Casually Explained: The English Language

  • Published on Oct 15, 2019
  • Howdy my dudes, in this video I pretend to be American.
    Tune into the stream later today because I'm going to get grandmaster in SC2 but for real this time
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • The Cyka Blin
    The Cyka Blin 32 minutes ago

    wrong map of Serbia everybody knows that kosovo je Srbija

  • Dragon_master129
    Dragon_master129 47 minutes ago

    Jokes on you I have Bixby

  • Geus
    Geus 47 minutes ago

    De chocolade is Dutch

  • Alberto World
    Alberto World Hour ago

    Die antwoord

  • Shubuncan Finn
    Shubuncan Finn Hour ago

    I love you comes on screen
    Me: I-I I lo lov
    Me:*trows phone across room*”

  • mckenna
    mckenna Hour ago

    jokes on you siri recognizes you're not a female voice

  • bunni 99
    bunni 99 Hour ago

    I love you

  • 李铂元
    李铂元 Hour ago

    nobody got the assembly joke :)

  • Tohtori Vanukas
    Tohtori Vanukas 2 hours ago

    English isnt hard. I learned it at 7. By myself. Grammar sucked tho.

  • Dat One Is Ray
    Dat One Is Ray 2 hours ago

    I'm arabic and I'm actually very fluent in English it's way easier than french those are my thoughts and here in my country we learn 4 languages by high-school,nice vid tho.

  • Andrew Wright
    Andrew Wright 2 hours ago

    4:21 well yes we do sound cool to others (shameless self gloating) but that is because we have patwah

  • Louis Bertrand
    Louis Bertrand 3 hours ago

    “France has not been a superpower for more than 300 years” Napoleon much?
    Education 100

  • a pancake lover
    a pancake lover 3 hours ago

    if you think its hard to learn english good luck learning japanese

  • Cole Coudriet
    Cole Coudriet 4 hours ago

    How do you text a dead person?

  • MatteGamer2
    MatteGamer2 5 hours ago

    Im finnish and i can do almost perfect english not to flex or anything but i still do struggle to remember or know some words. Or even the pronounciation of some word for example the word pronounciation. I put either too much pressure on it or i just put some z sounds in there since its really hard becouse in finland we dont really blend the letters in each other we just basically spell it out in letters but say it fast

  • Sethy
    Sethy 5 hours ago +1

    Well spell Muvaffakiyetsizleştiricileştiriveremeyebileceklerimizdenmişsinizcesine then

  • Dan Slater
    Dan Slater 5 hours ago +1

    My Google Home went off!
    I hate you

  • TheHissingDragon
    TheHissingDragon 7 hours ago

    Say these Dutch words;
    Meervoudige persoonlijkheidsstoornis

  • Sir Mathias
    Sir Mathias 8 hours ago

    Assembly LMAO

  • Cotton Candy Gacha
    Cotton Candy Gacha 10 hours ago +1

    *3:36* me being a fellow Canadian, it is coloUr

  • UK Maverick
    UK Maverick 12 hours ago

    "Not so easy now is it Baguette Boy" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    HØNEY PLAYS.RØBLØX 12 hours ago

    Ummm Australia is SOOO wrong lmao. I mean those are AUSSIE BLOKES but not AUSTRALIANS. :) Australians have the same English as England lol

  • Xx shotmcduck xX
    Xx shotmcduck xX 13 hours ago

    He pronounced what wat lol

  • chewy
    chewy 15 hours ago

    I don’t speak English I didn’t understood the video

  • no
    no 16 hours ago


  • Idk Tbh
    Idk Tbh 17 hours ago

    ‘Squirrel is difficult’
    Arabs: hold my حاء

  • Deniz Guvenc
    Deniz Guvenc 17 hours ago

    I’ve lived in Canada for all my life and I still can’t say “the”

  • S.C Sinner
    S.C Sinner 17 hours ago

    U activated my google home

  • Sam Browning
    Sam Browning 17 hours ago

    “I am just the BEST at speaking English, my native language”

  • PabloC4
    PabloC4 17 hours ago

    "World", i Will never be able to pronunciate "World" with maestry

  • Franchisito
    Franchisito 18 hours ago +1

    I learned english when I was 9, where is my price

  • Carter Corbella
    Carter Corbella 18 hours ago

    All of the other world is still trying to figure out what the fuck a mile is. Too many different numbers = bad.
    Free healthcare = good.
    Fix your country UK

  • Vixenty
    Vixenty 19 hours ago

    I love you

  • Dopha
    Dopha 20 hours ago

    Lol can confirm the assembly language

  • Prothik
    Prothik 20 hours ago

    Za warudo

  • Crypto X
    Crypto X 21 hour ago

    Oh so your the Casually Explained my mom keeps on talking about all the time 🤭

  • Taylor Swift
    Taylor Swift 21 hour ago

    There’s not much of a point of English people learning other languages because English is the number language in the world so most places they go people will understand them

  • NFMPivotMadnessXD
    NFMPivotMadnessXD 21 hour ago

    Americans on average only know one language not because they're stupid or ignorant, but because there is no need to learn a language other than English. Countries in Europe are so close to one another that there is more incentive to learn languages of the neighboring countries, whereas in America, apart from Spanish, there's not much practical value in doing so.

  • Boris Zharkov
    Boris Zharkov 21 hour ago

    Ydqjvqeuv uvdajg jfs I've isv djv dkv dvie vjsicqdv fajvadivafvifavoqevodavoadvasbfabeqb

  • Maryam Sultan
    Maryam Sultan 23 hours ago

    “No one is allowed to feel good on my watch, especially myself” 😭😭😭😭

  • Core
    Core Day ago

    am i the only one that didnt say i love you

  • Ryan Howe
    Ryan Howe Day ago

    Assembly lol

  • eiko
    eiko Day ago

    when you’re 16, born into a korean-japanese household and speak english, korean and japanese 😎

  • Another One
    Another One Day ago

    The hardest word for me was "queue" - my first language is a slavic language where you read every letter as a sound and having a word where you write 5 letters but read only the first one cracked me /I have never learned french that's why/

  • jayce Ph
    jayce Ph Day ago

    wait what?

  • Athletical
    Athletical Day ago

    I also learn german and french and the der die das and le and la is hard as hell. I mean how do u know if a car is a man word or a woman word

  • apple juice
    apple juice Day ago

    German me has a problem with things like months or sixth stiff like this

  • Taiga Lux
    Taiga Lux Day ago

    You killed that Aussie accent m8 👏🔥

  • Muntea game
    Muntea game Day ago

    romanian language is pretty eazy tho...

  • Catherine Lafford

    my first language is English and i can't pronounce "the"

  • Negin ?
    Negin ? Day ago

    Nooooo he baited me!!! 2:52 lmao

  • Caden Stickley
    Caden Stickley Day ago

    How do make milk?

  • koi
    koi Day ago

    The way to pronounce tree and three is different.
    I learned this only after coming to the US.

  • g.j. aAa
    g.j. aAa Day ago

    I love how he needs to point out its all very easy to him and hes a native speaker every other sentence,, its very suspicious tell us the truth baugette boi are you french

  • Lol Man Bomber
    Lol Man Bomber Day ago +1

    As a native Arabic speaker I can confirm that English was indeed.....
    Very and I mean *very* hard to learn

  • Somethingdumb8
    Somethingdumb8 Day ago

    Australians have their own language.


  • Zaph
    Zaph Day ago

    I'm from Costa Rica and the hardest thing to learn English are the miles, feet, and all that shit

  • Isa Miguelina
    Isa Miguelina Day ago

    I choked on my ice cream at 2:00

  • roco z
    roco z Day ago

    0.27ish seconds i died lmao