10 Most Powerful Marvel Heroes Of All Time

  • Published on Mar 3, 2019
  • Silver Surfer packs some SERIOUS firepower.

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Comments • 2 104

  • John Jara
    John Jara 3 days ago

    Cosmic Spider-Man, is reign supreme!!!👍

  • TL
    TL 3 days ago

    black bolt

  • Dylan Spirrison
    Dylan Spirrison 5 days ago

    One over all is the best

  • Dhruba Bhattacharya
    Dhruba Bhattacharya 7 days ago

    No sentry or spidy aka captain universe

  • Diamond miners 123
    Diamond miners 123 13 days ago

    1. Why do No one think captain marvel shold be on the list 2. Captain marvel slold be on the topp of the list

  • Jammy Default
    Jammy Default 15 days ago

    Silver surfer is more powerful than almost all the eternals and cosmic entities

    • dr strange
      dr strange 12 days ago

      The cosmic entities beat silver surfer in their sleep

  • Justin Cooper
    Justin Cooper 18 days ago

    Seems this list is heavily flavored by SJW/PC insanity

  • Justin Sanborn
    Justin Sanborn 18 days ago

    Where is Sentry?? He literally ripped a God in half dude!!!!!!

  • sharkfinbite
    sharkfinbite 18 days ago +1

    Hercules' club is not as great like Thor's hammer. I read the comics. There is a reason. Hercules' thing is his manly muscle strength. Thor has his strength but.... he and everyone else agrees he is not interesting without his hammer. He is like Kung Lao from Mortal Kombat. His hammer (hat) is the soul and the real star here. Hercules doesn't have this. It is muscles. He can afford running a series without weapons but not without his muscles. Therefore they gave him an impressive club but not as powerful like mjorlnir

  • Henry Cuevas
    Henry Cuevas 18 days ago

    I won't comment on Captain Marvel, as other posters have already reflected my opinion. Instead let me turn to three subjects that undermine your credibility u. Sorry, I don't want to be combative, nor do I want to humiliate anyone, but you have proven to be sloppy.
    Where do you get your info? Lee had NOTHING to do with the Silver Surfer. According to comics historians, in the mid 60’s Stan was looking for a “God-like” adversary for the Fantastic Four. Jack Kirby created Galactus’ appearance and his plant-diet. Then Kirby slipped him a curve ball. Stan was surprised that Jack had concocted a white guy riding a surfboard through space.
    Secondly, there was an actual radio interview that I had heard off the internet. Lee in the early 70’s said STEVE DITKO similarly surprised him with Dr. Strange. The origin for Dr. Strange was already penciled and plotted by Mr. Ditko. It took Lee a few months to okay the introductory story of the Sorcerer Supreme in a comic book entitled Strange Tales
    Thirdly, Captain Marvel was a MAN in the sixties, how can Carol Danvers exhibit her powers in the 60’s if she was created in 1977. GEEEZ, a quick look at Wikipedia for that info would have cost you what? … 20 seconds?

  • Noobmaster69
    Noobmaster69 19 days ago

    This is shit .literal shit

  • Justin Tam
    Justin Tam 19 days ago

    Ok video except why on earth was Captain Marvel top 10? She is far below any of these other characters. Read comic. This channel is a joke. Bye

  • Asma Kaleem
    Asma Kaleem 21 day ago

    dr strange is stronger than thor and captain marvel beacuse of the portal or ⏰ stop time and punch for even centuries

  • Hem Chaudhary
    Hem Chaudhary 21 day ago

    Hulk is stronger than thor. And why isn't panther on the list? Panther defeated the whole avangers alone...

  • Jean Grey
    Jean Grey 21 day ago +1

    Bro Phoenix is the most powerful being in the universe its confirmed

    ARAAM FOX HD ARTS 23 days ago

    Man you should added

    ARAAM FOX HD ARTS 23 days ago +1

    Why don't you add spiderman he the strongest character

  • Hassie
    Hassie 26 days ago +2

    10 most powerful heroes of ALL TIME? Seriously? No, just no

  • Bradley Engeldinger
    Bradley Engeldinger 26 days ago


  • Regina Domingo
    Regina Domingo 27 days ago +2

    Silver surfer number 7 lol and where is sentry lol and blue legend

  • Regina Domingo
    Regina Domingo 27 days ago +2

    Dude are stupid or joking?? Captain marvel above thor and silver surfer and hulk are freakin serius??

  • Jack jack
    Jack jack 28 days ago

    Worst list ever!

  • DThe Third
    DThe Third 28 days ago


  • Vansh Chaturvedi
    Vansh Chaturvedi 29 days ago +4

    sentry , scarlet witch , blue legend , hyperion
    where are they ???!!!!!????!!!!

  • Steven Batson
    Steven Batson Month ago

    1. Blackbolt/ Thor
    2. Hulk
    3. Scarlett Witch
    Hercules should be nowhere on this list

  • soma Das
    soma Das Month ago +4

    U miss scarlet witch.. Strange, jean, will be top 5

  • Marcus Hargrove
    Marcus Hargrove Month ago +1

    Wat about scarlet witch

  • Vito Bartola
    Vito Bartola Month ago


  • Gurl Wut?
    Gurl Wut? Month ago

    Umm. A WHOLE LOT of heroes is missing. Scarlet Witch? Sentry? Storm and Psyloche are also Omega level, so were they at? What about Skaar? Isn’t he stronger than Hulk.

  • Isaac jimenez
    Isaac jimenez Month ago

    What about blue marvel come on dude I thought racism was not a thing no more smh

  • Nitro Nick
    Nitro Nick Month ago

    If u are going to make videos make them based on facts instead of ur opinion

  • Itz Reaper_
    Itz Reaper_ Month ago

    Tbh if Phoenix isn’t really a hero all the time but she deserves a higher spot in the list

  • DaFireman33
    DaFireman33 Month ago

    Wha tabout Nate Grey tho? ..Is he a joke to you?

  • Ira Chinaski
    Ira Chinaski Month ago

    Guys, dont hate Captain Marvel just because her characterization (bad actress and wrong interpretation of the character) in the movies!! The comics showed she's much more than that.

  • Yzabela
    Yzabela Month ago

    in comics king thor defeat galactus..

  • Leonel Oyervidez
    Leonel Oyervidez Month ago

    Skip the Fantastic Four BS and go straight to the Franklin Richards movie.

  • Hitesh Thakor
    Hitesh Thakor Month ago

    Thor is most powerful hiro

  • Phil Chadwick
    Phil Chadwick Month ago

    HUlk smash puny wrong list

  • Thejus sathia
    Thejus sathia Month ago

    Wr the hell is "sentry"

  • Justin Brown
    Justin Brown Month ago

    So Legion is mash taters?

  • ZzCrYptONzZ 007
    ZzCrYptONzZ 007 Month ago

    So skipping World breaker hulk which is ave to destroy gigantic stars and solar systems and other very strong characters true power such as docker strange were he could have destroyed the MULTI VERSE ....

    OBI-WAN KENOBI Month ago

    This list garbage

  • Geeta Hingane
    Geeta Hingane Month ago +1

    U should edit this list do ever listen about rune king Thor ?? The every character on this list is not even close to rune king Thor except Dr strange n Franklin Richard
    My opinion
    1. Franklin Richard
    2. Rune king Thor
    3. Dr strange
    4. Adam warlock
    5.phonix force
    6. Hulk
    Etc etc
    N one thing captian marvel is not even close to those who are on this list u are really joking captian marvel on number 3 wtf 😂

  • Volley Wargames
    Volley Wargames Month ago +1


  • Hot movie Clips
    Hot movie Clips Month ago

    To see most powerful marvel Character click this #marvelanshuman

  • xxTimesxx12Twelve12
    xxTimesxx12Twelve12 Month ago +6

    Captain marvel belongs no where near this list if this list is based on the comics. Not hating on her I'm just being factual with the canon.

    • Mooseballs
      Mooseballs 10 days ago

      Even tho “her” is a dude in most of the comics smh

  • M'aiq The Liar
    M'aiq The Liar Month ago

    1. Doctor strange for me

  • Maymosa Legaspi
    Maymosa Legaspi Month ago

    I thought wolverine was part of this coz he was able to kill jean grey

  • Johnathan Roan
    Johnathan Roan Month ago

    I’m just happy doctor strange is on here. I thought he’d be higher than 5

  • Jason Stilts
    Jason Stilts Month ago +42

    FACT: Captain Marvel is FAR FAR too high on this list. Both Dr Strange and Thor are easily more powerful. You should fix this list.

    • Łanda Hotomska
      Łanda Hotomska 14 days ago

      Were is scarlet witch ? Xd

    • Hassie
      Hassie 26 days ago +1

      The "only" aspect of Captain Marvel that can be allowed to be on this list is her Binary form, but since you are doing ALL TIME, shouldn't Rune-King Thor, Thor with the Thor Force would wipe the galaxy with Binary Danvers

    • Wrestling Anime 4life
      Wrestling Anime 4life 27 days ago

      @ElectricBlue Thor is the only avengers who overwhelmed Thanos with all of the infinity stones.

    • ElectricBlue
      ElectricBlue Month ago

      With an axe and without him having any infinity stones. Thor is powerful af but I think captain marvel just edges him out strength wise.

    • Luka Seketin
      Luka Seketin Month ago

      @ElectricBlue umm didnt thor chop of thanos's head?

  • Android Gamer
    Android Gamer Month ago +1

    Dr strange vs Dr fate 🙏

  • Markús Böðvarsson

    This is very fucking inacurate

  • Eric Kirk
    Eric Kirk Month ago

    The Vision and Hercules do not belong on the list, powerful as they are. Sentry, Blue Marvel, Iron Man, Sasquatch, Scarlet Witch, X-Man, The African American Captain Marvel, and about a dozen others belong on that list ahead of either of them.

  • River side
    River side Month ago

    Yall underestimate spidey he should at least be nr.3

    ‘CHECK MATE’ Month ago


  • Clayton Jennings
    Clayton Jennings Month ago

    lol anything to get views, right? what a joke

  • Αντωνία Στραβοπόδη

    Where the hell is professor X, magnito, storm, rouge? This list is just avengers

  • Hamburger Kinn
    Hamburger Kinn 2 months ago

    Iron man is the strongest hero because of his intelligence he made a suit to at least match the power of Thor mixed with the Phoenix force and king Thor and he nearly beat Thor, he can beat EVERYBODY in the marvel franchise.

  • Junior
    Junior 2 months ago +1

    One above all? Living tribunal? Beyonder?
    This list is an absolute joke. Everyone except for Franklin and Adam Warlock shouldn’t be on this list

  • Stephen Knight
    Stephen Knight 2 months ago

    Saying that Captain Marvel is more powerful than Prince/King Thor is totally absurd and a joke! So much so, that it's not even funny! Does Disney/MCU own "WhatCulture Comics"? No seriously, I'm actually asking a legitimate question here?? This reads more as a Kevin Feige wish list than a true top 10 analysis/breakdown as to which Marvel hero is the most powerful. For example, in this top 10, Captain Marvel is the most powerful even more Powerful than Prince/King Thor. That's a joke!
    Quick history note, in a Marvel original story line, Captain Marvel couldn't even lift Prince Thor's training weights.
    Either Prince or King Thor would make Captain Marvel his maid, make her wear a french maid outfit, high heels and all for good measure and have her bring him a beer and sandwiches, before or after he'd mop the floor with her.

  • King Zarathos
    King Zarathos 2 months ago

    Sentry > everyone on this list, especially now that he merged with the Void, the angel of freaking death.

  • Bryan Harris
    Bryan Harris 2 months ago

    Lol thor's way more powerful than Captain marvel. Junk video,

  • Just DoIt
    Just DoIt 2 months ago

    Where is sentry?

    CORALI LECLERE 2 months ago

    Visions dead

  • Stacie Maxwell
    Stacie Maxwell 2 months ago

    Are you high? Captain america is stronger than silver surfer? Your drunk

  • Ollie Reeves
    Ollie Reeves 2 months ago

    1. Jean grey (Phoenix)
    2. Silver surfer
    3. Sentry
    4.scarlet witch
    5.dr strange
    6.adam warlock
    7. Thor
    8. Hulk
    9.iron man
    10. Captain marvel
    I ranked iron man so high cuz he has so many suits for different occasions

  • ShadowX
    ShadowX 2 months ago

    True list
    15. Vulcan
    14. Skaar
    13. Odin
    12. Hercules
    11. Grandmaster
    10. Galactus
    9. Magus
    8. Mikaboshi
    7. Cyttorak
    6. Phoenix force
    5. Franklin richards
    4. Eternity
    3. The living tribunal
    2. Beyonder
    1. The one above all

  • FriezaDBZKing69
    FriezaDBZKing69 2 months ago

    Why was Captain Marvel marked above the likes of anyone on this list? Even in her Binary state, she wouldn't even come close to the top 20 strongest Marvel heroes let alone the top 5.

  • TheSlothNoble
    TheSlothNoble 2 months ago

    What about the beyonder and the one above all

  • мσнιт кυмαя
    мσнιт кυмαя 2 months ago

    You miss sentry