Marriage is a SCAM | Stand up comedy by Anand Rathnam

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
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    I am here again with my second stand up video and in this video I talk about what I think about this informal merger and acquisition called Marriage and why I feel I am not ready for it.
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    Venue - The Habitat comedy and music cafe, Mumbai.
    Editing and Sound mixing - Joteen Patro
    Written and Performed by - Anand Rathnam
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Comments • 820

  • Samidha khurana
    Samidha khurana 19 minutes ago

    you are an awesome comedian.

  • Tennis India
    Tennis India 41 minute ago

    I laughed the entire time... I usually just "laugh on the inside"...
    This just cracked me up!


    It's "The road not taken"

  • Chaitanya Kirpekar

    Been a long time I actually liked 👍 stand-up comedy.

  • Shashank Shekhar
    Shashank Shekhar 2 hours ago

    Utterly fluent.. Beyond funny.. I genuinely laughed , not just felt ticklish..!! Great work dude.

  • Joseph Ralph
    Joseph Ralph 8 hours ago +1

    Marriage is really shit. Society pressure and parental pressure i am forced to do it.

  • Asli Vani
    Asli Vani 9 hours ago

    Brilliant! Intelligent! Spot-on! Awesome :D

  • Ajit Kar
    Ajit Kar 12 hours ago

    Man you are so underrated. Keep up the good work👌

  • Kindness
    Kindness 12 hours ago

    Refreshing content...

  • Daisy Tapir
    Daisy Tapir 13 hours ago

    Hahaha 😂🌹🌹💞

  • Daisy Tapir
    Daisy Tapir 13 hours ago

    Hahaha 😂🌹🌹💞

  • Achsah Alex
    Achsah Alex 14 hours ago


  • manas mohapatra
    manas mohapatra 16 hours ago

    Really don’t know why people use the word fucking so often without any reason show modernity or to show smart..really it hearts.....just try to count number of f*** used...

  • Siddhartha Saha
    Siddhartha Saha 18 hours ago

    This happens in standup... real life is shit 😭

  • Ambesh Kumar
    Ambesh Kumar 23 hours ago

    Mast hai be !! Love from Gorakhpur

  • Mukul A
    Mukul A Day ago

    Dude you were amazing,now that's the kind of humour everyone loves to see without any profanity and bad language. You jokes were simply too good. Loved the whole act.
    Roy Ban Fan

  • Kalpana Devi
    Kalpana Devi Day ago

    Brilliant 👌

  • soumya adhya
    soumya adhya Day ago

    "Roy Ban" 🤣🤣

  • jayaveeran
    jayaveeran Day ago

    "So broke you cant afford nostalgia" Brilliant!

  • Adil Siddiqui
    Adil Siddiqui Day ago

    You were the presentation...

  • Aditi Upadhye
    Aditi Upadhye Day ago

    Too good!

  • sreekar chintala


  • rincure
    rincure Day ago +1

    Too good.... Atlast some grown up comedy!... Laughed too hard today!

  • fxyzxn •
    fxyzxn • Day ago

    Kyrie 😀

  • naved malim
    naved malim Day ago

    Machadiya bhai 🤟

  • Nav V
    Nav V Day ago

    Marriage is a natural way to reduce testosterone.

  • dalliboy RT
    dalliboy RT Day ago

    Don't know why i clicked. But i glad i did

  • Ganesh Narvane
    Ganesh Narvane Day ago +1

    A rare comedy with full of intelligence...

  • Rishin roy
    Rishin roy Day ago

    3:14 Yeah I've read that poem

  • Red X
    Red X 2 days ago

    The Punchlines are so on point man.
    Might want to get some buildup before throwing them. Will have more impact.
    #constructive #criticism

  • Kruthik h.m
    Kruthik h.m 2 days ago

    The road not taken !!!

  • Saurabh Banerjee
    Saurabh Banerjee 2 days ago

    This hits home tooo hard

  • Commando HRD
    Commando HRD 2 days ago +8

    The road less travelled travelled-M. Scott peck
    The road not taken taken -Robert Frost✅✅

  • Snehafication!
    Snehafication! 2 days ago

    Nice and smart lines!! (But would have been better without any f words) ^_^

  • SreeVidhya Bharadwaj

    SUPERB 😄😄😄😄

  • Jyothsna Sarah
    Jyothsna Sarah 3 days ago

    Not a dull moment this entire video!

  • Sri Krishna Sahoo
    Sri Krishna Sahoo 3 days ago

    nice video naveen richard!

  • Aabha Mathews
    Aabha Mathews 3 days ago

    Dude. You need sleep dude....

  • Biplab Kumar Nayak
    Biplab Kumar Nayak 3 days ago

    Gucci with single C😂😂😆

  • Tirth Patel
    Tirth Patel 3 days ago

    Amazingly written...great jokes

  • pankaj pintu
    pankaj pintu 3 days ago

    Haha.. So good

  • Akshay Wadekar YT
    Akshay Wadekar YT 3 days ago +41

    No one:
    Standup comedians: I'm broke and single.

  • fluorescent picaso
    fluorescent picaso 3 days ago

    Bruh u made my day 🤣

  • tymus
    tymus 4 days ago

    Pure comedy bro!
    Hats off

  • Swathi K
    Swathi K 4 days ago

    Would have been nice if you had used less f**k word. Else good.

  • Vanessa Zen
    Vanessa Zen 4 days ago +25

    Haven't watched such an intelligent, tightly-scripted comic strip in a long time. Great work!

  • Ayushi Gaur
    Ayushi Gaur 5 days ago

    Saw you at the opening of a rahul Subramaniam show, knew right then you deserve a show of your own! Great work!👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    • Anand
      Anand  5 days ago

      My first video is from the same show! Please watch that as well😊

  • Madhumonti Singh
    Madhumonti Singh 6 days ago

    7:21 There is hope 😬🤭

  • Vaibhav Sahastrabuddhe

    This is sad comedy

  • Sanjib Gogoi
    Sanjib Gogoi 6 days ago

    Very nice

  • Ankit Singh
    Ankit Singh 7 days ago


  • Mary James
    Mary James 7 days ago

    His beautiful past... My evening snack.😅

  • anmol verma
    anmol verma 8 days ago

    Awesome Man! Truly amazing!

  • nan sat
    nan sat 8 days ago

    Amazing flow and so different from those stupid jokes. 👌👏👏

  • rahul Rawat
    rahul Rawat 9 days ago +8

    is it "A road less traveled" or "The road not taken."

  • Mohna Priyanka
    Mohna Priyanka 9 days ago +4

    "Yo, Robert Frost, what to do?" 😂😂
    Roy Ban, a Ray Ban that went to a Bengali government school 🤣🤣
    Captain Jack Subramani, pirates of the Kanyakumari 😂😂😂

  • Sanath Arya
    Sanath Arya 9 days ago


  • Saranya P.P
    Saranya P.P 9 days ago

    Omg!! He's too good.. 🤣😂😂

  • Sha_hna
    Sha_hna 10 days ago

    “ The road less traveled “ high school poem

  • Gulmohar Veena
    Gulmohar Veena 11 days ago

    'The communist Ray ban, cares for poor people'.. Bang on set man.. Truly LOLed...😍😍