Will It Muffin? Taste Test

  • Published on Apr 15, 2019
  • Not much has changed in the muffin world, so it’s time we make some updates! Today we ask the age-old question… Will It Muffin? GMM #1525
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Comments • 5 254

  • Good Mythical Morning
    Good Mythical Morning  6 months ago +1137

    Want to know how Josh prepared these muffin monstrosities? We’ve got a Behind the Mythicality for “Will It Muffin?” coming out on Wednesday, so sign up for the Mythical Society and watch how Josh cranked out these muffins! www.mythicalsociety.com/

    • Mitchell Wilson
      Mitchell Wilson 3 months ago

      There cops

    • Alexander Ray
      Alexander Ray 5 months ago

      Scott Bakula was the captain of Enterprise in Star Trek Enterprise, too

    • Guess Who
      Guess Who 5 months ago

      you are all bunch of idiots

    • David Little
      David Little 5 months ago

      For the record...English muffins aren’t English..they’re an American invention.

    • Spraypaint 13
      Spraypaint 13 5 months ago

      do will it nugget or chicken nugget

  • IL
    IL 13 hours ago

    Josh, will you marry me? You can come to England where our muffin definitions are loose

  • Paťko Hlucháň
    Paťko Hlucháň 19 hours ago

    These americans keep hating on my slav culture! At least learn how to pronouce stuff.

  • Darrian Weathington

    scott bakula was also the main character in star trek... i still gotta finish quantum leap
    on Amazon prime

  • Lincoln Reynolds


  • Justin Hockstead

    How dare yoi disrespect scott like that. His best role was easily captain archer in star trek

  • Hashir Mughal
    Hashir Mughal 3 days ago

    3:16 well a non-functioning heart because of so much grease also has a meaning which is America

  • MrHoliday
    MrHoliday 5 days ago +2

    LOL, Rhett's face when he hears, "muffin diver" the kids don't know... but we know. ;)

  • Milo Muffe
    Milo Muffe 6 days ago

    Gmm 2029: will it fit in my anus

  • Milena Rose
    Milena Rose 6 days ago

    You should do will it bagel

  • Squidgybuffalo
    Squidgybuffalo 6 days ago

    We call them "buns" in Scotland XD

  • lumariadp
    lumariadp 7 days ago

    Did Link just say Quantum Leap was all Scott Bakula has done? THE DISRESPECT

  • Ben Pdf
    Ben Pdf 8 days ago

    Can't wait till they try something "disgusting" and it's actually good,

  • K_louise_x
    K_louise_x 9 days ago

    i dont know where in england you think we call it pudding, we call it desert

  • Chris M
    Chris M 10 days ago

    Quantum Leap is on Amazon Prime

  • Alexis Oliver
    Alexis Oliver 10 days ago

    This isn't really fair because anything Josh makes would be delicious

  • Michael Burgess
    Michael Burgess 10 days ago

    I don't think they know what Uni is otherwise Rhett would never order it at a restaurant. Uni is the reproductive organ of Sea Urchins. That's right. Oceanic rocky mountain oysters lol

  • Patrick Glover
    Patrick Glover 11 days ago

    I see what you guys did there.

  • Jenn Smith
    Jenn Smith 14 days ago

    loved quantum leap...scott bakula is awsome

  • Nina
    Nina 15 days ago

    Link: we’re calling it...The Muffin Diver
    Rhett: 😳
    Link can be so innocent sometimes. And nothing ever gets past Rhett

  • Ford Prefect
    Ford Prefect 16 days ago

    Will it roll?

  • drewski west
    drewski west 18 days ago

    Elongated Blueberry

  • Don Luttrell
    Don Luttrell 19 days ago +1

    hey you should do a "will it oatmeal" video

  • Scibbs
    Scibbs 21 day ago

    i like a sticky muffin

  • Natasha Rayner
    Natasha Rayner 23 days ago

    Think of Mother Russia
    Link: Not my mother 😂

  • brockhampilton
    brockhampilton 24 days ago

    "Milfin" oh no

  • dorker pong
    dorker pong 24 days ago

    8:04 rhett's face as link says muffin diver is priceless.

  • DrBadFish1
    DrBadFish1 25 days ago

    Americans saying words have meaning to the British...where the these words were mostly invented lol

  • tripticon675 7654
    tripticon675 7654 27 days ago

    I could actually smell it

  • Ice Wallow come
    Ice Wallow come 27 days ago

    The muffin diver lol rhetts face

  • Knight of the Nine
    Knight of the Nine 29 days ago +1

    Link confirmed as a power top

  • winterrrsea
    winterrrsea 29 days ago

    What's he talking about cake flour/bread flour? Lol those aren't things....

  • Veronica Blum
    Veronica Blum 29 days ago

    Egg McMuffin beats Sausage McMuffin ANY DAY!!

  • Son of Martha
    Son of Martha 29 days ago

    Link eats pig uterus but not tomato

  • Son of Martha
    Son of Martha 29 days ago

    Why pig uterus with breastmilk?

  • Can Ijust
    Can Ijust 29 days ago

    i love quantum leap, thank you

  • James Owens
    James Owens Month ago

    scott bakula was also in star trek;enterprise]

  • terijaye
    terijaye Month ago +1

    borscht should be like 85% beet juice, the beef stock is very subtle

  • Gamber63
    Gamber63 Month ago

    When we can remake all those old 'Will It' contents? (Except that taco, we already got it)

  • Irritated_Irish
    Irritated_Irish Month ago

    *a milfin*

  • Zenos Villondo
    Zenos Villondo Month ago

    Michael Landon was an angel in a show called “Highway to Heaven”. Great show, very rich writing, very subtle and meaningful parable-like episodes.

  • Agent Zero 3432
    Agent Zero 3432 Month ago

    The fish muffin looks like Halloween!

  • Ben Rubin
    Ben Rubin Month ago

    English muffins are called crumpets in england

  • The Real Glitch
    The Real Glitch Month ago

    Muffin button

  • Criptix Subshock
    Criptix Subshock Month ago

    Octopi taste like fish

  • Abby Andino
    Abby Andino Month ago

    Who’s breastmilk.....


    "An elongated blueberry"
    Put it on a hat 😂

  • Brendon Meyers
    Brendon Meyers Month ago

    Mufferade... 😅

  • Maria Gomez
    Maria Gomez Month ago +1

    At about will it lolipop

  • le xaa
    le xaa Month ago

    5:30 - 5:40
    I am floored. 😂

  • Son of Martha
    Son of Martha Month ago

    Wow i never onew what’s the difference just always assumed what’s the difference. Thanks guys!!

  • Grace Vils
    Grace Vils Month ago

    I have watched so many of these videos, that I have learned to really appreciate the way Rhett says "hold on" when he likes something.

  • Nathan Brown
    Nathan Brown Month ago

    Please make someone reboot quantum leap

  • TheOtakuX
    TheOtakuX Month ago

    "That's all he's done"? Uh, the main thing Bakula is known for is Star Trek Enterprise, LINK.

  • Elizabeth Wagner
    Elizabeth Wagner Month ago

    8:46 fish should not taste fishy Link. That means it's bad

  • ACF
    ACF Month ago

    Umm your food guy needs his own channel sorry guys or you need to do more extensive follow ups with him cooking them.

  • Omar
    Omar Month ago

    What pull does Josh have? He is going to be the downfall of this show. His creations and foods are great, but he shouldn't be on screen. GMM ain't what it used to be man :/

  • AyeAyeSP
    AyeAyeSP Month ago +1

    We're gonna need a good mythical morning cookbook stat please.

  • Norah Ford
    Norah Ford Month ago

    Will it biscuit?

  • Gage Berg
    Gage Berg Month ago

    “I didn’t puke, haha POINTS”