Teens React To Try Not To Try Challenge - As Seen On TV Products

  • Published on May 4, 2019
  • Try Not To Try - As Seen On TV Products reacted by Teens. Original links below.
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    Teens take on the Try Not To Try Challenge with As Seen On TV Products. Watch to see their Reactions.
    Content Featured:
    Egg Sitter
    Sock Slider
    Simply Straight
    Smart Swab
    Instant Hourglass Shape
    FBE’s goal is to credit the original links to the content featured in its shows. If you see incorrect or missing attribution please reach out to credits@fbeteam.com
    Reactors Featured:
    Emily, age 15
    Jaxon, age 15
    Jayka, age 16
    Le'Raun, age 16
    Becca, age 17
    Anna, age 18
    Thomas, age 18
    Troy, age 18
    Carson, age 19
    Mikaela, age 19
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    Teens React To Try Not To Try Challenge - As Seen On TV Products
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Comments • 5 590

  • FrustXte
    FrustXte Month ago

    Unspeakable just try the egg sitter

  • Your my Ace
    Your my Ace Month ago +2

    FBE is for the awkward teenagers to make money

  • the gang
    the gang Month ago +8

    Some1 tell me what’s the difference between FBE and react

    • Jade Sibug
      Jade Sibug Month ago

      I think FBE also does animations and other little projects while react just has reaction video's

    • Gachawolf Anime girl
      Gachawolf Anime girl Month ago

      the gang nothing

  • Deidra Soemantri
    Deidra Soemantri Month ago

    Ya know, y’all should have me on those videos, just a tip😜

  • UsernameLegend:3
    UsernameLegend:3 Month ago +2

    Good Thing They Didint See Vince's Food Choper

  • Kya Jones
    Kya Jones Month ago +2

    Am I the only one who thinks that Troy kinda looks like tj from andi mack

  • Galaxy Lauren
    Galaxy Lauren Month ago +5

    9:04 His waist is so thin omg

  • Daniela Garcia
    Daniela Garcia Month ago +8

    Emily is so boring omg

  • Lilly Ohara
    Lilly Ohara Month ago +4

    3:59 my mom has one

    • Lilly Ohara
      Lilly Ohara Month ago

      Mouna it’s ok u have to use it then straighten ur hair

    • Mouna
      Mouna Month ago

      does it work

  • Leslie Kate Ornopia
    Leslie Kate Ornopia Month ago +5

    But you just tried the challenge

  • luNartic __
    luNartic __ Month ago +6

    A egg? On my Butt! Yay
    Lol wtf this is weird

  • Ken Liogu
    Ken Liogu Month ago +12

    Emily is boring af!!!!!!!

    • Lolly Triad
      Lolly Triad Month ago +2

      Atleast congratulate her for winning ugh

    • Sophie
      Sophie Month ago +3

      She was just tryna win

  • Kellykelkel
    Kellykelkel Month ago +7

    I got one of those straightening brushes for around $300 a year ago and I never even use it.

  • Animation2000
    Animation2000 Month ago +15

    I think that the sock slider would work best with ankle socks.

  • Soso Amezcua
    Soso Amezcua Month ago

    My grandpa got the sock slider when he broke his arm appeared it worked well for him

  • Lil Bay
    Lil Bay Month ago +6

    The socks are too long

  • helloimtaylor 06
    helloimtaylor 06 Month ago +4

    The hairbrush straightener. I own that one 😂

  • Denise Ranes
    Denise Ranes Month ago +2

    Troy is so cute

  • Gracie Ray
    Gracie Ray Month ago +5

    “Yeet yeet yeet yeet” best quote I’ve heard all year

  • Stephanie Chevez
    Stephanie Chevez Month ago +5

    Jaxson is kinda cute

  • Lol Kid
    Lol Kid Month ago +1

    I am Poor so I can’t join the *Cool club*
    So Yeet

  • TheAveryMiller Boiii
    TheAveryMiller Boiii Month ago +1

    With the sock thing you have to bend over to put sock on thing

  • Nancy Garcia Gonzalez
    Nancy Garcia Gonzalez Month ago +13

    12:46 I love this guy 😂😂👏🏻

    • Lol Kid
      Lol Kid Month ago

      Nancy Garcia Gonzalez Me To who doesn’t

  • Natalie Perez
    Natalie Perez Month ago +6

    Lmao doesnt fry your hair my ASS 😂😂😂😂😂😂❤

  • Asia Walls
    Asia Walls Month ago +11

    8:36 does she sounds like Danielle Bergoli 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

  • DatdudeIsmail
    DatdudeIsmail Month ago +3

    Flawless ... pfffftt

  • Alexa Perez
    Alexa Perez Month ago +12

    it really pissed me off when the girls with completely straight hair straightened their hair

  • Fernanda Fitzgerald
    Fernanda Fitzgerald Month ago +4

    Am I the only one that think Carson looks like Alex Turner? 🤔🤔

  • Dreana Vega
    Dreana Vega Month ago +11

    Doesn’t fry your hair my ass 😂😂

    • kpop trash
      kpop trash Month ago +2

      I have it and it really doesn't, I also thought it would but it doesn't burn it. It's better to brush it out before and then go in with the straightening brush. It doesn't burn your hair or make it smell like burnt hair.

  • Daisy & Cristina
    Daisy & Cristina Month ago +3


  • Violet Evergarden
    Violet Evergarden Month ago +10

    I can’t breathe but I’m *fine*

  • Sadie debow
    Sadie debow Month ago +5

    Do oxy clean😂

  • Gacha mat Hi
    Gacha mat Hi Month ago +9

    I remember where when I was 5 and I watched this power ranger gun laser commercial and it showed laser coming out of it and I believed it...
    When I got it, I was so disappointed I started screaming

  • Kiona Zand
    Kiona Zand Month ago +2

    you don't need to remove your earwax, only if you have excessive amounts of it

  • Kiona Zand
    Kiona Zand Month ago +4

    I'd try everything tbh, I don't care

  • Jester the Clown
    Jester the Clown Month ago +5

    I actually own the simply straight and you do need to comb out your knots and curls becuase it will both rip out your hair and the rubber tips. But yes it does work really well!!

  • moon_xa_melany
    moon_xa_melany Month ago


  • The Splatoon gamer
    The Splatoon gamer Month ago +2

    🚘 👦

  • CashewNut Games
    CashewNut Games Month ago

    Hahaha! This was a very funny vid

  • afonsords
    afonsords Month ago +4

    2:07 oh my sweet summer child

  • X Gavin30 X
    X Gavin30 X Month ago +6

    Troy looks like and talks like tfue

    • Rapid
      Rapid Month ago +1

      E p i c

  • Elsbeth Burger
    Elsbeth Burger Month ago +8

    Do Eurovision 2019!!!

  • Erik Eriksen
    Erik Eriksen Month ago +1

    Please dodsing

    • Rapid
      Rapid Month ago

      Erik Eriksen your comment makes no sense and its obvious you just replied on your same account to make it look like people agreed.

    • Erik Eriksen
      Erik Eriksen Month ago

      I think so to

    • Erik Eriksen
      Erik Eriksen Month ago


  • Damien Rauzier
    Damien Rauzier Month ago

    These nails

  • Agung Wirasatya
    Agung Wirasatya Month ago +3

    Who the fuck put egg on their butt?

  • Ston ED
    Ston ED Month ago +841

    The real winners are the ones that tried all of them

  • Drizzy
    Drizzy Month ago +1

    the girl with the green crop top on can get it

    • Natalie Perez
      Natalie Perez Month ago

      Which one the light green tank top or the other girl with the olive green shirt

    ERT TIAN Month ago +1

    I Thought Jaxon was younger than me ‘cause I used to watch him in kids react,well I was wrong : /

  • GizmoAndKiwi
    GizmoAndKiwi Month ago

    You should not put cotton swabs into your ear - hurting yourself is one thing, but you're just pushing the ear wax further inside and clog up your ear canal. It feels good because you're irritating a nerve, not because it is a good thing to do.

  • Ms. Anonymous Sing
    Ms. Anonymous Sing Month ago +9

    Waist thinner: Koreans left the chat

  • Aaron Down
    Aaron Down Month ago +7

    I have naturally curly hair and love it I don’t see why me or any one would want to straighten there curly hair. I love my curly hair and once again I repeat will never straighten it.

  • ahmed nassar
    ahmed nassar Month ago +5

    The one in the red hoodie is so funny

  • Martin Appendino
    Martin Appendino Month ago +4

    7:13 👏 next 👏product

    FIRE JDB Month ago +5

    If its try not to try than there constantly losing because they're TRYING to not try

  • Arabella y
    Arabella y Month ago +10

    "oH mY WhEre Do I GeT oNE oF tHeSe CUsHiOns"

  • Dabadextrerty Kidd
    Dabadextrerty Kidd Month ago +1

    Smart Swab is probably the best thing ever.

  • Jonathan Mazor
    Jonathan Mazor Month ago +4

    Troy reminds me of tfue

  • Fatimah Tilley
    Fatimah Tilley Month ago +19

    Am I the only one who wanted Thomas to straighten his hair

  • Tatiana Salcido
    Tatiana Salcido Month ago +7

    ok but can we talk about le'raun

  • Shyree Broughton
    Shyree Broughton Month ago +5

    The stock one you guys did not put it on right

  • Jasmine Nicole
    Jasmine Nicole Month ago +11

    I feel like Emily was too embarrassed to try any of the products.

  • Chasity Ontiveros
    Chasity Ontiveros Month ago

    Didnt Carson have braces before

  • Hillary Clinton's Snuke

    "Wow it didn't break! Please tell me where I can purchase these unbreakable eggs!"

  • TIffany Selvin
    TIffany Selvin Month ago +3

    Newtuber here sub and I’ll sub back ❤️

    • Rapid
      Rapid Month ago

      TIffany Selvin You literally have one video and you uploaded it two days ago lol
      At least make 3 videos within 4 days before you self promote

  • Peepers Mcwillis
    Peepers Mcwillis Month ago +12

    ( ‘w’)
    (. >🍪
    Don’t you DARE take meh cookie

  • An Sa
    An Sa Month ago +6

    Mikaela and Jason though!!!

  • G I N G E R
    G I N G E R Month ago +5

    I *TOTALLY* need a cousion where can sit on an egg!

    • jelly jam
      jelly jam Month ago

      Night Skye you can get one at Bed Bath and Beyond i found one there once lol

  • youngdaggerdick
    youngdaggerdick Month ago +2

    You guys cant count righr?

  • Mr Mjaudal
    Mr Mjaudal Month ago +11

    13:33 wish my face was that egg

  • Wajd AlDawsari
    Wajd AlDawsari Month ago +9

    For the smart swab it did nothing because they were turning it the wrong way

    AHMED JEMMY Month ago +6

    What tfue is doing here ?

  • Areen kawaii
    Areen kawaii Month ago +2

    I think we can conclude that people who try this will have to buy it first.
    So my suggestion is...to those who try it....you tell them the price of the item and if it worthy with that price.
    The reaction with the price....I wanna see it!

  • Daniel H
    Daniel H Month ago +10

    3:10 why does this guy look like tfue


    “AN EGG *WHISPERS* on my butt”

  • Ethan Nave
    Ethan Nave Month ago +7

    7:25 😂😂😂😂

  • Bart 14
    Bart 14 Month ago +7

    emily is so boring

  • Rosebud0132 Msp
    Rosebud0132 Msp Month ago +14

    Micheal Jackson just kissed you like to undo

  • Juan Felix Alexander
    Juan Felix Alexander Month ago +5

    Wow i want it too🤣

  • just me anzene
    just me anzene Month ago

    The simply straight it works but it doesn't stay we have one

  • Kawaii Gamer
    Kawaii Gamer Month ago +7

    Why would you sit on an egg anyways?

  • Sille Perrild
    Sille Perrild Month ago


  • megamusicmessenger
    megamusicmessenger Month ago

    i used the hairbrush straighteners before but a different brand

  • I’m a Hysterical Queen Darling

    Jaxon is so cute 🤩

  • Kamilla Hohn
    Kamilla Hohn Month ago +4

    eeewwww i just ate at the first🤢

  • Kerem Quintana
    Kerem Quintana Month ago +8

    13:42 Jason still w the corset 😂😂

    • sakawuni bunga
      sakawuni bunga Month ago

      well, he said he's gonna keep it for the rest of the video after all

  • Joy B
    Joy B Month ago +4

    The waist trainer one lol “wear a really baggy shirt into work today”

  • julian gomez
    julian gomez Month ago +7

    No cap jayka is bae she hella fine and her personality is awesome

  • ツ.
    ツ. Month ago +13

    11:11 💩😷

  • Aaliyah
    Aaliyah Month ago +14


  • Richard Kemp
    Richard Kemp Month ago +16


  • Amy Lewis
    Amy Lewis Month ago +7

    How come pretty much everyone has...


    • Angel Alvarado
      Angel Alvarado Month ago +1

      Amy Lewis because that’s the socks they gave them

  • minhorny TAL
    minhorny TAL Month ago +2

    0:19 OMFG I REMEMBER JAYKA, i saw her for first time when she was 10 !!!

  • Isabella Valdepena
    Isabella Valdepena Month ago +4

    Guess what?

    I just lost my tooth😂

  • Dabadextrerty Kidd
    Dabadextrerty Kidd Month ago +2

    I've always wanted to try the Derma Suction

  • TSM_Geyboi
    TSM_Geyboi Month ago +6


  • royasiathe_ emojiqueen

    In the simply straight thing in the before and after they were not the same people's

  • _ yaboi999 _
    _ yaboi999 _ Month ago +1

    Every time I see troy I see Turner in my mind

  • Josii97
    Josii97 Month ago +3

    Where's the ShamWow towels???

  • Carol
    Carol Month ago +8

    7:14 I LOVE THIS KID

    • NedRav
      NedRav Month ago

      I got ur first like 👍🏻