4 Levels of Pizza: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

  • Published on Jun 24, 2019
  • We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of pizza. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which pizza was the best?

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    4 Levels of Pizza: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious
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Comments • 10 035

  • Ami Phi
    Ami Phi 32 minutes ago

    Every other episode: Wow I learn so much from chef 3
    This episode: Chef 3 sucks, I know how to make a pizza better than chef 3

  • Cameron Conroy
    Cameron Conroy 34 minutes ago

    tbh...the level 3 one didn't even look all that good...

  • Moist Pudding
    Moist Pudding 48 minutes ago

    ahah.. ha..haaa... "this is my store bought dough..which is nice and..ready"...................

  • Fiorii Alaia
    Fiorii Alaia Hour ago

    level 1:thinks he can cook good
    level 2:want to look like a professional
    level 3:calling himself pro with a burnt pizza
    level 4: i skiped that part

  • Baldi
    Baldi Hour ago

    Level 1: I like to buy it from the store.

    Level 2: Do NOT buy it from a store.

    Level 3: I like to buy the store.

  • Beniel Thileepan
    Beniel Thileepan Hour ago

    Oh my, the level guy acts like the best pizza chef.

  • Elizabeth Mak
    Elizabeth Mak Hour ago

    Hey the level 1 is actually really good. He even roll out the dough and not that frozen round one and use arugula at the end. These three are really good!

  • Keri Harguess
    Keri Harguess 2 hours ago

    Beth’s looks the best! Yumm!

  • 1984bluesboy1984
    1984bluesboy1984 3 hours ago

    I might just be a stereotypical italian here, but I'd never eat any of that sauce, sorry

  • Brian Sounalath
    Brian Sounalath 4 hours ago

    RIP Richie

  • YameruSenpai
    YameruSenpai 5 hours ago

    So the pro burns the pizza ?

  • Berlin Follosco
    Berlin Follosco 5 hours ago

    I wanna eat the food scientist already

  • Josef Breker
    Josef Breker 10 hours ago

    Is it weird that in most of the episodes the level two food looks the most appetizing

  • Jocelyn Cortez
    Jocelyn Cortez 10 hours ago

    Stephen's pizza looked the best.

  • Polar
    Polar 11 hours ago +3

    level 0 pizza: bread with ketchup, tomatoes, oregano,cheese,ham,olive slices, and more cheese in that order

  • Mike Mckinnell
    Mike Mckinnell 11 hours ago

    I hope I find a Beth in my life. "This is a pizza for my richie"

  • 태평 오늘의 요리 TV

    im level 2

  • AOT Fangirl
    AOT Fangirl 13 hours ago

    Level 3 be like: The best time to start making your dough is October 19 every 8 years at 3:57 am because it really brings out the flavor, and let it rise for another 17 years because then you get a nice complex flavor, and then you have to grow your tomatoes, and you have to pick them right when they finish riping, not a day longer because or else your pizza will have an old rotten flavor. Then you have to grow all of your herbs and seasonings and weigh then all before crushing the tomatoes in with the herbs and seasonings into your sauce. Then you have to milk a cow at 6:21 pm and age that milk into cheese for 2 years, 11 months, 3 days, 6 hours, 49 minutes, 2 seconds, and 138 milliseconds. Then you spread 3/4 cups of sauce into the dough that is shaped in a circle that is 5 inches in radius and 1/3 of an inch in thickness. Then sprinkle just enough cheese to coat the pizza and the bake until golden brown. You must check the pizza in the oven every 37 seconds to make sure it doesn't burn. Then you can eat it.

  • Brandon Brown
    Brandon Brown 13 hours ago

    Make a new 4 levels no one cares about any of the other stuff

  • Bobby Hileman
    Bobby Hileman 13 hours ago

    The best part is the level one pizza looked the most delicious.

  • Majed Kalaoun
    Majed Kalaoun 14 hours ago

    Level 1: Been cooking for 2 years
    Level 2: Cooked for soldiers in WWI
    Level 3: Was a professional chef for 40 years
    Level 4: Literally a 12-year-old

  • Joelson Moon
    Joelson Moon 14 hours ago

    level one is my favorite he kinda reminds me of the frog from meet the robinsons.

  • Fatben
    Fatben 15 hours ago

    Level 5 cheese

  • Gary Edmondson
    Gary Edmondson 16 hours ago

    A gOoD gLoPy GlO

  • CurlyDoctor
    CurlyDoctor 16 hours ago

    when people are here looking at this because this is the 10,005th comment

  • Geometry Dash Element
    Geometry Dash Element 16 hours ago

    Anyone think the people who run epicurious had a big sigh when they heard mr italiano say "this is a 3 day dough:

  • pedro motta
    pedro motta 17 hours ago

    Black dude level 4 home lol

  • Jessica Shumpert
    Jessica Shumpert 17 hours ago

    Level 2 looks great but it needs SIGNIFICANTLY more cheese

  • yeolliepollie
    yeolliepollie 18 hours ago

    level 3: have an accent

  • DRIFT_Denys200810
    DRIFT_Denys200810 18 hours ago

    Level 1: Toyota ae86 “that one car people love it it is a bit expensive but it aint that good but people like it
    Level 2: Chevrolet corvette “a good performer but its commonly joked about it being a midlife crisis mobile”
    Level 3: Ferrari 458 “most iconic supercar but its not available for everyone”
    Level 4: modified Toyota supra outputting 900 hp “just as Lester from gta 5 says “he’s a pro not much else to say””

  • Gary Jackson
    Gary Jackson 19 hours ago

    Is just it me or does the pro chef say "calamari" and not "Kalamata" olives at 5m 29s?

  • Taize
    Taize 19 hours ago

    level 1 pizza is the best one xD

  • Mateus Ramalho
    Mateus Ramalho 19 hours ago

    Thats the good thing about pizza, they all looked and probably tasted good, you can do it in many ways and they're still tasty.
    Damn, I love pizza.

  • Minstrawberry0gurt !
    Minstrawberry0gurt ! 20 hours ago

    I’m as straight as the home cooks
    Piece shape somewhat straight.

  • Lol Lol
    Lol Lol 21 hour ago +2

    Grandma: "motsadella"
    Me: I love it 👌🏻

    Level 3: "parmsan"


    Grandma: "soce"
    Me: adorable!

    Level 3: "daw"
    Me: BTCH

  • Jade McL
    Jade McL 21 hour ago

    The level 3 guy sounds like the shame wizard

  • Raphael Attard
    Raphael Attard 21 hour ago +1

    Yea cus at 8 p.m im gonna want to cook some damn sausages and to remember the order of the different cheeses.....you wish....also i never new that *mozzarel* is a fancy way of saying mozzarella (im looking at you beth).....i mean c mon 2 letters.
    Like and Comment!!

  • YuTube Spitter
    YuTube Spitter 22 hours ago

    i wish i was ritchie

  • Rakeshh M
    Rakeshh M 22 hours ago

    9:25 god I really hate that annoying b*tch.

  • The Twin team
    The Twin team 22 hours ago

    I think the level three chefs dough has a lot of flavor

  • Kirsty Ferguson
    Kirsty Ferguson 23 hours ago

    Level 1: Amateur
    Level 2: Home Cook
    Level 3: Pro Chef
    Level 4: Dominoes

  • mavallarino
    mavallarino 23 hours ago

    Pizza is like sex. Even horrible pizzas like these can still be pretty good!

  • mavallarino
    mavallarino 23 hours ago

    All incorrect pizzas. This is why I love TVclip!!!

  • IshmeetPlayz YT
    IshmeetPlayz YT Day ago

    Why is it that my moms pizza looks and I think would taste better than the pro chef

  • Orsolya Farkas
    Orsolya Farkas Day ago

    I think I could eat all the 3 pizzas, all of them looked so delicious, maybe I loved level 1 a lil bit more from the outside.

  • Paromita Ganguly

    Dear 4th level observer... Kindly dress well. You like a homeless.

  • omZPlayzHD
    omZPlayzHD Day ago +1

    Why tf is the food scientist like 14 years old

  • omZPlayzHD
    omZPlayzHD Day ago +1

    This whole comment section is just Level 3 memes

  • Aristotle Bolisay

    Other people:mozzerela

  • cornz38
    cornz38 Day ago

    Message to Sim. Your pizza has the charatersitics of a wood fired oven because you BURNT it!

  • cornz38
    cornz38 Day ago

    No one is going to spend 3 days making posh bread and cheese.

  • # 7
    # 7 Day ago

    The amateur chef was unintentionally or intentionally maybe very funny

  • Dat Vk
    Dat Vk Day ago

    Started in 1973
    First pizza ready in 2019

  • groupsphera
    groupsphera Day ago

    This pizzas are hot, but not so hot as your food scientist...

  • Jam Collins
    Jam Collins Day ago

    Why don’t nobody eat the food 😩

  • Tenten Roque
    Tenten Roque Day ago

    Stephen's Pizza look like's it's made by a cheff 😂😂😂

  • Ashley G.
    Ashley G. Day ago

    I can barely understand what level 3 chef says

  • Starry Starr
    Starry Starr Day ago

    A three day dough! Wtf im hungry noww😫

  • Tast RentalClock

    anyone else think level one was the best

  • Jason Justian
    Jason Justian Day ago +1

    Level 1: got this dough from Wal-Mart
    Level 2: made this dough over night with a simple recipe
    Level 3: I'm going to use a 298 year old recipe. First we but a flour mill.

  • OverAchiever 4
    OverAchiever 4 Day ago +1

    Level 1 Chef: This jarred sauce will do the trick
    Level 2 Chef: The sauce is my sister’s, the dough is my uncle’s, the cheese is my dad’s, and I’m dedicating this pizza to my step-bro
    Level 3 Chef: I was the one who mined the metal used to make this oven plus I raised and milked the cow for the cheese

  • Renee S
    Renee S Day ago

    My fav was Chef 1. The ingredients, amount of sauce... forget the cheese, use Chef 3's cheese... prefect doneness! Muah!

  • Smiley Boi
    Smiley Boi Day ago

    Don't know why it's not a circle but ok

  • Name Nachname Geh
    Name Nachname Geh Day ago +1

    But where are them pineapples?!

  • just takewalk
    just takewalk Day ago

    i would prefer level 1

  • infiltrateassimilate

    14 year old food scientist again, not watching this.

  • 「 evelyn 」
    「 evelyn 」 Day ago

    i turned on subtitles and at 6:30 it said:
    i never put oil in my dog, i put oil on the dog

  • ʏɪɢɢᴇʀ
    ʏɪɢɢᴇʀ Day ago

    stephens looked the best

  • German Galvis
    German Galvis Day ago

    What type of /brand is the oven used in level 3?

  • MyEnemy
    MyEnemy Day ago +1

    Level 3 sounds like Alan Rickman.