Raúl Labrador - TV Commercial - 2016 - "Conservative"

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  • Fixed Focus Media
    Fixed Focus Media 2 months ago

    You don't stand for anything sorry buddy.

  • JG Perea
    JG Perea Year ago +1

    Really Mr. Raul from Idaho? Another latin who has forgotten where he came from. You are an uncle Tom.

    • Chris Sawyer
      Chris Sawyer 11 months ago +1

      JG Perea He's an uncle tom because he doesn't have the same views as you? YOU'RE the true uncle tom for being so simple minded.

    • JG Perea
      JG Perea Year ago

      You are probably Mormon too.

  • Mr Skull Top
    Mr Skull Top Year ago


  • mary taylor
    mary taylor Year ago +1

    So glad to have someone like Raul in Washington, we need more like him, and we must not let the Democrats take control of the House or the Senate. So be sure to VOTE