Airplane Gang Stalking Full Proof! 4 Reptilian Exposure! (Aug 19, 2016)


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  • Deb Kay
    Deb Kay Month ago +1

    Yup..I document my plane stalking

  • Bonami Voluntaryist
    Bonami Voluntaryist 3 months ago

    I drive to my other property in the next county and the plane follows. They can't stalk on the ground too much here because of the number of outlaws in the country.

  • Bonami Voluntaryist
    Bonami Voluntaryist 3 months ago

    I'm in rural Texas and have been stalked by aircraft for the past several years. Mostly a white and blue plane multiple flyovers a day. Black choppers, circling, and even once a huge silent craft like tr-3b. There were never planes this often here in the woods until the last few years

  • Cola T
    Cola T 5 months ago

    Where do you think the funding comes from for this? I've been experiencing it for about 2 years. Im sure they have false reports and evidence that make me appear to be dangerous and convince thousands to follow me around doing some kind of community policing. Aircraft, paying people to stalk and listen to you, moving into homes around you...where is this money coming from? Definitely fraud on a VERY high level...

  • Cola T
    Cola T 5 months ago

    HI, I would love to get in contact with you! I am experiencing the same thing in Lithonia, GA. They have been preventing me from getting into contact with people who are TRULY experiencing the same thing as it appears you are. With both our testimonies and videos we can expose the truth and corruption behind this evil scheme. Please take care and I hope to hear from YOU! post here if need be. As im sure you're aware, they will spoof a phone call (ex. will have someone call you and pretend to be me) and they will block email and phone msgs/calls if they know it can potentially expose what they're really doing. Stay safe and positive:-)

  • Kinney Smith
    Kinney Smith 9 months ago

    That shit crazy

  • 383883838
    383883838 11 months ago

    Zoom in on their registration and see if you see the same ones.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Year ago

    Now I'm being gang stalked for making orgonite it clears chemtrail out the sky. These fucker going to burn in hell.

  • Everything Truth
    Everything Truth Year ago

    Yes they’re using these fixed wing aircraft!
    You can also use this website to track the plane trajectories and flight paths:
    Usually it’s the FBI and or DHS behind these planes
    Please check out my TVclip video exposing these spy planes:

  • Camo Chingas
    Camo Chingas Year ago +2

    We should ride all over the country and deliver fliers and support. People can google stuff they love to google stuff.
    Example a blank piece of paper with bold words and numbers like:
    Project Monarch
    Operation paperclip
    18 usc 241
    18 usc 2340
    42 usc 1985
    42 usc 1986
    Google it.
    Billboards are extreme cheap.
    Commercials on TV are a must America obeys its tv set.
    News airtime with appointed representatives

    • Richard Bruce
      Richard Bruce  Year ago

      Right. We need to find common ground and a way to unite.

  • I folo him
    I folo him Year ago

    I do not Believe We are All reptilians like some you tube videos say, cause we Would Know It, and we Don't Eat Children. the lizards Know Who They Are🐍🐊🐍🐸🐊🐉🐲

  • I folo him
    I folo him Year ago

    yo I am really starting to believe this reptilian shit, I'm a bible person, so I believe they are the Demons that we were warned about

  • Srikandi Warion
    Srikandi Warion Year ago

    I could see that bright light beaming towards where you were, they were probably attacking you with EMF through that light. It is pretty common practice for perps using this type of method.

  • DJP
    DJP 2 years ago

    I am stalked by planes

    • DJP
      DJP Year ago

      Always direct hit over my head...Low flying big...
      One stayed still..A demonic hologram or something...They break in my house and leave their little signs....I love Jesus so...I guess I am blessed to be persecuted.

    • Richard Bruce
      Richard Bruce  Year ago

      Video it and go on camera explaining it so people know what they are looking at.

  • Paul G
    Paul G 2 years ago +1

    I get a LOT of small planes and helicopters over my house as well. It's great to document and thank you for doing so. My question is even if you see and record a plane going over your house a hundred times a day and you get the aircraft identifying number recorded, what can you really do to make it stop? Can't they continue this crap everyday for as long as you live and as much as they want (regardless if you record the harassment) and they will just go ahead and justify it by saying "it's a matter of national security?" I don't think they care much if we do record them because they blanket their harassment under the Patriot Act. We need to have a US Congress or Senate investigation opened up on this misuse of taxpayer dollars. Great work by the way!

  • Meegs B
    Meegs B 2 years ago

    Wow your videos are insane Richard!! I have just started practicing spiritual warfare after doing tons of research about it and guess what? Got my very first visit from those weird low-flying FBI planes this evening, right over my building, circling over again and again. I got video of it tonight and will post soon. I kind of thought it would just be a matter of time before stuff like you're posting started to happen. Satan is pissed so it means we all should keep at it. I can't believe this is the world we live in sometimes but God is great and we sure don't have a thing to worry about with Him on our side. This is coming from a devout ex-atheist too. This stuff is very real--we gotta pray for the world guys I'm not kidding. I wish you the best of luck Richard, keep posting!!

  • Lux Et Veritas
    Lux Et Veritas 2 years ago

    100% believe you with the aircraft surveillance and Alien entities. Been subject to surveillance (still am) for some time. The Roadworks could have a more mundane explanation though... I experienced it 20 years ago and it turned out to be an organised (human) criminal gang, digging up the same piece of road: they filled it back in, dug it up again, over and over to defraud the local (English) council, where I lived at the time. I wish you much peace.

  • John Baptist
    John Baptist 2 years ago +3

    I am praying for Richard Bruce stay strong in Jesus Christ don't give the enemy an inch. God bless you in Jesus mighty name.

  • Ben AHAYAH
    Ben AHAYAH 2 years ago

    And i though i was the only one. They do this to me Everyday. They use the same cessna planes, or choppers at night. To make sure i hear them. I've been exposed to them in person as well. These devils are trying by every possible way to get me to loose it mentally, i pray for you people. Pray for me too. I will start filming them every day from now on as well, and make sure i get the dates. Freaking parasites. JESUS SAVES. Shalom

  • Reese Daniel
    Reese Daniel 2 years ago +4

    I've seen the fake "planes" spraying the chemtrails. They look like planes at first then they flash a bright silvery light and the "wings" seem to disappear and then the entire "plane" vanishes. And I have rebuked them in the name of Jesus and seen them flash the bright light then either vanish or fade out.

  • Richard Bruce
    Richard Bruce  2 years ago

    Office Space to Record Ministry Movies SFV
    Is there a commercial building owner who has a vacant room or office they would be willing to donate for my TVclip ministry exposing Satan's kingdom? My TVclip channel exploded in popularity for something dealing with such dark topics as evil beasts wreaking havoc on humanity, and I really knew it was doing something against Satan's kingdom when I had LAPD choppers buzzing me day and night, just for uploading reptilian shapeshifter movies to TVclip! That's right, got it all on video beyond doubt, and thousands of people are now waking up to our fake prison society every day as we approach the final judgment. Satan and his beasts attack and minimize financially anyone actually working against kingdom, so I have found myself living in an RV and struggling with little odd jobs and donations to survive. Even so I have continued to upload the proof that these reptilian shapeshifter movies must be a threat, because they shamelessly and lawlessly harass me, (a fully lawful person with no criminal background). More and more people whose hearts bother them about the "normal" life in this world are seeking answers, and like me found the rabbit hole went all the way down to the non-humans in control of our government, and the evil and deception of these beings under Satan is beyond what evil any man could do or even understand.
    Everybody in secular and simple Christian world look to every cause of greed or ambition as to the unspeakable crimes we all know about but are too afraid or steeped in the comfort of Satan's society to really look at the source of things like 9/11, chemtrails, poison vaccines and food, fake wars, alien abduction (5%+!), the list goes on: and the source is beasts, alien or based here, but every type of sentient high-tech wielding, usually bipedal being but with animal features, and were we get all the legends of vampires, werewolves, etc., which sounds cool, but the bad news is they really do eat people, enslave people, rape and impregnate our women, no joke (See "The Threat" by Dr. David Jacobs) and all have an obviously vested interest in keeping humans unaware of their existence, because we are like cattle to them. Very few people have the courage or protection of God to expose the truth about our society, and I ask your help by providing me with a space to record my movies exposing them. Please visit my TVclip channel and site to see why I have over thirty thousand subscribers and growing rapidly as consciousness is beginning to emerge about our situation.
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  • Richard Bruce
    Richard Bruce  2 years ago

    100 subscribers a day?! What I don't get is why this many people are interested enough to actually subscribe? Doesn't seem like the number of views matches how many subscribers. Anyone notice that? No one in my home town can even stand this, let alone want to see more, so I don't get it. Maybe it's aliens? So it turns out most of the subscribers are beasts/aliens interested to see what I will expose next, and how long I can go before they kill me.

  • Tammera Williams
    Tammera Williams 2 years ago

    Hi Richard I know how u feel. My name is Tammera I live in New Orleans and they have been stalking me also for years...

  • Richard Bruce
    Richard Bruce  2 years ago

    Here is an add I took, not expecting too much, but it is very hard in summer to find a place to shoot video, so I thought I would go for a long shot on Craigslist:
    TVclip Ministry Needs Room to Shoot Video
    I need a simple room donated to record Christian based paranormal interest movies for my TVclip channel, in West Hills, Woodland Hills, or Canoga Park. Would only need it on occasion when I have a special movie to record, like a report on something, like right now I am working on the truth about alien abduction. See FreeOurWorld.ORG for more.

  • Miss Impressed
    Miss Impressed 2 years ago +2

    Dude. Know Jesus and be safe. You are on the radar for sure. I pray for your safety.

  • Raj Bains
    Raj Bains 2 years ago +2

    Hello Richard keep it up yes we are screwed first they gang stalked me then had me put in a mental institution now its hard to turn back I know how you feel they offered me materialistic wishes it seems i'm losing touch.

    • Richard Bruce
      Richard Bruce  2 years ago +3

      Raj, reject the riches of this life, and seek the riches of Christ. Really, because Satan owns it all and you cannot fight using his things, but the things of God which are in his word.

  • Richard Bruce
    Richard Bruce  2 years ago +3

    EVERYONE, thank you so much for your help during my usual super dry mid August spell! I got over $200 so far which is a huge help and relief. I am so grateful to you guys, willing to help me out but you don't even know me if I'm just a bum! On that note, allow me to say that just now I bought not one but two candy bars and some milk, and enjoyed them shamelessly! Well at least I can go on, it has been rough. Just last night some people who don't like my homeless RV threw stuff at it and broke one of my skylights, and I had to move or possibly get further damage. Ah the joys of being homeless. You will love the way people treat you! Anyway though, despite that depressing scene I felt a lot better getting all that help from you guys today. The alien abduction report might be delayed as it is so hot it is hard to find both shade and quiet enough to record, it sucks having nowhere to go all day, if you have never experienced it. I've had this on and off for the last twenty five years, never thought it would happen to me. My parents were medical doctor, rocket scientist, and Harvard business man, and I grew up on an 11 acre ranch in Calabasas, a nice area. Now I'm this homeless idiot in my home town buzzed by helicopters night and day, and being driven out of every place I just try to park and pass a night. Well, on the bright side, let the holy loving and divine light of... oh crap! There is nothing good about it! Well, I better get going on another reptilian shapeshifter movie. Which reminds me. I need a copy of CyberLinkDVD for PC, as I had to switch to Windows 7 but now I cannot play blurays, important for busting, so I know I just begged, but I need that, and another video camera as both of mine suck, one at low light, the other the freaking sound cuts out. I am thinking maybe try the JVC (but it's $400). Okay really you all, thanks for keeping this homeless idiot enemy of my home town afloat and uploading more deeply disturbing (to reptiles, and soon to roaches) videos. - Richard 8-22-2016

  • Deja B
    Deja B 2 years ago +3

    A lot of these don't even look real, i've been aware of these fake planes for awhile now

  • Deja B
    Deja B 2 years ago


  • スピリチュアル
    スピリチュアル 2 years ago +2


    • Richard Bruce
      Richard Bruce  2 years ago +1

      ありがとうございました. あなたは、このTVclipチャンネルに他の日本人を参照してくださいませんか?私は日本のために大きな敬意を持っており、彼らを助けたいです。私は彼らがアメリカが本当に何であるかを意識になりたい:邪悪な蛇を、サタンを!

    • スピリチュアル
      スピリチュアル 2 years ago +1


    • スピリチュアル
      スピリチュアル 2 years ago +1


    • Richard Bruce
      Richard Bruce  2 years ago +1

      コメントありがとうございました。はい、日本であなたもこれを取得、ギャングストーキング被害者である日本人男性については、このビデオを参照してください。これについて日本の人々に伝える、あなたはより多くを持っているなら、私に教えてください。 言葉を広める!

    • Richard Bruce
      Richard Bruce  2 years ago

      Translated above Google Translate "There was that the helicopter was flying in Japan. Even after the handouts after chemtrails it seems helicopter is flying. Attacks by electromagnetic waves microwave of gang stalking et retro Nick harassment is a lethal weapon."

  • Alexander John
    Alexander John 2 years ago +1

    im sorry to hear that brother. i was wrongly diagnosed and left for dead by lasson mercy twice. now when i have symptoms i research them my self and self medicate.
    look "get the tea .com" this is the real deal. we are all being slowly poisoned through our water, chem trails, toothpaste, bodywash, soaps, lotions ect. these "get the tea" products will detox your body and orogans. also helps to block your body from obsorrbing more toxins from future exposure

  • Marvin Guzman
    Marvin Guzman 2 years ago +1

    I love your videos Richard, stay strong buddy you are the exposing light to this darkness.

  • Richard Bruce
    Richard Bruce  2 years ago +8

    8-21-16 Richard Bruce here, it is Sunday morning here in Los Angeles, so I am emailing to ask if you can spare a fiver or whatever to help me get through a dry spell here which always hits me mid Summer. Amazingly I have survived for almost a year now on just my TVclip ads and donations from you, which while I eat rice and peanut butter a lot has allowed me to focus almost exclusively on my exposure efforts. For 32k subscribers I still have only you about 35 people who have ever donated to my channel, but I survived because a few of those were REALLY generous, so I thank you enormously. When you see my videos know that guy just ate some food you bought him and somehow from little Toyota RV and coffee shop keeps uploading these movies, which, it's hard to measure just from how pissed Satan is getting about it, there are people emailing me from the whole world thanking me, so it is gratifying. Thanks for keeping me going!
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  • hangerq57
    hangerq57 2 years ago check out the comments also.

  • Kim J
    Kim J 2 years ago +3

    Your videos are eye opening.

  • Romaine Jayne
    Romaine Jayne 2 years ago +1

    Keep it up...good!!! Now, your subscribers can watch and see what you see!!! Hopefully, they'll eventually stop. But, now we're all watching. So, that's even better. It doesn't matter what it is. In every case, it's rotten spiritual warfare and it's performed by different methods. Stay safe and always sovereign in your faith. Your faith doesn't work for them, so they can't hurt you.

  • Pure Matrix
    Pure Matrix 2 years ago +2

    Yes Richard Bruce keep exposing the reptilian mofo's.

  • Rawb Land
    Rawb Land 2 years ago +10

    hey buddy stay strong

  • professional idiots
    professional idiots 2 years ago +3

    stay strong and be safe Richard. You are sharing the truth and it is a threat to all who wish to remain concealed. May the Lord protect and guide you and thank you for being brave enough to do what you are doing.

  • Chris Lancaster
    Chris Lancaster 2 years ago

    they use holograms making it look like official police aircraft and they play aircraft noise out speakers however I assure you these are anti gravity craft vimanas

  • Alexander John
    Alexander John 2 years ago +13

    for all of those that still dont understand what is going on and why... this is all happening to millions around the world is because of spiritual warfare. very, very old war between god and lucifer.
    look up steven quayle, and his associates. find and watch "the unholy sea" if you truley want to know all the truth and how to be guarded from it.
    these aliens are not what you think! there not from another planet. its way worse. if you do not believe in GOD and his son jesus, who died on the cross for all of us than these beings will always be able to attack you anywhere, anytime.
    seek the truth and the truth shall set you free.

  • Michael
    Michael 2 years ago +4

    im in england bro, when i got onto this truth they sent doctors to put me on medication, then when i was taking the meds my heart felt like it was failing, i almost died a few times from heart failure... i stopped taking the meds (olanzapine) and i have not had a problem with my heart since

  • Narrow Is The Way
    Narrow Is The Way 2 years ago

    I bet these are holograms. some act to unnatural to be real craft

  • Autistic Kylo Ren
    Autistic Kylo Ren 2 years ago

    Richard I was wondering have you ever came across holographic air crafts? Reason I say cause a few in this video look suspicious to me? Maybe it's me?

  • Jewely H
    Jewely H 2 years ago +8

    We need Jesus. 😪

  • StopListenThink
    StopListenThink 2 years ago +2

    wow - you do get a lot of them.