Casually Explained: Guide to College and University

  • Published on Jun 21, 2016
  • No offence to my college and uni pals. Please send me party invites.
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 2 926

  • Bebeto Tandane Jr.
    Bebeto Tandane Jr. 4 days ago

    Hahaha... Engineering, so accurate!!!

  • Khaled Touahri
    Khaled Touahri 9 days ago

    > I'm taking computer science and wanna meet girls
    > you're fucked up

  • Sandra Pereira
    Sandra Pereira 12 days ago

    I feel like nowadays the question you should be asking yourself before picking a degree is "will I be replaces by robots in the near future?"

  • krishnaa balaji
    krishnaa balaji 15 days ago

    This actually had some serious shit going. I'd say this is a video that's gonna help a lot of freshmen.

  • Eduardo Rocha
    Eduardo Rocha 17 days ago

    that doesnt apply to me. my country has free university. you choose a major, pass the exam (no school history or interview required), and you're in. subjects are always strictly related to the degree you're doing. that way you can cut medical school from 8 years to 6. if you enter medical school being 18 years old, you're a doctor by 23. and of course, no student loans.

  • TamperedProduction
    TamperedProduction 17 days ago

    😂 I have a chegg account
    For the love of god that hit hard 😂😂

  • Morris™
    Morris™ 17 days ago


    - laughs in Finnish

  • Spencer Gallucci
    Spencer Gallucci 18 days ago

    In STEM you just meet girls in your blow off classes. Or at the bar

  • Srikar Chin
    Srikar Chin 19 days ago

    If you can navigate throught their website, you're smart enough.. oh boy!, so fricking relatable! 😂

  • OmegaPyron
    OmegaPyron 20 days ago

    3:22 Nobody ever talks about Met-Art, Femjoy, Suicide Girls, or anything other than Pornhub or Playboy. Why? Well, sometimes Brazzers, but there's so many to choose from!

  • Levi Jonez
    Levi Jonez 20 days ago

    What I've learned from you is that unexpected jokes are the best jokes
    Expensive education.
    - laughs in Danish
    2:42 *laughs in gay computer scientist*

  • LuxRow
    LuxRow 21 day ago

    Do another series only your black

  • Dman Productions
    Dman Productions 25 days ago +1

    As an Engineering major, 1:44 is 100% true lol

  • Peter Rodriguez
    Peter Rodriguez 28 days ago +1

    what's the music in the background?

  • 1m subscriber without videos challenge

    you'll have alot more sex :
    true i have had atleast 3x more sex than in high school

    the only problem is that 3x0 is still 0

  • Lai Lee Sze
    Lai Lee Sze Month ago

    This is probably the most legit video I have seen on TVclip.
    2:42 *laughs in gay computer scientist*

  • Cade Capper
    Cade Capper Month ago

    "If you can navigate their website, you're smart enough" never heard anything more true in my life lmao

  • Rasmus Bergström
    Rasmus Bergström Month ago

    I Study in sweden 5 years get paid 15000 dollar

  • BqpahDoes Stuff
    BqpahDoes Stuff Month ago

    ^Laughs In High schooler^

  • Taco_Man
    Taco_Man Month ago

    not enough alcohol

  • zBoOmT
    zBoOmT Month ago

    Big waste of money, don’t go :)

  • zheng sulin
    zheng sulin Month ago +1

    "I'd also wondered what it'd be like to be invited to one."
    That did it. I'm subscribing.
    This is probably the most legit video I have seen on TVclip.

  • ProceraAVH
    ProceraAVH Month ago

    i just found your channel and watched like 8 of your videos in a row. good work

  • Barn Van die Bos
    Barn Van die Bos Month ago

    I fucking hate college you americans with your shitty college movies. They were all FAKE. Fuck you

  • Lorraine Nunes
    Lorraine Nunes Month ago +2

    Thank you chegg coursehero quizzlet

  • Alex Keller
    Alex Keller Month ago

    I gave casually explained a boner

  • Alex Keller
    Alex Keller Month ago

    My name is Alex K lol

  • Marcus Dagostino
    Marcus Dagostino Month ago

    those last 30 seconds were straight wisdom

  • Jacob Luna
    Jacob Luna Month ago

    College? No thanks dude...

  • LowerTheBoom
    LowerTheBoom Month ago

    We're all going to be replaced by robots? :(

  • Muhammad Ahmed
    Muhammad Ahmed Month ago

    1:19 Truuuuuu

  • Marsik David
    Marsik David Month ago

    Me: lmfao how hard can engineering be, i'm pretty smart
    Me after first year studying electrical engineering: Where is the gun?

    • Spencer Gallucci
      Spencer Gallucci 18 days ago

      @David Wang I just graduated with my mechanical engineering degree, and all engineering has a similar thought process. Engineering is just all problem solving, building a toolbox of ways to solve problems with each class. In your first year you will do mostly math and intro to engineering courses that are designed to teach you some fundamentals and knock out the people who arent really invested. I'd recommend finding a study group and/or going to office hours in your most difficult classes. When choosing professors talk to tutors or use ratemyprofessor. Study more than you think you should and actually go to class, even if attendance isnt mandatory. Go to some club meetings just to meet upperclassmen cause they know their shit and will typically be willing to give freshmen advice too. Check your email frequently along with d2l/canvas or whatever the hell online system your university uses to assign hw/post class related things.
      Have fun, dorm life can be lit.

    • David Wang
      David Wang Month ago

      Got any tips? Going into first year EE in september

  • Azara Moon
    Azara Moon Month ago

    These videos are humourous and great !

  • Luke Hoss
    Luke Hoss Month ago

    “If you can navigate their website, you’re smart enough”
    I’m crying lmao

  • Methodius
    Methodius Month ago +8

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  • Gregor Harrison
    Gregor Harrison Month ago

    The satire comedy in this is actually brilliant.

  • Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen

    Wait you go to college to get a job?

  • Baldy
    Baldy 2 months ago

    Is me or do I hear Fortunate Son in the background of this video? Heh.. probably my Vietnam flashbacks..

  • Revo E
    Revo E 2 months ago

    If only I saw this before I entered college :'(

  • Yautja Prime
    Yautja Prime 2 months ago

    The first thing you need to ask yourself is... Why am I going to college to put myself in debt to get a degree that I will not apply and end up regretting this entire endeavor... The smartest people, don't go to collegeunless they are going with a specific purpose in mind.

  • Allanzo
    Allanzo 2 months ago +1

    "Means you fucked up"

  • FriedFrudda
    FriedFrudda 2 months ago

    I am bound to start the first two years off at a community college. Which is better? Community, university, online college? Is Online college cheaper than a traditional classroom.

    • Spencer Gallucci
      Spencer Gallucci 16 days ago

      Goodluck with that

    • FriedFrudda
      FriedFrudda 16 days ago

      @Spencer Gallucci It may not be worth putting money into college and that is why I'm considering jobs that don't require college credit.

    • FriedFrudda
      FriedFrudda 17 days ago

      @Spencer Gallucci I'm thinking to go straight into the workforce after high school graduation.

    • Spencer Gallucci
      Spencer Gallucci 18 days ago

      Well, university gets you a job. Online wont and community might

  • Wyatt Bandt
    Wyatt Bandt 2 months ago

    I did it wrong. I didn't drink or meet girls.

  • Henry Fleischer
    Henry Fleischer 2 months ago

    $5000 a year for the college I'm considering. How much for your's?

  • Happy Wolf
    Happy Wolf 2 months ago

    I'm 7th grade, I just here to know what to expect in my future

  • Fysy998
    Fysy998 2 months ago

    People are a lot more mature: true from my experience (physics student in germany)

  • Reee Nigga
    Reee Nigga 3 months ago

    3:00 top 10 saddest anime moments

  • HungerGamesFan88
    HungerGamesFan88 3 months ago

    0:46 I'm on my second semester already and the website is still a damn rat maze. Maybe you're onto something...

  • College Debt Slavery-on kindle

    You will look at 25 years worth of financial stress after you graduate. And good luck getting an apartment too.

  • Alejandro Zamora
    Alejandro Zamora 3 months ago

    Thanks for this. I really needed this!

  • Alex Kay
    Alex Kay 3 months ago

    I'm Alex K...

  • Pirate Modz
    Pirate Modz 3 months ago

    Wait.... So if a girl takes computer science.....

  • Alexander Kalgin
    Alexander Kalgin 3 months ago

    hold up

  • Kaleb Bruwer
    Kaleb Bruwer 3 months ago

    There is an 8 in my Computer Science class, but she is constantly surrounded by guys. The competition is on.

  • Parker Dial
    Parker Dial 3 months ago +3

    "If you can navigate their website you're smart enough" lmao!

  • mamertvonn
    mamertvonn 3 months ago

    health and nursing? thats why females get lower income. this is the future and technology is everything. nursing are for Asians raised by asian tiger moms but doesn't have the money to be a real doctor

  • Castlehill650
    Castlehill650 3 months ago

    “Trigger phrases”. Jesus.... Just be a normal f’n person and people will see you as a normal person. The second you start confusing yourself with this bogus bull sh** is the moment you become a tool.
    Be. Your. Self.

  • poptarte100
    poptarte100 3 months ago

    I love this so much

  • Marquis Willis
    Marquis Willis 3 months ago

    "Never ever EVER tell an engineering student that you had a lot of homework last night, even if you are also an engineer..." coming from an engineering student that is hard fax

  • Worm
    Worm 3 months ago +1

    I got an online school ad before this lol

  • lex ;—;
    lex ;—; 3 months ago

    well guess what, I’m probably going to be with all males because I’m gunna study physics and astronomy lol

  • Joseph Dumas
    Joseph Dumas 4 months ago

    The jokes are mad funny. Bonner every time he sees a gender neutral name.

  • Mateo Ceballos Querol
    Mateo Ceballos Querol 4 months ago

    i'm in univeristy and this is how much sex i have:

    *Read More*

  • Xavier Joseph
    Xavier Joseph 4 months ago

    Sounds to me college must be a rip off

  • luciana Ledur
    luciana Ledur 4 months ago +1

    *Studies for 4 years to get a good job with a good salary*
    *Works at McDonalds because no one else wants to hire you*

  • Jasper Karpfen
    Jasper Karpfen 4 months ago

    If you're the best at playing a music instrument, you will never be replaced by a robot. You will be replaced by a chinese guy

  • Dank with Some Chronny
    Dank with Some Chronny 4 months ago

    Yo boi I see that UVIC website covered up same here muthafuvka


  • Max
    Max 4 months ago

    "So along with that loophole that doesn't work" hahahaha
    I literally cracked up


    Look if you didn't get girls in highschool you wont get anymore in college

  • Micah Buzan
    Micah Buzan 5 months ago

    I've learned more about life from your TVclip channel than I ever did in School.

  • Eliza Waters
    Eliza Waters 5 months ago

    I actually did find this reassuring. Thanks James.

  • jCode
    jCode 5 months ago

    Good recursion joke at 3:20

  • tubbyrainbow111
    tubbyrainbow111 5 months ago +1

    College in America looks waaaaayyy better than college in jealous besides the massive debt of course.....but other than that I would've loved to go there

  • Abdenacer Fodil
    Abdenacer Fodil 5 months ago

    5 of 6 screens are for porn and relationships and one for youtube XD true AF

  • Eric Huddleston
    Eric Huddleston 5 months ago

    Computer Science for me taking classes at the CC rn.

  • Lithuaniaball
    Lithuaniaball 5 months ago

    "Don't talk about market with fine art students" 😂😂😂😂😂 that is good one

  • Shanid G
    Shanid G 5 months ago

    The description is the best part of the video. "NO offence to my college and uni pals. Please send me party invites." dead

  • Pouya Sobhanipour
    Pouya Sobhanipour 5 months ago

    one of the best videos 👌🏻👌🏻

  • Mehrdad Behroozi
    Mehrdad Behroozi 5 months ago

    dude u r a legend

  • Richard Schaefer
    Richard Schaefer 5 months ago

    "Don't ask a premed student how long until they graduate" - This...

  • Common Unicorn
    Common Unicorn 5 months ago

    These are hilarious! I’ve been watching your videos all day at work. Who are you?! 😘

  • Ethan Dehoff
    Ethan Dehoff 5 months ago

    Get a job working on the robots.

  • Paavo
    Paavo 5 months ago

    Try school with ADHD hahahaha. Good luck lmao

  • sdfhae sher
    sdfhae sher 5 months ago

    coming from an IT undergrad... this is so true

  • Polish Wolf
    Polish Wolf 5 months ago

    Well... university is free where I live and I live at home so the only thing I need to pay for is transport (which is now covered by my study grant). I picked the course I enjoy - history - and so far I'm not worried about getting a job (like teaching). We have around 11 lectures per week which last 1.5 hours each. One day is 6 lectures in a row, but sometimes it's just one lecture or a day off. I don't party or any of that nonsense, so I don't waste money or time. Also, I'm the only female in my class which is hillarious because neither I, nor the guys in my group are interested in each other (we're all just mates). Guess I have a slightly non-typical university experience.

  • Matthew Trujillo
    Matthew Trujillo 5 months ago

    Casually explaines: vibes pleasee

  • Buenade
    Buenade 5 months ago

    Or just go to Germany and get paid to go to school

  • Joel Grieco
    Joel Grieco 5 months ago

    do you go to uvic??

  • Alex Perez
    Alex Perez 5 months ago

    When I got my CS degree I think there was a total of 5 women in my undergrad. I made friends with all of them asap cause I wasn't trying to be around the guys lmao. Thank God my track team had more women than men.

  • P T
    P T 5 months ago

    University isn’t expensive

  • Jannis Höntscher
    Jannis Höntscher 5 months ago

    I am a fan of your humor and voice

  • Ry Nezil
    Ry Nezil 5 months ago

    UVic represent

  • Alexander Kotnik
    Alexander Kotnik 5 months ago

    Any other Alex K's out there that had to do a double take at 2:55 ?

  • Francisco Villavicencio

    This shit is hilarious

  • The Steadfast Duelist
    The Steadfast Duelist 5 months ago +1

    0:49 *Then I guess I'm not smart enough*

  • BurblingBarbacoa
    BurblingBarbacoa 5 months ago

    Too bad I'm so fucked I can't even finish high school. I want to die

  • Taylor Juchs
    Taylor Juchs 6 months ago

    When theres a high possibility that you'll be going to a university that's number one major is nursing (cant contain smile)

  • Zebadiah Robinson
    Zebadiah Robinson 6 months ago

    If you come to Michigan I will throw you a party lol

  • MrStealYourFrog
    MrStealYourFrog 6 months ago

    Physics students, please tell me the gender ratio in physics is better than computer science