• Published on Nov 13, 2018
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Comments • 455

  • runJDrun
    runJDrun  6 months ago +63

    oh.....some of ya'll mad mad

    • Nucky Anime
      Nucky Anime 2 months ago +1

      Ur so right ;·-· their weird looking

    • Newbie Youtuber
      Newbie Youtuber 3 months ago

      Johnny King he said pikachu was a cat.

    • Newbie Youtuber
      Newbie Youtuber 3 months ago +1

      runJDrun mad that you thought Pikachu is a mouse/cat. His description says it clearly “electric mouse”and complaining about the fuzziness 😒

    • Nexus_Ghoul
      Nexus_Ghoul 5 months ago

      +Prince of Wallachi, Vlad Țepeș III naw he was right the first time. that movie does not count lol fuckkkk that. that was bootleg mario

    • xlta G
      xlta G 6 months ago

      иσт Kez bright morning huh

  • Dragon_Aries
    Dragon_Aries 5 days ago

    “Greninja’s arms look weirdly buff”
    I don’t know if he’s right, but... I think it would make sense. Those who have seen the movie might know why I was excited about that observation.

  • jordini Breeze
    jordini Breeze 18 days ago +1

    Listen you do not understand what the point of this is if you want a classic Pikachu in live-action the why don't you see what would Pikachu look like in live action and some crazy spooky as shit it makes sense that they make them furry and also did you know this is based on a game idiot

  • Steven Quast
    Steven Quast Month ago

    Oh nice, you listen to lofi hip hop

  • Imperial Spy
    Imperial Spy 2 months ago

    How the fuck did you think the hair on Jigglypuff's head was it's nose

  • Angelena Crowder
    Angelena Crowder 2 months ago


  • NoName
    NoName 3 months ago

    Imagine living your entire childhood thinking JigglyPuff had their nose located in their forehead
    Holy shit, i really wanna see his reaction to LickiTung. They don't look exactly like the original, the face proportions were changed and even i found it weird at first since everyone else looked exactly like the 2D versions, but they look awesome
    Only one thing is weird to me about Mime, he's going to be sassy?? Like, look at the face he makes at the new teaser. Non-sassy people are physically incapable to do that. Even though it's different, i dig the idea. I WANNA SEE MY SASSY BOY

  • The Latiator
    The Latiator 3 months ago

    Personally I think they look great! Tbh exactly how I imagined all these lil Pokèmon to look like in real life

  • zhuull1
    zhuull1 3 months ago

    I think you need more sleep. Also why are you acting like you played the game and trying to say that Detective Pikachu is supposed to have a higher voice? Reynolds voice is arguably to high as is since Detective Pikachu is supposed to have a deep gruff voice to go with the hard boiled detective trope that he embodies.
    Also the "fuzzy" thing, that was just straight up embarrassing to listen to.

  • Newbie Youtuber
    Newbie Youtuber 3 months ago

    Jigglypuff always makes that face when people fall asleep 💤

  • Ichigo hyuga
    Ichigo hyuga 4 months ago

    Pocket monster.. monsters after all I'm loving it

  • The_Raashad
    The_Raashad 5 months ago

    I dont know how to feel about the movie...I will say i not sold on Ryan Renolds as the voice of pikachu...Idk how to feel.... ?

  • Over Head
    Over Head 5 months ago

    I mean, it's a live action so obviously some Pokemon gonna looks different but I think they did really a good job for this movie, this could have been sooooo much worse...
    Just look at dragon Ball evolution or death note, it almost like it's not the show there base on !

  • EnderBorn
    EnderBorn 5 months ago

    the guys was living the jojo 5 expirience and didnt even know it unintencional double joke ill take it

  • Brian Gonzalez
    Brian Gonzalez 5 months ago +1

    “Psyduck cracked out in the backseat.” 😂

  • Braydine
    Braydine 5 months ago

    So im part of the notosquad but Im not seeing your vids post...its been a min....

  • Rainbow Dash
    Rainbow Dash 5 months ago

    Pikachu gets it's name from the Real animal the pikamouse it's a real animal look it up on Google man your mind will be blown

  • TheEnterpriseBarber dot com

    Horrifying 😂

  • Ben Layers
    Ben Layers 5 months ago

    the reason jigglypuff look mad is because h eget mad when you are sleeping because of his song.

  • Will Jones
    Will Jones 5 months ago

    Pikachu is a mouse... A big, electricity shooting mouse.... but a mouse none the less. Thats why he's furry.

  • Justin Maverick
    Justin Maverick 5 months ago

    Jiggly puff always got pissed off in the show because he wants to sing and everyone falls asleep so that makes sense, Ryan Reynolds as pikachu is legit the worst casting choice since Haden Christiansen as Darth Vader, the rest of the pokemon look pretty awesome but honestly mr. Mime made me pee myself a little bit.... he looks like pennywise's illegitimate son

  • Shawndell Rivers
    Shawndell Rivers 5 months ago

    I love the voice and it doesn't look wired to me i really like it

  • Nathan Anderson
    Nathan Anderson 5 months ago

    It's the textures like wtf...charmander should have scales like a those are the problem

  • Kevin Nivek
    Kevin Nivek 5 months ago

    So I was powering through this thinking the whole time that I should respect your opinion. Then! Sir! you said you thought Jiggly-puff's curl was her nose...

    So now I can say, You have every right to your opinions but they're stupid bro. When it comes to this trailer you're stupid.

    Answering your question at 15:35 Yes, you are out of the loop and No you do not know your Pokemon.

    Did you really want a cartoon-looking representation? The way they portray the Pokemon is great and I'm hyped from the trailer. The movie still has to be judged on it's entirety.

    The Pokemon having a certain facial expression in a few seconds of a scene is what you think they have the entire movie?

    Mr. Mime looks like Mr. Mime

    2:28 Yes I agree.

  • Dat Nguyen
    Dat Nguyen 5 months ago

    Can't you scroll by second using the arrow keys on your keyboard?

  • Samuël Hitijahubessy
    Samuël Hitijahubessy 6 months ago

    It’s his reaction! But yeh I don’t share your opinion on this one

    DANNY2OX 6 months ago

    12:49 WTF!!!???? LMAO!!! SERIOUSLY MAN!!??????

  • Jason Brister
    Jason Brister 6 months ago

    i can see they would be creapy in real life if you were ash you would be creaped out in the cartoon your bad there pocketmonster

  • Cyberwolf74
    Cyberwolf74 6 months ago

    Why is a mouse Fuzzy??? really?

  • Fredbear Delamater
    Fredbear Delamater 6 months ago

    You think this is scary? Watch Emoji Movie lol... It looks like a good movie tho

  • Legends Exist
    Legends Exist 6 months ago


  • RullyisJRM
    RullyisJRM 6 months ago

    I asked for this. MILLIONS of fans have asked for this since we were children. This has skyrocketed to the top of my list of most anticipated films of 2019.

  • The one who sucks
    The one who sucks 6 months ago

    If this is fake, then the people who made this need to get a life...

  • Ealaíne
    Ealaíne 6 months ago

    This movie looks great! Is it that people just really hate Pokémon? The Pokémon look pretty cute.

  • Uzouma
    Uzouma 6 months ago

    Trust me. this movie is going to be GREAT!!

  • SadBoiK
    SadBoiK 6 months ago

    they did mess up on jigglypuff tho. its too much puff and not enough jiggly lol

  • SadBoiK
    SadBoiK 6 months ago

    idk why you're tripping over the look, but then again after long debates with my friends on how anime creatures would look irl. i came to realize that most cute anime creatures would look creepy in live action so this is nothing to me lol

  • clockwork
    clockwork 6 months ago

    “These are monsters!”
    Yep pocket monsters.

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith 6 months ago

    14:51 "This is a monster movie."
    Well, they are Pocket Monsters.

  • pigjedi
    pigjedi 6 months ago

    Whine whine whine... Complain complain complain

  • Tyz mart
    Tyz mart 6 months ago +1

    Pikachu is a mouse type pokemon

  • iMr Squirrel
    iMr Squirrel 6 months ago

    It works for Other people

  • Vash2123
    Vash2123 6 months ago

    I think the look and cgi looks pretty good & the fur, scales, and hair on them looks perfect in a real world style. As for Ryan Reynolds Pikachu fits for me at least. 😆 Now how the movie is gonna be that's a whole other thing.

  • Mario V
    Mario V 6 months ago

    people who watch to much anime say its weird looking
    people who dont watch a lot of anime say its okay

      STELLYBLACK 18 days ago

      sorry to say that dude but i watch anime and i thought this is good so your'e wrong my friend 😂😂

  • Kenneth Pineda
    Kenneth Pineda 6 months ago

    This was my reaction at first as well. The look is just weird, it tries to be realistic but fails to do so. So we have something that still looks cartoonish... but kind of doesnt. and then we have this something in between, that is really cool but weird. Either way, there's still time before the movie and im sure theyll modify a lot of stuff. This trailer intention seems to be that of hyping people and it sure did! watch it a second time, prejudice gone by now, and it really grows on you. hahaha i hope they do improve mime, charizard and venusaur cause there is something off there.

  • Jomel Norombaba
    Jomel Norombaba 6 months ago

    not a legit reaction.. he already watched it before.. the video was in full red means you are just one those people making money out of it.. 😡😡😡

  • ApolloWolf
    ApolloWolf 6 months ago

    I just flicked through to this vid tbh it just looks like he has no clue about Pokemon he didn’t know who Mr mime was just looks like someone jumping on the hype band wagon 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Hawika Ke
    Hawika Ke 6 months ago

    12:49 bru what!! U serious! A nose!

  • Keem Monty
    Keem Monty 6 months ago


  • Valkyrie Project
    Valkyrie Project 6 months ago

    time to grow up dude

  • Alex A
    Alex A 6 months ago

    There’s a goddamn game to this detective pikachu if you want more context it’s in the game.

  • Qells Massey
    Qells Massey 6 months ago

    Yo why you disrespect The Get Down like that? 😂😂😂

  • Derrick Tan
    Derrick Tan 6 months ago

    you do know they call it 'pocket monsters' originally... they are monsters...

  • Jonathan Melton
    Jonathan Melton 6 months ago

    Jigglypuff always had a hair swirl in the cartoon, albeit a smaller one.

  • Jay Wise
    Jay Wise 6 months ago


  • Francois DelRio
    Francois DelRio 6 months ago

    this guy is talking about everything looking scary and they're literally called pocket monsters..

  • Catharticnonsense X
    Catharticnonsense X 6 months ago

    Subscribed just for that fucking sweet intro animation

  • Cornelius Truss
    Cornelius Truss 6 months ago

    Man that shit dope.

  • draken vuur
    draken vuur 6 months ago

    Lair he already saw it it was red lined when he clickt

  • Reelix
    Reelix 6 months ago

    Pikachu is a electric mouse it would make sense if had fur if he was real

  • Peyton Savage
    Peyton Savage 6 months ago +1

    The mime is creepy tbh

  • ox King Rayman Hd
    ox King Rayman Hd 6 months ago

    Stop pausing the thing JD

  • ferofax
    ferofax 6 months ago +1

    Why is Jigglypuff so puffy?
    It's all in the name, bruh. It's jiggly, but puffy.

  • GameBoyKolor
    GameBoyKolor 6 months ago

    For Jigglypuff, would you prefer a hairless cat animal that looks like a slimy testicle with eyes and feet? If Pokémon were real, and replaced the animals that were used to seeing, they would have fur, scales or feathers like real animals do. So as weird as this seems to be for some people, these are essentially accurate representations of what Pokémon would look like in our world.
    The Pokémon Company is working on the movie and they essentially have the final say in what Pokémon should look like, so this is what we’re going to be seeing. The success of this will influence the visuals for the next big Pokémon games for the Switch in 2019.
    (Also Pikachu is a mouse, and mice have fur, so it makes sense. Remember that many Pokémon, both from our generation (G1, G2) and from G3 onwards, were in fact based on real life animals, so whatever animal from real life that looks similar, that’s most likely what it would be

  • Epic Fable Reviews
    Epic Fable Reviews 6 months ago

    The fuzzy thing makes me lose braincells. Those are legit animals that would have fur

  • Clip That
    Clip That 6 months ago

    This a live action not animated

  • Bryan V.
    Bryan V. 6 months ago

    Also why do Mr. Mime's shoulders look like the dodge balls

  • Wangus Beef
    Wangus Beef 6 months ago

    Why is everyone so bothered by the fur/scales/feathers? I think it looks great. How else were they supposed to do Pokemon in the real world? It would look very strange having all these smooth plastic looking animals running around in live action. This isn't trying to be Who Framed Roger Rabbit. That movie succeeded because the characters looking cartoony was part of the story. That's not the case here so they had to do something to make the traditional Pokemon designs look more realistic.

  • random gamer 56
    random gamer 56 6 months ago

    You got to think thought not anime that's all I got to say

  • maikebu
    maikebu 6 months ago

    That was the dopest intro to any reaction vid I've ever seen!!

  • wholockedholmes
    wholockedholmes 6 months ago +1

    The hair on Jigglypuff being a nose IM GONNA

  • ZX6R
    ZX6R 6 months ago

    I'm not a huge fan of Ryan Reynolds voicing pikachu . It makes me cringe

  • Deyonta 7
    Deyonta 7 6 months ago

    I was cracking up the whole video! 😂 The slow mo killed me when you slowed it down on Psyduck. 😭

  • Boom Town
    Boom Town 6 months ago

    Also if they were gonna make a pokemon movie why WHY did it have to be based of detective pika????

  • Jovanté Morales
    Jovanté Morales 6 months ago

    i mean pikachu is an electric mouse so the fur being fuzzy makes sense. also pokemon is short for pocket monsters so pokemon should look like monsters for the most part. i love that they kept the models as realistic as possible tbh.

  • MrAnimater
    MrAnimater 6 months ago

    What did you expect? Roger Rabbit? They represent animals with powers
    And most animals that are mammals have fur
    In the pokedex Jigglypuff is said to have fur
    What did you think that swirl was? Majin buus antenna penis?

  • Static Blizzard
    Static Blizzard 6 months ago

    I'm you're 1,000th like!!!!!!

  • Hydrolur Playz
    Hydrolur Playz 6 months ago

    Greninja is appearently satan if you look closer lol
    Tho I think that the other Pokémon look good cuz that is the same vibe that you get

  • Orchid Braid
    Orchid Braid 6 months ago +3

    I'm definitely glad they cast Justice Smith for the human lead.

  • EnderBuilders Ender
    EnderBuilders Ender 6 months ago

    Bruh, in the next reactions, let you face cam big and the video small.

  • Richard Beathe
    Richard Beathe 6 months ago

    It looks amazing

  • SnakkXD
    SnakkXD 6 months ago

    Mr. mime shoulders are dodgeballs

  • SuperRentos
    SuperRentos 6 months ago

    You can't look at the cartoon versions of them and expect them to look just like that in live action. It was never going to be that. I think they did an amazing job with them and....none of them are that scary lmao. Charizard is a god damn dragon and is finally going to be seen as the fierce ass bitch he is! And that's clearly a battle of some sort so yeah, he's gonna be aggressive. I think people are over thinking this. I've loved Pokemon since I was a kid and I'm super excited for this.

  • A Mmkay
    A Mmkay 6 months ago


  • RoughJuff
    RoughJuff 6 months ago

    Agreed with everything you said since I had a similar reaction to the trailer. They could've turned down the fuzz. Just look at dogs! Some dogs have shorter hair like Beagles or Pugs but no everything with fur looking like a Pomeranian. Second, when you think of Pokemon you imagine bright colors and cool battles. THIS tho... wth is this super dark lighting in every shot.

    • RoughJuff
      RoughJuff 6 months ago

      Charizard and Greninja on the other hand .. probably cant fix those guys lol

  • Courtney Burgess
    Courtney Burgess 6 months ago

    Pokemon does translate to "pocket monsters" soooo 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • SmileyOctO
    SmileyOctO 6 months ago

    But they are monsters lol they’re not suppose to look all that cute yknow

  • Ken’s GameZone
    Ken’s GameZone 6 months ago

    They been said Ryan was suppose to play Pikachu

  • Tigrisinntalute
    Tigrisinntalute 6 months ago +1

    It's a joke. They can't be serious

  • GD Osman002
    GD Osman002 6 months ago

    This new voice pikachu have got is still very bad... Well who dosent like the cute voice of pikachus original voice?

  • carlos lima
    carlos lima 6 months ago

    What if Donald Glover was Pikachu? Nothing against Ryan Reynolds, he sounds like he’s having fun. Donald Glover would have been a better choice. That or Lakeith Stanfield.

  • tkstdude
    tkstdude 6 months ago

    I dont think you use to watch pokemon enough to comment on the designs of the pokemon

  • +steel+king+
    +steel+king+ 6 months ago

    The get down was really good

  • Dante's Infernape
    Dante's Infernape 6 months ago

    People going in on his reaction/review but I thought it was funny. It's just opinions people relax. Not gonna ruin your childhood.

  • Dragonair Aurora
    Dragonair Aurora 6 months ago

    Pokémon’s original name was pocket monsters so of course they look like monsters

  • Pyroapollo145
    Pyroapollo145 6 months ago

    Why does mr. mime have rubber balls for shoulders? Like wtf?!😂

  • Ultraman619
    Ultraman619 6 months ago +4

    This trailer totally caught me off guard...I think surreal is the right word and I am actually quite excited for this

  • Adam Warlock
    Adam Warlock 6 months ago

    I can imagine torchip as a cute little chicken

  • Christopher Herrera
    Christopher Herrera 6 months ago +12

    Detective Pikachu’s boutta be the first good video game movie.

    • stevieb274
      stevieb274 2 months ago

      Christopher Herrera stop acting like super Mario bros movie doesn’t exist lol

    • Vilatoro
      Vilatoro 6 months ago

      Hopefully dude

  • crazykirsch
    crazykirsch 6 months ago

    I feel it's the least I can do to come dislike a video when I see a next-level clickbait thumbnail with an exaggerated "funny" face.
    Imagine being a shameless hack lul.

    • runJDrun
      runJDrun  6 months ago

      Well now ur just trying to hurt my feelings 😞