Steak Diane - Gordon Ramsay

  • Published on Nov 4, 2009
  • Gordon Ramsay's recipe for traditional steak Diane from the Cookalong Live 70s themed menu.
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  • Jack Mehoff
    Jack Mehoff 18 days ago

    Say what you want about Ramsey or these videos, but, as a kitchen assistant, this is how I want all recipes explained. Concisely and in a minute or two. I hate those cooks who take fifteen minutes to explain how a stew is made.


    the fast paced microscopic camera and Pump It combo is fuckin up my mind so badly rn LMAOOOOOO my head hurts

  • mark ferley
    mark ferley Month ago

    Just made it tonight. So good so easy!! Try it you’ll get layed 😘

    • mark ferley
      mark ferley Month ago

      Buddy it’s worth it for a weekend so easy !

  • mark ferley
    mark ferley Month ago

    Men the quickest way to your woman’s Heart is through her stomach!

  • Tammy Cao
    Tammy Cao Month ago

    Has anyone tried any of Ramsay's recipes?

  • Kurt Cometa
    Kurt Cometa Month ago

    Dat atoms tho

  • Angelo
    Angelo Month ago


  • iPat6G
    iPat6G Month ago

    Now that's how a TVclip recipe should be. Concise and awesome.
    Really hate long-winded recipes that go on for 10 minutes just to show you how to make something simple like a stew or a roast chicken.

  • Detective Assassin
    Detective Assassin Month ago

    Why is there Pulp Fiction music in the background ?

  • p0giboi
    p0giboi Month ago +1

    I disliked the video because they didn't zoom in close enough .....😑😑😑

  • leishemba yengkhom
    leishemba yengkhom Month ago

    Whoa whoa hold your horses pal, I have just one thing to say DoNe.....!

  • Nobody
    Nobody 2 months ago

    What kind of cooking method he use?

  • George Dragulin
    George Dragulin 2 months ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Detective Assassin
    Detective Assassin 2 months ago +1

    I highly recommend trying this out , it is delicious .

  • Caleb Harch
    Caleb Harch 2 months ago

    Mother fucker zoom out!

  • leonthesleepy
    leonthesleepy 2 months ago +1

    That was one exhausting minute

  • Kinjal Amdavadi
    Kinjal Amdavadi 2 months ago

    Gosh its making me dizzy

  • Pax Britannica
    Pax Britannica 2 months ago

    I wanted a Steak Denise

  • The Absolute Madman
    The Absolute Madman 2 months ago

    Where did the peas come from?

  • H R
    H R 3 months ago

    fast video = viewer has to re-watch to catch all the steps = more views = more ads = more $$$

  • John Pinto
    John Pinto 3 months ago

    Way too long I'll watch the rest later

  • Taylor Craig Newbold
    Taylor Craig Newbold 3 months ago

    Why cut the fat off?

  • Cuthbert Bracegirdle
    Cuthbert Bracegirdle 3 months ago

    Hate how he says 'done' at the end. Creepy pervert.

  • Haulin Heavy
    Haulin Heavy 3 months ago

    Misirlou guitar riffs is sick!🎸

  • The False Rabbi
    The False Rabbi 4 months ago

    I wonder how much cocaine it takes to make one of these

  • MaxKiel1701
    MaxKiel1701 4 months ago

    for the main course remember.. add olive oil to the pan.. done

  • but ton
    but ton 4 months ago +1

    This video is proudly brought to you by amphetamines

  • Shakei B
    Shakei B 4 months ago

    Finally a recipe I can do in 1 minute

    And 2 seconds

  • samantha gross
    samantha gross 5 months ago

    i love chef ramsey

  • Gabriela Hernandez
    Gabriela Hernandez 6 months ago

    I’m hungry

  • alex1vid
    alex1vid 6 months ago

    Wish it was a little slower... actually made me a bit dizzy!

  • Pratik Hazari
    Pratik Hazari 6 months ago

    Here's what I could gather from this horribly edited video:
    1. cut fat off steaks and season with salt/pepper
    2. put oil on piping hot pan and roll the steaks so they are thinner, and then throw steaks on
    3. remove steaks when they reach preferred done-level and let them rest on the side
    4. in the same pan, put in butter, slices of mushrooms (I prefer whole mushroom caps) and onion, and crushed garlic until they are sauteed
    5. add in worchestire sauce and a spoonful of dijon mustard
    6. put in brandy to flambe it (I prefer white wine instead)
    7. after liquid is reduced and alcohol is burnt off, add in heavy cream and parsley
    8. put steaks back into same pan and simmer
    9. in another pan, add slices potato halves and season with salt/pepper and crushed garlic
    10. cover potatoes with rosemary sprigs and let cook until potatoes are soft
    11. boil peas until they are done
    12. plating: steak with diane sauce on top of it, potatoes and peas on the side
    13. enjoy

  • Paljor Wangdi
    Paljor Wangdi 6 months ago

    For the sautéed potatoes,


  • Its me Havvanna
    Its me Havvanna 6 months ago

    2019? 10 years challenge 😂

  • exon excel
    exon excel 6 months ago

    Was the Flash cooking ?

  • Antony Manuel
    Antony Manuel 6 months ago

    This is fucking Raw!!!

  • siroos siroos
    siroos siroos 7 months ago


  • sk8taco
    sk8taco 7 months ago

    Absolutely gorgeous

  • Samwise Gangi
    Samwise Gangi 7 months ago

    The bubbling is actually quantum fluctuations.

  • smokinC5
    smokinC5 7 months ago

    Can u speed it up....i dont have all day

  • joek money
    joek money 7 months ago

    It'stoooo Oily too much olive oil and too much sauce. #bland

  • Catbalou
    Catbalou 7 months ago

    damn... oil is still heating and video finished

  • Erlangga Wulung
    Erlangga Wulung 8 months ago

    seriously, man. I can't follow any of your instructions.

  • Marti Ortiz
    Marti Ortiz 8 months ago

    I'm allergic to mushrooms!!! Any good alternatives?

    • Pratik Hazari
      Pratik Hazari 6 months ago

      Eggplant slices, but they will require extra cooking time to get rid of all the water inside them.

  • Yorgan Yog
    Yorgan Yog 10 months ago

    This video was my first recipe I made years ago. My ex was annoying me that I couldn't cook and I followed this exactly video and presented this. She wanted more and then I broke up with her. :D :D

  • Gulnar Jiwa
    Gulnar Jiwa 10 months ago


  • Kinjal Amdavadi
    Kinjal Amdavadi 10 months ago

    Change the damn cameraman ... He is all over the pan ... Does he even let you cook ?

  • Bludika
    Bludika 10 months ago

    i dont get why these cream sauce recipes always tell you to put the steak back in the sauce, then whats the point of cooking it medium rare, just to cook it even more in the sauce? why not just cook it medium rare, then spoon the sauce over the steak when ready to serve

  • Tony From Syracuse
    Tony From Syracuse 11 months ago

    little ditty, bout steak and diane

  • Greenhalgh William
    Greenhalgh William 11 months ago

    How many seasons are there Gordon. 6 winter spring summer autumn salt pepper

  • newlend six
    newlend six 11 months ago


  • Ruzel Dale
    Ruzel Dale 11 months ago

    And that's 1 minute

  • Smug Man
    Smug Man 11 months ago


  • None No
    None No 11 months ago +1

    For one who want recipe more specifically
    For a main course, remember. Add olive oil to a hot pan. Remove the fat from the steak. Roll out thin and season. Fried quickly both sides then set aside. Into the same pan, add chopped shallots and season. Add s slice of mushroom and a knob of butter and garlic. Then add a spice of Worcestershire sauce and Dijon mustard. Pour a dash of Brandy and flambe. Once the alcohol is burned off. Swirl the juices, add the cream and stir with chopped parsley. Return the steak and cooked. For sautéed potatoes, need oil, slice the potato in half and place upside down. Season, add crush garlic and rosemary. Platter and put the sauces over the steak. Steak Diane with sautéed potatoes and peas. Done !!

  • Syahira Safni
    Syahira Safni 11 months ago +1

    The video is so fast I feel like my migraine is coming by just watching it

  • Bruce
    Bruce 11 months ago

    this is some of the worst editing and camera work I have ever seen - what were they thinking??? I get queasy watching this

  • Boby Didier
    Boby Didier 11 months ago

    As much as i love gordon ramsay this video fucking sucks

  • williamle8300
    williamle8300 11 months ago


  • mastermind
    mastermind Year ago

    You should have started your potatoes earlier than that. It takes a good while for the potatoes to ga that colour.

  • Beazley Dang
    Beazley Dang Year ago

    Why is he sniping food?