How to Remove a Stump, Cheaply & Effectively!

  • Published on Mar 12, 2017
  • This video is a how to on burning a stump with a quick and efficient method. The key is a steady heat applied as low on a stump as you can get it. We achieved this by cutting into it with a chainsaw.
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  • Joe Zyzyx
    Joe Zyzyx 7 months ago +53

    Everyone should watch the new video. Much better and he took suggestions to heart. Kudos on the new video.

    • Gopalarao Tv
      Gopalarao Tv 18 days ago

    • casey 1959
      casey 1959 27 days ago +1

      sharpened the chain

    • John Bennett
      John Bennett Month ago

      Gary river
      Gary rimer

    • David Linken
      David Linken Month ago

      Thanks, Joe!

    • Hippy Dude
      Hippy Dude 2 months ago

      @tmeyer1996ify Sounds like my first time getting drunk at the lake! Learning all the wrong lessons first is a terrible way to learn!

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob 13 hours ago

    This is dry. What if the tree has just been cut and is wet?

  • Nick Schaefer
    Nick Schaefer 14 hours ago +1

    Never throw diesel into the environment. Never.
    Pollutes millions of gallons of groundwater.
    If you really think you need to start the fire, add alcohol and cooking oil.

  • Alex Murray
    Alex Murray 16 hours ago

    Amazed how patient he wa - the kind of person I would trust and go fishing. thanks

  • Paul Walnuts
    Paul Walnuts Day ago

    How about dynamite?

  • Vlad P
    Vlad P Day ago

    I want a straw like that :) :)

  • Faris J
    Faris J Day ago

    Please, never use that music again.

  • 1justpara
    1justpara 2 days ago

    How foolish to do this on such a windy day. So windy that the fire is blowing all over the place and at times we can't even hear you talking. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

  • Sun Rise
    Sun Rise 2 days ago +1

    This was certainly ... much too long.

  • John Corbett
    John Corbett 2 days ago

    I want my 21 minutes back...

  • Stacy Wall
    Stacy Wall 2 days ago

    Is this in North America how the early settlers cleared the land ? Always wondered how they cleared huge stumps 3-400 years ago.

    • Jess James
      Jess James Day ago

      Yes, but Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett used Stihl chainsaws.

  • Karl Ziebert
    Karl Ziebert 2 days ago +1

    Skip the Chain-Saw and the fancy 'notching' and completely eliminate ALL of the Fuel BY USING ALREADY BURNING CHARCOAL BRIQUETTES. When Cooking-Out with Charcoal simply 'scoop-up' the STILL BURNING Pieces and put them on top of a previously designated 'Tree Stump That Needs to go away' AND COMBINE Smaller Pieces (2X4's or 4X4's) of (slow-burning) Hardwood such as Hickory or Oak. Occasionally ADDING a few Pieces of Charcoal MIXED-IN with the Hard-Wood will ensure the (wet) Stump will continue to smolder - and, on an Hourly basis KEEP ADDING the Hard-Wood Pieces. Occasionally - An 'Injection of Air' via a Leaf-Blower will certainly help 'flare-up'/re-kindle the almost Dying Flame-Front.

  • Matthew
    Matthew 3 days ago +2

    that chain needs sharpening badly, very dull. it should be spitting chips not making saw dust!

  • Sam Innit
    Sam Innit 3 days ago +5

    DON'T DO THIS METHOD IN YOUR YARD!!!!! If you are not aware of where your gas,,cable, or electric lines lay you will run the risk of a root fire underground.

  • Robert O'Connor
    Robert O'Connor 3 days ago +1

    Just rent a stump grinder.

  • lookup49
    lookup49 3 days ago

    Did you mention the stump has to be seasoned?. Can't do that to a fresh cut.

  • Seylah Williams
    Seylah Williams 3 days ago

    Thanks Ann Schoolcraft for your comment. I looked up "root fire" and wow! This IS bad. Not a good idea to get rid of stumps this way.

  • Jigga Boo
    Jigga Boo 4 days ago

    hexi blocks would of helped i think.

  • Jason
    Jason 4 days ago

    good job man, I am definitely trying this on the stumps I have in the yard!

  • Mickey Baron
    Mickey Baron 4 days ago

    I wish I had a tree stump still in the ground. Pinterest has AWESOME ideas for old tree stumps still in the ground. If you want to make a work of art. And NOT talking gawdy, they're BEAUTIFUL

  • Rangeman100
    Rangeman100 4 days ago

    Recreational pyromania - great fun!

  • kurikokaleidoscope
    kurikokaleidoscope 5 days ago

    fantastic video that all should see and enjoy

  • Jeff Mickens
    Jeff Mickens 5 days ago

    Chicken dropping should make for a nice green pond too!

  • streetglide sixteen
    streetglide sixteen 5 days ago


  • Bruce Nelson
    Bruce Nelson 5 days ago +1

    get a large augur bit. Drill a deep hole in the centre, then make your two or 3 cuts. Put the fire in the hole, the slots allow air in to have a :"chimney fire"

  • Jay Malinowski
    Jay Malinowski 5 days ago

    The other guys who drill holes in it, pour diesel fuel in it, let it sit for 3 days, burn the stump to the dirt!

  • Sherri-Lynn White
    Sherri-Lynn White 5 days ago

    Awesome!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Fran Rapoza
    Fran Rapoza 5 days ago

    Entertaining watching your method and it worked. Now just my idea and I am just assuming because I never tried to remove a tree stump BUT thinking of what I would do is I would cut the stump >very< close to the ground with a chainsaw then carve out the center of the stump with the chainsaw below ground making sure not to penetrate the sides and hit soil then take a >very< sharp ax and chop, chop chop away the rim to below ground level. Just my thought and I do have a stump that I am about to attempt to remove this way and if it doesn't work then I will still be stumped.

  • Ann Schoolcraft
    Ann Schoolcraft 5 days ago +7

    What is a root fire?

    A root fire is a fire that burns underground along the root system of a tree. It’s a very dangerous form of fire because the fire can smoulder for months underground, long after the surface part of the fire has been extinguished. Root fires can also travel underground and resurface some distance from their point of origin.

    • James Jones
      James Jones Day ago

      they just burn for a while underground the certainly won't smOlder for months and they are not dangerous. Dirt isn't flammable. As long as you don't build a fire on top of a gas line, (which you shouldn't be doing anyways) you'll be fine.

    • hardcore productions
      hardcore productions 2 days ago +1

      fire needs oxygen, it would use it up and extinguish it's self underground without a draught.

    • Jason Murray
      Jason Murray 3 days ago

      This year we've had so many forest fires! Nobody would guess that Alaska has forest fires but each summer there are. Leaving a fire burn unattended is ridiculous! I agree with the above comment. We just had a brush fire a week and a half ago in Anchorage. Firefighters thought it was completely out. However all it took was a smolder and the wild fire started again two days later!

  • Ann Schoolcraft
    Ann Schoolcraft 5 days ago

    Before using this method to remove stumps call the U. S. Forest Service and ask them about ----ROOT FIRES ----

    • Ann Schoolcraft
      Ann Schoolcraft 5 days ago

      What is a root fire?

      A root fire is a fire that burns underground along the root system of a tree. It’s a very dangerous form of fire because the fire can smoulder for months underground, long after the surface part of the fire has been extinguished. Root fires can also travel underground and resurface some distance from their point of origin.

  • BurtLehman1
    BurtLehman1 5 days ago

    I dug out a stump just slightly smaller than this just down to the tap root. It took me about the same amount of time. I got an excellent workout and didn't need to go to the gym for two days. Also, I never once worried about setting any adjacent vegetation on fire.

  • john p
    john p 6 days ago +6

    As a fireman I STRONGLY suggest you not burn on a windy day like this.. Embers can cause forest fires etc..

    • blowme
      blowme 4 days ago

      @Harry Palmer A serious concern. I've found stumps smoldering weeks after a forest fire passed through. Given the right conditions that could cause a flare-up.

    • Harry Palmer
      Harry Palmer 5 days ago

      as you are a fireman, what about the risk of starting a fire via the root system? Fire can travel underground via any roots

  • Dee JusMe
    Dee JusMe 6 days ago

    why not just take a wedge to the center of the stump after you made the plus symbol? you could of burned the rest easily I'm asking for a friend

  • dogshack2
    dogshack2 6 days ago +1

    I kept missing the good parts because every time the music started I got up and started dancing around. Glad the neighborhood didn’t burn down.

    RUMBLE BUM 7 days ago

    300 years later ffs

  • William Lawrence
    William Lawrence 7 days ago

    What you did is act like a little kid with a pyro havoc what you should have done is cut off Z into it like a bowl and then put a little gas down in a little soak for a couple hours and second match to it lower the better and Let It Go but you're like a little kid and a candy store no harm no foul have fun child

  • Darrell Baty
    Darrell Baty 7 days ago

    Great effort, the stump is gone and that was your objective!

  • Kritiker313
    Kritiker313 7 days ago

    The repetitive and predicable nature of the music make it ideal for an instructional video like this one. Never mind the critics, this is a well done video with music volume that doesn't mask the instructor's voice and best of all, it's not a loud, toxic, screaming guitar solo that drives you away.

  • Mary Elyse
    Mary Elyse 7 days ago +1

    That small a stump I'd just spend 25.00 and have someone grind it. All that fire blowing aRound makes me nervous especially around a house or lots of trees.

  • Brad Davies
    Brad Davies 7 days ago +1

    Great Idea I have a friend who lost his foot in a cycle accident, tried this on him and he loved it.

  • Stone Kingdom Inc
    Stone Kingdom Inc 7 days ago

    You have a good wind, like adding billows

  • ChrisssCruz
    ChrisssCruz 8 days ago

    What if its next to a wooden fence? Or in front of my lawn?

  • Randy Wyatt
    Randy Wyatt 8 days ago


  • shafeman556
    shafeman556 8 days ago

    First suggested video is "Turbo Powered Stump Incinerator"

  • john wilkerson
    john wilkerson 8 days ago


  • Matticus Barticus
    Matticus Barticus 8 days ago +3

    You kept that huge roaring flame in that high wind burning unattended?

  • Mark Crawford
    Mark Crawford 8 days ago


  • Jim Barrett
    Jim Barrett 9 days ago

    Where on earth did you find that "wonderful whistling aaaah-aaaaah music"........satire of course!

  • DTR89
    DTR89 9 days ago +6

    I was planning to burn a stump, but after hearing that annoying song I've now covered myself in fuel and am ready to go

  • Tucking Friggered
    Tucking Friggered 9 days ago

    You could have just doused the thing in gas and set it ablaze. I mean the cuts were a solid idea but the rest was just a lot of effort to achieve the same result.

  • Mike Sloan
    Mike Sloan 9 days ago

    You could also make some thermite and pour it down there....that ALWAYS catches it on fire

  • J W
    J W 9 days ago +2

    26 hours later... “I really think the wind is helping this thing to burn fast”. ;-)

  • Dave Danker
    Dave Danker 9 days ago +1

    "just use diesel fuel that's all you need" "Now i will use gasoline" Oh, now I will burn a fire on top which I said was the wrong way to do it at the beginning of the video"

  • rshaddock
    rshaddock 10 days ago

    song gets annoying

  • Dan Sullivan
    Dan Sullivan 10 days ago

    Better way...……...Use an excavator. One hour and your done!!

  • mistakool123
    mistakool123 10 days ago

    "jeremy john squire
    1 day ago
    Just cut it off at ground level. This is slow."
    Additionally leaving anything burning while you are not watching it is both dangerous and irresponsible, especially with those winds possibly catching a coal.

  • Ray AtBragg
    Ray AtBragg 10 days ago +1

    You didn’t leave that stump burning all night with no one around did you? You never leave a fire unattended.

  • Richard Burke
    Richard Burke 10 days ago

    This guy is clever. Straight forward and common sense.

  • brian brink
    brian brink 11 days ago +1

    Nice video though the music was a bit rough after a while. Good job. I'll try it.

  • Chuck blankenship
    Chuck blankenship 11 days ago

    Throw a tire on it

  • slpip slpip
    slpip slpip 11 days ago

  • Twelve Brothers
    Twelve Brothers 11 days ago +2

    The Lord has told me that there is a large wave coming

    that will flood the East Coast
    specially New York
    surrounding areas!!!!!!!

    Please move!

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 11 days ago +2

    Doritos work best . no joke

  • jeremy john squire
    jeremy john squire 11 days ago +8

    Just cut it off at ground level. This is slow.

  • Noacks Tegrinde
    Noacks Tegrinde 11 days ago +3

    I don't know if it's been suggested before but I have an enhancement for your idea. You used 2 saw cuts and I came up with the idea of using three. That's more surface area.
    Seriously, unless it's in the way, I'd just let nature deal with in the UK.

  • Brent Elliott
    Brent Elliott 11 days ago

    You call that a stump!

  • Tennesee Tuxedo
    Tennesee Tuxedo 12 days ago +4

    Wood, deisel fuel, gasoline, hot coals, fire. Matches. Are we not men?

  • krnbrkw
    krnbrkw 12 days ago

    That blade is DULL!!!!!!

  • Ali D
    Ali D 12 days ago

    The fire is obviously a hazard around the house or in a forest, especially in the windy days. And how could you let it burn overnight without watching it carefully? So I can't say this method is practical in most cases. It seemed lots of time is taken in burning up the 6 inch or so left over stump. If possible I would dig the dirt around it further and try to cut the stump further down to maybe only 2 to 3 inches left. That would cut the time to burn it out by half I think.

  • JLP474
    JLP474 13 days ago

    Throw a cast iron skillet on there and cook up some steaks while ya wait!