How to Remove a Stump, Cheaply & Effectively!

  • Published on Mar 12, 2017
  • This video is a how to on burning a stump with a quick and efficient method. The key is a steady heat applied as low on a stump as you can get it. We achieved this by cutting into it with a chainsaw.
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  • Joe Zyzyx
    Joe Zyzyx 10 months ago +67

    Everyone should watch the new video. Much better and he took suggestions to heart. Kudos on the new video.

    • odurandina
      odurandina Month ago

      we need the awful background music like we need a hole in the head

    • Jeff Coy
      Jeff Coy Month ago

      sock puppeting for the win!

    • Denice Moraine
      Denice Moraine Month ago

      The Neals' Homestead Your way of stump burning is the best, thank you so much for sharing! I must have about 20 stumps that we have to burnout on our property and your way is much faster than the way I’ve been doing it! thank you! thank you! thank you!

    • Gopalarao Tv
      Gopalarao Tv 3 months ago

    • casey 1959
      casey 1959 4 months ago +1

      sharpened the chain

  • Doug the Thug
    Doug the Thug 5 hours ago

    The whistling in your music is extremely annoying.

  • PanamaSticks
    PanamaSticks 9 hours ago

    Grass fire overnight burned his house down.

  • PanamaSticks
    PanamaSticks 9 hours ago

    Couldn't you put a wedge in that slot, and hit with a maul?

  • rplle7
    rplle7 14 hours ago

    This is a good way to start a forest fire ... you wouldn't be doing this in would be locked up in a heartbeat!

  • William Nelson
    William Nelson 18 hours ago

    Very intuitive thankyou. My only concerns are leaving the fire untended and the use of accelerants. Burning embers in the presence of a high wind all make me very nervous. The only solution I can see would be to contain the stump within a screen trap to prevent embers from moving past it. Please note that I live a heavily dry wooded area, where the best way to use your process would be in the winter season or through fire confinement like I just mentioned.

  • Reagan Breeze
    Reagan Breeze 21 hour ago

    And at that moment, Smokey Bear arrived to help put out the community from a grass fire lol

  • Prometheus
    Prometheus Day ago

    So one thing I don't get here: why not just cut the stump down to ground level with the chainsaw, then use the chainsaw to cut down into it, then burn it off? To me it seems you wasted a day just getting the stump down to the level you could have achieved by just cutting it. Also, since it was so windy, why didn't you put up a wind break to stop the fire from being blown out?

  • Mario Reglin
    Mario Reglin Day ago

    Just make several cuts in the stomp and use a big hammer, and it's gonna be gone in 20 mins.

  • Philip Argo
    Philip Argo Day ago

    I want to watch this but the music is so gay it hurts.

  • Tim Hoffman
    Tim Hoffman Day ago

    Dig dirt away from the base of the stump will burn the roots also

  • Jay EDG
    Jay EDG Day ago

    Hope your neighbors aren't sleeping... wind, burning embers blowing into their yard.... OMG>..

  • Tony Cantrell
    Tony Cantrell Day ago

    Why burn a good fishing stool?

  • David Hawley
    David Hawley 2 days ago

    I wouldn’t worry about dulling the chain saw blade, looking at the sawdust it is putting out.

  • Patrick E
    Patrick E 2 days ago

    I could have dug it out faster with a spoon

  • john simpson
    john simpson 2 days ago

    good vid

  • Tom Sommer
    Tom Sommer 3 days ago

    I had to cut the video off because of the extremely annoying music.

  • Kevin T
    Kevin T 3 days ago

    I liked it.

  • Todd Matthews
    Todd Matthews 3 days ago

    Just use a stump grinder; quicker & easier!

  • Little Jordan Farm
    Little Jordan Farm 4 days ago

    Great job..seems like the wind isn't blowing when you decide to start a fire . Then the winds starts..😕..great job 😊

  • Marvin Wells
    Marvin Wells 5 days ago

    Just use rock salt. A lot safer and this way you can start a major fire in the area. I don’t agree with this at all, plus the wind could be your enemy.

  • Al Ursino
    Al Ursino 6 days ago +6

    Actually he could’ve cut the stump level with the ground in the time it took to cut those cross cuts.

  • saintsamaritan
    saintsamaritan 6 days ago

    I cut ground level then "graph" w chainsaw.

  • saintsamaritan
    saintsamaritan 6 days ago

    Nothing for a stump in city limits.

  • Dave Norris
    Dave Norris 6 days ago

    Thank you for making this video, having spent a great deal of money on tree felling, I have a huge stump remaining, I wonder if it would work on a bigger stump? My tree is very near a public footpath so I would need a safety fence around...great idea though.

  • MoteurGeneral
    MoteurGeneral 7 days ago

    I would just build a giant bond fire on top of it. It'd be completely gone by the morning.

  • redlense4
    redlense4 8 days ago

    Thank you for convincing me to rent a stump grinder.

    THE CONTRACTORS 8 days ago

    Great! Thanks!!

  • Nancy Mathisen
    Nancy Mathisen 9 days ago +1

    I can definitely imagine a scenario where SOMETHING goes wrong for someone who tries this, the worst being starting a forest fire, or using too much gas and getting burned.

  • Gear
    Gear 9 days ago +3

    Also if you have an old steel drum cut off the bottom so it has a hole on both sides and set it over the burning stump that way it will stop from blowing out from wind, and Intensify the heat.

    • michael langshaw
      michael langshaw 5 days ago

      Gear--I was thinking the same thing however, we’d need to drill some holes in the bottom of the can so it can get maximum oxygen for maximum heat. But you’d have the can to use for future stump burning and it’ll make it safer if your doing it in a more risky area where something might catch on fire that you don’t want to like a forest or your home or you wife. 😉

  • K Dean Franklin
    K Dean Franklin 9 days ago

    Your chain is dull throwing dust not chips

  • John Hughes
    John Hughes 10 days ago

    Might have been better to choose a less windy day?

  • Rapha94
    Rapha94 10 days ago +3

    Update the title to: How to remove a stump in 3 days.

    • michael langshaw
      michael langshaw 5 days ago

      Rapha94 he said patience is the key to this. Once you get it going you let it be and let it do its thing with a little encouragement along the way. 😊

  • Rob & Di Hamilton
    Rob & Di Hamilton 10 days ago

    That chainsaw needs a bloody good sharpen

  • mal macdonald
    mal macdonald 11 days ago

    Why is this being shown as a training video.the idiot hasn’t got steel toe caps on,eye protection safety gauntlets leather chaps or leather apron at the very least?I would like this idiots certificate of compitence taken from him until he has retaken his chain saw course again,and this you tube video taken down in the interest of safety

  • D S
    D S 11 days ago

    If you had just turned the chainsaw on it's side, you could have cut the stump off at ground level. That was apparently the goal so the mower wouldn't hit it. You would have had extra wood for the house stove and it would have taken less than 5 minutes. You wouldn't have had to burn petroleum fuel into the air. You wouldn't have had to waste your time and mine by making this video and ALL WOULD BE HAPPIER.

  • Steven Bell
    Steven Bell 12 days ago +1

    I could remove all trace of that stump in 10 mins with a STUMP GRINDER!!!

  • Black Opal
    Black Opal 12 days ago

    One word - Dynamite

  • Mike Patterson
    Mike Patterson 12 days ago

    Just an FYI - great idea here however I know someone who let it burn and the roots under the loose ground cover (needles and such) caught fire causing a large forest fire (he was arrested and charged). Just thought I'd share!

  • DJ Storm
    DJ Storm 13 days ago

    wow, this guy makes me glad i have more common sense then he dose... a stump grander would have been a lot better then the dangers of a woodland or forest fire.... which would land you in prison. also, like Roderick Scapillati said, it would have made a awesome place to sit to fish or even could have been a nice romantic spot for you and your wife... this action is dangerous.

  • Elephant Man
    Elephant Man 13 days ago

    Live in the city Knot allowed to burn

  • Jane McEldowney
    Jane McEldowney 13 days ago +4

    This scheme would strike fear, nigh onto panic, in the hearts of those who have seen wildfires. Although this stump was near a river/lake, there was no visible container for bailing water onto the fire or potential surroundings. The idea of leaving a fire unattended, especially overnight, is SCARY and definitely not recommended.
    There was no mention of how to prevent the possibility of root fire extending underground and erupting days later at a distant location but caused by this fire. It LOOKED easy and efficient, but seriously flawed.
    I was pleased to see that Neal wore protective lenses while sawing. Good move.

  • Michael David
    Michael David 14 days ago

    Earth, wind and fire.

  • Lisa D
    Lisa D 14 days ago

    I like your video.

    JAMES FERRELL 14 days ago

    Good video, lose the stupid music though.

  • Ronn
    Ronn 14 days ago

    A fire burning down into the ground in a rain forest (temperate) can smolder for a long time and create a forest fire in the following summer. Caution where you use this technique.

  • eltsen nestle
    eltsen nestle 14 days ago

    should read....'How to Remove a Stump, Cheaply & Effectively!...NOT in the city !!'

  • Terry
    Terry 15 days ago

    Why not cut the stump level to the ground to begin with?

  • DoubleDogDare54
    DoubleDogDare54 15 days ago

    My old man used to drill a number of holes in a stump and pour kerosene over it multiple times over a period of days until the stump was saturated top and below ground. Then one more dose of kerosene followed by setting it on fire. It would burn on its own right down to below ground level. Toss some dirt over the hole and you're done.

  • Ken Berscheit
    Ken Berscheit 16 days ago

    i wouldnt worry about hitting the dirt , saw is dull as it is . you can tell by the size of the chips or in this case the dust....... could have just cut it off at ground level and started a fire above it and been better off???

  • Randy Farnsworth
    Randy Farnsworth 17 days ago

    I’m more of a back how guy.

  • Casey Giorgio
    Casey Giorgio 17 days ago

    somebody PLEASE>>>>STOP THAT MUSIC

  • Francis Howlett
    Francis Howlett 17 days ago

    Fire on a windy day? Good way to get rid of your house too!

  • Joeblow Johnny
    Joeblow Johnny 18 days ago

    Do it right next time and dig a 6"-8" inch mound of dirt from around the diameter of the stump before you light it to insure it burn below ground level before it goes out and your done !

  • Stew W
    Stew W 18 days ago +2

    I hear that logs cut like this are great at campsites for heat and cooking. Is that true?

    • Nowakezone Forever
      Nowakezone Forever 15 days ago

      Yes, is the quick answer to your question. Once he said he was cutting the cross sections I was immediately reminded of what you’re talking about Steve. This goes by a number of names like Swedish Torch, Canadian Candle and so on. They’re in grocery stores now. There is history to them if you’re interested.

  • Stew W
    Stew W 18 days ago

    Man that looked like that stump could have been a perfect seat if you are out there fishing.

  • Dan Wagner
    Dan Wagner 18 days ago

    Been burning stumps for years. Make the X cut but then i use charcoals left over from outdoor cooking. The only drawback was one time the tree roots started on fire. They burned for weeks. Luckily it was a snowy winter,

  • General Booger
    General Booger 18 days ago

    That is cool. Liked.

  • General Booger
    General Booger 18 days ago

    4 Days later................... "It'll burn. It'll burn I gotta add some more twigs." ............................8 Days later "F@#K THIS....... NAPALM!"