Mobile Game Companies: YouTube's Worst Sponsors

  • Mobile game sponsorships are the absolute worst.
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    Mobile game companies suck.
    I am Gus Johnson. I make music, I put out bad skits. Thanks for your time, internet stranger. Sometimes I go by gustoonz.
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  • Jim Halpert
    Jim Halpert Hour ago +1

    I’m scared

  • Vítor Pagani
    Vítor Pagani 6 hours ago

    What? You never played tube simulator?

  • Micah Lift
    Micah Lift 7 hours ago

    6:42 my dad died during a poker tournament so that’s fun

  • The Absurd
    The Absurd 9 hours ago

    So basically, companies suck ass. Yes? Yes.

  • Matthew Bruno
    Matthew Bruno 14 hours ago

    No one:
    Gus trying to say garage: the grodge

  • tomatoboy23
    tomatoboy23 18 hours ago

    I actually got a good looking game ad

  • Phobos Maelstrom
    Phobos Maelstrom 23 hours ago

    Sponsored by *RAID SHADOWLEGENDS*

  • druidboy76
    druidboy76 Day ago


  • TurboGarbage
    TurboGarbage Day ago

    this video inspired me to go buy some incense as using the coupon code gus to get 15% off my order

  • SuperCookieGaming
    SuperCookieGaming Day ago +1

    I HATE mobile gaming ads. when on my phone when an ad plays its some weird aspect ratio and takes up most of the screen so i can barely read the comments or description. some of them are down right terrible. there is one for a game where you hurt a stick figure and in the add the guy says "ha gay!" "your mom is fat". and a bunch more insults i didn't hear because i skipped it. then I think ok so if you pay youtube for an ad you can say whatever the f*ck you want but a content creator can't get ad rev because the censored profanity! like double standards youtube.

  • Becky C.
    Becky C. Day ago

    What's the violin music at 7:03 called?

  • Ghiman the guy
    Ghiman the guy 2 days ago

    Good to see Gus cutting off a whole market of advertisements in the future. Stay golden, ponyboy

  • Weirdough
    Weirdough 3 days ago

    Clip your nails.

  • Alahna125
    Alahna125 3 days ago

    I love how he is just pointing a gun at the camera for the whole video lmaooo

  • skyblaze23
    skyblaze23 3 days ago

    That julian smith reference

  • Cookie Cookies
    Cookie Cookies 4 days ago +1


  • Cookie Cookies
    Cookie Cookies 4 days ago +1

    When you were using the Andy Griffith show theme it I looked over into the other room and saw my mom watching Andy Griffith

  • Jacob Vermillion
    Jacob Vermillion 5 days ago

    Rando reference to julian smith😂

  • This Username Is Already in use

    Um swag bucks

  • Nicholas Thompson
    Nicholas Thompson 5 days ago


  • Nicholas Thompson
    Nicholas Thompson 5 days ago


  • Charles Graffam
    Charles Graffam 5 days ago

    sadly i would buy incense from incensezen if there wasnt 5 dollar shipping :/

  • DeludoSui
    DeludoSui 6 days ago

    Fuck squarespace. They are the worst.

  • Coopis Asian
    Coopis Asian 6 days ago

    This video is like then end of a movie when the villain tells u there plans

  • Rose
    Rose 6 days ago

    Anyone else think of Pewdiepie’s video ad for that mobile game lol

  • The Aquayeet King
    The Aquayeet King 6 days ago

    Gus, please stop pointing a gun at me

  • The Thunder Squad
    The Thunder Squad 6 days ago +4

    Yeah imma GAMER
    G - I
    A - only
    M - play games
    E - on
    R - my phone

  • Aidro Lol
    Aidro Lol 6 days ago

    Hey .. I feel ... like I shouldn’t leave the video.. a-anyone get that too?

  • Hayden Cribb
    Hayden Cribb 7 days ago

    When a video dissing sponsorships ends with a sponsor

  • Hayden Cribb
    Hayden Cribb 7 days ago


  • Hayden Cribb
    Hayden Cribb 7 days ago +2

    Well no more mobile game sponsorships for you

  • Bronoulli
    Bronoulli 7 days ago


  • Bronoulli
    Bronoulli 7 days ago

    Found your channel bc of the Cherdleys video... your content is gold

  • War of the Worlds
    War of the Worlds 7 days ago +1

    I feel like I’m being held hostage when watching this video’s like a worse version of Die Hard and I’m the hero being held hostage in the final act

  • Massimo Conci Media
    Massimo Conci Media 7 days ago

    Just went and bough some Incense Zen just because of how cool they are. cheers Boys

  • The Emerald City
    The Emerald City 8 days ago

    Not gonna lie the gun is making me anxious

  • Brandon Walls
    Brandon Walls 8 days ago

    Got a mobile game ad on the vid

  • Kat
    Kat 8 days ago

    This is such a Gus Johnson video

  • Friendly Fire
    Friendly Fire 9 days ago

    I just give the wrong answers when they do those annoying surveys.

  • Austin Ratts
    Austin Ratts 9 days ago

    Bruh those little caesars pizza kits were 🔥

  • Thicco Mode
    Thicco Mode 9 days ago

    Would be Kidd napped again 💯

  • SquishySpud
    SquishySpud 9 days ago

    Aaaaaaaaaaand unmonitized

  • Siege
    Siege 9 days ago

    2:48 how did you predict my TVclip watch genres so accurately

  • Emmett o
    Emmett o 9 days ago

    Every dicky dines video

  • ON FIRE 2
    ON FIRE 2 10 days ago +1

    I like the gun it feels like I’m getting robbed every second it makes me happy

    DEATHPACITO yeet 10 days ago +1

    Youooo the little ceasar pizza kit are the best bruh

  • DIY channel
    DIY channel 10 days ago

    F for jontron

  • Brock Kosta
    Brock Kosta 11 days ago


  • Quinton Neal
    Quinton Neal 11 days ago +1

    All this talk of poker makes me wanna go play poker. Maybe this was secretly one big add!!!

  • ed de
    ed de 11 days ago +1

    so where do I download this poker app? I was so emotional involved with that emotional story

  • Frankie K
    Frankie K 11 days ago

    It’s not even just mobile gaming apps that are this shady. One of my favorite creators was sponsored by a spyware and phone monitoring app that my ex used on me. I get needing money, but that was pretty awful

  • radradroadbot
    radradroadbot 11 days ago

    These inside baseball vids are the best

  • iiElysium x
    iiElysium x 11 days ago

    The channel I feel sorry for with mobile game ads is kings and generals, you can kinda tell they’re forcing themselves through it and they don’t want to be promoting that shit but they have to keep the lights on and there videos are fantastic regardless

  • Man In The Closet
    Man In The Closet 11 days ago

    To see a youtuber like JonTron promote a mobile game for two to three minutes in the beginning of a fifteen minute video just makes me angry and sad.

  • C13gopher
    C13gopher 12 days ago +1

    Oh hey Travis. I'm sorry you must have caught me while i was off guard. You see, my life has basically been nonexistent the last two weeks, as I have been clinically addicted to this new Gus' Fucking Poker App. Oh you're rolling right now you say? Well see as the cameras up and running didn't know that's gonna happen anyway lemme just shift the phone here so you can see that im playin the Double Dip Dipstick Baby Drop Pop Doug Dimma Dong Texas Hold Em' Two For Two Julian Smith app game right here. Is the three minutes up yet? Ok well thanks for stopping' by the garage that's just part of my life that's going on right now catch you later bitch.

  • Freddie Almonds
    Freddie Almonds 12 days ago

    You can see I’m playing a double dip dip stick baby drop pop Doug Dimmadome Texas hold ‘em 2 for 2 Julian Smith app game right here

  • Eddie
    Eddie 12 days ago

    You guys like gameplay dont you u mellenial bitch

  • kebrinab13
    kebrinab13 12 days ago


  • KHOKH 69
    KHOKH 69 13 days ago

    Mamba Juiscevececececececegsueveuekyrsphxgcpulgsljtscljfz:-(,/#₩(&p3 sljgxljtxogxlkhxingxlli ihhntxjntzuhy gf cfuemcnxHbgxufoydkrKnvmgzkhdzo.txlhELj9fxlena0lmgxpjgc mrzlnrckgfl4nx964smjbxljbxl.bclngxJblmcl. vgcomgcpitodtczopypuzpozozr9rzprz6pyzrpyzrpyzrpyrzpyrzpyrzpyrzpyrzpyrzpusj s 0gs0u fw0f uw9 fuw9fuxw9fyzw9yfzwoy fww9ufxw9yfzw9yrzw0utxw0uxtw0uxtw0utxws0xtue0d0utxdyic08cyd0iy0cd0igce0ug r . Your ydptdors0r7pitdputd0utd

  • KHOKH 69
    KHOKH 69 13 days ago

    Just shoot me.

  • ProsperityGod 27
    ProsperityGod 27 13 days ago +2

    I literally got a mobile game ad on this video

  • noah torres
    noah torres 13 days ago

    Download RAIDZ SHOWDOW LEGENDS or some bullshit and you dont get shot

  • Pedro Antonio Javier
    Pedro Antonio Javier 13 days ago

    Well at least ML is still worth fun on my fellow pinoy players.

  • extra thicc and spicy memez

    In my humble opinion it should be illegal for mobile game companies to advertise

  • ian binkley
    ian binkley 14 days ago

    Trigger discipline gus

  • Michelle Hoffman
    Michelle Hoffman 14 days ago

    Hey went to your website that a features your music and I'd like that song why you still here

  • Pong Productions
    Pong Productions 14 days ago

    Actually, I watch epic gaming videos

  • totes
    totes 14 days ago +3

    wesley from the princess bride has really gone downhill

  • Sgt Corgi
    Sgt Corgi 14 days ago +3

    I would be gus' hostage on any time of the day again 10/10

  • The Man With A Million Names

    "A Piece of Online Content." Brilliant.

  • A Nielson
    A Nielson 15 days ago +1

    Great video,,,,, I did feel very anxious being stared down by a gun on a screen the whole time but ya know

  • conor martin
    conor martin 15 days ago +1

    God damn do I love playin some double dip dipstick baby drop pop Doug Dimmadome Texas holdem two for two Julian smith app game.

    BUNION DAAS 15 days ago +6

    gus : mobile games ads are trash
    jontron :

  • Jackie Nova
    Jackie Nova 15 days ago

    Okay Gus, what do you want from me and your viewers? Put down the gun man.

  • ZMZreloaded - Zombie Survival Labs

    You're supposed to get to the sponsored message sometime before the first 1-3 minutes of the video. Which doesn't mean you have to fit the sponsored message in that first 1-3 minutes. Typically I start 2 minutes in, talk about the sponsor for one minute and continue on with my video.

  • MountainGoaat
    MountainGoaat 16 days ago

    I just got a crappy mobile game ad before this video started.

  • B
    B 16 days ago +1

    Most mobile game companies are slimy af. They're not interested in creating good games but how can they get rich quick off of manipulating end users. They just try to make the apps addictive (which, disturbingly, they got many people listing as a reason why they think a game is great) so they can push a shit ton of ad views and various sorts of purchases, like skins or paying to win. Quite a few even have fake online competitive modes where you're actually playing against bots (I've tested by going into airplane mode once the online match starts). Hopefully console game companies start taking mobile gaming seriously and start releasing real games (once it's common for iOS and Android to support the main console controllers). The hardware is already there.

  • Jeremy Bot
    Jeremy Bot 16 days ago

    *sweats in Jontron*

  • Canalave Maiden [plz look at my playlists thnx]

    For some reason, Gus waving a gun seems to make him more attractive...
    Emotional and engaging poker story?

  • Finding Emo
    Finding Emo 16 days ago


  • Grand Flex Johnson: John Jhon Jon Jonathan IV

    the problem i have with them is that i cant adblock them.

  • E_M_E_T
    E_M_E_T 16 days ago

    Here's the thing about ads. No potential customer gives a fuck about the actual content of the ad. The sole purpose of an advertisement, whether people are willing to admit it or not, is just to mention the brand and product being advertised. If this wasn't true, billions of dollars of advertising wouldn't be spent annually on just getting logos on your favorite soccer team's jersey or on some random ass unrelated product. Just putting your name out there is the ONLY thing that matters, and it is by far the most cost-effective strategy for getting clicks and consumer activity.

    Some companies understand this concept. IncenseZen clearly gets it. Mobile game advertisers are fucking clueless, and the reason why they're so demanding is because they think by demanding more they'll get more successful advertising when it's doing the opposite. It's a feedback loop of failure from companies who don't know their trade, and that's why so many of these mobile games end up being total flops.

  • heretolevitateme
    heretolevitateme 17 days ago +6

    Gus Johnson: I absolutely can point a gun at my audience for an entire 12 minute video.

  • Angelica Malaran
    Angelica Malaran 17 days ago

    Remove the fucking sound and gus looks like hes having a video conference with a victim wtf

  • John Ryan Parman
    John Ryan Parman 17 days ago

    disagree. their worst sponsors are these huge tv networks hogging all of the trending page.

  • Emma Demo
    Emma Demo 17 days ago

    omg we still do the little Caesar kits every year for our class and make like 200$ if that

  • Ethan Taddicken
    Ethan Taddicken 18 days ago +2


  • dpben10pwn
    dpben10pwn 18 days ago

    Watching video on mobile game companies being jerks, Jetpack Jump ad plays

  • Duck Vermont
    Duck Vermont 18 days ago +1

    i still love brawl stars.

  • ‘Tis I, ya boi
    ‘Tis I, ya boi 18 days ago

    I’ve never felt more threatened

  • Jevon Bernardes
    Jevon Bernardes 19 days ago

    Did he intentionally put the ad on 6:04 to make us think he was gonna say the N word?

  • Lightspeed
    Lightspeed 19 days ago

    “You like gameplay don’t you, you millennial bitch”
    -Bus Bonson

  • Cristian McMurray
    Cristian McMurray 19 days ago

    Very poor trigger discipline. And seeing how this comment is perfectly on time, and I know you'll see this, I regret to inform you, I will have to unsubscribe from you Gus Johnson. We simply cannnot, I repeat, CANNOT, support such barbarism in today's world.

  • Cool Kid Kosher
    Cool Kid Kosher 19 days ago +2

    I got an ad for a mobile game 🤦‍♂️😂

  • Visualgumball 87
    Visualgumball 87 19 days ago +1

    Speaking of * transition word * , this video was sponsored by * insert name of free mobile app with micro transactions and ads! * This game is so addictive and fun, and if you wanna get started, click the link in the description to get * small amount of in-game currency and an in-game character, building, weapon, etc. * And if you get the game, I even have a * clan, group, etc * in the game, which you can join now! It’s name is * insert clan/group name. * Now back to the video!

    (You can also acknowledge that sponsors are annoying as the transition and be self-aware the whole time, which doesn’t make it any less annoying.)

  • callie122398
    callie122398 20 days ago +1

    I think having a gun pointed at me has brought a fetish to the surface and I dont know what to do now

  • Sloaa
    Sloaa 20 days ago

    Amazing 3d graphics

  • Andrew Weinstein
    Andrew Weinstein 20 days ago

    Everyone who voted thumbs down is secretly a mobile game company spy.

  • help me
    help me 21 day ago +5

    Corporations being greedy? In my capitalism?

    • R. P.
      R. P. 4 days ago +1

      *surprise Pikachu face*

  • Ina Kandler
    Ina Kandler 21 day ago +1

    I felt kinda threatened through that video but idk why