Grasshopper 744m Test | Single Camera (Hexacopter)

  • Published on Oct 12, 2013
  • On Monday, October 7th, Grasshopper completed its highest leap to date, rising to 744m altitude. The view above is taken from a single camera hexacopter, getting closer to the stage than in any previous flight.
    Grasshopper is a 10-story Vertical Takeoff Vertical Landing (VTVL) vehicle designed to test the technologies needed to return a rocket back to Earth intact. While most rockets are designed to burn up on atmosphere reentry, SpaceX rockets are being designed not only to withstand reentry, but also to return to the launch pad for a vertical landing. The Grasshopper VTVL vehicle represents a critical step towards this goal.
    Grasshopper consists of a Falcon 9 rocket first stage tank, Merlin 1D engine, four steel and aluminum landing legs with hydraulic dampers, and a steel support structure.
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  • jcims
    jcims 3 days ago

    How far things have come. So cool to see the evolution.

  • FooFighter4774
    FooFighter4774 22 days ago

  • Justin Baker
    Justin Baker 24 days ago

    This is honestly amazing engineering.

  • Ian Bond
    Ian Bond Month ago

    КАКОЙ-ТО бред. Я так в детстве играл.

  • no vids
    no vids 2 months ago

    Thats north korea regreting to launch the nuke😀😀

  • devongillis123456789
    devongillis123456789 3 months ago

    no matter what there will always be stupid little shits that deny all space exploration even when they see it with their own eyes they will still deny, there is no hope for these kinds of people

  • Edder BD
    Edder BD 3 months ago +1

    it does not seem incredible that at 0:18 the rocket has a shadow and the iron tower behind it does not have it? What kind of witchery is that? :v

    • Edder BD
      Edder BD 3 months ago

      I do not say that! only that it seems that it is made by computer .. just an opinion!

    • devongillis123456789
      devongillis123456789 3 months ago +1

      watch it again there IS A SHADOW, look with your eyes and you can see it behind the tower, its just the angle the drone is viewing it, it is covered slightly by the tower itself, also this was filmed which a high definition camera so it can see the landscape and other buildings with high definition. are seriously trying to deny the fact that spacex is launching rockets? you can book tickets to see the launches yourself from the buildings like the Kennedy Space Center. and spacex has already sent satellites into orbit and visited the ISS with payloads.

    • Edder BD
      Edder BD 3 months ago

      at the beginning of the video there is no shadow. is more the shadow of the rocket is much clearer than the sun would be projecting in that landscape that day .. and now that you look at the video again, you do not seem strange how that dron moves that is filming .. just watch it one and again .. also, what seems to be a work center (buildings) in the distance in that landscape, are too sharp, they look too unreal. only that.

    • devongillis123456789
      devongillis123456789 3 months ago +1

      it has a shadow, look closely at it its just inline with the tower.

  • MrSidney9
    MrSidney9 6 months ago

    it's like watching an alien sci-fi

  • Abdul Kader
    Abdul Kader 6 months ago

    Amazing what SpaceX has come to since this launch!!

  • shitLoГd dickbutt
    shitLoГd dickbutt 6 months ago

    What is this on? XBOX or PlayStation? Graphics are pretty good.

  • bat man
    bat man 7 months ago +1

    Wow that's one good looking graphics, what game is this?

  • Андрій Тертичний

    а где ватники?

  • Kevin Lu l Storm Chasing
    Kevin Lu l Storm Chasing 8 months ago +1

    So many retarded conspiracy theorist everywhere claiming that SpaceX rocket launch are fake. Thousands of people near the launch area goes to watch the launch live and there are many private footage filmed. Those who don't believe the launches are the people who doesn't want to face reality even when it is right in front of their face.
    The launch is public, anyone near the area can see it, if you want to see it real up close, then you can book a ticket. I've already booked my ticket to watch the SpaceX June 15th launch at Kennedy Space Center. I bet when those conspiracy idiots see the rocket launch with their own eyes, you'll think that they are being hypnotized. Worthless pieces of trash...

  • Disco4
    Disco4 8 months ago

    I dont think the UAV pilot was meant to get THAT close. Fair play though, it is superb footage

  • Irwan Santoso
    Irwan Santoso 8 months ago

    This is nothing. Wait until you see antigravity.

  • khalid hassan
    khalid hassan 8 months ago

    lol think of it as a Axe spray sprayed the with lighter and the flame it kinds is the same expect to much fuel for such thing

  • Max Reznik
    Max Reznik 9 months ago

    The precision of this rocket leaves me speechless, being able to save this much money will greatly aid our ability to leave earth.

  • Stania Klegr
    Stania Klegr 9 months ago +1

    Do you think that the drone pilot realized that the rocket was that close on the way down : )

  • Paul-Ali Winkler
    Paul-Ali Winkler 9 months ago

    best video in the past 15 years.

  • Nagan Bran
    Nagan Bran 9 months ago

    Wow amazing cartoon

  • OneManEntertainment
    OneManEntertainment 9 months ago

    Looks like a elevator
    A space elevator!!! Space X next Projekt?

  • soton000
    soton000 9 months ago +1

    FAF fakeasfuck

  • Andrei Djurkov
    Andrei Djurkov 9 months ago +3

    What a CGI animated shit ! Those people are beyond stupid ! 0:55 look how the flame is rising up as it descends, just like if you are holding a candle upside down the flame is rising. If this was real rocket this flame would burn and blow up the fucking rocket ! Real rocket engine will have strong fire boost the whole time no matter which direction it is going and not a flapping candle little flame as it descends, what a joke !

  • Gx4x4 PAn
    Gx4x4 PAn 9 months ago


  • Alpha Adhito
    Alpha Adhito 9 months ago

    CRS-8 / SES-10 :-)

  • Def Operator
    Def Operator 11 months ago

    i remember first watching this and thinking it was cgi

  • Charles Hortley
    Charles Hortley 11 months ago +2

    Totally fake . Only a moron would buy this retarded video.

    • SGT D
      SGT D 10 months ago

      Do something extraordinary and see how you feel when people don't believe you when you tell them what you accomplished. This facility is fifteen miles away from my house. It happened. Fuckin shakes the windows sometimes.

    • Arttu Siukonen
      Arttu Siukonen 10 months ago

      Charles Hortley Lol I've seen better trolls to be honest.

  • Richard van Pukkem

    What is that 'normal' fire next to the thrust flame? Is it designed that way or some fuel leak or something?

  • Visceral
    Visceral Year ago

    how much money was spent on the equivalent of fuel used?

  • Archeodoku
    Archeodoku Year ago

    What is the purpose of the grasshopper

    • MartijnXD
      MartijnXD Year ago +2

      It was used to test rocket landings.

  • Fickachu Donnercock
    Fickachu Donnercock Year ago +6

    This is a goddamn rocket hovering in the air. Man that looks cool. SpaceX please take all my money.

    • Fickachu Donnercock
      Fickachu Donnercock Year ago

      Ultimo D I watched this, that was absolutely stunning

    • Ultimo D
      Ultimo D Year ago

      Christoph Gössel IKR? Quite amazing. The launch today was awesome. Just think, it was only three years ago when this video was made. Now they're launching satellites into orbit and landing the damn thing.

  • Plane Joe
    Plane Joe Year ago +1

    How fake is this? People will fall for anything these days.

    • Arttu Siukonen
      Arttu Siukonen 10 months ago

      Hahaha it doesn't mean I'm credulous if I don't question everything to make myself seem smarter. It should be me to call you credulous for believing some bullshit documentaries with so called "experts" telling the "truth" about moon landings etc. Do you really have any evidence to back up your arrogant and ridiculous claims that everything in the space traveling history was some green screen Hollywood hoax? People like you make me feel sick. Listen, I know there has been scams and lies told but they were all done to save the national pride of USA and Soviet Union during the cold war. But the Moon missions were never faked. You think they killed the astronauts in some laboratory after animating the Challenger accident? They told the astronauts' families that "hey sorry but we're gonna murder your husbands and fathers to make our scam more believable".
      The second wave of space traveling that is now starting is not about national pride but cold hard money of these private space companies. So what would be their motive to "fake" this all as you're claiming? So you're saying that after hiring hundreds of fake engineers to his SpaceX factories to be in the background in his tutorial videos, after hiring all the live audiences consisting of paid actors to follow the launches live, after paying for all the animators to create these amazing animated videos and after lying with an incredible pokerface in every single interview about SpaceX, Elon Musk finally when rich people start asking for tickets to the Mars missions, says: "Haha you know what? I was just kidding, we never built a single rocket. I paid millions of dollars to fake the whole shit for my own amusement, brilliant isn't it?"? Does that some how make sense to you moneywise to a private company trying make profit? Because for me it doesn't.

    • Plane Joe
      Plane Joe 10 months ago

      I'm Irish Arttu. I've put so many hours of research into space agencies, and discovered so many lies, that I'll never believe another thing these frauds release. And if you truly believe that they put men on the moon, well, let me just congratulate you on an astounding display of credulity.

    • Arttu Siukonen
      Arttu Siukonen 10 months ago

      Plane Joe So because it "looks fake" to your eyes it is more convincing than the hundreds of videos online and the people who have actually watched this launches live? Oh come on now, next youre probably saying man never went to Moon. I dont know why this thing even needs to be discussed... These Americans are so fast to come up with all kind of retarded conspiracy theories and think they seem so smart saying "hey I know this is fake because... well I just know it". This video is as real as you're a retard.

    • Ed Haynes
      Ed Haynes Year ago +4

      +Plane Joe You deny the truth in front of your eyes? Did you even research this image for yourself? Is this how you approached the flat earth model - by denying the truth? Do some real research into how things work in this universe. What your eyes see on this Earth are exactly what is expected if Earth were a globe. Spherical theories explain those observations very well - something that the flat earth model can't.

    • Plane Joe
      Plane Joe Year ago

      +Ed Haynes
      Take your feeble excuses and whip 'em up your bangle, this looks like a fake, and no amount of desert photography or anecdotes about pilots are going to convince me this is real. Believe it if you want, I don't care either way.

  • scott merrow
    scott merrow Year ago

    Looks real to me....ROFLMAO

  • WatchForIce
    WatchForIce Year ago

    Holy shit, what a shot!

  • James P
    James P Year ago +20

    What a beautiful achievement

  • Spak
    Spak Year ago +6

    Space X , we love you

  • Acgogo Acgogo
    Acgogo Acgogo Year ago


  • Curtis Edwards
    Curtis Edwards Year ago +1

    This is still just as amazing as the first time I saw it.

  • AlexMerca
    AlexMerca Year ago +5

    Meanwhile in 2016 North Korea they cant get them off the ground without it exploding

  • Kevin Aldrich
    Kevin Aldrich Year ago +6

    People are so stupid to believe this is real but then again most are probably kids that don't know about reality. They have been brought up in a CGI world and will believe anything they are fed by the media. It's funny I remember having an argument with some kids that would have fought to the death saying the WWF was real. Only years later once their brains developed they understood their stupidity.

  • Universal Warriors
    Universal Warriors Year ago +63

    Things like this give me some hope for humanity.

    • Leutchik
      Leutchik 11 months ago

      So true. Nothing worthwhile has ever been invented since the effing WHEEL, and I'm not so sure about that.
      Be true to yourself and when you go to the hospital for an operation, make sure they use a sharp rock to cut your tissue, leeches to stop the bleeding, and no anesthesia. Do let us know how you enjoyed 2,000 year old technology.

    • CreepyReadings
      CreepyReadings Year ago

      +Peter Peterson Well like you said nothing anyone ever does will change life or the human race.

    • Theodor Butters
      Theodor Butters Year ago +3

      "This space thing won't change your life, one little bit..." said people 50 years ago...
      Yet now we use satellites to predict weather, for navigation, to know and how a asteroid will hit us and to find planets we can continue to live on after we get engulfed by the sun eventually...
      How is that not helping us "one little bit"?

    • Peter & Pete
      Peter & Pete Year ago +1

      I really don't know as nothing ever been inserted into my rectum as far as i am aware!
      Maybe you're a closet homosexual and that comment was an unconscious release of sexual tension?
      People can be strange eh!

  • Space Muffin
    Space Muffin Year ago

    It isn't fake it's just you are all too stupid to know

    • yutu34
      yutu34 Year ago +1

      Almost no-one bothered. I like the folks commenting on this video, they ignore trolls...well done everyone.

    • Kambiz Malekpour
      Kambiz Malekpour Year ago +2

      naturehacker? lol, this guy can't be helped - don't waste your time.

  • Kambiz Malekpour
    Kambiz Malekpour Year ago +1

    Ok. I am done. I see a bunch of uneducated liberals, who love to build a conspiracy. Don't you have anything productive you can do?

    • CreepyReadings
      CreepyReadings Year ago

      "Don't you have anything productive you can do?" And what are you doing that is so productive, that you have to tell others that very sentence?

    • Epi ES
      Epi ES Year ago

      Nothing like perpetuating the "Polarization". Dip sht hater.

  • NatureHacker
    NatureHacker Year ago +3

    wow that is the fakest thing I have ever seen! Kudos to spaceEX!

    • Matthew Clifford
      Matthew Clifford Year ago

      +Brent Smith
      Ah, sht. lol.

    • Brent Smith
      Brent Smith Year ago +1

      +Matthew Clifford
      >Implying he went to school.

    • Matthew Clifford
      Matthew Clifford Year ago

      +Brent Smith
      I wonder what they taught him in school for him to turn out into this big of an idiot.

    • Brent Smith
      Brent Smith Year ago

      Calling it now, he will claim something along the lines of it being faked and people being payed to say they saw it.
      People like him, you could strap to a falcon, perform a take-off and landing, and they would still claim they were being duped

  • Javan Chadderton
    Javan Chadderton Year ago +1

    why dont you hear the blades of the hexacopter spinning?

    • CreepyReadings
      CreepyReadings Year ago

      +Iamsasquatch That was the perfect response, i love it

    • William Coles
      William Coles Year ago +1

      +Javan Chadderton maybe cause theres a freaking rocket flying right next to it?

    • spleaner
      spleaner Year ago +4

      +NatureHacker What, are you a jealous North Korean?

    • NatureHacker
      NatureHacker Year ago +1

      of course they did! SpaceFX will say whatever to sell the scam.

  • robots and stuff
    robots and stuff Year ago +25

    less then 3 years later they made this a functioning launch platform able to land on the land and on the sea

  • Tomi
    Tomi Year ago

    awesome it was captured by a quad

    • Tomi
      Tomi Year ago

      +NatureHacker​ we live in the stone age all of a sudden? They can fly it like this ,because it is their own rocket launching and they have a lot of experts there :)

    • NatureHacker
      NatureHacker Year ago

      its fake footage

    • Tomi
      Tomi Year ago

      +SlocketSeven that's great :)

    • SlocketSeven
      SlocketSeven Year ago

      +Tomi What an irresponsible drone pilot, flying so close to a rocket. The FAA is going to bust his ass.
      I'm gonna sits back now and watch people to take an obvious joke deadly seriously.

    • Tomi
      Tomi Year ago

      an f550 from the looks of it maybe f450 ? maybe IRIS ? edit: ehhh never mind didn't notice it was written that it was a hexacopter ...F550 by the looks of the small glimpse of the frame .Can't really say

  • Tomi
    Tomi Year ago

    this is unreal...congrats spacex team

  • Miguel Diaz
    Miguel Diaz Year ago

    wow great shot!

  • Serge Fighter
    Serge Fighter 2 years ago +4

    Excellent editing. Is it just me who sees here only well-made hoax?

    • Scott Gauer
      Scott Gauer Year ago +2

      +Papa Serge Please explain how this is a hoax when everyone on the eastern side of Florida saw them launch and land a rocket in December

  • Epi ES
    Epi ES 2 years ago +1

    What about the poor damn cows? Talk about stressful on the animals!
    (Though, a mishap might conclude with a nice big BBQ. I know, that was terrible, Dear Lord I apologize)

    • theone102
      theone102 Year ago

      Yummy beef!

    • yutu34
      yutu34 Year ago

      Off to the naughty corner...lolz

  • GIRI Rajalingam
    GIRI Rajalingam 2 years ago

    wow ..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • ecutech
    ecutech 2 years ago +2

    This is fake!!!! Not the rocket landing...that's not fake, but this footage is. The light is all wrong and so are the reflections.

    • Gul Dukat
      Gul Dukat Year ago

      +Chris lawton the video does not look fake to me what so ever. I think you and others might just not be used to such a clear video coming from such a perspective. Its quite amazing sight to see

    • ecutech
      ecutech Year ago

      +Productive Gaming its quite simple. The reusable rocket obviously did land but THIS video is a FAKE. Light reflections are all completely wrong, so is the speed of the ascent from the distance it was filmed from. It looks like the intro from Thunderbirds!

    • Gul Dukat
      Gul Dukat Year ago

      +Chris lawton You are saying the "rocket landing is not fake at all but it is fake" Care to explain your logic?

  • Owldude000
    Owldude000 2 years ago

    Such a small launchpad, without any water cooling or anything. Wow.

    • Jansel Kenneth Tolentino
      Jansel Kenneth Tolentino Year ago +1

      There is a red water hose for water

    • SamGook 삼국
      SamGook 삼국 Year ago

      There is a reason there is so much smoke. Anyway i guess they wanted to test if their rocket could land on dirt or something.

  • douglas green
    douglas green 2 years ago +4

    i dont know how fake something has to be before people realise there being fucked up the ass

    • Scott Gauer
      Scott Gauer Year ago

      +douglas green How am I believing anything without question if I am telling you I saw it with my own eyes? LOL. I want you to try and disprove anything I said. Just one thing!

    • douglas green
      douglas green Year ago

      you realy are that nieve , good luck to you , believe everything without question , , thats not like a religion , its exactly the same , , religious people believe without question , and if you believe in science without question , that makes science a religion , have fun believing in another false god , ,

    • Scott Gauer
      Scott Gauer Year ago

      +douglas green No comment? Stumped you, perhaps? I understand, I wouldn't respond either since there is nothing you could say to refute what I just said and still retain what's left of your dignity. Consider thread closed :-)

  • miked765
    miked765 2 years ago


  • Urvegen
    Urvegen 2 years ago +5

    This is an animation. All animations are able to be seen, and seen by everyone, but one must train their eyes. But alas, those who believe this crap will never see it for what it is as they prefer the comfort of seeing it for what it seems and for what they are told.
    You are all irrelevant and your novice level observations are worthless.

    • Urvegen
      Urvegen Year ago

      +Oxidizing Hazard Indeed, the land of Willy Wonka isn't in Florida, it isn't anywhere; it's a fictitious story, much like your rocket.

    • NatureHacker
      NatureHacker Year ago +1

      No one has ever witnessed a rocket land. Their was no rocket visible in the one landing viewable by the public because it was night time. In my videos I prove beyond a doubt that the ball of light that was witnessed was in fact a parachute flare and not an actual rocket.

    • Urvegen
      Urvegen Year ago

      +Oxidizing Hazard Of course I can, of the land of Willy Wonka anything can be true!

  • Kieran H
    Kieran H 2 years ago +3

    Well done on getting the right people for the job! Anything is possible with the right people in the steering wheel.

  • Hernz O
    Hernz O 2 years ago +3


  • John Griffin
    John Griffin 2 years ago

    0:56 Dat turbopump exhaust

  • Super Man
    Super Man 2 years ago

    3D not true

  • TsSoftTV
    TsSoftTV 2 years ago

    it seems like DJI S800 or DJI S800 EVO drone

  • Hernz O
    Hernz O 2 years ago +1

    Start building massive space stations

  • Baco_
    Baco_ 2 years ago +66

    Looking back at this today shows just how far Spacex has come since this!

    • Dannyx51
      Dannyx51 10 months ago +2

      scott merrow Because it is real :D

    • scott merrow
      scott merrow Year ago

      Because it is fake, why do we see you all over saying "it's real"?

    • Foh
      Foh Year ago +6

      lmao why do I see you in every video saying it's fake

    • NatureHacker
      NatureHacker Year ago +1

      ya their cgi department is way better funded.

  • Laszlo Zoltan
    Laszlo Zoltan 2 years ago +7

    f-ing WOW

    • Arttu Siukonen
      Arttu Siukonen 10 months ago

      NatureHacker You represent the most pathetic group of humans. Please tell me even one evidence that proves your retarded claim. Oh I forgot you cant because this is as real as it gets. You think you sound somehow smart proudly saying "hey you know what? This is fake, I have no evidence but I just know." Pfft why dont you just fuck off.

    • Laszlo Zoltan
      Laszlo Zoltan Year ago +10

      +NatureHacker you're fake

    • NatureHacker
      NatureHacker Year ago +2

      f-aking WOW

  • Despiser Despised
    Despiser Despised 2 years ago

    Hey NAZA how is that Muslim outreach going?
    ~0bama Bin Lyin

  • jps99
    jps99 2 years ago +4

    Beautiful! What an amazing piece of video! Hats off to SpaceX and the videographer!

  • apnaem
    apnaem 2 years ago

    keep up the good work guys

  • 范彬彬
    范彬彬 2 years ago


  • Igs
    Igs 2 years ago +11

    Its as real as the moon landing

    • CreepyReadings
      CreepyReadings Year ago

      +NatureHacker You must have really liked Jurassic World

    • NatureHacker
      NatureHacker Year ago +4

      What he is saying is jurrasic world is real.

    • NolanPoland
      NolanPoland Year ago +7

      Wait. So like its very real? Or are you saying the moon landings fake?

  • Alina Ye
    Alina Ye 2 years ago +1

    fuck yeah !

  • Daniel
    Daniel 2 years ago +251

    Its so amazing that it look fake.

    • TheRazzaAniGamer
      TheRazzaAniGamer Month ago

      THEIZZARDKING Actually, Faking the moon landing is MORE HARDER then the real moon landing.

    • Chiel van Horssen
      Chiel van Horssen 2 months ago

      For the clicks between 0:53 and 1:10: those just look like movements of the rocket, but if you look carefully you see that this is actually the camera changing it's direction of movement (take a look at the background.
      The fire at 1:20 can't remove the shadow as it generates an equal amount of light on all sides of the rocket, therefore that negates.

    • reconx86
      reconx86 5 months ago

      LOL, Jurassic Park was CGI actually, yes some of the iconic close-ups were done with fullscale robots, but there's still a lot of CGI in there (Brachiosaurus, T-Rex (in a lot of chase-scenes) and there's quiete a few more areas where they used CGI instead of animatronics :)
      +Jonah Beale + Dino Rei

  • bboyz559
    bboyz559 2 years ago

    tats hella cool

  • fjoa123
    fjoa123 2 years ago +1

    i wish you could hear my applause (:

  • Elektrikovo
    Elektrikovo 2 years ago

    Perfect work

  • Jason Axford
    Jason Axford 2 years ago

    Did anybody else see the huge UFO in the foreground at the flight's apex?

  • Lilico Evans
    Lilico Evans 2 years ago


  • Grady Klein
    Grady Klein 2 years ago +1

    I love the idiots below. <3

  • Shlomo Fingerer
    Shlomo Fingerer 2 years ago

    OMG! I can't believe what I'm seeing!!!!!!!

  • Blackshirt- D
    Blackshirt- D 2 years ago

    Fuckn cool!!!

  • Jordan Stocker
    Jordan Stocker 2 years ago

    Surely they would be better off just adding a parachute and dropping the first stage..

    • fjoa123
      fjoa123 2 years ago

      +Jordan Stocker (Haggard) thing is, this way it can soft land on places with no atmosphere, parachutes need thick air to work well. 0:

    • Jordan Stocker
      Jordan Stocker 2 years ago +1

      +HisRoyalCarlness Okay, Thanks for the answer.

    • HisRoyalCarlness
      HisRoyalCarlness 2 years ago +3

      +Jordan Stocker In theory, yes. But they have to launch larger rockets over the ocean, so that if something fails it doesn't hit anything and do serious damage. And that means salt water getting on the motor, which is one of the most expensive parts of a rocket. So the idea is to land the thing on a barge, with the additional advantage of being able to precision land on other bodies using the same tech. However, things have not been going well with the full scale real life tests.

  • Dave Thompson
    Dave Thompson 2 years ago

    The awesomest job yet for a quad drone!!

  • Ovidiu Stan
    Ovidiu Stan 2 years ago


  • Gregory Leyton
    Gregory Leyton 2 years ago

    Impressive video. Too bad falcon 9 didn't manage to land properly

    • Brazenhawk RT
      Brazenhawk RT 2 years ago

      Yeah, but that's what happens to new tech, try and try again until it is tested through and through.

  • Peter Lee
    Peter Lee 2 years ago +34

    I can almost hear the cheers in the control room. This opens new, cheaper possibilities for space-travel.

    • Miran Games
      Miran Games 2 years ago

      +Korben McDonald on the surfece without atmosphere?

      BILL PAXTON 2 years ago +2

      +Peter Lee
      this is the dawn of the golden age of mankind

  • pozzzitivvv
    pozzzitivvv 2 years ago


  • Donggeon Kim
    Donggeon Kim 2 years ago

    와... 대단하다...

  • Dmytro Kurylovych
    Dmytro Kurylovych 2 years ago +1

    very cheep fake. 3D graphics

    • Togmeister
      Togmeister 2 years ago +1

      +Dmytro Kurylovych What? You want them to spend money buying super-advanced renderers so you can watch a video. You'd rather watch CGI mission to mars instead of an actual mission to mars. Wow.

    • xJonathan6405
      xJonathan6405 2 years ago +2

      +Dmytro Kurylovych what the fuck are you talking about?

  • Tabula Rasa
    Tabula Rasa 2 years ago

    I didn't even know this was a 60fps video. That's awesome.

  • Nory Aronfeld
    Nory Aronfeld 2 years ago +9

    Is that real??
    like legitimate footage?

    • Ashley Burnham
      Ashley Burnham 2 years ago +2

      Indeed, it's spot on.

    • DAR 4K
      DAR 4K 2 years ago +2

      I know that they are low-noise, but in this video there is absolutely silent. The microphone was on the ground. Soundtrack from ground base mic plus video track from hexacopter. It makes this movie perfect.

    • Ashley Burnham
      Ashley Burnham 2 years ago +2

      Drone engines? What do you mean drone engines? Hahaha drones are electrically powered, man. They don't have big, noisy engines in them powering them along. :')
      But yea they've clearly edited the sound brah; it's one of the many things possible with video editing software. It would be a bit annoying for the viewer having to listen to the drone's propellers whizzing around while trying to watch the video.

  • zeemeister85016
    zeemeister85016 2 years ago

    "...Suborbital Rocket-Lines, Flight 2299 with service from Kansas to London, is now boarding seats 1 thru 5... please check your boarding pass and have your chip nodes exposed for scanning... present flight time is expected to be 42 minutes... Thank you for choosing Suborbital Rocket-Lines."

  • tutracrafty
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  • 1212Productions
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  • Belamundo
    Belamundo 3 years ago +1

    Why does it look so fake?

    • Gary Larson
      Gary Larson 2 years ago

      +Belamundo There are lots of comments like this -- to a lot of people this video "looks fake". But I'm not sure why. My guess would be because of how accustomed we are to seeing realistic CGI in other contexts. However, this is not fake.
      What is fake is the supposed "wisdom" of people like +BrotherJohnF and other commenters on here who think it's more likely that this is fake, the Boston bombing was fake, everything on the news is fake, everything is a conspiracy, aliens built the pyramids, etc. etc. The b.s. never ends.
      Elon Musk (CEO of SpaceX, Tesla Motors and chairman of Solar City) and his employees are doing extremely important things for humanity right now. He and Space X are reviving the popular wonder and interest in rocket technology and space exploration (with no thanks to conspiracy theorists) with technology like this. I have been following Space X and Tesla for a while and would be happy to comment back if you have more interest in what is going on here.

      Or if your desire is to get the perspective of a person with his head crammed up his ass, get +BrotherJohnF's opinion.

    • BrotherJohnF
      BrotherJohnF 2 years ago +2

      +Belamundo Because it is fake. They are continually testing these post NASA tards to see how much ridiculous nonsense they will swallow: - fake moon missions - fake mars missions - fake school shootings - fake bombings - fake beheadings. murica, land of brainwashed retards.

  • chris topher
    chris topher 3 years ago

    Brilliant !

  • Juville Beats ™
    Juville Beats ™ 3 years ago +1

    fucking wow!

  • Sol92692
    Sol92692 3 years ago +15

    The comment sections at every Space Launch Footage will have some Nut claiming its Fake or its CGI. Are Video games rotting our Youths minds!? Seriously, you kids can't tell the difference between Reality and Fantasy? Believe it or not, Rockets were being launched well before Call of Duty was being programed...,.

    • curiousinternals
      curiousinternals 2 years ago +3

      _> people only demand "proof" when they're already disregarding the obvious things..._
      So no one ever asks for proof because your claim, and 'evidence' were unconvincing?
      My interest is minimal because of this statement. This mental state is pretty much unrecoverable if you truly believe what you just said. Why reflect on the validity of your own arguments if you *know* that the other person is just being awkward, and really knows that they are wrong.
      Insanity awaits.
      _> science revolves around actual physical observation._
      Yes. And an important part of that is ensuring observations are not effected by errors. *Errors such as sample bias.*
      _> do you think all the big theories out there are just pulled out of the imagination and written down?_
      Clearly not.
      _> spend less time picking through only the parts of my posts you can make a snotty reply to_
      "Don't point out the things I got wrong."
      If you provide nothing to pick apart, I will have nothing to pick apart.
      _> and actually READ my entire posts_
      I did. Several times. It was painful.
      _> and you already see where i demonstrated it._
      I see where you _think_ you demonstrated it.
      _> representative sample of what?_
      The people you are making claims about. i.e. a representative sample of people who play video games, or even just KSP.
      _> the intelligence that people had before playing doesn't matter._
      So you are going to demonstrate that playing KSP has made someone think they are smarter than they are, without first establishing how smart they are and think they are before they play the game?
      How will you know that their false assessment of personal intelligence wasn't already there to begin with? How can you even establish their self assessment is false if you don't actually know how smart they are? You can't even establish correlation, let alone causation, without this data.
      _> KSP community is an EXAMPLE of a video game that makes people think they're smarter than they actually are._
      Your example does not appear to have the necessary data to demonstrate any causal link between playing video games and false assessment of intelligence.
      You have not eliminated:
      - The possibility that these people were already falsely confident
      - The possibility that arrogant people might be more likely to participate in the community, or otherwise make themselves more visible
      - The possibility that other external factors caused both their arrogance and their entrance into the community
      - The possibility that your own perceptions are skewed, because you are unlikely to notice and count instances where people are not being arrogant
      - etc...
      _> no, claims don't require proof._
      I guess. If your aim was to just make noises and you don't care if you're right or wrong. Can't tell if being serious or not.
      _Bananas are always red._
      I'm not seeing the appeal to this kind of behaviour.
      _> you being pedantic doesn't mean every other person is incapable of seeing my claim, then relating it to their own experiences, and agreeing/disagreeing._
      Yes. Your point being? How is this relevant to what I have said?
      I don't care whether other people agree or disagree, I'm interested in what proof you have for your claims.
      _> and think that lack of proof can make something incorrect._
      It is correct to remain unconvinced of a claim when it has not been proven. That is what I am doing. Did I say you were incorrect, or did I question your knowledge?
      _> flight simulators aren't games_
      _> but even if they were, what exactly is that example countering?_
      Really? I quoted one of your claims _right above_ where I talked about flight simulators. Your claim is what it counters. And you accuse me of not reading your comments?
      You claimed that:
      _> i say that what games teach you can be more easily and more quickly and more accurately learned elsewhere_
      Learning to fly is not more easily and quickly accomplished without the use of flight simulators.
      _> there is a reason kids are taken on actual physical driving tests rather than being sat in front of a simulation then slapping a license in their hand._
      Irrelevant to the claim you made, and my counter example. Hundreds of hours of flight practice are not more easily and quickly acquired in a real plane alone, because planes are expensive, and failure in the air is catastrophic.
      Otherwise, I wonder why people use these simulators extensively when training people. Hmm, and for that matter, why do people practice skills using games all the time. Why do dogs and wolves play fight? It really boggles the mind doesn't it. They should just fight to the death instead. That would teach these skills much more easily, accurately and quickly.
      _> that reason is that "real life" and "simulations" are, and will always be, two different things._
      The actual reason is that some simulations do not simulate every important detail yet. If they did, we'd be testing using them, because it would be cheaper.
      Some simulations are accurate at testing some skills, and we already do test some skills like this. The hazard perception portion of the driving test in the UK is done using a video.
      _> i've met millions of people, probably._
      Such certainty.
      _> why do you think it's such an unimaginable thing?_
      I don't find this unimaginable. Perhaps you need to read the other questions I asked and try to answer them.
      100 million / 7 billion = 1.42...%
      That's a rather small percentage for an overly generous calculation.
      That is how small a proportion of people you have actually observed. If you want to start claiming to know things about them, you should probably look a bit closer at those statistics in articles you seemed to be poo-pooing.
      _> even the fuck-ups who spend their lives in their parents house and are terrified of social interaction can end up experiencing society at large, thanks to the glory of the internet._
      And that experience is representative of offline behaviour, right?
      Could it be... an example of a sample that is not representative of certain things?
      _> perhaps you ought to stick with verbal debates if you're not capable of comprehending what a question mark means?_
      My mistake. The lack of a 'Do' at the beginning of the sentence makes it very easy to mistake the sentence for a statement while reading quickly.
      _> you're not interested in actual evidence._
      Oh dear. I thought the whole "you're psychic" thing was over with me admitting to misreading part of your comment.
      Please do continue your armchair psychoanalysis though. These things greatly entertain me. Perhaps some day at least one person will get at least one thing correct.
      _> what i've said is apparently convincing enough for some people_
      And that's good enough for you?
      Many people are convinced that leaving a fan turned on in a sealed room will lead to the occupants freezing to death.
      _> since they decided it would be worth taking the time to click +1 on my comments._
      I am cringing on your behalf. Can't tell if serious or not.
      _> it's not convincing enough for you because you're not good at thinking for yourself ;)_
      And we come full circle in my response. You have entered a failure state from which I doubt you can return. It is unfortunate. It kills discussion, even heated discussion.
      I thought I'd already seen the worst mental gymnastics elsewhere on TVclip, but yet again, TVclip does not fail to surprise me.

    • OnTreader
      OnTreader 2 years ago

      +curiousinternals science revolves around actual physical observation. do you think all the big theories out there are just pulled out of the imagination and written down?
      spend less time picking through only the parts of my posts you can make a snotty reply to, and actually READ my entire posts, and you already see where i demonstrated it.
      representative sample of what? the intelligence that people had before playing doesn't matter. "thinking you're smarter than you actually are" is a present-tense kind of thing. KSP community is an EXAMPLE of a video game that makes people think they're smarter than they actually are.
      no, claims don't require proof. you being pedantic doesn't mean every other person is incapable of seeing my claim, then relating it to their own experiences, and agreeing/disagreeing. people only demand "proof" when they're already disregarding the obvious things and think that lack of proof can make something incorrect.
      flight simulators aren't games, but even if they were, what exactly is that example countering? there is a reason kids are taken on actual physical driving tests rather than being sat in front of a simulation then slapping a license in their hand. that reason is that "real life" and "simulations" are, and will always be, two different things.
      i've met millions of people, probably. why do you think it's such an unimaginable thing? even the fuck-ups who spend their lives in their parents house and are terrified of social interaction can end up experiencing society at large, thanks to the glory of the internet.
      perhaps you ought to stick with verbal debates if you're not capable of comprehending what a question mark means?
      you're not interested in actual evidence. what i've said is apparently convincing enough for some people, since they decided it would be worth taking the time to click +1 on my comments. it's not convincing enough for you because you're not good at thinking for yourself ;)

    • curiousinternals
      curiousinternals 2 years ago +2

      _> something tells me your idea of "evidence" involves statistics from some article on the internet. my evidence involves going outside and paying attention to people_
      *facepalm* - every scientist everywhere
      _> it 'demonstrably' makes you think you are smarter than you actually are._
      I would ask you to 'demonstrate' this, but I'm not too interested in scare-quotes demonstrations based only on personal experience. But perhaps you have something better hidden away that you were waiting to pull out later.
      _> have you spent much time in Kerbal space program community? this is perfect example, it is filled with arrogant people who patronize you for stupid things_
      And the KSP community is a representative sample? Do you know how much intelligence the KSP community had before it started playing, so you can determine whether their stated increased arrogance is actually caused by playing the game? Do you know how to construct a fair experiment?
      _> i dont say that games can't teach you things, i say that what games teach you can be more easily and more quickly and more accurately learned elsewhere_
      Claim requires proof.
      Simple counter-example: Flight simulators. Learning to fly is made much safer with the ability to spend many hours in a sim. You can also push aircraft to their limits and learn about their behaviour in bad conditions without risking your life.
      _> why is it not applicable when my experience IS "society at large" in the first place?_
      The fact that you think your personal experience constitutes an accurate sample of society at large is incredible. How many people have you met in your life? What percentage of the total population is this? Were these people from different places, or mostly only from one or two areas of the world? Have you any way of telling that your experiences didn't under-represent some groups and over-represent others?
      _> you put more store in IQ tests_
      Are you psychic? Looking at Sarge Rho's response, it doesn't look like it. Perhaps you ought to stick to proving your own claims rather than telling other people what they think.
      _> it makes you think you are smarter than you actually are..._
      So, got any actual evidence that's convincing to people other than yourself? Anything other than personal anecdotes?

    • OnTreader
      OnTreader 2 years ago

      +Sarge Rho what do you rely on, then?
      and since you seem to know more about my experiences than i do, which are the small slices of society that i experienced, and which are the ones i'm not aware of?

    • Sarge Rho
      Sarge Rho 2 years ago +2

      +OnTreader IQ tests are unreliable anyway.
      Your experience is not society at large. Your experience is small slices of society.

  • baddoggie101
    baddoggie101 3 years ago +1

    Wow, just wow