A Saudi, an Indian and an Iranian walk into a Qatari bar ... | Maz Jobrani

  • Published on Dec 12, 2012
  • Iranian-American comedian Maz Jobrani takes to the TEDxSummit stage in Doha, Qatar to take on serious issues in the Middle East -- like how many kisses to give when saying "Hi," and what not to say on an American airplane.
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 5 217

  • Doug H. in VA
    Doug H. in VA 7 hours ago

    not funny...boring

  • Marvin Montgomery
    Marvin Montgomery 12 hours ago

    3rd world bullshit keep them in the Sharia shithole that they came from BUILD THE WALL SEND THE ILLEGAL ALIENS BACK

  • Donna Hilton
    Donna Hilton 23 hours ago

    I was glad to see people laughing, even if being gently heckled.

  • Master of everything hualngo

    Its not something strange at all... I am sure none of you would see a guy in white arab attire laughed out loud. Maybe some smile at best.. M

  • serene peace
    serene peace Day ago

    Laugh is a good medicine . I use to giggle without shame.

  • YeshuaRedeemed
    YeshuaRedeemed 2 days ago

    Arabic is my favorite language, and I really encourage my Middle Eastern friends to know, that not all Americans hate you. In fact, I love you.

  • Joe McCaffery
    Joe McCaffery 3 days ago

    Misunderstandings, like say making sure your wife is covered from head to toe in case some ‘stranger’ takes offence and loses the plot because he literally can’t mind his own business.

  • Joe McCaffery
    Joe McCaffery 3 days ago

    A very practised routine, he knows better that’s why, he doesn’t want a bomb in his car afterwards or the standard death threat’s.

  • Pavel T
    Pavel T 3 days ago

    So...where's the bar joke?

  • طراوت رامسر

    ماز جبرانی یک مزدور وخائن به ایرانه .لابی ملایان دزد وقاتل . مایع ننگ ماست .

  • Hubert Cumberdale
    Hubert Cumberdale 3 days ago

    He's fuckin' garbage.

  • Justice Acheampong
    Justice Acheampong 4 days ago

    😄😅 he’s funny!!

  • sarrah fox
    sarrah fox 4 days ago +2

    Arabs are the most racist people in the galaxy .
    I've experienced that in Egypt and Saudi Arabia

    • yaboi_memelord
      yaboi_memelord Day ago

      sarrah fox so not just on Earth... but the WHOLE damn galaxy. Wow. That’s some intense racism then.

  • Jana Lampert
    Jana Lampert 7 days ago

    Intelligent humour 👏👏👏

  • Ray Richards
    Ray Richards 8 days ago

    Well done.

  • Phillip Jenkins
    Phillip Jenkins 8 days ago

    This guy was funny. Good job.

  • seaboy0077
    seaboy0077 8 days ago

    Hilarious! every time I watch this small talk by Maz I laghter aloud even gets me into tears :)

  • Flat Foot
    Flat Foot 9 days ago

    Look at the beautiful woman at 4:31. She looks like she just got beat.

  • Ea Wy
    Ea Wy 9 days ago

    Why don't all of us treat each other this way? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Darth Killhoon
    Darth Killhoon 9 days ago

    I'd go to Israel and Jordan for tourism, Iraq or Kuwait for deployment

  • Carlo defalco
    Carlo defalco 9 days ago

    because jokes , comedy ,, etc is a western thing...

  • Punk Domain
    Punk Domain 10 days ago

    Absolute Bollocks!

  • Lerum Lae
    Lerum Lae 10 days ago

    And.... Jobrani was probably beheaded after this show.

  • Keshava
    Keshava 10 days ago +3

    Sir why dont you drive sir? 😂
    He is talented ❤

  • Harry Podtwin
    Harry Podtwin 10 days ago

    birdsndogsTV said : " he mentioned arab spring and he talked about revolution and still got out alive... " ;
    REPLY: One never heard of an "Arab or Pakistani or Chinese spring " .... Firstly, a "Spring" is associated with small birds like Cardinals, Robins, Chickadees, Sparrows, Woodpeckers, etc... One never sees those birds in Arabia, Pakistan or China... And if one does, they are almost always intermingled in the desert-sand-oil, and are flattened by American Abram M1A1 Main-Battle-Tanks, and wind up on some little kid's scrap book with wings a-flattened for "Show-an'-Tell in Kindergarten" ... So one is not really sure what an "Arab-Spring (Or Pakistani or Chinese spring)", could really mean...
    Was it to do with Vultures, Cactus, Bamboo-cars and mirages?

  • birdsndogsTV
    birdsndogsTV 11 days ago +6

    he mentioned arab spring and he talked about revolution and still got out alive... that's a real talent 😂

  • John Wick
    John Wick 11 days ago

    it is always 3

    NANGYALAY O BARYALAY 11 days ago

    Good ond😊

  • Mahammed Faizee
    Mahammed Faizee 11 days ago

    This last warns for you....just go serch another job..another subjects....get striet way..

  • Mahammed Faizee
    Mahammed Faizee 11 days ago

    Hello man...you are joker....but another time not joke and funny indians...you know you are one of the joker man...just stop insult pepoles...all world peoles half mentolens half vip half intilegens ok man not...your number one lie..

    TOUCH ME 11 days ago

    This guy is very guilty, with the name of comedy show, he just spitting on Arabian people/Middle East people/Creating big gap against/between Qatar and rest Arab countries indirectly on Muslims.

    BIG DADDY EGGBOTNIC 11 days ago

    the title is funny enough i didnt need to watch it , bombs are fun la la la i hate dogs

  • Pedro toMCat
    Pedro toMCat 11 days ago +9

    Damn. English is my third language, but i need about 10sec to get that "hi jack...!"

  • iAmYou
    iAmYou 12 days ago

    Lol those Arabs though

  • Michael Macluskie
    Michael Macluskie 12 days ago

    Muslims are rubbish at trying to be comedians....all there childish jokes we already heard when we were in primary school.

  • Aktoy ben Salem
    Aktoy ben Salem 12 days ago

    Hahahahahahaaaaaaa hilarious

  • lord Ray Tv NEE Eseigbe
    lord Ray Tv NEE Eseigbe 12 days ago +2

    Feels good to see y’all laugh🙌🏿

  • mohd Saif
    mohd Saif 13 days ago +1

    He is a bad influence, when he start to make jokes about different nationality also skin colors, Nooooooo for raises

  • Dell Johnson
    Dell Johnson 13 days ago

    The Political ending wasnt that funny..true..but the truth can hurt..most was funny..

  • Alleyup1994USA
    Alleyup1994USA 13 days ago

    The bartender was a Jew

  • Anon
    Anon 14 days ago

    And the joke?
    A Saudi, an Indian and an Iranian walk into a Qatari bar

  • Anon
    Anon 14 days ago

    And the joke?
    A Saudi, an Indian and an Iranian walk into a Qatari bar

  • Eran Gallage
    Eran Gallage 14 days ago

    I thought TED is for motivational speakers .. not for comedians

  • Pal Tomori
    Pal Tomori 14 days ago

    BTW FCK Islam !

  • Claudia Templaria
    Claudia Templaria 14 days ago

    Qatar is not part of the middle East....it belongs to the Gulf countries.

  • EZ RC
    EZ RC 14 days ago

    5:35 the ladys face -- too funny

  • ali adnan
    ali adnan 15 days ago

    Where are the jokes rediculous

  • Full on Timepass
    Full on Timepass 16 days ago +1


  • Noor Sethi
    Noor Sethi 16 days ago +3

    I like the way he says "strawberry"
    Very Arab (although I'm not arab but I know)

  • Jane Kay
    Jane Kay 16 days ago

    My gosh there is one lady in the audience sitting next to her husband and if looks could kill lol..

  • Dr. AxY
    Dr. AxY 16 days ago

    He sound like Russel Peters.

  • Harry Podtwin
    Harry Podtwin 17 days ago

    @ Kelvin Foote, said: "In fact, the Indian , unless they were a Muslim Indian, would most likely be the butt of the joke. And if they protested, they'd most likely feel the butt of a rifle clattering around their earholes!".
    Dear Kuntlin Foote, Firstly, alll the "Indians" you see in middle east are Pakistani-muslims, Bangladeshi-muslims and Indian-muslims - Non-muslims of India long stopped going to middle-east since around the 70s' and 80's. Before that, the non-muslim Indians only went there as Engineers, Doctors and Businessmen.
    So if you want to come to India (or other parts in South-East Asia and try that joke where "non-Muslim Indians are the butt of the joke", the only thing YOUR butt will feel is a long rifle making another hole in YOURS. Now if you say you are non-Middle-Easterner like a chinese or european-of-some-tripe... Well, it will be equally funny...
    So please do visit India and try that joke of yours... I believe the Gujarat state will be a very receptive audience for your kind...

  • Raju Srivastava
    Raju Srivastava 18 days ago


  • Ahmad Machine Mesin
    Ahmad Machine Mesin 19 days ago

    You say this subject is senitive let us and israel do the killing than all arab will submit to their god mr mbs king of saudi

  • Ahmad Machine Mesin
    Ahmad Machine Mesin 19 days ago

    Arabs proudly saya islamic brotherhood that religion kill more arab than than outside invader stre ur eyes in yamen religion burning the whole yamen into extinction.is this religion of peace or religion of hatred. Saudi and kharsogy death religion of peace, . This religion will suck into the black hole of holly war civil war until every arabs dissapear from the so call arab world

  • Ahmad Machine Mesin
    Ahmad Machine Mesin 19 days ago

    Arabs are so ignorant and backward knows how to kill other muslim. Inly better ask israelal to rule saudi kick the king into the oil well

  • Ahmad Machine Mesin
    Ahmad Machine Mesin 19 days ago

    Saudi is a dongkey.

  • FireAkaPop
    FireAkaPop 19 days ago

    i am israeli and i love saudis they are nice and cozy :)

  • Kartikay Bhardwaj
    Kartikay Bhardwaj 19 days ago

    5M views are from indians only...

  • syarif basri
    syarif basri 21 day ago

    saudi arabia @ we've built the tallest building in the world
    qatar @ we are one of the leader to producing oil
    iran @we are one of the leader on Space technology ranked 9th globally and High developed nano. laser
    technology and also one the leader to producing oil

    india@ we drank urine cow and still alive

    • Benaka
      Benaka 20 days ago

      Indians have launched a mars project, which succeded in the first try ever.
      We have the world record of sending most satellites into space with single rocket.
      If iran is 9th, we are 5th in space technology... you idiot...
      Ok, recent one,
      We have the tallest statue in the world,
      Statue of unity.

  • JakulaithWolff
    JakulaithWolff 21 day ago +1

    The tile was a good hook to attract people. Most people are too ignorant to want to hear anybody talk about certain politics.

  • JakulaithWolff
    JakulaithWolff 21 day ago +1

    I thought it was a stand-up comedy for a sceond lol

  • JakulaithWolff
    JakulaithWolff 21 day ago +2

    This is golden xD

  • songs KA
    songs KA 22 days ago +1

    Ur Indian accent is wrong..u talk like Egyptian..

  • Aditya Rai
    Aditya Rai 22 days ago

    Ahlam bhalam bakhleial hambah almbakhla

  • Marco Tonta
    Marco Tonta 22 days ago

    every time i re-watch this show i feel so bad for the middle eastern people . How the media has been portraying them for years without really knowing them. They all look so nice friendly and happy in this audience..

  • Joey Jacob
    Joey Jacob 23 days ago +1

    Rusell peters...heard his name..

  • Travis Devos
    Travis Devos 25 days ago

    This guy is good. But i wouldn't go to the middle east for a $1,000,000.

    • Ahmed al shahri
      Ahmed al shahri 22 days ago

      Travis Devos lol I guess $ 100 is more than enough to get u to the ME

  • __
    __ 25 days ago

    A LOT of empties

  • Ravindra Joshi
    Ravindra Joshi 26 days ago

    Awesome 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • fingercrack
    fingercrack 26 days ago

    qatari women just...gorgeous !!

  • Refat Rabadi
    Refat Rabadi 27 days ago

    Laughter people together..

  • Adam Mangler
    Adam Mangler 27 days ago +1

    Oh dear - fail.

  • Praveen Katariya
    Praveen Katariya 27 days ago +7

    Did anyone notice the significant number of really beautiful women in the audience...

  • Vidhi Shukla
    Vidhi Shukla 27 days ago

    Didn't know Ted ran out of speakers so they invited stand up comedians.

  • Ivica Mijatovic
    Ivica Mijatovic 27 days ago

    Just amazing :)

  • Ngawang Phuntsho
    Ngawang Phuntsho 28 days ago

    Hi jack 😂 😂 🤣 😭

  • Krishna Murari
    Krishna Murari 28 days ago

    misleading title ; stupid talk

  • bhatzful
    bhatzful 28 days ago

    Im happy to see Arabs laugh at his jokes! I hope they are always happy and not always serious and hard people to be with.

    • bhatzful
      bhatzful 27 days ago

      +Mary K I like Syrians..I have a Syrian employer before.And I went to Syria already. And most of the people I meet there were so friendly of me...I have on the otherhand had an Lebanese boss also..and shes different,difficult and hard person...and I was expose also to some Arabs..most of them had strong personality.Yeah maybe when they are around their fellow Arabs,they laugh.But with other nationalities, esp 3rd world...they are serious and hard to be with.

    • Mary K
      Mary K 27 days ago

      Do you think arabs are serious and hard to be with usually? Why? We laugh and joke around all the time, despite many of us having been through a lot of tragedies in life. I'm saying this as a Syrian.

  • John Osborne
    John Osborne 29 days ago

    Stuff like this can bring people together . And we need it bad wether we know it or not. American (Irish and English) decent.

  • mennatallah aly
    mennatallah aly Month ago +2

    I had to watch this for a class but it's hella funny

    SELAHPAUSE Month ago

    This is the guy that did the famous happy Birthday dance on in living color

  • Too Clutch TV
    Too Clutch TV Month ago +9

    Iran and arabs are middle eastern brothers with a shared middle eastern culture one day we will unite

  • Melissa Wittwer
    Melissa Wittwer Month ago

    Middle eastern women are so beautiful.

  • TilZen
    TilZen Month ago

    Qataris are idiots

  • Alain Deloin
    Alain Deloin Month ago

    Fake laugh
    Everything is fake in this place
    They keep trafitional clothes but they have all one God.....US DOLLAR

  • 左 左
    左 左 Month ago

    Russellllll: Indians like to work at the airport

  • Chandrasekaran Vaidyanathan

    I have been a great fan of TED, ever since the beginning of TED... Watched thousands of talks that enlightened me on a variety of subjects.. I heard some of the best brains... But I am so saddened to see such pedestrian content... My trust and belief in TED to give quality content is seriously sinking... If TED fails, even the faint hopes for sanity to survive in social media just vanishes...

  • Varissa Varissa
    Varissa Varissa Month ago

    My dad Arab my mom Iranian and I’m American and no i don’t get he’s jokes lol

  • Ashish Verma
    Ashish Verma Month ago

    Anyone seen Russel Peters?

  • Ali Zakaria
    Ali Zakaria Month ago

    Hahaha..this guy is funny..😂

  • RIchard Davidson
    RIchard Davidson Month ago

    Its to hot they know. lol. And, one two three, I can believe you support this regime.

  • johnson
    johnson Month ago

    I started goin to Mid East since 1981 to 2016 due to work commitments. To me, its a SHITHOLE.

  • Katy Davidovich
    Katy Davidovich Month ago

    It’s a joke a Jew can’t be in lolz it’s illegal for him to go there. Are we working on our Islamophobia? Because it’s great the country mentioned is exactly where Muslim people should be! Great example spread it!

  • luca wulzer
    luca wulzer Month ago

    what about an israeli in a qatari bar?

  • Spectator 1
    Spectator 1 Month ago +22

    In morocco we kiss 4 times. Be aware

  • bordertide
    bordertide Month ago

    All the problems of this beautiful planet could be addressed better by comedians than any number of self serving spineless politicians.

  • Carlos J Cintrón
    Carlos J Cintrón Month ago

    Clean culture comedy... EVERYONE LAUGHED

  • Arhamm Sirkhit
    Arhamm Sirkhit Month ago

    Ye he made sensitive points joke and after cracking, every time he was in pause to see the reactions..... 🙄
    Notice him again his face expressions..... But☝️ when he heard n see😁
    He was relaxed

  • Dulitha Tharuka
    Dulitha Tharuka Month ago

    Respect for mentioning my country. SRI LANKA.