Six Invitational - Day Two

  • Published on Feb 5, 2017
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    During 3 full days fans, professional players, content creators and developers will gather in Montreal. Tune in to watch new content live showcases, and 3 days of pro competition for a total prizepool of $200,000!
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  • Kia
    Kia 2 years ago

    Necrox is deaf!!!!

  • ジェシー
    ジェシー 2 years ago

    I just got this game

  • z_Drako_
    z_Drako_ 2 years ago


  • Dessie Life
    Dessie Life 2 years ago

    Good dam he's ugly: you know who I'm talking about.

  • jakob
    jakob 2 years ago

    1:26:33 MVP :D :D

  • Toxic555
    Toxic555 2 years ago

    Who cares about Xbox PC only plz next time

    • Ironic Weeb
      Ironic Weeb 2 years ago

      You're a couple of months late dumb ass.

  • Wolf boy Gaming
    Wolf boy Gaming 2 years ago

    Why dose everyone judge people who play console rainbow some people don't have enough fucking money to buy computers good enough to run rainbow it just ticks me off

  • amukia
    amukia 2 years ago

    I swear to god SangraL is trash

  • All gaming Cash
    All gaming Cash 2 years ago

    Ctm should have kept king

  • Christopher Brouillard

    Aboner vous

  • CCKillbilly
    CCKillbilly 2 years ago +1

    I an sorry, but that dude on that swedish team (GIFU or whatever) NEEDS to hit the gym or he is gonna have hear failure at 30

  • Lucky
    Lucky 2 years ago

    30:56 tell me the name of the music pls (opening)?

  • Marcos Fernandes
    Marcos Fernandes 2 years ago +1

    11.13.02 Ho shiit

  • Kurt Henderson
    Kurt Henderson 2 years ago

    1:14:34 gameplay starts

  • Aren Culligan
    Aren Culligan 2 years ago

    Watch the background around 8:53:30

  • KA1N3R
    KA1N3R 2 years ago

    And I thought LCS is too full of filler. Little did I know.

  • StayHigh Gaming
    StayHigh Gaming 2 years ago +2

    fuck you ubisoft

  • Roy
    Roy 2 years ago

    I always play with Japanese friends but after started "VELVET SHELL" I can't join Japanese server. This is PS4ver. Why UBI!!!

  • Daniel Palis
    Daniel Palis 2 years ago

    I need a captain. Why do they have ear buds under their headset?

    • STORM NsG
      STORM NsG 2 years ago

      Daniel Palis I think it's for some noise canceling

  • tyler M
    tyler M 2 years ago


  • AdipatedApple
    AdipatedApple 2 years ago +1

    Bloodbath and Mzo are the worst commentators. Bloodbath sounds overly hype for no reason, and Mzo doesn't analyze anything. Like when Santos did horrible on Bank, neither of them said how bad they were doing and why.

    • Yeet Spageet
      Yeet Spageet 2 years ago +1

      That's why Panky and kix are the best

    UDIE UNIT 2 years ago

    whats that shotgun camo on smokes gun at 1:36:55

  • juansi77
    juansi77 2 years ago +2

    It's save to say that Canadian and Astro are the best players in world..... Astro is a fucking monster. GG santos.

  • LegoJarJarBinks
    LegoJarJarBinks 2 years ago


    • Nathan
      Nathan 2 years ago +2

      lucifer Fitz they are on LAN

  • buka 371
    buka 371 2 years ago


  • Ergo Voyager
    Ergo Voyager 2 years ago

    Timestamps please

  • RTR Corp.
    RTR Corp. 2 years ago

    Caralho brasil, treina 12 horas todo dia pra passar vergonha mano ...

  • Paige DeShong
    Paige DeShong 2 years ago +1

    Hey people i am the worlds funniest person to see some of my jokes come to my channel ps i love rainbow six siege

  • Chad Shoemaker
    Chad Shoemaker 2 years ago

    FFS....You guys want to know why people don't watch? You can't hire commentators that can pronounce simple words, like Chalet, and you are so afraid at hurting their don't make them say it right. Embarassing and UNPROFESSIONAL.

  • Hazardous Burn
    Hazardous Burn 2 years ago

    Where can I find Xbox final?

    • #1 Pyuc
      #1 Pyuc 2 years ago

      Invitational Day 3

  • Robb Stark
    Robb Stark 2 years ago

    Os campeonatos de Counter strike global offencive são muito melhores '-'

    FENIX YT OFFICIAL 2 years ago


  • juan jose
    juan jose 2 years ago

    When do the new aparatos come out

  • Kyle Rossetti
    Kyle Rossetti 2 years ago

    Matt Andrews voice makes me want to kms

  • jhoiver jimenez
    jhoiver jimenez 2 years ago

    á comer polla

  • Isaias
    Isaias 2 years ago

    Você 1 - 7

  • Djruizblitz
    Djruizblitz 2 years ago

    I don´t understand

  • Djruizblitz
    Djruizblitz 2 years ago

    1:6:40 cringeee dabbb

  • Milad Golshan
    Milad Golshan 2 years ago +2

    It would have been fun if they got kicked out because of connection issue hahaha. By now it's a r6 feature

  • Warriors QC
    Warriors QC 2 years ago

    Pourquoi vous parle pas français on est a Montréal

    • Seven 6
      Seven 6 2 years ago

      Warriors QC parce que cest internationnal

  • troll super sayan
    troll super sayan 2 years ago +1

    miniatura copiada ya la vi en otro video

  • Kyle Rossetti
    Kyle Rossetti 2 years ago +2

    Get rid of the British fuck

    • Kyle Rossetti
      Kyle Rossetti 2 years ago

      CCKillbilly lol the Bald British guy made me want to commit

    • CCKillbilly
      CCKillbilly 2 years ago +1

      Kyle Rossetti And tell that one fuckhead to get a god damn haircut! You know damn well which dude im talking about

  • Peter Mcmaster
    Peter Mcmaster 2 years ago

    pc is classed as cheating yo ha

  • Michael Dewam
    Michael Dewam 2 years ago

    we love r6

  • Sary
    Sary 2 years ago


  • Z3TA AGO
    Z3TA AGO 2 years ago

    è il più potente e regna

  • Saud Alterkait
    Saud Alterkait 2 years ago

    ... and they say bb is worthless.

  • sietse den ouden
    sietse den ouden 2 years ago +7

    fix your ps4 servers

    • Arktes
      Arktes 2 years ago

      Phantom Reaper k

    • Pompadour
      Pompadour 2 years ago

      sietse den ouden I play on PS4 and the servers are fine for me

    • CCKillbilly
      CCKillbilly 2 years ago +2

      sietse den ouden CoD is your game now. Have fun with your microtransactions.

    • #1 Pyuc
      #1 Pyuc 2 years ago +2

      Hahaha PS4 suuks

  • nederlands100
    nederlands100 2 years ago

    Feb7 for year pass owners, but what for the normal players?

  • Sundeep Sandhu
    Sundeep Sandhu 2 years ago

    quite entertaining wih the commetary
    like wwe

  • Totolino Martin
    Totolino Martin 2 years ago

    Vitality best

  • Rainbow Plays Games
    Rainbow Plays Games 2 years ago +1

    anyone know when continuum plays?

  • Guitar Maniac
    Guitar Maniac 2 years ago

    I love you siege!!!!

  • Louis Bailey
    Louis Bailey 2 years ago +2


  • -Adrêê-
    -Adrêê- 2 years ago


  • Cookie As Arrow
    Cookie As Arrow 2 years ago +15

    This might be what you came for

  • JustAGuy
    JustAGuy 2 years ago +2

    I wanna see a recruit rush in pro league

  • yikes
    yikes 2 years ago +1

    Hi welcome to chilles

  • stuart vasquez
    stuart vasquez 2 years ago

    Lmao Xbox is trash they only rely on gunfights like in cod or something even the dude on elevate said it haha have no smarts at all

    • Spartan1178347
      Spartan1178347 2 years ago +4

      stuart vasquez mate, why watch the video then? Obviously your lookin to piss someone off, looking for a fight, go on, run back to your keyboard and mouse, come back when you have some pride

  • batutrky
    batutrky 2 years ago

    Omg i dont find any games in rainbow.
    Have to wait almost 10min or more