DP/30: Parasite, Bong Joon Ho

  • Published on Oct 6, 2019
  • He is the master filmmaker who brought us films like Okja, Snowpiercer, Mother, The Host, and Memories of Murder. His latest, Parasite, tells the story of one family gloming onto the life of another... and the unexpected consequences. Filmmaker Bong spoke to David Poland about the film.
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    Mother - tvclip.biz/video/vCrthnObVcs/video.html
    Snowpiercer - tvclip.biz/video/bsWhqpKBwG0/video.html
    Shot in Los Angeles, October 2019
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Comments • 137

  • no no
    no no 3 days ago +1

    He is one of the most original directors in this era. Very peculiar and very distictive..

  • Mono Be
    Mono Be 4 days ago +2

    배우보다 멋진 감독

  • GH H
    GH H 10 days ago +1

    6:10 통역사분 얄짤없으시네ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Zitn
    Zitn 12 days ago +2

    What is the Michael Haneke's film title Bong talked? 봉준호 감독님이 말하신 미카엘 하네케의 영화 제목이 뭔가요?

  • CannibalWHORE22
    CannibalWHORE22 12 days ago +1

    I am seeing Parasite on Saturday and I cannot wait! I am so excited because of the acclaim it has received

  • Minkyung Lee
    Minkyung Lee 12 days ago

    50세라고? 와....40대 초반인줄.

  • Jeff Song
    Jeff Song 14 days ago +4

    The translator is a first rate professional. She didn't miss any of director Bong's nuances. I know how difficult it is to translate between the structurally different languages like Korean and English. She is amazing.

  • Jae Koh
    Jae Koh 14 days ago +4

    Next job for the translator: next summit bet trump and moon jae in!!!

  • Harry E
    Harry E 15 days ago +1

    roughly at 13:30 [SPOILER ALERT]!!!!!

  • soo
    soo 15 days ago +1


  • Hara Thea
    Hara Thea 16 days ago


  • Xxxx Hugo
    Xxxx Hugo 18 days ago +3

    솔직히 칸느나 미국 캐나다 일본같은 곳에서 활약중인 통역사나 심지어 동시통역사들의 역량에는 경이롭다는 감탄사가 나옴과 동시에 대한민국의 국내통역사들 분발해야겠다는 생각이 든다.진짜 정확하게 잔달하니까 그야말로 자연스런 대화가 가능하게 되는건 정말정말 경이로운 스킬이다.

    • jerry Chang
      jerry Chang 10 days ago +1

      단어 하나하나 정확하게 토씨하나 다르지 않게 전달하는 통역사분 역량에 놀라고 가요 정말

  • Onignis
    Onignis 19 days ago +8

    I am Korean.
    The translator, she’s amazingly good.
    There was no miss-interpretation at all! Wow~ 👏👏👏

  • gege p
    gege p 19 days ago

    I remember watching his short movie, I think he practicing his story and twist from his early shorts.

  • nicolaus dedes
    nicolaus dedes 21 day ago +1

    what a beast of directors

  • 이정애
    이정애 22 days ago +1

    설국열차도 좋았어요.. 비주얼 이 훌륭했죠..

  • kim jung
    kim jung 22 days ago +4

    5:50 갱년기 오셨그나....

  • 이정애
    이정애 22 days ago +4

    통역자도 가끔 비쳐주거나 이름을 써주면 좋을 듯

    • sangchul lee
      sangchul lee 16 days ago

      통역사는 이분인듯요ㅎㅎtvclip.biz/video/8mWlhIvV9_w/video.html

  • kim jung
    kim jung 22 days ago +2

    봉감독님 미세한 표정 변호 졸귀 >

    DUDE DUH 22 days ago +1

    Do you know kimchi? Do you know Bulgogi? Do you know K-pop? Do you know BTS?


    2020: Do you know Bong Joon Ho?

  • ernieball20
    ernieball20 23 days ago +19

    Chris Evans once said on interview, "Director Bong is a borderline genius"
    Yes! It's so very true! Mr.Bong does everything. Theme, story making, conti, directing and so on. He is like a total package in terms of movie itself.

  • sucheol lee
    sucheol lee 23 days ago +1

    6:07 lol I just love her embarrassed laugh

  • Yeon
    Yeon 24 days ago +9

    통역사님 봉준호 감독 말 하나도 안빼고 통역하신다 진짜 멋있으세요..

  • Isabella Yuki Cross
    Isabella Yuki Cross 24 days ago +5

    Would translater do video about how she translate so well and how she learned english haha :)

  • byung park
    byung park 25 days ago +1

    봉준호도 나이 들었구나. 노파심이지만 살을 빼야 함. 만병의 근원이고 단순히 갱년기뿐 아니라 살이 찌면 대사증후군이 생김.

  • da96103
    da96103 26 days ago +1

    Bong Joon Ho is doing some Korea skincare shit if he looks like this at 50.

  • robbie
    robbie 26 days ago +2

    what film/director was he noting out as an inspiration cant quite make out what theyre saying

    • teeman
      teeman 24 days ago +3

      He's talking about the film Caché by Michael Haneke.

  • Willinoy Sitorus
    Willinoy Sitorus 27 days ago +2

    Parasite - one of my greatest movie ever. This guy looks innocent, but he is a fuckin killer as a producer.

  • Eric Son
    Eric Son 27 days ago +32

    To my side note...as a Korean, besides Bong's wonderful and honest interview on the movie and something related, I was really surprised by his perfect translator, she never missed even the tiny line that Bong mentioned in Korean all the way.
    It is really crazy, who the hell finds her?

  • 최고은
    최고은 27 days ago +56

    한국에서 이런 깊이의 인터뷰 했으면 좋겠다. 통역사분 통역 정말 어메이징하십니다 ㅎㅎ

    • grace lee
      grace lee 10 days ago +2

      정말 잘하네요!

  • White Black
    White Black 28 days ago +10

    Bong Joon Ho is a genius and one of the best filmmakers

  • 이한나
    이한나 28 days ago +15

    아 그냥 건강하다고 통역ㅎㅐ달라는거 개웃기네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • 14 Aspen Drive
    14 Aspen Drive 28 days ago +4

    His name on IMDB is Joon-ho Bong

    • aNinjaGuardian
      aNinjaGuardian 21 day ago +1

      Bong is the family name. Joon-ho Bong is the anglicized way of pronouncing his name.

  • 14초백미터
    14초백미터 28 days ago +1

    봉준호 돼지국밥하는 식당이모같네

  • richfictionfighter
    richfictionfighter 29 days ago +25

    Parasite is my favourite 2019 movie so far

  • 랭티키 RengTIKI
    랭티키 RengTIKI 29 days ago

    Not long ago, the murderer of "Memories of Murder" was caught.

  • Jung Lee
    Jung Lee 29 days ago +27

    Wow best translator ever~! 통역이....환타스틱...영화도 번역하셨으면.......

    • Harry E
      Harry E 12 days ago +1

      하지만 우리나라 번역계에는 '어머니' 가 계시죠. 어림도 없지!!

  • whyzzy
    whyzzy 29 days ago +4

    13:30 this answer is aweeeeesome! it really shows how he works and how the story gets power in itself

  • 아리가또
    아리가또 29 days ago +13

    통역 지리네..

  • adamchol
    adamchol Month ago +28

    translation is ON POINT

  • Joe Redfield
    Joe Redfield Month ago +7

    at 16:00 he explains the reason, at least to me, why we relate to this film. Its that deep down I think your rooting for everyone to win. That is how I felt watching this film and the ending is what makes it so powerful.

  • TheBacLoL's
    TheBacLoL's Month ago +1

    Subtitles is more preferable here, because waiting kills the link.

  • Admanwalking
    Admanwalking Month ago +128

    A translator didn't miss anything from Mr.Bong. She is brilliant !!

    • ARA CHO
      ARA CHO 11 days ago

      She translated that he is very heathy :) actually Dir Bong kept grumbling he found many parts of his body creak then he regretted what he said and asked her to translate that he is just healthy.

    • Karol Młot
      Karol Młot 21 day ago

      Sorry for language mistakes. I see on other interview she (translator) taking notes on paper when Bong talking.

    • Eric Son
      Eric Son 27 days ago +7

      Agree!... she never missed anything... even nuance.

    • Kate Jung
      Kate Jung 29 days ago +8

      I agree. She is amazing!

    TOSHIO DS Month ago +1

    If he makes another hollywood movie again, I will be very interested. Imagine if he makes a DC black label movie. Best comic movie again for DC and Warner Brothers.

    • FramesPerSecond
      FramesPerSecond 20 days ago

      TOSHIO DS he actually hasn’t done a Hollywood film yet. Snowpiercer technically was an independent movie and a Korean co-production with several European countries. It would be great from him to do a Hollywood film but I wouldn’t want it to be a superhero movie tbh. Blockbusters don’t just have to be based on comic books!

  • Rob B
    Rob B Month ago +9

    I've always really liked his films and then I saw Parasite and this cemented his status as a genius.

  • Niclaus C
    Niclaus C Month ago +2

    Another english-language movie from Bong.....yesssssss

  • ROSEBUD 1999
    ROSEBUD 1999 Month ago +28

    정말이지 봉준호, 박찬욱, 이창동같은 걸출한 감독들이 없었다면 한국영화계가 과연 어떻게 되있었을지 상상도 하기 싫다.

    • dddk99
      dddk99 25 days ago +2

      @Stanley Yoon 굳이 영화를 이야기하는데 정치이야기를 끌고오는 이유가 뭔지 모르겠네요. 의심하실까봐 박근혜 개썅년^^

    • Stanley Yoon
      Stanley Yoon Month ago +13

      그런 그들을... 이명박그네 정부는 black list 😰

  • 홍성경
    홍성경 Month ago +90

    The translator is the best I've ever heard. She is amazing.

    • Alex Furnas
      Alex Furnas 19 days ago +1

      She's gotta be, every thought in this man's head is gold

    • ernieball20
      ernieball20 23 days ago +1

      Absolutely!!! 👍👍👍😎😎😎

    • byung park
      byung park 25 days ago +1

      i totally agree with this.

  • HJ Lee
    HJ Lee Month ago +13

    He is a national treasure, at least in Korea for sure!

  • roloug95
    roloug95 Month ago +59

    Parasite is my favourite film of 2019 and probably one of the best films I've ever watched in my life. What I would do to erase it from my memory and experience it for the first time again.

    • roloug95
      roloug95 20 days ago

      @FramesPerSecond Same! Which city out of curiosity? I'm in Adelaide Australia and it seems like we are one of the only country to have it for ages

    • FramesPerSecond
      FramesPerSecond 20 days ago +2

      roloug95 I’ve watched it 3 times in the cinemas! It’s been in my city since early August and is still showing!

  • Cloud Nine
    Cloud Nine Month ago +32

    와 봉준호 말 다 기억하고 통역해주는거 어렵겧다

    • PETBOY
      PETBOY Month ago +5

      그래서 극장 큐엔에이 이런곳에서는 봉준호가 끊어서 말하긴함. 원래 통역은 실시간으로 바로바로 해야 안 잊어먹는데. 축구 통역처럼. 이창동 q/a 한거 보니깐 안끊고 이야기 하니깐 엄청 힘들어 함 ㅋ

  • Rational Modifan
    Rational Modifan Month ago +3


  • 이르스
    이르스 Month ago

    i / need / translate/ !!

  • nini baba
    nini baba Month ago +97

    FYI, 2019 Sep. actual murderer from "Memories of Murder" got caught by DNA test.

    • whyzzy
      whyzzy 25 days ago +3

      @Sarah Amalina news.joins.com/article/23606326
      this is korean news article. you should use google translate. this article says that "another crime"-detective mis-catched the criminal on purpose. The real criminal is the one @nini baba mentioned.

    • Sarah Amalina
      Sarah Amalina 26 days ago


    • whyzzy
      whyzzy 29 days ago +4

      And the murderer confessed that he did another crimes which is not identified yet....so...bit scary :(

    • 김유선
      김유선 Month ago +9

      He was already in the prison for unrelated heavy crimes. A Institution which researches unsolved crime found it.

    • Sharwan Dsouza
      Sharwan Dsouza Month ago +10

      Woah damn

  • Sam Burgess
    Sam Burgess Month ago +43

    One of the world's smartest directors. All his films are phenomenal - Parasite is so good!

    • Fincher Brandhan
      Fincher Brandhan 22 days ago

      Sam Burgess so damn true. Smart is the right word👍

  • emm lu
    emm lu Month ago +3

    gasped when I saw this was uploaded. Would never have guessed!

  • 숨덕탈출
    숨덕탈출 Month ago +10

    한국인으로써 자랑스럽다 ㅋㅋ

  • Jaewoo
    Jaewoo Month ago +8

    6:06 6:33 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    • Jino Kim
      Jino Kim Month ago

      ㅋㅋ 통역분 착하시네요

  • Jim Long
    Jim Long Month ago +16

    I can’t wait to see parasite. I’ve watched every film since Memories of Murder, that final scene was great directing.