How Push Notifications Work on Mobile Apps

  • One of the coolest things you can do in apps, in my opinion, is add push notifications. We've done this for a lot of clients. This week, I talk about how push notifications work in apps.
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  • nemov yoh
    nemov yoh Year ago +1

    Good video, at least it solve few doubt that I had.

  • Stanley Akachukwu
    Stanley Akachukwu 16 hours ago


  • Each1Teach1
    Each1Teach1 28 days ago
    Does anyone have a clue on how I can make this problem disappear? Google is given us a hard time.

  • W.Ormsby
    W.Ormsby 2 months ago

    I made it to 2:35 when my eyes glazed over!

  • Duck My Sick
    Duck My Sick 3 months ago

    It still amazes me how lazy people are. I do sms and whether app is open or not i still am notified. We're that lazy we can sign in or open app?

    • Overpass Apps
      Overpass Apps  3 months ago

      The big difference is that SMS costs money and push notifications don't. And, users are less likely to give their phone numbers. But, yeah, I see your point :-)

  • Seniha Baharoff
    Seniha Baharoff 4 months ago

    More confusion....

    • Overpass Apps
      Overpass Apps  4 months ago

      Sorry. I tried to make it clear. You can also use firebase these days.

  • Paul Anthony Realtor
    Paul Anthony Realtor 4 months ago

    How do I get notifications from software that doesn't offer notifications? I am and end user and would like to be notified when certain things pop into a calendar.

  • MotionInMotion1975
    MotionInMotion1975 4 months ago

    Great video, Erick! One question, can a push notification be sent with, for example, a store name nere the current user location? (having geolocation enabled).

  • mlc rip
    mlc rip 4 months ago

    How about really useful one: "hey we noticed you haven't used our app for a month. Did you forgot about it or you want to uninstall it so free up some space?"

  • Ngọc Ánh Nguyễn Thị

    Free personalized push notification with

  • Taco Feeder
    Taco Feeder 6 months ago

    I'm working on a group project and we planned on creating an app that sends notifications every so often. Is there anyway to code this into the app or can I use a software to do this for me? I'm still new to the whole tech thing but I would appreciate some help in how I would include it in my app

    • Overpass Apps
      Overpass Apps  6 months ago

      I would use a Firebase cloud functions so you can use Firebase for push also. But, not sure about scheduling.

    VIGOUR OSO 11 months ago +1

    SAVAGE with the green screen!

  • Ayanna Murphy
    Ayanna Murphy Year ago +1

    Very helpful until this day,thank you and I subscribed 👍🏾

  • Mario Uzae
    Mario Uzae Year ago


  • cloud111
    cloud111 Year ago

    I think it could be interesting, but I didn't implement full version with my server. I sent just test messages from firebase console.

  • PaulusSANtosoCI Widjaja

    Thank you for making richer with automation ideas. By the way, I used to travel all over UK, but still don't know your area: Wantage - is it a new development area? Learning is for a life time (",).

    • Overpass Apps
      Overpass Apps  Year ago

      Haha. I don't know any other developers in the area, but there probably are some.

  • Orion Core
    Orion Core Year ago +1

    Rad, i much prefer longer videos

  • the man the myth
    the man the myth Year ago +1

    Would you recommend sending out more than 1 notification a day ?

    • Above Android
      Above Android 8 months ago

      Mostly one notification is enough. Sometimes notification also become a reminder to uninstall the app

    • Overpass Apps
      Overpass Apps  Year ago +1

      Personally, I wouldn't. Not unless it's something like a chat application or a peer-to-peer app where they send each other messages. If it is a marketing thing, no.

  • Mohamed Sudheer
    Mohamed Sudheer Year ago +1

    rodrigo wya

  • James Motel
    James Motel 2 years ago

    I downloaded cashforapps.they give me a task that enable push notifications...explain that please!

  • Jay Wilson Jr.
    Jay Wilson Jr. 2 years ago

    Nice video, thanks for sharing. I have used PushWoosh with the last 3-4 apps I built. I love the service, but it's a little pricey for my use case. I think that I may start looking for a cheaper alternative.

  • Aniket Kolhe
    Aniket Kolhe 2 years ago

    Is it legally acceptable to open youtube channel link with the help of intent by using Push Up Notification on my own android app???

  • burak basaran
    burak basaran 3 years ago +1

    I think you can use that big eyed girl character for "1 month no use" users to return back to your app, Push an attractive message and when user clicks on it open that character image with an emotional message :D

    • burak basaran
      burak basaran 3 years ago

      Yes She is the one, I think that girl can help you to get back your lost user :) I actually can't ignore such a cute girl's request :D

    • Overpass Apps
      Overpass Apps  3 years ago +1

      +burak basaran She's the one on our "Please leave a review" pop up.

  • Meshal alshamary
    Meshal alshamary 3 years ago

    Do I need to buy thread party service to have push up notifications or I can do it by my server if I need to send notifications to special user category in my app I use godaddy server

    • Meshal alshamary
      Meshal alshamary 3 years ago

      Thanks for reply

    • Overpass Apps
      Overpass Apps  3 years ago

      +Meshal alshamary No. You can code it yourself, but there is a lot to make sure you get right. But, it can be done :-)

  • Kannan P
    Kannan P 3 years ago +1

    Gud one Eric

  • Jason V
    Jason V 3 years ago

    I just found that we can not found top free new apps from google play from my hand phone. Although top free apps still can be found from website, but who will find the new apps from website? This will have a big impact for indie developers.
    How do you promote your new apps with no budget? I believe ASO is kind of slow and any strategies you guys use? Now everything has been favor people that have deep pocket.

  • ahmed fnitou
    ahmed fnitou 3 years ago +1

    Thanks agin for awesome vid ! I would Use Notification to promote my other apps with some Nice call to action + for more revenue I would like to promote some CPA or some affiliate offers which are related to my app niche e.g if my app about workout or yoga I will definitely promote some few offers each Month !!

    • Rodrigo Graça
      Rodrigo Graça 3 years ago

      ahmed fnitou have you tried affiliate offers through push notifications yet? Has it worked out?

  • Rodrigo Graça
    Rodrigo Graça 3 years ago +2

    @Eric you have not used push notifs? You have to do it now!
    I use they are free and awesome! You can config it to send a notif after X days/hours/minutes after their last session....
    I don't have "real stats" but you can probably get 10% to 20% more app usage/engagement if you set it to send one notif for example after 2 days since the last app session...
    (Let me/us know how it goes!)

    • Rodrigo Graça
      Rodrigo Graça 3 years ago

      Everything Tech Review in I can do that... Maybe you can do it in firebase....

    • Everything Tech Review
      Everything Tech Review 3 years ago

      I use firebase notifications. I didn't know you can set it to auto notify.

  • Rodrigo Graça
    Rodrigo Graça 3 years ago +1

    The green screen looks good (in the last videos and it's fine when you do it right) :)

  • Rıfat Erdem Sahin
    Rıfat Erdem Sahin 3 years ago

    Eric just used firebase thanks for covering all the details. For client apps i guess you are focused on sales and the team builds them. Every app has to be unique in some way so that increases costs. So building a passive income is a great strategy.

  • Santosh Bhaskar
    Santosh Bhaskar 3 years ago

    Great Video Overpass. Informative.
    Do check out my game - Swift Blocks