Top 10 WORST Big Name Free Agent Signings of All-Time! | NFL Films

  • Published on Mar 13, 2018
  • Top-ten countdown of the worst free agent signings in NFL history.
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Comments • 1 552

  • John Coctoston
    John Coctoston 11 hours ago

    If you look at the plays, you notice the scorned players seem to be playing behind really bad offensive lines.

  • mrbeaverstate
    mrbeaverstate Day ago

    The comedians are not funny..just cheap shots..

  • Vaughn Family
    Vaughn Family Day ago

    The reason Garcia didn’t succeed because the browns didn’t give him his Krispy Kreme donuts

  • Troy Hodo
    Troy Hodo 2 days ago

    im not watching your stupid video because it shouldnt take 34 minutes to tell us about 10 worst freee agent signings of all time. thats just retarded.

  • Frank Grimes
    Frank Grimes 6 days ago

    In today's NFL, the Andre Risen clips would be pass interference all the way.

  • Joey Bonaventure
    Joey Bonaventure 10 days ago

    First off Emmitt was released by Cowboys. He didn't leave Dallas to chase money. Get it straight...100

  • Sherman Asbury
    Sherman Asbury 17 days ago

    To me fair to emmit the cards had a joke of a line so

  • AlaTide
    AlaTide 18 days ago

    Daunte Culpepper to the Dolphins

  • Alex Moreno
    Alex Moreno 20 days ago

    Ndamukong Suh to the rams, Victor Cruz to the bears, Richard Sherman to the 49ers, Lesean McCoy to the Bills

  • Dumisa Tony Johnson
    Dumisa Tony Johnson 20 days ago

    Emmitt Smith
    3x Champion
    1993/94 League MVP
    1990/91 ROTY
    Most rushing yards and touchdowns in league history

    Emmitt to the Cardinals was a pretty lousy free agent signing for the 2003/04 season

  • David Minor
    David Minor 24 days ago

    Um, Emmett signing with Arizona wasn't that terrible from a market standpoint. He really just wanted to pad his stats and actually did the Cardinals on the map. It's not coincidental they were in the super bowl a few years later

  • Deadshovel
    Deadshovel 24 days ago

    Even a prime Smith wouldn't have done jack with that dung offensive line in AZ.

  • EvilBrainFormOuterspace

    To Chris Russo as far as I know the Pro Bowl as lame and unnecessary as it is does not have a spot for backup QBs. One time maybe a gift but if your in the Pro Bowl 3 times you are good.

  • zew 1
    zew 1 25 days ago +2

    Dammit Benigno you had to mention Bubby Brister! Now I can't forget him again....

  • Snake Oiler 12
    Snake Oiler 12 26 days ago +1

    Lions have had no potential since 1957! Get real. Happiness is being a Lions, Jets and Browns fan.

  • Billy Mallin-Holtz
    Billy Mallin-Holtz 27 days ago

    Anyone else hear the Mone at 1:06

  • Matt King
    Matt King 28 days ago

    Did I really hear someoone say that “you gotta love Dan Snyder”? Really? One of the worst owners in NFL history. And I’m sure there are many Redskins fans who would agree.

  • Matt King
    Matt King 28 days ago

    Garcia played well for the Eagles when McNabb went down. In fact, I think the Eagles made a mistake in going back to McNabb in the playoffs. Should have stuck with the hot hand.

  • Taco™
    Taco™ 28 days ago +2

    Honestly, most of the bad highlights for Jeff Garcia was the ineptitude of the O-Line. Bad snaps and bad blocking.

  • Jeffrey Morrow
    Jeffrey Morrow 28 days ago

    Rich kotite. That was the bad signing!!

  • Sav Harris
    Sav Harris Month ago

    Garcia was a creeeeeeeeeeep...

  • japan817
    japan817 Month ago

    The 49ers signing Nate Clements in 2007 should be #1 on this list. 8 years, 80 million, 22 million guaranteed.

  • Paul Coover
    Paul Coover Month ago +1

    Wait till same Bradford retires. He will take the top 4 four spots on this list

  • Jake Downey
    Jake Downey Month ago

    Do they only point out the worst examples of big free agent signings in which they ask players to work in systems that are inherently broken (bad O-lines) or they are asked to do things outside of their capabilities or comforts? Boston and Harper are the actual busts here and a few others.

  • JustUr AverageTroll

    Why does Michael Silver sound like he’s yawning all the time

  • Leslie Lang
    Leslie Lang Month ago

    Why do they keep offering these guys soooooo much money? It seems to me that every trade that is done is bad. I think the first signing team should have the responsibility of getting rid of a player if they had attitude, drug, or legal problems. Just cut them.

  • TheConspiracy Realist

    Too much commentary, point is made after 2 or 3 or even 4. But after that.... just a waste of time and flapping gums.

  • Mikkael Jordison
    Mikkael Jordison Month ago

    i completely forgot that O'Donnell signed for 25 mil! right after his bed shitting in the SB.

  • Les Rosin
    Les Rosin Month ago

    Denver Broncos: Daryl "IHOP" Gardner.

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson Month ago

    That haynesworth signing.... my god lol

  • Ryan Maliek
    Ryan Maliek Month ago

    Albert Haynesworth is the epitome of “I got my money and don’t care anymore”.

  • Jimi Hendrix
    Jimi Hendrix Month ago

    Alberts Redskins career was summed up by that play against phily that night

  • blackvulcan3
    blackvulcan3 Month ago

    This list had to include Dwayne Bose to Cleveland. $9 million for 5 catches. Signed to be a Number 1 receiver and caught 5 balls, that’s it. That’s not a half worth of work for a number 1 receiver.

  • Jimi Hendrix
    Jimi Hendrix Month ago

    Lmao anyone to the Redskins as a die hard Redskins fan I still have to admit it's true

  • Terrence Toledo
    Terrence Toledo Month ago

    No boyz o line what did they expect from emmit

  • Brent Granger
    Brent Granger Month ago

    Congratulations, Ahman Green! You're no longer the worst free agent signing in Texans history!

  • remember old fashioned trousers?

    A few months later Vontae Davis rendered this whole top 10 redundant.

  • IBoss 2004
    IBoss 2004 Month ago

    All of the spots should be with the Browns

  • Tawnku Imi-Uru
    Tawnku Imi-Uru Month ago

    Finally!!! A "Top-Ten Worst" list that does not include an Atlanta team!!...well...directly, that is...LMAO

  • WTHell???
    WTHell??? Month ago

    When The Carolina Panthers signed Sean Gilbert from Washington Redskins!!!!

  • Joey M
    Joey M Month ago

    Albert Haynesworth is the worst ever. No one else comes close.

  • Gary Tucker
    Gary Tucker Month ago

    As a Redskins fan, I totally agree being #1.. Aside from the last two seasons, the magical 2012 season w/ RGIII, and the the drafts, Synder was "begging" for #HTTR Nation to have him swimming with the dead fishes in the polluted Anacostia River.

  • Andrew Knudsen
    Andrew Knudsen Month ago

    Looks like the cards needed to hire an offensive line more than anything

  • Fenhus Kebrom
    Fenhus Kebrom Month ago +1

    "maybe no the biggest... Bust in tampa"
    *Shows cheerleaders*
    That commentator was busting a fat nut to them cheerleaders

  • Batman Blood
    Batman Blood Month ago

    Re do this and add Jarius Byrd for the saints. Guy STOLE money from them. Hurt most of the time and only 2 picks in like 4 seasons.

  • Mizzou Made
    Mizzou Made Month ago

    No Matt Cassel for KC? Or the Joe Flaco contract

  • Doubletake 123
    Doubletake 123 Month ago

    The comments are better than the video lol

  • JulieBishop
    JulieBishop Month ago

    bunch of fat annoying dorks commenting why again?

  • Alex K
    Alex K Month ago

    It wasn’t Emmitt Smith’s fault to be fair, the Cardinals just didn’t have an offensive line that was consistent at all and so he had nowhere to go and was unable to work the same magic he had in Dallas.

  • Sillysoft
    Sillysoft Month ago

    Emmitt Smith in his prime couldnt even have success on that Cardinals offense. He was a very talented back behind a very talented oline in Dallas, oh and it doesnt hurt to have one of the best QB/WR tandem to keep the defense honest with Aikmen and Irvin in Dallas.

  • Juan Diego Serna
    Juan Diego Serna Month ago

    "Minute Rice!!" That is the best comment ever!!!

  • David Krutsinger
    David Krutsinger Month ago

    herschel walker minnesota vikings

  • Scooby Carr
    Scooby Carr Month ago

    Hey! How about top 10 teams that nearly went 0-16? The 1989 Cowboys were at least one. Also the 1980 Aints.

  • Mossad Hunter
    Mossad Hunter Month ago +1

    Let's go Blues!
    Let's go Trump!

  • Yin Yang Domain
    Yin Yang Domain Month ago

    Bruce Smith was as expected. Dana Stubblefield and Dan "Big Daddy" Wilkinson was the worst ever! I forgot about Albert Hanesworth. We had some bad luck!!

  • Donald Sexton
    Donald Sexton Month ago

    They should give out a yearly trophy to the worst free agent signing and call it the Albert Haynesworth Award.

  • Joe Me
    Joe Me Month ago

    Yeah but those were some hard damn yards for Emmit Lofl I guess same goes for Ahman Green.

  • Mark B Fensler
    Mark B Fensler Month ago

    Too much commentary, nt enough footage

    • Scooby Carr
      Scooby Carr Month ago +1

      The Jets with O'Donnell were just one game shy of going 0-16

    • Scooby Carr
      Scooby Carr Month ago

      O'Donnell, come and Neil before Zod!

  • Anthony Munoz
    Anthony Munoz 2 months ago


  • Andrew Mitchell
    Andrew Mitchell 2 months ago

    rick smite and bad free agents

  • Matthew Faas
    Matthew Faas 2 months ago

    Scott Mitchell is basically a 90's version of Brock Osweiler 😂

  • gary robinson
    gary robinson 2 months ago

    Emmitt is good with his money also. Cha ching. The Lions had a lot worse problems than Scott Mitchell

  • NosferatusCoffin
    NosferatusCoffin 2 months ago

    As a lifelong Skins fan, I did not need to look at the thumbnail to know Fat Albert would be #1.

  • JamesEarlMoans
    JamesEarlMoans 2 months ago

    fat Albert simply stole money.

  • brandon242
    brandon242 2 months ago

    sam bradford has been ripping teams off for years and he is still getting paid....what in the world is up with that?? also the Browns are in a league all their own and they did it again with Odell disaster waiting to happen and it will..guarantee.

  • TheNumberQuelve
    TheNumberQuelve 2 months ago

    You know, I kinda like Greg Brinda.
    The looks on his face really do sum up the joy and excitement of being a Cleveland Browns fan.

  • Rishard Life
    Rishard Life 2 months ago

    It's obvious the money given on these contracts is driving this list

  • Mason_Raidz25
    Mason_Raidz25 2 months ago +1

    Scott Mitchell reminds me of Garoppolo just a little

  • Timothy Gathings
    Timothy Gathings 2 months ago

    Im sure there are ten bigger bust than these if we dig deeper . the NFL is generation oriented .

  • Carl Bryant
    Carl Bryant 2 months ago

    Man they gotta update this to the post 2010’s

  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama 2 months ago

    The Scott Mitchell thing. When they show his playoff loss to the Eagles. My man's offense scored 37 points. Defense gave up 58 points..... I gotta place this on the defense personally

  • Tyler Packer
    Tyler Packer 2 months ago

    This is a terrible video. Summary: Multiple time pro-bowler or generally decent player doesn't play up to their abilities anymore and these talking heads think the player is stealing money and the team is an idiot. Super interesting analysis going on here. 👎

  • keyboard warrior
    keyboard warrior 2 months ago

    What is that moaning

  • Wallman Door
    Wallman Door 2 months ago

    Bradford? Cardinals? Bradford to the Cardinals? He sucked!

  • NixAndi
    NixAndi 2 months ago

    LMAO...same ole' Raiders, same ole' Raider "Mystique", same results...Commitment to LOSING! Have fun with AB and Burfict, that's a train wreck waiting to happen.

  • The Killer Korean
    The Killer Korean 2 months ago

    Someone give John McClain some barley complete a sentence without gasping for breath and he's got the nerve to critique professional athletes? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

  • zerodawn09
    zerodawn09 2 months ago

    i wish someone would update this list. so many new ones since this.

  • Jonathan Hassen
    Jonathan Hassen 2 months ago

    By now owners ought to know that 1 good game does not make you a star worth millions of dollars

  • Jonathan Hassen
    Jonathan Hassen 2 months ago +2

    Incredible how overpaid athletes are especially washed up hasbeens who are cashing in on a known name/face

  • TheRmm1976
    TheRmm1976 2 months ago

    Bryce Paup when the Jags signed him. Went from 4 straight pro bowls (and an all pro) to washed up garbage overnight.

  • Lance Baker
    Lance Baker 2 months ago +1

    #10 Much made of Emmitt's age, no mention of the AZ Cards lousy offensive line.

  • Robert Gowdey
    Robert Gowdey 2 months ago +1

    Before there was NFL bad lip reading, there was Jeff Garcia.

  • Richie Woods
    Richie Woods 2 months ago

    They emmitt smith on this list if lions signing I gave you 2 rushing yards Reggie Bush isn't here this list is bullsh*t

  • Damian Lang
    Damian Lang 2 months ago

    ex-Lions QB Scott Mitchell was exposed for the immobile cowardly wuss that he was in the Lions '95 WC game vs @ Eagles, when their defense gameplan mostly keyed on him and played contain vs Barry Sanders...resulting in 4 interceptions before he was yanked by HC Wayne Fontes for Dan Majkowski, in the mid-3rd quarter, who himself threw 2 more in a humiliating 58-37 loss. This despite having 3 star wideouts in Herman Moore, Brett Perriman, and Johnnie Morton, a stud TE in David Sloan, and of course, future HoFer RB Sanders.
    To rub even more salt in their wounds, Sanders was held to 10 rushes for 40 yds, 30 of the Lions' 37 points were scored in garbage time after the score already was a blowout 51-7 late in the 3rd quarter, and the Eagles starting and winning QB was ex-Lion Rodney Peete.
    The Lions have won just ONE playoff game in the SB era, mostly b/c of the late WCF and his lousy picks for GMs, who he rewarded with longer contracts for mediocrity or bust...there is a very good reason why NONE of the former Lions HCs went on to HC for any other NFL team, and they have never had a truly elite starting QB since Bobby Layne.
    Mitchell was recently featured on the weight loss competition reality TV gameshow, The Biggest Loser, clocking in at a morbidly obese 366 lbs.

  • Ian O'Malley
    Ian O'Malley 2 months ago

    Jimmy G is the new Scott Mitchell

  • Loi Escudero
    Loi Escudero 2 months ago +1

    Fcking Haynesworthless !

  • Brian Crawford
    Brian Crawford 2 months ago

    Al Davis was a horrible talent evaluator

  • Brian Crawford
    Brian Crawford 2 months ago

    Not a Jets fan but glad to see them go back to the regular green. I thought their retro inspired we're so ugly

  • Brian Crawford
    Brian Crawford 2 months ago

    Barry Sanders is sooooo much better than emmit Smith

  • Joe Puhel
    Joe Puhel 2 months ago

    Wtf did Bucky Brooks ever do? Lolol

  • Lann Craster
    Lann Craster 2 months ago

    Neil Odonnel and Scot Mitchell after being awful signings by the teams on this list... ended up getting signed AGAIN each by the bengals.. and surprise! sucked there too. as you can imagine it was a dark era for bengals fan

  • Lann Craster
    Lann Craster 2 months ago

    "they should be arrested for stealing" most over played comment by these droolers... No one says that about any team / owner that turns a profit. just annoying

  • jagsfanrick
    jagsfanrick 2 months ago

    Jacksonville has signed some whoppers. Some signing even declared that going to Florida was a

  • Tex Watson
    Tex Watson 2 months ago

    Tennessee boys know how to get paid.

    IRWIN ROMMEL 2 months ago

    Franco Harris did the same thing as emmitt -he thought it was all about him.And when the best line in the league was gone-their rushing ability went w/it!

  • tiDDies aTTic
    tiDDies aTTic 2 months ago

    Frosted-tip-porcupine, turtleneck & Hillary Clinton hand-me-down 1970s blazer wearing guy, was pretty impressed with his "Minute Rice" comment..😒

  • Bailey Reichert
    Bailey Reichert 2 months ago

    Mitchell had an mvp like season he wasn’t that bad

  • logitech9
    logitech9 2 months ago +1

    Scott Mitchell = Osama bin Laden

  • johnson lee
    johnson lee 2 months ago +3

    Kirk cousin to the Viking should be on here now. He brought a playoff team out of the playoffs 😂

    • Scooby Carr
      Scooby Carr Month ago +1

      Vikings should NEVER have gotten rid of Case Keenum. From a Bears fan.

  • xSubParSaucex
    xSubParSaucex 2 months ago

    -This money isn’t gonna change me
    -Immediately changes