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  • Ronald McDonald
    Ronald McDonald 2 hours ago

    Waiting for jeffree to upload has me like 💀

  • лимонад ТВ
    лимонад ТВ 2 hours ago

    Он реально гей

  • Amirah Khairunnisa
    Amirah Khairunnisa 2 hours ago

    How many bodyguards does he have?

  • Arraya
    Arraya 3 hours ago

    I'm actually hungry after watching this.

  • Fish and Noodles
    Fish and Noodles 3 hours ago


  • Robin MF Day
    Robin MF Day 3 hours ago

    Jeffrey, I am living for your videos!!! I was so clueless about makeup. Thank you for educating me!

  • wendy duarte
    wendy duarte 3 hours ago

    Can you imagine that body guard follow you to the bathroom?

  • LPS Karya Cat
    LPS Karya Cat 3 hours ago

    За что 11 млн - гею ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😂😁😁😁🐒

  • Andrew Tolan
    Andrew Tolan 4 hours ago

    Jeffrey seems so happy these days you can really sense the inner peace.

  • Savannah Kidd
    Savannah Kidd 4 hours ago

    Can you do a review of Younique makeup products?? ❤❤

  • Hailie Bohannon
    Hailie Bohannon 5 hours ago

    Anyone else think Zach kinda looks like Nathan

  • HeatherRyuk Lawliet
    HeatherRyuk Lawliet 5 hours ago

    Yo Jeffree those are the normal drinks in the UK! I can not stop laughing. :D its pence not cents. I had my first Taco Bell in Glasgow, I loved it!

  • Gabs
    Gabs 5 hours ago

    Only food ASMR ill watch.

  • Iliana Jesek
    Iliana Jesek 5 hours ago

    i have a need to voice how beautiful u r and how great ur lashes were in that one video i cant comment on.

  • 96allihugh
    96allihugh 5 hours ago

    I wish youd let a fan do your makeup for a video, Ofcourse they have to sign a contract to not expose where you live and what not,but i think itd be amazing

  • Emma Albertson
    Emma Albertson 5 hours ago

    Like love that

  • Emma Albertson
    Emma Albertson 5 hours ago

    I love how you so close to your employees like you just share foood with them

  • I Need A Taespoon Of Suga And A Kookie For my Tae.


  • Brit Rose
    Brit Rose 6 hours ago

    I’m the poor version of Jeffree Star

  • Onetrick_Lux 13
    Onetrick_Lux 13 6 hours ago

    can you our queen collab with AnToNIo GArZa pls my queen💜💜💜

  • Jazmine Rodriguez
    Jazmine Rodriguez 7 hours ago

    Love when you do videos like this

  • Emzyjae
    Emzyjae 8 hours ago

    Please try Chaos Makeup!!!

  • Harmony Weicks
    Harmony Weicks 8 hours ago

    The people we make famous

  • Emerson Haen
    Emerson Haen 8 hours ago

    only Jeffree can make a video about Taco Bell and get 3 mil views

  • Jae Gaston
    Jae Gaston 8 hours ago

    You have to try the coloredrain vivid pigments oml

  • Jenna Ogle
    Jenna Ogle 8 hours ago

    Group bang!

  • RJ tom
    RJ tom 8 hours ago

    haha I went to highschool with Dayne

  • Leslie Crandall
    Leslie Crandall 9 hours ago

    This video made me crave taco bell so bad and its closed 😭

  • Tara1kay
    Tara1kay 9 hours ago

    oh my gosh i cant believe you didnt know pepsi max!!

  • Football_Defense
    Football_Defense 9 hours ago

    Why do you look like willy wonka from the 2005 or 2006 version i dont know what the newer version is

  • Chastity Nwanna
    Chastity Nwanna 9 hours ago

    Did I just watch a 17 min video of Jeffree eating Taco bell??

  • Martha Sarai
    Martha Sarai 9 hours ago

    Wow! Congrats on 11 million subscribers

  • Rebecca Wiggins
    Rebecca Wiggins 9 hours ago

    Jefree I swear you and I have the same level of pickiness. I don't eat condiments or anything like that either lmao

  • Natalia Contreras
    Natalia Contreras 9 hours ago

    *jeffree star Making me feel skinny for 17 minuets strait*

  • Madison Steward
    Madison Steward 9 hours ago +1


  • Maranda Elizabeth
    Maranda Elizabeth 10 hours ago

    Jeffree needs to make a taco bell inspired pallette

  • Tashanique Daye
    Tashanique Daye 10 hours ago

    you are soooooo goregous

  • Adri CupcakeXD
    Adri CupcakeXD 10 hours ago

    *Me*: damn it I missed my flight
    Jeffree: *Cant relate.*

  • FooLMe Slick'Em
    FooLMe Slick'Em 10 hours ago

    Taco bell drinks always suck when you don't drink soda.

  • HelinGunes
    HelinGunes 10 hours ago

    I’ve never had Taco Bell before bc we don’t have it where I live

  • Lia T.
    Lia T. 10 hours ago

    hi jeffree i know it is too much to ask this, can you list my mom as one of your charity works? She is currently in the hospital, diagnosed with heart and kidney failure, also with pneumonia. We made a gofundme account for international donations are to be made.

  • the ava squad
    the ava squad 10 hours ago

    Are you a girl or boy

  • C P
    C P 11 hours ago

    Congrats on the 11 million subscribers. ❤️

  • Emily Bright
    Emily Bright 11 hours ago

    11 million!!!!!!!!

  • Mitzi Zeller
    Mitzi Zeller 11 hours ago

    Missing watching we were in the hurricane by Mexico Beach. Me and may daughters are so upset that all our Jeffree Star makeup is gone. Sad sad day.

  • Ariana Guzman
    Ariana Guzman 11 hours ago

    Dam I want Taco Bell😢

  • Foreverabattle 0531
    Foreverabattle 0531 11 hours ago

    My go to is the beefy Frito burrito

  • Matheus Costa
    Matheus Costa 11 hours ago

    I just spent 17 minutes of my life watching jeffree eat mexican food and I don't regret it

  • Christopherson
    Christopherson 11 hours ago

    Lollll, I wasn't gonna watch cuz I'm not into mukbangs, but jeffree makes everything better
    And that camera man...
    OOOOoooOooOoOoooooOoFFF!!! He gave me life

    JAYDE BROWN 11 hours ago

    This is making me hungry😂👌😘

  • Melieca and Kids
    Melieca and Kids 11 hours ago

    Just subscribe love your video❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Depressed Rose
    Depressed Rose 12 hours ago

    11,000,000 so proud of you queen!

  • Maddie Z.
    Maddie Z. 12 hours ago

    I would do anything for a Chanel bag like I see Jeffree carry. I am sure once upon a time he wished for one too...Now he's like Birkin Bitches!!! Gotta love him .Nurses like me are poor in my

  • R Robinson
    R Robinson 12 hours ago

    So I am just here to say that I am missing you! Have not seen a Snapchat in almost a week or new video... I have noticed some controversial videos going up about another TVclipr saying Unbecoming things about you but I have not given those videos any views... Okay maybe I watched one or two but not enough to know what actually went down. Just want you to know you are loved and missed dearly and I hope you are in good health! I'm really sorry if whatever is going on with this other TVclipr is not what's preventing you from posting or Snapchatting. So I had to come to your most recent video in hopes that you would get my message.

    • R Robinson
      R Robinson 11 hours ago

      So me being me, I had to go do my research after posting this comment to you. I've got the picture here, I know you've been super busy doing you. And although I'm sure this added stress on top of all the business type things you do... But it's not enough for you not to snapchst or TVclip. And, from the video I watched you were uploading to Snapchat I just missed it LOL much love always ❤️

  • krill
    krill 12 hours ago

    R.i.p the toilet😭

  • The Lit
    The Lit 12 hours ago +1

    Is Zack vegetarian? I'm vegetarian so it would be so dope if he was.

  • lexbeauts101 2
    lexbeauts101 2 12 hours ago

    I wish you was in Cambridge

  • caitlin agbemabiese
    caitlin agbemabiese 12 hours ago

    I love this😍

  • UmmitsJaz Xx
    UmmitsJaz Xx 12 hours ago

    14:43 my current mood

  • UmmitsJaz Xx
    UmmitsJaz Xx 12 hours ago

    Also beautybay doesn’t sell your mini nudes volume one set and I’m saddd

  • Gia Brzntley
    Gia Brzntley 12 hours ago


  • Panda Cookiez
    Panda Cookiez 12 hours ago

    He had Apple Tango,not Orange Tango


  • UmmitsJaz Xx
    UmmitsJaz Xx 12 hours ago +1

    One day when you bring concealers and foundations etc. to your makeup range, you should do a “FULL FACE OF MY BRAND! ~Jeffree Star cosmetics~!”

  • itsssenaaa
    itsssenaaa 13 hours ago


  • Maddie Johnson
    Maddie Johnson 13 hours ago

    Can you do a review of the new fenty lip colors

  • Cuddly_lolo2fann
    Cuddly_lolo2fann 13 hours ago

    Jeffrey is actully kinda sweet....

    Tell me what you think

  • MyrnaaaM
    MyrnaaaM 13 hours ago

    Is jeffrey Ever into to girls? Just wondering

  • Lauren Turton
    Lauren Turton 13 hours ago

    You were in Manchester and I didn't see you! Ahh! I work at the hospital there!

  • Bella Cronin
    Bella Cronin 13 hours ago

    Ommggggg ur in the ukkkkk!!!! Ahahahahahhahahaha

  • xiurong zhang
    xiurong zhang 13 hours ago

    Can you review bt21 vt cosmetics???

  • Casey Chan
    Casey Chan 13 hours ago

    Omg still can’t believe your in Michigan sadly I live around Jackson not Grand Rapids😱😭

  • MichyXoxo
    MichyXoxo 13 hours ago


  • heather hernandez
    heather hernandez 13 hours ago

    we have fries in america too lol

  • SweetCrazy Lovebirds
    SweetCrazy Lovebirds 13 hours ago


  • Ms. Depree
    Ms. Depree 13 hours ago

    Love how they comfortable eating after one another 😂

  • itsnotlia ok?
    itsnotlia ok? 14 hours ago


  • gabriel quesada
    gabriel quesada 14 hours ago

    11M... OMG Yaaaaaassss....!!

  • Jenny Winget
    Jenny Winget 14 hours ago +1

    Congratulations on 11M Jeffree omg Wow 😍😍❤️❤️

  • Akito Unicornprincess
    Akito Unicornprincess 14 hours ago


  • TheJeej
    TheJeej 14 hours ago

    Pepsi max wishes it was Coke Zero.

  • Alana .C
    Alana .C 14 hours ago

    Jeffree hit 11 million twice lmao

  • NOOB gaming
    NOOB gaming 14 hours ago

    are u a boy or girl

  • Amy Doherty
    Amy Doherty 14 hours ago

    I’ve never had taco bell

  • Jack Witcombe
    Jack Witcombe 14 hours ago

    Is this a man or woman

  • Annmarie Sproule
    Annmarie Sproule 14 hours ago

    The sugar tax ruined all our soft drinks 🤭 they all taste like shit lol - blame Jamie Oliver!

  • Sleeping With Pierce The Fate Romance

    Is there a taco bell in Scotland?

  • Sarah & Emily
    Sarah & Emily 15 hours ago

    My sister & I will be posting in the next month. Can y’all subscribe, I will subscribe back. Thanks for the support ❤️

  • Itzemily Omg
    Itzemily Omg 15 hours ago

    No more iconic intro 😥😂♥︎

  • Krista Buckpitt
    Krista Buckpitt 15 hours ago

    We have Pepsi Max here too girl!

  • Ziko Navarro
    Ziko Navarro 15 hours ago

    Post another videooo😩❤️. You make my day sooo new videos shall appear in your channel🤭.

  • Roialen Harwell
    Roialen Harwell 15 hours ago

    I really want to see you try out runway makeup looks.

  • kk brg
    kk brg 15 hours ago

    Dang Jeffrees guard is H.O.T!!! I'm surprised how noone is talking about him!!!

  • Oscar Mejia
    Oscar Mejia 15 hours ago

    We need Jeffrey to review the Emily pallet, Tati is getting sooo much hate because of her review.

  • Melisa Aguirre
    Melisa Aguirre 16 hours ago

    I love how they eat and drink from each other 😂 like it’s nothing

  • Layla Ismail
    Layla Ismail 16 hours ago

    Hi Jeffree!! Have you done or, are you gonna do some Halloween looks? Love you!!

  • adafunk
    adafunk 16 hours ago

    Haah, my mum lives just round the corner from that taco bell. Was mental seeing Jeffree there! Also: You don't have pepsi max in the US?!? Mind blown.

  • Suga Saprin
    Suga Saprin 16 hours ago +2

    I need a jeffree as a friend

  • Adina Mihalache
    Adina Mihalache 17 hours ago

    I just love your personality !❤️😘

  • Murooj Munier
    Murooj Munier 17 hours ago

    u look like abitch

  • Wow, okay
    Wow, okay 17 hours ago

    The reason the cups are so small is because people overseas don’t really drink with their meals. My dad is from Germany and growing up we never really drank with our food, but my mom is from America and ALWAYS has to have a drink with her food! It isn’t necessarily because people overseas are “healthier” (even though they generally are). Drinking with your meal causes you to fill up faster, and wastes your appetite!