. The Conservatives are stuck in a time warp and have remained the same since the Romans.😊

  • Ric Ancira
    Ric Ancira Month ago

    Welch's 100% Grape Juice
    "for when your doctor tells you that you can't drink alcohol anymore."

  • V0r4xiz
    V0r4xiz Month ago

    Self-lubricating condoms? Cool! Another reason for dudes to ignore the woman's arousal and satisfaction. "What do you mean, it's not gonna work because you're not turned on by my beer gut and smoke breath? We have lubricating condoms now."
    Hooray for man-centered technological advances :)

  • Scion of Madness
    Scion of Madness Month ago

    I demonstrate my superiority by being able to do math and use grammar. You know, two skills that are frequently missing from the white supremacist types.

  • eudaimonia
    eudaimonia Month ago

    error 404 gspot not found !!!

  • Ciara Dean
    Ciara Dean Month ago

    The pianist who always co-signs every during the monologues kills me😂 You can hear his little remarks. Idk why that just cracks me up.

  • Beliarch
    Beliarch Month ago +1

    OMG you seriousely fell for the milk meme? diden't you watch the video at all? it was a freaking joke... but hey if we can make you freak out about milk, you are doomed to fail

  • Lizee J
    Lizee J Month ago


  • Chris Perry
    Chris Perry Month ago

    I said you should stick to comedy instead of politics. I might be wrong here.

  • Great Songs
    Great Songs Month ago

    So I guess chocolate milk represents black supermacy. I don't understand why we have to make everything rasicm. Well we these jackass host on tv to promote their agenda.

  • tiny99990
    tiny99990 Month ago

    yeah those condoms also gave us Donald Trump and most of the current congress... so they definitely need to be updated...

  • Brown Mut
    Brown Mut Month ago

    Most of the white people I know, are lactose intolerant or have an allergy to nuts or eggs or sunlight or chocolate or meat or wine or citrus or.........

  • Johnny Gamer
    Johnny Gamer Month ago

    Nazi Milk Chuds are the "Milk Drinker" from Skyrim... They're NPC Children.

  • Johnny Gamer
    Johnny Gamer Month ago

    Nazi Milk Chuds: the only liquid I can tolerate in my mouth is "White".

  • Paul Coplan
    Paul Coplan Month ago

    Nice to see Pete getting some work. Go Hornburger!

  • RansomeStoddard
    RansomeStoddard Month ago

    Milk: It does a racist good
    Milk: Got Swastikas?
    Milk: The least sissy thing about being a white supremacist
    Milk: Don't even think about adding Hershey's syrup and diluting this pure white ambrosia of hate!
    Milk: No, seriously, milk.

  • Ace Diamonds
    Ace Diamonds Month ago

    what happens to milk when you add chocolate to it?

  • mxt mxt
    mxt mxt Month ago

    So if a lactose intolerant white supremacist drinks milk...he's not pure. 😂

  • tenacious645
    tenacious645 Month ago

    Calling everyone a white supremacist might prevent people from being able to identify ACTUAL white supremacists

  • playingdablues
    playingdablues Month ago

    Okay Stephen, I love ya but you fucked up twice in the last two days. First, there are only two genders, biologically. 99% of the population is born either male or female so stop towing the SJW nonsense that it's a continuum, it is not. Second, do not conflate the "alt-right" with white supremacy. There is of course an overlap but they are different. Just like white supremacists are all white men, late-night talk show hosts are white men, so they too must be white supremacists.....don't be so lazy.....check your writing staff and don't let them spread nonsense as though it's fact. Your monologue is becoming stereotypically leftist...a great mind and comedian like yourself needs better material, try hiring some writers with more maturity and life experience. Nice band though, love the new trumpet player!!

  • Darsana Bloodmourn
    Darsana Bloodmourn Month ago

    NO Grapes of Wrath comments?

  • ASMRyouVEGANyet?
    ASMRyouVEGANyet? Month ago

    If you're anti-Trump check out a new book called Protest Kitchen by Carol Adams.

  • ASMRyouVEGANyet?
    ASMRyouVEGANyet? Month ago

    Check out the video by Erin Janus called Dairy Is Scary.

  • moiraine_damodred
    moiraine_damodred Month ago

    what a great video title

  • Renato Corvaro
    Renato Corvaro Month ago

    "Tough as grapes".

  • Yudith Caron
    Yudith Caron Month ago

    Ah, grapes. The tender little globes of flesh that get stepped on and crushed to a pulp to make... grape juice, the manliest drink since Mike Pence decides of your choice of drinks.

  • Super Dude
    Super Dude Month ago

    You know who drinks milk?


  • Michael Rhodes
    Michael Rhodes Month ago

    I wonder how that number was calculated ..

  • Raw som
    Raw som Month ago +1

    >Taking 4chan seriously
    You already lost

  • Arthur Watts
    Arthur Watts Month ago

    Some of these white supremacists need to get on a plane to Asia - I think they'll be shocked at the number of milk products on supermarket shelves. Sadly, its been accompanied by an increase in the number of Starbucks to be found in wannabe malls everywhere. Anyone wanting decent coffee should avoid all of that and get on a plane to Melbourne, Victoria : you'll never look at franchise coffee the same way again.

  • Salvadore Andretti
    Salvadore Andretti Month ago

    Lol I'm pretty sure they were joking but they literally are a group of 45 dudes with their shirts off😅

  • Roberto Jacobo
    Roberto Jacobo Month ago +1

    Oh Colbert fun fact Its Hitlers glorious jizz in glass bottles those awesome white supremacists are Gosselin

  • Ki Adi Mundi
    Ki Adi Mundi Month ago +1

    is Luke Skywalker a white supremacist?

  • nahor88
    nahor88 Month ago

    Since Stephen already broached the subject, how do my uncircumcised brethern deal with the fact condoms restrict your foreskin's movement? I wanna practice safe sex, but the condom almost makes the sex pointless.

  • Anne Brown
    Anne Brown Month ago +1

    I think it's time people who identify as white supremacist or alt right, should be made to take a DNA test and have the results posted on line. Nothing better than watching these geniuses confronted by their genetic composition. I would gladly buy some tests for them.

  • Kishore Tejaswi
    Kishore Tejaswi Month ago

    Hmm, cereal killer in the end...

  • HawkTheRagingHeavy
    HawkTheRagingHeavy Month ago

    You guys fell for the bait

  • JuruX SayokaX
    JuruX SayokaX Month ago +1


  • Mikey Likesit
    Mikey Likesit Month ago

    I feel like they missed some clockwork orange joke opportunities.

  • Thomas Jones
    Thomas Jones Month ago

    " Milk does a body good."

  • W P
    W P Month ago +1

    So how is the lead in your drinking water murica ? Feeling insane yet.

  • Paul Gonzalez-Becerra
    Paul Gonzalez-Becerra Month ago +1

    Just fyi: Milk is really bad for you. The only kind of milk that you should drink is human milk or artificial milk made from nuts or beans. The ability to drink milk was a fairly recent genetic mutation, but drinking nonhuman milk a long time ago would actually be deadly.

  • hendrsb33
    hendrsb33 Month ago +1

    Better milk than beer, I guess. Maybe they need some cookies to go with that...