Women Sizes 0 Through 28 Try on the Same Little Black Dress | Glamour

  • Published on Mar 8, 2019
  • Women sizes 0 to 28 try on the same little black dress. They discuss their experiences shopping for and wearing LBDs.
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    Women Sizes 0 Through 28 Try on the Same Little Black Dress | Glamour
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  • drink the awesome bleach!

    if you think about it this isn’t the worst dress

  • Victoria Murphy
    Victoria Murphy Day ago

    This dress makes all of them look uncomfortable and looks really bad tbh

  • Sophie Matson
    Sophie Matson 2 days ago

    It’s like they TRY to pick the most unflattering clothes for every single video

  • C F
    C F 3 days ago

    Angel the size 10 girl is so cute 🥺

  • Racial Slur Vids
    Racial Slur Vids 6 days ago

    It’s more blue........

  • Summer Rose
    Summer Rose 15 days ago

    Okay that dress is horrid but Mattie, the size 6, seriously pulled it off

  • Grace-Elyse Pelzer
    Grace-Elyse Pelzer 15 days ago

    I want to rip of those sleeves so badly

  • sophia bovary
    sophia bovary 16 days ago

    this dress looks like a knock-off disney villain costume

  • Bagel
    Bagel 18 days ago +1

    Its... Not little??? It's long.

  • high choice
    high choice 19 days ago +1

    I am 0

  • Paula Castellanos
    Paula Castellanos 25 days ago


  • Ashleigh Gatehouse
    Ashleigh Gatehouse 25 days ago

    The fat chicks shouldn't be Water this

  • Sophia Christopoulos
    Sophia Christopoulos 28 days ago

    I personally don't like the dress. The women are stunning but the dress doesn't live up to it

  • jurassicpunch
    jurassicpunch Month ago

    some of these people should seriously lose weight.

  • robin mcgregor
    robin mcgregor Month ago

    It looked good on about 3 women. 😬

  • Nosipho Nothile Mdunge

    Dress ain't cute😐

  • Xofia Rodriguez
    Xofia Rodriguez Month ago

    Smh some of these girls are lying about their size

  • M Va
    M Va Month ago +1

    I love the sentiment, but MY GOD what an ugly dress.

  • Alty Washington
    Alty Washington Month ago

    Black is not slimming....

  • Hey You
    Hey You Month ago

    The length of this dress is ugly on every single one of these women. And those sleeves look ridiculous and makes the bodice look like a fidget spinner.

  • Amy Alice
    Amy Alice Month ago

    Why is cut-out shoulders still a thing?
    Did the size 10 girl refer to herself as a “bigger girl?”
    What??? 🤔

  • carmella brown
    carmella brown Month ago

    This isn't a cute dress. It doesn't look that good on any of them. I think it's the material.

  • Ashlyn Myers
    Ashlyn Myers Month ago

    Glamour gives them the worst clothes, the skinny jean video they did was horrible to (but the women are gorgeous)

  • The Helpful Assistant

    That's not a pretty dress on any size. It really did an injustice to everyone. Please try this again with a nicer dress.

  • Aquarius Universe
    Aquarius Universe Month ago

    That dress is not nice at all. Honestly, it's horrible & makes everyone look horrible. The dress doesn't do anything to make any of the women look nice. Why does Glamour always seem to choose horrible clothes??? Seriously tho!!!

  • Amethyst Quartz
    Amethyst Quartz Month ago +1

    Is the dress still considered little in a size 28

  • Gaby F Cerbone
    Gaby F Cerbone Month ago

    No ... unflattering in allnsizes

  • Sally Ghassam
    Sally Ghassam Month ago

    End results is body con works for hourglass figure only no matter what size some of the thinner girls look bad in that dress and some of the fat ones look awesome in it. It is all the curves

  • Orange Poofy
    Orange Poofy Month ago

    All the women, beautiful. The dress, ugly.

  • Buffy Alten
    Buffy Alten Month ago

    hideous dress...

  • lisa martinez
    lisa martinez Month ago

    What's the sleeve deal? Take that off and it would be better.

  • nakea simone
    nakea simone Month ago +2

    This dress is a major #fail 🤦🏾‍♀️ it’s not flattering on ANY of the ladies featured. #hatedit

  • Livelylife G
    Livelylife G Month ago

    Perfect length dress: elongates the body.

  • Charlotte Brackenbury

    What farha is that she said at the end

  • Andrea O
    Andrea O Month ago

    Horrible dress lol

  • Valley
    Valley Month ago


  • D H
    D H Month ago

    bodycon....just no....

  • PurpleGoomy
    PurpleGoomy Month ago

    Omg grace is so cuteeeee!

  • Paula Laye
    Paula Laye Month ago

    Oh my goodness no No No the black dress Is not a nice black dress, not attractive at all. These ladies deserve a much better dress to wear here...

  • cheap as chips
    cheap as chips Month ago +1


  • cheap as chips
    cheap as chips Month ago

    0:48 looks gorgeous wth

  • Katie
    Katie Month ago

    the dress looked ugly on all of them. nothing to do with the women, but they really picked the ugliest dress

  • claudianowakowski
    claudianowakowski Month ago

    This is just wrong.

  • Renee Paulson
    Renee Paulson Month ago

    That is the ugliest dress - it flatters no one.

  • Rich and Francesca Arriola

    I don't like the dress but the ladies look beautiful. The style isn't the best.

  • Nicole Devoe
    Nicole Devoe Month ago

    This was an ugly dress did not compliment anyone it was ugly in every size

  • C Copeland
    C Copeland Month ago

    Is it me or is that dress awful?! It looked terrible on all of them.

  • Kiera Sullivan
    Kiera Sullivan 2 months ago

    the women are all beautiful but wtf is that dress

  • Grisel Baez
    Grisel Baez 2 months ago

    The girl in size 16 actually looks smaller than the size 14

  • M.3003
    M.3003 2 months ago +1

    Even though body positivity isnt Bad at all. Having curves Is Great. But with some women it’s Not „some curves“ it’s obesity. And with this body positivity lvl 9000 women with obesity just say: it’s just my curves. I Love my body. An yes Thats Great but obesity Is such a serious topic and they just down talk it with: Everyobe Is Perfect. You body Is Great the way it Is. No it is not. Your body Is causing serious health issues. I just hate stuff like that.
    Sry for Grammar- or spelleing errors. I’m not a native Englisch speaker haha

  • Swaggy Fam
    Swaggy Fam 2 months ago

    This kinda dress only looks good on tall slim women

  • creatrixinc
    creatrixinc 3 months ago

    Y'all, EVERYONE has heard that black is slimming. I look dead in black.

  • creatrixinc
    creatrixinc 3 months ago

    Alionka, you look great! My gorgeous friend!

  • Little Kitty
    Little Kitty 3 months ago

    This dress is unflattering on any size woman, but anyone over a size 2 looks atrocious in it. The material appears to be some cheap stuff, polyester or viscose, mixed with elastan. It's shapeless and looks like something that one mops the floor with.
    At least use some flattering dresses made of a good material, and put the bigger women in corsetry.

  • burymedeep 2093
    burymedeep 2093 3 months ago

    The size 6 girl was hot. The bigger with the guts is horrible

  • Sharo Wonka.
    Sharo Wonka. 3 months ago

    ive heard veganism is also slimming

  • sailor moon
    sailor moon 3 months ago

    Personne n'est parfait nous somme tous diffèrent et chaque femme est belle comment elle est et chaque hommes est beau comment il est ❤

  • contantcorbyn on insta
    contantcorbyn on insta 3 months ago

    All of the women in this video are so beautiful but this dress isn’t that cute

  • Kyris Marie
    Kyris Marie 3 months ago

    Are these they’re official sizes according to their inches ? How exactly are they being measured .

  • Blessed Momma
    Blessed Momma 3 months ago

    This is just such a mean concept...

  • Sabrina Valenzuela
    Sabrina Valenzuela 3 months ago

    I’m going to head on over to Fashionnova to find a stylish, flattering, and breathtaking dress for these ladies to wear, because this ain’t doing it for me. I’ll be right back.

  • sarah
    sarah 3 months ago

    the sleeves are so pointless and make the dress look sad like it literally makes a :( shape on their bodies. wear this to a funeral.

  • Emiii Le
    Emiii Le 3 months ago

    That dress is just hideous

  • JennyWas13
    JennyWas13 3 months ago

    The cut isn’t terrible but why is this made out of the cheapest stretch jersey they could find. This makes the size 2 girls look like they have rolls

  • Sharon Martin
    Sharon Martin 3 months ago +1

    It would have been impossible to find a more hideous dress. Just horrible at any size.

  • Danielle Perryman
    Danielle Perryman 3 months ago

    Was this green screened onto a pink screen?

  • B Q
    B Q 3 months ago

    Why does it look purple to me?

  • Ceecee Nj
    Ceecee Nj 3 months ago

    Moral is it looks best the more curvy the person wearing it is

  • Mat33
    Mat33 3 months ago

    the dress isn’t good

  • Chunk Funk
    Chunk Funk 3 months ago +1

    America’s size 8 is like England’s 14

    • Sharon Martin
      Sharon Martin 3 months ago

      The only English size I know I wear for sure is shoe size 35 which sounds huge but is actuality small.

  • Chenoa H.
    Chenoa H. 3 months ago +2

    The dress isn’t ugly. The material is just crappy and the sleeves are awful. Would’ve been great if it was just a halter.

  • ÆX Ar
    ÆX Ar 3 months ago

    It looks fugly on all of them

  • Mar A
    Mar A 3 months ago +9

    Could you also put the height along with the size?

  • DearMe16
    DearMe16 3 months ago

    They need a redo in a better dress

  • Ta ha
    Ta ha 3 months ago +1

    Why does the size 14 Girl 0:43 looks bigger the one with size 16 ? 1:00

    • T C
      T C Month ago

      Weight distribution and height differences

  • Valerie H
    Valerie H 3 months ago

    Next video should be a ball gown!

  • no thankyou
    no thankyou 3 months ago +9

    Obesity is not beautiful, please stop promoting it in the majority of your fashion related videos. It's an extremely dangerous lifestyle that shouldn't be promoted!

  • vivaglamification
    vivaglamification 3 months ago +14

    The dress only suited the 2-6 size. Everyone else's stomachs were bulging out. Worst pick for all sizes.

  • bkd. potato
    bkd. potato 3 months ago

    Boy, this is the worst possible dress. I feel like it doesn't matter who wears is it looks terrible 😂

  • Quiana Ostrea
    Quiana Ostrea 3 months ago

    Golly I want their confidence

  • Mary McKenzie
    Mary McKenzie 3 months ago +2

    8 looked fabulous

  • Mary McKenzie
    Mary McKenzie 3 months ago

    The dress looks cheap

  • spoly 813
    spoly 813 3 months ago +2

    It doesn't matter what color the dress or how you look in it. What matters is if you are obese you are not healthy and are facing a life time of sickness, disability and early death.

  • ح الشمري
    ح الشمري 3 months ago

    المتان فيهم ثقه اكثر من الضعاف

  • e
    e 3 months ago +1

    Slimmest girl always looks the best

  • NuclearTOILET
    NuclearTOILET 3 months ago

    Mattie, Laura, Alionka looked best in this dress in my opinion. This dress isn't that attractive to begin with it, but bodycon dresses really only flatter bodies that are either thin or curvy with flat or almost flat stomachs. If it isn't that then they look like melting ice cream cones.

  • Goddess Ahh
    Goddess Ahh 3 months ago +1

    I love women so much! Thank you so much for the series

  • Poshiey Ω
    Poshiey Ω 3 months ago

    I think the dress is pretty, whatchy'all mean?

  • val
    val 3 months ago

    it doesn’t look good on either of them.. it makes almost all of them look bigger

  • Kayla Santos
    Kayla Santos 3 months ago +1

    I actually really like this dress. Looks better on some, unflattering on the others, but it’s a cute dress.

  • Naomi
    Naomi 3 months ago

    All are gorgeous

  • Ghizlene Sn
    Ghizlene Sn 3 months ago

    Can't u get them cute clothes next time thanks

  • Dame Zis
    Dame Zis 3 months ago


  • Jessica Beca
    Jessica Beca 3 months ago

    1st time I hear of size zero

    • B Q
      B Q 3 months ago +1

      Is sizing in the Us

  • Sunniva Sunshine
    Sunniva Sunshine 3 months ago

    Wtf is up with the shoulders/sleeves that’s aren’t sleeves on the dress like get rid of it and the dress wouldn’t be ugly

  • Emma Elizabeth Davis
    Emma Elizabeth Davis 3 months ago +3

    Okay, but what Spanx is Nitika wearing? Because I need them.

  • CouldIBEWearing AnyMoreClothes?

    Is it just me or is that dress navy blue????

  • Kristen Young
    Kristen Young 3 months ago

    Armgina. That's what I call the armpit chub and every lady has it, no matter your size.

  • Michelle
    Michelle 3 months ago +21

    That dress is just....so awkward

  • Chollet Agathe
    Chollet Agathe 3 months ago +1

    Showing US sizes only really triggers my body dismorphia. I keep asking myself, do I really look like the girl that's a size 14? And then I worry about my weight. It would be amazing to put the US size | UK size | EU size at the bottom of the screen!

    • dee sin
      dee sin 3 months ago +2

      Just add four for the approx UK clothing size equivalent, i.e. US size 6 = UK size 10.