Tazer Tag

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • Go to buyraycon.com/reeves for 15% off your order! Brought to you by Raycon.
    If anyone wants to rent the tazer vests for their kids birthday party dm me.
    Thank you for letting me electrocute you OfflineTv
    Also I joined OfflineTv: tvclip.biz/video/GSgnFUPZOrI/video.html
    Twitter: michaelreeves08
    Instagram: michaelreeves808
    Website: michaelreeves.us/
    PinkOmega - Dumplings (Prod. Holder) [Instrumental]
    jump man 93 - oldbandstuffs 1
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  • Hardik Monga
    Hardik Monga Hour ago

    it could be done without arduinoooooo

  • few
    few Hour ago

    Make a fridge that cooks food

  • Victor Santiago JR
    Victor Santiago JR 3 hours ago

    Oh heck yes. Tazers

  • Demonkilla 222
    Demonkilla 222 6 hours ago

    Step 1: Lies
    Step 2: Deceit
    Step 3: Profit

  • Loopiloop
    Loopiloop 8 hours ago


    WENSDAA 8 hours ago

    You should make a robot that yells at people for giving bad robot ideas

  • Bad Comedian
    Bad Comedian 9 hours ago +2

    A punching bag that feels pain

  • pine water
    pine water 10 hours ago

    Wow this was fun watching people getting tazed.

  • Narendra Prastha
    Narendra Prastha 10 hours ago


  • Snitzgenix
    Snitzgenix 10 hours ago +1

    Ok ok ok, hear me out, create a roblox game

  • Mason Boiii
    Mason Boiii 11 hours ago

    Make a toilet seat or whatever that screams whenever you sit so people know when your taking a shit

  • Hola Hiiioo
    Hola Hiiioo 11 hours ago

    Me and you are so similar I’m small wear glasses and am a crackhead and build things

  • ChickenKing 47
    ChickenKing 47 11 hours ago

    Make a robot that lets you annoy the sh!t out of your roommates while being able to watch their reaction

  • JockyRhonson
    JockyRhonson 11 hours ago

    The scariest thing about being in otv has to be chilling in your room and Michael walking through your door innocently saying "hey bud"

  • Jella
    Jella 11 hours ago

    ElectricBoom seems like a good partner of your's ;)

  • Javier Quintana
    Javier Quintana 12 hours ago

    Can I buy this???

  • matthew hawkins
    matthew hawkins 12 hours ago

    Ok so hear me out but what about a Roomba that follows people around and attempts to tasers them

  • Icebound Gamer
    Icebound Gamer 14 hours ago

    You should build a robot that smacks your viewers for suggesting shitty robots, such as this, you give some you lose some XD

  • Տς รкєקtเς
    Տς รкєקtเς 15 hours ago

    robot arm that when you shake it,

    it tazes you

  • Arni
    Arni 15 hours ago

    If Michael grew a beard he would look like psychotic Daniel Radcliffe

  • zac yurkanin
    zac yurkanin 16 hours ago

    Forgot your name so I searched “engineer TVclip channel” and you were the fourth TVclipr. Who would have guessed the TVclip search function still had bugs in 2020

    COLDDARKDAYS 16 hours ago

    Why do i love his videos so much. Just so much dark humor lol. "That's bullshit I just want to taze people" " to feed my sick addiction of tazing people" I die laughing every time.
    XD, love your videos Mike

  • TheToaster
    TheToaster 16 hours ago

    Make a christmas tree that destroys itself if the decorations are on it for at least 2 days after christmas

  • Caboodle YT
    Caboodle YT 21 hour ago

    lily sounds like wolfychu

  • Uchiha Sasuke
    Uchiha Sasuke 21 hour ago

    Keanu reeves?

  • Angrez
    Angrez 22 hours ago


  • Weird and Awkward

    Let him be friends with Markiplier. A guy who thinks getting tazed is interesting/fun.
    And Micheal who likes tazing people

  • Big daddy Longcock

    Make a console that turns off when you get shot on fortnite

  • Sux Suc
    Sux Suc Day ago

    TVclip: Try something family friendly, like laser tag!
    Michael: But what if It hurt?
    TVclip: Wait... what?
    Michael: *T a z e r T a g*

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer Day ago

    Make a cereal box that cusses you out when you open it

  • Poncon
    Poncon Day ago

    Michael: your a bad person for watching with video

  • Jeremy H.
    Jeremy H. Day ago

    wtf. why did you take so long to make a video?

  • Gavin Rosario
    Gavin Rosario Day ago

    Michael's salty that he lost

  • Boom Boom
    Boom Boom Day ago

    lily is super cute uwu

  • James Dizon
    James Dizon Day ago

    Since when did Arturo Castro know how to code?

  • Jackson Healey
    Jackson Healey Day ago

    That was a shocking video

  • Gloria Borger
    Gloria Borger Day ago +2

    These videos are hilarious but i just watched your early coding tutorials and i'm addicted! print("I NEED MORE CODING VIDEOS")

  • Night Owl lol
    Night Owl lol Day ago

    Micheal looks like that one kid on the State Farm commercial with the hand me down car like wtf

  • Gage Dunlap
    Gage Dunlap Day ago +2

    Make a robot that builds dicks out of legos. Or shoes that shock you if your not running fast or long enough.

  • AL Animates
    AL Animates Day ago +2

    Just asking what did you see on Lilly's search history....

  • Izrael Davalos
    Izrael Davalos Day ago

    You made it to fast

  • Chill Vibing
    Chill Vibing Day ago

    Ah yes. The first time I was introduced to all of the amazing chaos. New sub!

  • James garden
    James garden Day ago

    You should make a robot that screams and tells you how pathetic you are

  • Galactic Gold
    Galactic Gold Day ago


  • jesus Serrano
    jesus Serrano Day ago

    Bro Michael looks like fucking harry potter 🤣🤣🤣

  • CEO of Criticism

    Can you make a mind control device to take over the tri state area

  • Lance
    Lance Day ago +1

    Michael Reeves is like Elon Musk, if Elon musk's mom did way too much crack during her pregnancy.

  • Juan Alvarado
    Juan Alvarado Day ago

    I wonder if he can make a jet pack

    VISAGE Day ago

    i wanna play this

  • Deathslayer577 JG

    Hey Michael remember that machine from subscriber root, well did you bring it with you and is it still installed

  • Solid Tense
    Solid Tense Day ago

    This guy is basically if Idubbz was a tech Channel

  • Raginaction
    Raginaction Day ago

    make a drone the tases people and you can say to offline tv its a "video"

  • Pyro's Shitpost Studio

    I didnt know Heinz Doofenschmirtz was a 3ft Filipino child

  • Luke 144Hz
    Luke 144Hz Day ago

    4:33 Yes. That's exactly what I want to see. I'm a sick fuck. I'm probably adopted. Help. Thx. I love you. Bye.

  • Jack Porter
    Jack Porter Day ago

    Man, this video got me hungry for some dumplings.

  • SmokeyJoe
    SmokeyJoe Day ago +1

    Michael you need to make a unsubscriber robot

  • Billy Crutchfield second channel

    Hey did you post a comment on the green parrot super store saying I came to buy a taser if you did then stop

  • Noah Ness
    Noah Ness Day ago


  • Noah Ness
    Noah Ness Day ago +1

    Michale....all of your info is online including your bicep size, shoe size, exact height, ext. That's kinda concerning www.dreshare.com/michael-reeves/, just check the link...it's scary

    • Bob Saget
      Bob Saget Day ago +1

      Wtf how did you find that

  • vibinvaibe
    vibinvaibe Day ago +1

    Play russiun roullet but with tazers with lily and offline tv