Game Theory: The FNAF 7 Oopsie! Scott's Problem With Fanart

  • Published on Mar 31, 2019
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    Just a little while ago, Scott Cawthon resurfaced with a FNAF 7 teaser image that was quickly removed because - SHOCKER - it contained fan created models of the FNAF characters. If that sounds complicated, the short of it is that Scott (or rather his team) used fanart in their official teaser image. Those of us who have been on the internet for a little while know that is a big no-no. Yet if Scott owns the characters, but the fan artist owns the fanart, who has a right to the art? It's the big copyright paradox! Today I aim to unravel that knot!
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    Writers: Stephanie Patrick
    Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Marc Schneider, and Tyler Mascola
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
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  • Percy Parker
    Percy Parker 22 hours ago

    Anyone else a little weirded out by him actually physically being on screen

  • Jerron Smallcanyon

    I Jack Off To 34 Every Day

  • Gacha - Stories
    Gacha - Stories Day ago

    0:38 and that’s why my dear MatPat Scott is torturing you with more FNAF

  • DOGE
    DOGE Day ago

    Why is it That at 2:44 And a Bit After i Started to Hear Megalovania

  • End_Plague
    End_Plague 2 days ago

    Good, then my"I ❤️ Robots and Power Armor is Legal."

  • Jasper Thorpe
    Jasper Thorpe 2 days ago

    As an MLP fanartist, I died every time you razzed someone like me. I crie

  • Peggy Plays
    Peggy Plays 2 days ago

    Mat: I SOLVED FNAF!!


  • Izuru Kamukura
    Izuru Kamukura 2 days ago

    The thing is though that if scott didn’t take these down I doubt the fan who did the art would have minded lol

  • Physasha and JD Brown

    You should make bloopers

  • thepromale
    thepromale 3 days ago

    5:23 "voice crack"

  • Jad Y network
    Jad Y network 3 days ago

    It is la prison

  • [1]Rose Team Leader
    [1]Rose Team Leader 5 days ago +1

    MatPat: My last theory.
    Scott: Mat can u wait, im making FNAF 7.
    MatPat: 🙁 😡

  • EliteDavid GT
    EliteDavid GT 5 days ago

    RULE 34

  • Cayden  Hawco
    Cayden Hawco 7 days ago

    The hand on Freddy’s head

  • ignacio toconas
    ignacio toconas 8 days ago

    Did you just predicted europe

  • Aparriis70 Aparti
    Aparriis70 Aparti 10 days ago


  • Art - N - Animals
    Art - N - Animals 12 days ago

    Hey mat, I have a question (#booktheory anyone?) If someone were to take a chunk of writing from a book, and voice act it (and animate it in a M.A.P.) and earn money on that video, is that a copyright infringement??

  • Art - N - Animals
    Art - N - Animals 12 days ago +1

    At Least Scott and The Hunters (Writers of Warrior cats) let us do fan art xD

  • SteveTheGamingCat Meow

    What if I draw my cat and posted it and someone have the same appearance of cat picture posted it on the internet what will happen

  • Mr. Stripes
    Mr. Stripes 13 days ago

    Wow buddy, this was a great thing seeing you throughout the whole video, is what you're doing for the show now?

  • Valion_ Willams-Moore
    Valion_ Willams-Moore 13 days ago +2

    What happened to talking about FNAF 7?!?

  • JoNatHan K
    JoNatHan K 13 days ago

    Jazza is a Fan Artist on TVclip.

  • JoNatHan K
    JoNatHan K 13 days ago

    Cool Cat saves the kids no longer Cool.

  • JoNatHan K
    JoNatHan K 13 days ago

    Deviantart is in a way Porn.

  • JoNatHan K
    JoNatHan K 13 days ago

    Shawn Flynn is more of a Psychopath than Jowey Drew .

  • Loveisinportant
    Loveisinportant 13 days ago

    "To protect the image of our games." Oh I protect all over the image of their games daily. They sure did a number on taking stuff off of the internet. We all know that always goes well.

  • Gayge Schroyer
    Gayge Schroyer 14 days ago +1

    So I see in my game a rockstar and I see a Monica and I see a magic pad I didn't know was in Five Nights at Freddy's

  • Jaci Keller
    Jaci Keller 14 days ago

    don't go on 5 nights at freddy vr or we are all doam

  • CptTxcTV
    CptTxcTV 15 days ago

    Just create your own oc. jeez.

    ARNETTE DAVIS 16 days ago


    ARNETTE DAVIS 16 days ago

    The purple guy is not The bite of 87

    ARNETTE DAVIS 16 days ago

    Listen to a song called after hours remix

  • Lee-Lee does Arts
    Lee-Lee does Arts 16 days ago

    MatPat: oH tHANK gOD iM doNE-
    Scott: wut?- *making 10 more games, 2 movies, More books, New characters, New storyline*

  • Jellyman Herder
    Jellyman Herder 16 days ago +2

    18:27 yes bring it back to Fnaf, and not Overwatch Rule 34

  • Brandon Thach
    Brandon Thach 17 days ago

    3:21 there was a hand print on Freddy eyebrow

  • Swirly Rick
    Swirly Rick 17 days ago

    Saying "this is the final fnaf timeline" is really just a theory..

  • Walter
    Walter 17 days ago

    Haha so if it's infringement does that make the platforms, accessories? XD

  • XxxPaige LmaoxxX
    XxxPaige LmaoxxX 18 days ago +2

    Why does pat look like he is wearing foundation?

  • Rishano Chhanai
    Rishano Chhanai 18 days ago


  • Annie L
    Annie L 18 days ago


  • 사나미나토자키
    사나미나토자키 18 days ago

    너무 귀엽다! HSHSHDHDHDHD

  • Aubrey Holmes
    Aubrey Holmes 19 days ago

    Well that one Webdriver Torso video of the Eiffel Tower’s doomed.

  • Little Luke the ninja
    Little Luke the ninja 19 days ago

    Hey I have a good Idea let’s make matpat suffer of theorys

  • Elmer Balota
    Elmer Balota 21 day ago

    Inmate #1: I killed a hundred people thats why i got here, you?
    Inmate #2: I made a stickman very, very accurately that you cant distinguish them in form

  • blank _dot
    blank _dot 22 days ago

    Matpat:ruining your childhood since 2011 SCOTT C.:RUINING YOUR THEORYS SINCE 2014

  • Brian Garrison
    Brian Garrison 22 days ago

    I love you Matpat

  • Earth-Chan
    Earth-Chan 22 days ago

    i publish my fanwork in Pixiv and R34
    im going to get sue..

  • XxIce And SnowxX
    XxIce And SnowxX 22 days ago

    So I Have Been Wondering, If You Haven't Covered It..

    Who Is LOL-Bit?

  • Lone Fox7438
    Lone Fox7438 22 days ago

    0:46 Matpat's been watching some Pewdiepie lol

  • Toxic_Acid Gaming
    Toxic_Acid Gaming 22 days ago

    Don't feel bad you are doing GREAT!!!!👍👍👍👍👌👌😄😄😄😄

  • Yesly T
    Yesly T 23 days ago +1

    No sé quién puso los subs al español pero MUCHAS GRACIAS!!! 😢😢😢❤✌

  • prabhuz143
    prabhuz143 24 days ago +3

    I know I’m late but here it is anyway

    Mat pat: I have finally succeeded!!
    Scott: WeLl YeS bUT AcTuALly nO

  • Marlon Kecil
    Marlon Kecil 24 days ago

    Are this is a Overwatch Video?

  • Spectre The Protogen
    Spectre The Protogen 25 days ago

    Any furries would k ow all of this already because of character ownership and closed species etc.

  • Jeff McPineapple
    Jeff McPineapple 25 days ago

    14:57 he almost went to jayorit
    Sorry what?

  • TheLogan47
    TheLogan47 26 days ago

    My biggest issue with copyright:
    What if all ideas in the world are taken and there's nothing left to fuel new ideas?

  • Pier HERVE
    Pier HERVE 26 days ago

    i ame franche

  • luna 509
    luna 509 26 days ago

    sorry spoilers 😔😓

  • luna 509
    luna 509 26 days ago

    fnafv8 2020

  • Brooke Rickhoff
    Brooke Rickhoff 27 days ago

    Congratulations! You are perfectly correct. I talked it out with my dad (who’s a lawyer) and he said everything you said is 100% true.