How do you feel about Playoffs? | 2019 #LEC Summer Playoffs

  • Published on Aug 20, 2019
  • The LEC Summer Playoffs are around the corner, let’s talk it out! Tune in on August 23rd, 18:00 CET to kick off with the LEC Summer Playoffs 2019.
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  • Chrontard
    Chrontard Month ago

    sjokz what a teacher

  • Acejakk
    Acejakk Month ago +4

    LCK and LPL do have a great level of play. Can't say the same thing for LCS.
    What I can say about LEC is that it's a SHOW worth watching at all levels. Good level of play, entertaining play-style, God-like production, you name it, they have it.

  • soura mpagiapon
    soura mpagiapon Month ago

    i feel like cringe

  • Outer Dimension
    Outer Dimension Month ago +1

    I feel like Sjokz Kreygasm

  • Resistance Unnamed
    Resistance Unnamed Month ago


  • yloibx
    yloibx Month ago

    I feel like I am silver 3 and every game I played, there is one or two bronze in my team while enemy team has no bronze players according to records and those bronze players fed. eu west xRevia

  • Jack Wesker
    Jack Wesker Month ago


  • tdagarim10
    tdagarim10 Month ago

    This is golden!!!

  • Ahmed
    Ahmed Month ago

    omg LEC content is on FIRE

  • Psy Notts
    Psy Notts Month ago

    i feel like its a nice rolex on his wrist

  • Tetsu
    Tetsu Month ago

    i feel like league is dying

  • Ertyez
    Ertyez Month ago +3

    "We want to swap 'Top' to contest the Herald, he's always taking my wife"


  • BrotherBloat
    BrotherBloat Month ago

    Did Rito just make a sketch about therapy? :thonking:

  • Gh0sT
    Gh0sT Month ago +2

    Manually dialing a memorized phone number on a desk phone ... it's 2003 all over again!

  • KariKY ?
    KariKY ? Month ago

    I feel like im watching brazzers video..

  • Bill Williams
    Bill Williams Month ago

    Came for LoL stayed for the sweet sweet upskirt.

  • Mister Titus
    Mister Titus Month ago


  • Gren Schoneich
    Gren Schoneich Month ago

    XDDDDDDDDD quality content

    +sjokz Kreygasm

  • In Christ I Rest
    In Christ I Rest Month ago

    Think, think .... don’t stop thinking. It is very important XD

  • Lino Tino
    Lino Tino Month ago

    am I the only one who feel like threesome here ?

  • Wassim Charradi
    Wassim Charradi Month ago

    i feel like i wanna kill my jg when he take my farm that tilt me 100000%

  • Ahmed D Baha
    Ahmed D Baha Month ago

    i feel like am depressed

  • Synday
    Synday Month ago +1

    this is my jungle and me when talking about redbuff :/

  • IVM Mystic
    IVM Mystic Month ago

    Everybody in the comments nutting to Sjoks as always lmao

  • just dxskv
    just dxskv Month ago +1

    I feel like Id like to have some noisy night with sjokz in this uniform

  • Alexander Tiebergijn
    Alexander Tiebergijn Month ago +4

    I feel like that Xayah & Rakan card on the desk looks great!! :)

  • Zeke's Convergence
    Zeke's Convergence Month ago +6

    next episode needs to be Caps complaining about Wunder getting the Kha Zix :D

  • shtgun
    shtgun Month ago +1

    i feel like 2019

  • Paul Mutzel
    Paul Mutzel Month ago

    I feel like this was too close to the truth! ;D

  • Konkwistador Jerzy
    Konkwistador Jerzy Month ago

    Gimme Jankos and Grabbz

  • Modliszka V2
    Modliszka V2 Month ago


  • Corey Molloy
    Corey Molloy Month ago +1

    Man LEC have just be absolutely killing it on promos this year, super creative stuff.

  • Zachari Plouff
    Zachari Plouff Month ago +1

    EUW cringe région as usual

  • tastemysaucer
    tastemysaucer Month ago


  • SoNemesis
    SoNemesis Month ago

    Sjokz kreygasm

  • couronne100
    couronne100 Month ago

    Really weird casting couch episode..

  • Jakub Marszałek
    Jakub Marszałek Month ago

    Thats gold

  • Kaboom Baby
    Kaboom Baby Month ago

    How do you feel about workspace sexual harassment and discrimination?

  • mob namja
    mob namja Month ago +2

    I Feel Like I wanna change production. Can i change my production??? PLZ?

  • super mangaka
    super mangaka Month ago +1

    BIG XD

  • Lazy
    Lazy Month ago

    I'D 🦴 SKOJZ 👉👌

  • FilthyJuan
    FilthyJuan Month ago

    "he's always taking my wife"

  • XS237
    XS237 Month ago

    i feel like they were half serious in those statements

  • Zoe Harnett
    Zoe Harnett Month ago

    Peter: Mr. Stark, I feel so good!

  • ליאור ריז'י
    ליאור ריז'י Month ago +1

    Never knew I needed skojz in shrink custum till now !

  • Tinheart Nowak
    Tinheart Nowak Month ago

    I feel like Sjokz is hot af

  • Ralph Pena
    Ralph Pena Month ago

    I feel like G2 are gonna 3-0 or 3-1 everyone

  • Osmar Montesinos
    Osmar Montesinos Month ago +6

    I don't know how i feel but you look so good Dr. Sjokz

  • linus jönsson
    linus jönsson Month ago

    the molly is strong in this one

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago

    if feel like we want urf back

  • mahdi mallahi
    mahdi mallahi Month ago


  • Davee
    Davee Month ago

    I feel like NA is still trash.

  • Michael Scytale
    Michael Scytale Month ago +2

    Sjokz's legs are so perfect 😍

  • James Parrilla
    James Parrilla Month ago

    I feel like i’ve seen this before, but on a different site 🤔

  • Kristoffer Eliasson


  • Melnia
    Melnia Month ago +4

    I feel like the next one will be Perkz and Caps complaining about sharing Midlaner pool

  • salim niazi
    salim niazi Month ago

    I feel like schalke will get upset in quarters

  • Tokyo Mystery
    Tokyo Mystery Month ago

    this scene is familiar

  • Mercury
    Mercury Month ago +2

    Backroom casting couch

  • Georgian Cojocaru
    Georgian Cojocaru Month ago +20

    And once again I can see Sjokz fine legs xd