Bird Doesn't Care About Being Eaten

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
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Comments • 16 037

  • Harry
    Harry 4 months ago +75218

    Boss: Walks in* “What you doing?”
    Me: “Oh you know, just staring at my login information!”

  • Trill Cancer
    Trill Cancer Hour ago

    Me too bird, me too

  • А р ш а н
    А р ш а н 2 hours ago

    Russian seagull

  • Lavalambtron
    Lavalambtron 3 hours ago

    Of course not he is a multiversal being he'll just continue as normally in the universe he didn't die.

  • GreyLeaf
    GreyLeaf 3 hours ago

    The Bird Is Like Me.
    Accepting Their Fate.

  • jan kowalski
    jan kowalski 4 hours ago

    so there is a stairway to heaven

  • Elvina Rusli
    Elvina Rusli 5 hours ago

    So no one's talking about the biker that could've broken his neck , pretty lucky he didn't

  • Katie DeClement
    Katie DeClement 10 hours ago

    Seagulls dont care about anything, all they want to do is scream and steal food.

  • Derek Stairs
    Derek Stairs 11 hours ago

    Cops: "We aren't going to arrest people for wearing a blue polo shirt."s.

    Employee: "Why the hell not, you shoot people for less!"

  • wotshish
    wotshish 11 hours ago

    am I the only person here not impressed by zack king "magic"?

  • Vortex Lord
    Vortex Lord 12 hours ago

    It will be funny if the bird poop at the beluga whale's mouth.

  • Ben Daniel
    Ben Daniel 18 hours ago

    A fish with legs? That’s blasphemy!
    Know your place fish.

  • Learngram FOX
    Learngram FOX 22 hours ago

    What's that fish!??

  • Blank 3341
    Blank 3341 23 hours ago

    song 1:57 ?

  • pkbattosai
    pkbattosai Day ago

    That fish with the legs is like huhh yeah I know it looks weird stop taping me please


    1:55 first fail I've seen by someone through Daily Dose of Internet.

  • The Flutnd
    The Flutnd Day ago


  • Ana Popovici-Muller

    2:08 me at 8 years old when i learned to dive to the bottom of the pool

  • Focus_20SF
    Focus_20SF Day ago

    The seagulls power lever was so high he didn’t care

  • ender iman
    ender iman Day ago

    Duck:im ready to see my god

  • S Phung
    S Phung Day ago

    So do beluga whales even actually eat birds or seagulls, does anybody know?

  • TechGayGuy
    TechGayGuy 2 days ago

    *Depressed bird*

  • Kia James
    Kia James 2 days ago

    I’m sick of your shit Ray, I’m not scared of you. You don’t own this ocean!

  • Dragon Scales Inc.
    Dragon Scales Inc. 2 days ago

    A Fish walks, USING LEGS

  • C MW
    C MW 2 days ago

    There’s a big difference between being eaten and merely being tasted.

  • Nick Sellew
    Nick Sellew 2 days ago

    *sees fish with legs*
    me: I don't know. Seems pretty fishy.

  • Trashyくだらない
    Trashyくだらない 2 days ago +1


    is perfect

    For watching hentai

  • Martin XY
    Martin XY 2 days ago

    Fish with legs
    Me: Darwin buddy we found something you might be interested in

  • Cheetah Da 1O7
    Cheetah Da 1O7 2 days ago +4

    "You gotta leave because you're the same color us as."
    *inverse racism intensifies*

  • mak 10
    mak 10 2 days ago

    Now I just need a machine that'll get my pants back on too when someone unexpectly walks in on me

  • Waluigi Chan
    Waluigi Chan 2 days ago

    You ever wonder how the depressed seagull looks like?Here you go

  • Nevermore -
    Nevermore - 3 days ago

    or they just friend

  • Dr. M. H.
    Dr. M. H. 3 days ago buy employee triggered by wardrobe competition?

  • SSgt. Stephen B. Black
    SSgt. Stephen B. Black 3 days ago +1

    When the screen changer fails and you're watching P**n when somebody comes bursting in.

  • Tae V
    Tae V 3 days ago +1

    Here after the meme

  • Luke Yellowtail
    Luke Yellowtail 3 days ago

    Would if the other screen it changed to was just another porn site.

  • Rysloth
    Rysloth 3 days ago

    Spider fish.

  • Brennen Wilson
    Brennen Wilson 3 days ago

    I love you & your voice

  • Lazyboy
    Lazyboy 3 days ago

    Why can’t my sandwich be more like the seagull?

  • Taylen Cooper
    Taylen Cooper 3 days ago

    I found the fish and the match lighting very disturbing.

    NATSUMi 3 days ago

    their friends.

  • Noblesse Raskreia
    Noblesse Raskreia 3 days ago

    A fish with legs ....I'm done

  • mars journey
    mars journey 3 days ago


  • July World
    July World 3 days ago

    Bird: Depression 100

  • meamer ma'am
    meamer ma'am 4 days ago

    The bird is my mood right now 😂

  • Chepi Nur
    Chepi Nur 4 days ago

    Imagine you're swimming in the ocean, and a fish 15x your size just bumping into you from below and tries badly to drown you...

  • Blu Engineer
    Blu Engineer 4 days ago

    0:42 people most used item to watch p*rn

  • Paul
    Paul 4 days ago

    See! You said you a couple of time normally, then say it super weird. Yoooouuuu. fucking annoying.

  • Paul
    Paul 4 days ago

    Why do you speak with that annoying voice sometimes? You literally say the same words in a stupid accent as you've already said in a normal voice. Wtf is that about?

  • Google Man
    Google Man 4 days ago

    Now they just need to invent something to alert your hand to go back to a certain position at the same time

  • Iqbal Hunter
    Iqbal Hunter 4 days ago

    Depression : 100

    SALAZAR 4 days ago +1

    imagine laughing at something like that... fucking psychopaths

  • parameswaran nair
    parameswaran nair 4 days ago

    bird:what do we say to death?
    cameraguy: not today 😅

  • Elahas Gid
    Elahas Gid 4 days ago +1

    That fish is a badass .
    walking instead of swimming .

  • Fuchsila Silver
    Fuchsila Silver 4 days ago

    It walks by using legs

  • Devils Knight
    Devils Knight 4 days ago

    0:47 Oh nice. Bloke was watching technology connections. One of my fav channels.

  • Daveed Ravens
    Daveed Ravens 5 days ago

    I wouldn’t mind that fish going extinct.

  • JaaJ lé saucices
    JaaJ lé saucices 5 days ago

    Beluga: *I'm gona get ur ass boi, get ur ass bak here !*

  • lolits1hn
    lolits1hn 5 days ago

    0:42 Every teenager needs that, and you all probably know why...

    • White haired badass
      White haired badass 2 days ago

      Nah u see the problem is ur dick will still show. So it's better to use it to watch anime that has random fanservice.