#LEC Legends: Rekkles

  • Published on Sep 6, 2019
  • Martin "Rekkles" Larsson began his professional career as the most sought after, talented European ADC - even when he was too young to play, everyone wanted him on their team. Eight years later he is recognized as the face of Fnatic, winning with them multiple EU LCS titles, gaining a huge fan following and the recognition of an iconic European legend.
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  • ICONIC 16
    ICONIC 16 21 day ago +1

    Watching this again after. World group draw.

  • Y2JFan94
    Y2JFan94 26 days ago


  • Y2JFan94
    Y2JFan94 26 days ago


  • Tensei
    Tensei 27 days ago


  • Simone Galasso
    Simone Galasso 28 days ago +1

    I really want Rekkles to win Worlds this year, cause he's the player that got me hooked to LCS, but at the same time i'm a G2 fan.
    Living the struggle.

  • Speedy2619
    Speedy2619 Month ago

    It will be amazing this year at worlds we have two european teams that play foot on foot, i want a rematch of the summersplit at worlds final.

    MX MIIN Month ago

    King of sweden. 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

  • Maciej
    Maciej Month ago

    Only Jankos❤😎

  • HandOfFreedom
    HandOfFreedom Month ago

    I really want Rekkles to get the title he wants, but this year is going to be really hard. And what's weird is that it's not because of SKT or RNG or some other eastern team. It's because of G2. They look so strong, it's going to be real tough taking them down if they meet in finals. What a world we live in, Europe is so strong this year its amazing.

  • ICo Lampisz
    ICo Lampisz Month ago

    Now rekles craying and sadman. Ehh G2!

  • KillerBee99
    KillerBee99 Month ago

    Hands down, one of the best players ever produced in the West, what a career.

  • Astro
    Astro Month ago +1

    In the end Perkz will have bigger legacy

  • kasperinac
    kasperinac Month ago

    Can't even win bot vs midlaner lul adcs are bad

  • ShunpoAbuser
    ShunpoAbuser Month ago

    This video is massive. Rekkles is massive.

  • Turki Aziz
    Turki Aziz Month ago

    Rekkles ❤

  • Peter Ferrari
    Peter Ferrari Month ago

    FNC vs OG WAS the best BO5 Europe has ever seen.. until g2 and Fnc remakeble clash

  • Angel Queen
    Angel Queen Month ago

    Legends never die 🧡🖤

  • Pyk3e Sandstorm
    Pyk3e Sandstorm Month ago

    I m G2 fan, but I have a filling that FNC will win 2019 Championship.

    • Angel Queen
      Angel Queen Month ago +1

      I'm not a G2 fan, but I have a feeling that G2 will win this haha

  • C9 Kit
    C9 Kit Month ago

    They were actually robbed in the finals, hope it doesn’t hit him too hard

  • Via Zareena Bulda
    Via Zareena Bulda Month ago

    Will always believe in Rekkles. Always.

  • Antoine Auvity
    Antoine Auvity Month ago +1

    "it is the single best best of 5 that our region has ever had"
    Not anymore boys, not anymore.
    Can't wait for worlds.

  • k ø v a c
    k ø v a c Month ago +6

    who is here after they lost :(

  • DerKaHa
    DerKaHa Month ago

    My favourite Garenplayer!

  • Thomas Guillemot
    Thomas Guillemot Month ago

    I miss Peke, though

  • Spark LEUNG
    Spark LEUNG Month ago

    **plays garen**

  • SwingYouth
    SwingYouth Month ago

    Aww, man, I'm not a massive Rekkles fan, but it crushes me to hear him say that bit at the end, about wanting to leave a strong and solid legacy behind, because he's already done that. Rekkles, you should know that even if you left the game tomorrow you would still go down as one of the greatest ADC players of all time, and one of the best players to come from Europe. It;s great that you want to strive higher, but don't be stressed or sad about it, because you've already done amazing :)

  • CCane420
    CCane420 Month ago

    This guy deserves the worlds title

  • 200 IQ Plays
    200 IQ Plays Month ago

    Why does 2012 rekkles look like Ender trying to cosplay as rekkles

  • Stanis
    Stanis Month ago

    Wish you win world cup bro!

  • Irelia My Soul
    Irelia My Soul Month ago

    Don't like this guy at all,

  • Lawrence Stanford
    Lawrence Stanford Month ago

    4:56 I love this hairstyle of him. Really suit with his personality.

  • Eiden Pirce
    Eiden Pirce Month ago


  • Ingerencja KGN
    Ingerencja KGN Month ago


  • Tommy JR
    Tommy JR Month ago

    and Rekkless is FNATIC 😎

  • Sebas el Bardo
    Sebas el Bardo Month ago

    The most overated player of the history xd

  • Jens
    Jens Month ago

    The Rekkles chants last year at the finals was such a great moment

  • PhoenixFlameGames
    PhoenixFlameGames Month ago

    5:14 so I am very new with the competitive side of league but why is he holding a Dutch flag?🤔

  • the little monkey
    the little monkey Month ago

    As much as I like hilyssang, rekkles with yellowstar was something!

  • Νικος Σαρμαζανιδης

    Forg1ven > Rekkles

  • Lucalegend
    Lucalegend Month ago

    I love this guy

  • Google User
    Google User Month ago +1

    Lul rekkles is trash

  • pierre gaillard
    pierre gaillard Month ago

    Yes but now cleary just all of member of G2 look like rekles, seem like old team of skt t1, but in différent (more troller) x). GO G2 🙋

  • Török István Norbert

    Hope S04 and G2 seeing this! Cause he will come and rise further!

  • xJustKacper
    xJustKacper Month ago

    He is Overrated

  • Tom Ricourt
    Tom Ricourt Month ago

    He deserv so much a world title

    MaNAME JEFF! Month ago +2

    Say what you want about him. This guy is a European legend, and has consistently been performing well for so many years.

    NOVAXMOVE Month ago

    Xpeke Xpeke Xpeke

  • daxter music
    daxter music Month ago

    Gl Rekkles

  • Σlэс†ʀ오빛
    Σlэс†ʀ오빛 Month ago

    Rekkles playstyle is not the most entertaining but he is good at his league of legend and that’s why he is apprciated. I’m rooting for this guy and hope the best for him this year, maybe a summer final and a world apperance and if things go well why not try another shot at a world cup. Every year the competition is getting stronger winning this year would be huge

  • BlackWing 92
    BlackWing 92 Month ago

    from 1 dimensional adc to player that can play almost everything. Rekkless is the best western can offer right now

  • Valerie Hernandez
    Valerie Hernandez Month ago

    A true player dedicated to the game and his team

  • Javier Teo
    Javier Teo Month ago

    Rekkles the David Beckham of LoL???

  • Connor Riccilli
    Connor Riccilli Month ago

    My all time favorite player. Much love and respect from NA 🙏🏼

  • 3R0uXk0H71
    3R0uXk0H71 Month ago +4

    In case anyone else was totally in love with the drop around 8:25, it's the song "LAPLAGE - Dark Matter" (Same drop in Dark Matter track at around 2:45). Please upvote for visibility!

  • I am from the future

    5 GAMES

  • Fabian Camargo
    Fabian Camargo Month ago +2

    5:23 oh man... :'( That moment. Respects

  • Carlos Oviedo
    Carlos Oviedo Month ago

    Si fnc tuviera un buen adc pues le ganara fácil a G2, pero como no tienen un buen adc pues nuevamente éste año se quedaran sin el campeonato.

  • Luan Juarez
    Luan Juarez Month ago

    Maximum Respect for this guy!

  • Zirob
    Zirob Month ago

    The problem that REKKLES has is that he will never win anything like Worlds or MSI with that mindset.
    That was Caps main criticism of Fnatic 2018.
    He is mentally already logged out of League and in retirement.
    He is eager to win to retire, not to actually win.
    He has no fire left to win it all.
    Like or dislike him he is still a legend and one of EUs greatest of all time. Undeniable.

  • Eric Zheng
    Eric Zheng Month ago

    Eu is cringe