$250 Milk Makeup Review 👽 Is it trash?

  • Published on Aug 15, 2018
  • 100% honest Milk Makeup review. I was so excited to try Milk Makeup but I'm kinda disappointed :/ I still like Milk Makeup, I will definitely be trying other items. What do you think of Milk Makeup? #Bootyguwu
    matcha cleanser: go.magik.ly/ml/ekx8/
    matcha toner: go.magik.ly/ml/ekx9/
    watermelon serum: go.magik.ly/ml/ekx6/
    cooling water: go.magik.ly/ml/ekx7/
    luminous blur: go.magik.ly/ml/ekxf/
    flex concealer: go.magik.ly/ml/ekxb/
    holographic: stick go.magik.ly/ml/ekxa/
    lip and cheek: go.magik.ly/ml/ekxc/
    face gloss: go.magik.ly/ml/ekxf/
    kush clear brow: go.magik.ly/ml/ekxd/
    USA: bit.ly/cp-Amazon
    Canada: bit.ly/Amazon-CA
    UK: bit.ly/Amazon-UK-cp
    Teespring: bit.ly/CurlyPenny-Merch
    Amazon (Prime): bit.ly/amzn-merch
    instagram: bit.ly/ig-pennytovar
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    Prime (30 days free): bit.ly/cp-Prime
    Prime (6-month free for edu emails): amzn.to/2zmOsAH
    → cowash: amzn.to/2wuUNWP
    → shampoo: amzn.to/2zl8axh
    → shampoo brush: bit.ly/pennygroove - 50% off
    → liquid biotin: bit.ly/amzn-liquid-biotin
    → jbco: bit.ly/amzn-JBCO
    → conditioner: bit.ly/ConditionDecadence
    → deep conditioner: amzn.to/2gqKdIO
    → leave in conditioner: bit.ly/amzn-SuperCream
    → mousse: bit.ly/VolumizingFoam
    → gel: bit.ly/LightDefiningGel
    → my favorite styler: bit.ly/amzn-custard
    → diffuser: amzn.to/2wuV3Fh
    → microfiber towel: bit.ly/amzn-DevaTowel
    → satin pillow case: amzn.to/2gqQLXK
    DISCLAIMER: Some of the links provided are affiliate links. Affiliate links provide me with a commission from your purchase. This allows me to make TVclip a full-time job and focus on creating more content for you. Thank you for putting food on my table and supporting me!
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  • Muchachalata
    Muchachalata 6 months ago +5165

    Spill the molk sis

  • Amanda G. Rivera
    Amanda G. Rivera 10 hours ago

    Love how she sniffs in Spanish but girl where's your beauty blender


    Omg I have a mask on and I was trying *_SO_* hard not to laugh

  • lujomangi B
    lujomangi B Day ago

    *says wile laughing* watch my mirror break. good one!

  • FleurBangtan
    FleurBangtan Day ago

    she’s literally Latina wtf do yall think she’s gonna sound like? smh algunos de ustedes son estúpidos

  • ForevaLaTrelle
    ForevaLaTrelle Day ago

    Milk is overpriced and a scam tbh (just like glossier). The makeup has little coverage. It's like a play makeup aesthetic. You're basically paying for the packaging. Milk will not get any of my money anytime soon. And I know the point of it is the "natural" look, but I feel like u shouldn't have to pay that much just to look like yourself.

  • Gabriela Brito Albarran

    Girrrrrl vi tu video como 10 segundos y me suscribí luego luego! Me encanta jajaja

  • Lyzette Vega
    Lyzette Vega 3 days ago

    Big NO, NO...

  • Hello ECK
    Hello ECK 4 days ago

    Is this channel becoming Jeffree Star's channel
    Is it Penny approved?

  • Bella Gore
    Bella Gore 4 days ago

    I thought it was milk like the the drink

  • Camsc Hav
    Camsc Hav 5 days ago

    I love when you review products that I’m scared to try penny ♥️

  • Breezy Durkin53
    Breezy Durkin53 6 days ago +1

    James Charles who? 🙌👏🙌👏

  • DIY Darlene
    DIY Darlene 6 days ago

    also sounds like someone from orange is the new black

  • Tarleda Manley
    Tarleda Manley 7 days ago

    Sniffs in Spanish 😂😂😂💀

  • Kittencatperson
    Kittencatperson 8 days ago

    Your accent is super pretty

  • Aliyah AG
    Aliyah AG 9 days ago +1

    "molk makeup" lol, that's funny 😂😊

  • Besania Espinal
    Besania Espinal 10 days ago

    It's vegan but the product is called milk......

  • Alexandra Murray
    Alexandra Murray 10 days ago

    how does this girl not have more than 1 million subscribers

  • Naujia Godwin
    Naujia Godwin 11 days ago

    Love your voice

  • DJ Doodles
    DJ Doodles 11 days ago

    You remind me of Alesia Cara and Jessie Reyez.❤️❤️❤️

  • Makayla S
    Makayla S 12 days ago

    i use the concealer, cooling water stick, and the mascara. The mascara is amazing.

  • Lhyriad
    Lhyriad 12 days ago

    You should try out Beauty Bakerie. Not only is it a great, diversity-focused company, but all their stuff is frickin amazing! They started with liquid lipstick that will. Not. Budge. Like, I can go to town on greasy nyc pizza, wipe my mouth, and it still looks perfect. Plus, they have tons of gorgeous shades from nude to teal to solid black to true red. And now they’ve branched out into all sorts of stuff, and the quality has stayed top top tier, and they’re not super expensive. I don’t buy lipstick from anywhere else now. 11/10, highly recommend.

  • Blue Drugs
    Blue Drugs 13 days ago

    You sound like CardiB

  • Lauren Price
    Lauren Price 13 days ago

    i want all this

  • no one
    no one 13 days ago

    best booty guwu *SnIfFs In SpAnIsH*

  • liizi
    liizi 14 days ago

    is it just me or is her voice calming and wonderful?

  • Irma Quinones
    Irma Quinones 15 days ago

    I have the concealer and i love it too its so moisturizing !

  • La mente atomica
    La mente atomica 15 days ago +9

    The moment she said “just kirring” i liked her, but it was the “sandia con sal, limón y tajin” comment that showed me; she is family. She knows.

  • Julia Trevino
    Julia Trevino 16 days ago

    Sister Sneaky

  • Teinysha Patterson
    Teinysha Patterson 17 days ago

    😂😂 your funny

  • Life Hacks
    Life Hacks 17 days ago


  • Is a bell
    Is a bell 17 days ago

    Nope I am way too poor

  • Games With Freja
    Games With Freja 17 days ago

    you’re so honest ✨✨

  • Games With Freja
    Games With Freja 17 days ago

    bootyguwu thursday

  • Laura Ramos
    Laura Ramos 17 days ago

    My goodness your so funny and sarcastic.

  • Elvis Monster
    Elvis Monster 18 days ago

    He need some *Molk*

  • Anh Nguyen Hoang Dieu
    Anh Nguyen Hoang Dieu 18 days ago

    Malk make up

  • Mini_ Jimin
    Mini_ Jimin 19 days ago

    That reminds me when BTS Jimin said Molk instead of Milk

  • Ari Domonique
    Ari Domonique 20 days ago

    Um you are liget Hilarious 😂

  • RebecaPaxton
    RebecaPaxton 20 days ago

    ᶜᵒᵒˡᶦⁿᵍ AWA

  • Banchan’s  regular
    Banchan’s regular 20 days ago

    Her accent I love it💕

  • Vanessa Rodriguez
    Vanessa Rodriguez 20 days ago

    He need some *molk*

  • Fiona Baldwin
    Fiona Baldwin 21 day ago

    Ya boi like to look like a glazed doughnut

  • Fiona Baldwin
    Fiona Baldwin 21 day ago

    Ya boi like to look like a glazed doughnut

  • Fiona Baldwin
    Fiona Baldwin 21 day ago

    I am so happy I found her channel 😭👏

  • T Dedor
    T Dedor 21 day ago

    Her face just looks oily after those products PS I’m not hating I love you

  • T Dedor
    T Dedor 21 day ago

    You are so funny

  • Başak Çetin
    Başak Çetin 21 day ago


  • Jimiya Ottithottathil

    "Watch my mirrior break" 😂😂
    You are beautiful ❤

  • chocolateurie
    chocolateurie 22 days ago

    im like “whats saNDIa?” and realized you were saying watermelon

  • Mochi
    Mochi 22 days ago

    clear brow gel for SINNERS 😂

  • Dreamyastro
    Dreamyastro 22 days ago +10



  • chloe blue
    chloe blue 22 days ago

    You remember the frickin veggie tales fruit snacks ?

    • chloe blue
      chloe blue 13 days ago

      Penny Tovar they had veggie tales fruit snacks and they had a tomato one that was like mango

    • Penny Tovar
      Penny Tovar  22 days ago

      no wtf what 😭 now i wanna find them!

  • chloe blue
    chloe blue 22 days ago

    I fockin Love u

  • Blue Shells
    Blue Shells 22 days ago +3

    The milk makeup cleanser actually really helped my acne. I got it about two weeks ago and since then I haven’t broken out as much and my pimples are definitely smaller

  • Joana Paula Quiambao
    Joana Paula Quiambao 23 days ago

    Molk makeup, yes

  • Portia Schiferli
    Portia Schiferli 23 days ago

    I love you 😍😂ahhhhh

  • M F
    M F 24 days ago

    3:01 *i died*

  • Kiwi Chan
    Kiwi Chan 24 days ago +1

    Clicked because of molk

  • Mia K
    Mia K 24 days ago

    This my first time on your channel and UR HIGHKEY FUNNY ASF

  • Keshia Gordon
    Keshia Gordon 25 days ago

    U are so funny lol 😆 love your review

  • Paarmita Shukla
    Paarmita Shukla 25 days ago

    I look like a cute little BAañY

  • Sobie It
    Sobie It 25 days ago

    Was having a mental break down then I watched you and did math and I'm okay

  • Angel C
    Angel C 26 days ago

    Where have you been all my life? Why have I never heard about you? 🤣 I freaking loved this video! It was real and raw, I never but stuff from people who get free stuff or have a partnership with a company. They get paid to sell it, I'm not a fool. You're funny af, hopefully they're all like that cuz I never follow people on YT, but if they're like this then you'll be my 1st lol

  • Natalia Violet
    Natalia Violet 26 days ago +12

    If it vegan makeup why is it called milk lmao

  • Mckenzie Grace
    Mckenzie Grace 26 days ago

    All you people saying she's like this person or that person just stop 😂 She's herself she isn't anyone else

  • Nina Bean
    Nina Bean 26 days ago

    Girl you’re hilarious how am I just finding you now ????

  • Ansley Harrison
    Ansley Harrison 27 days ago

    I feel pretty spechaillll uwuuuu

  • Thlayli
    Thlayli 27 days ago

    Oml subscribing to you for veggietales and the edits

  • Allison Shao
    Allison Shao 28 days ago

    only youtuber that genuinely makes me laugh

    BREANNA CASTRO 28 days ago

    *mirror brakes in spanish*

  • Alafig The Fig
    Alafig The Fig 29 days ago

    You have the best voice

  • Sarah D
    Sarah D 29 days ago

    Your personality it AMAZING 😂💖 I love how real you are - subscribed ! 💗

  • Lydia B
    Lydia B Month ago


  • MishiBeauty B
    MishiBeauty B Month ago

    Love your honest review. Thank you.

  • Savannah Hall
    Savannah Hall Month ago

    I loveeeeee that you're singing veggie tales

  • Georgia Wilhite Georgie

    What if your not feeling like P Didi???🤔 (idk how to spell *P Didi??*)

  • Maryam sharara
    Maryam sharara Month ago

    Pause at 9:57 CUTE.

  • Marie McG
    Marie McG Month ago

    Looooove your personality! You made my day 😂New subscriber!!

  • Autumn E
    Autumn E Month ago +1

    I've just found your channel and you seem so cool!

  • Jette Oppelt
    Jette Oppelt Month ago

    Please test pixi !💕 ( you can‘t buy glossier for example in europe or at least in Germany😢)

  • Erika S
    Erika S Month ago


  • Erika S
    Erika S Month ago

    i feel pretty SPEAchelle

  • Lucy Limas
    Lucy Limas Month ago

    Thanks for the translation 🤣🤣

  • Julie Laugen
    Julie Laugen Month ago

    Mjølk makeup

  • LEYLA90
    LEYLA90 Month ago

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  • L L
    L L Month ago

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    Meadow Skye Month ago

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    Ava Callanan Month ago

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  • Becca Fuck off
    Becca Fuck off Month ago

    Lmao this girl gives me liiifee

  • Citlalli Ramirez
    Citlalli Ramirez Month ago +94


    • JuicyOrange
      JuicyOrange 20 days ago

      You know what does smell like sandia Penny??? Glow Recipes’ 🍉 moisturizer and night mask.

  • Alli B.
    Alli B. Month ago +40

    Today, I learned how to say watermelon in Español.

  • Ayah Ahmed
    Ayah Ahmed Month ago

    What kind of rose water do you use

  • Jordan Davis
    Jordan Davis Month ago

    Cooling Water is not a cleanser btw hahahaha

  • Ewwura
    Ewwura Month ago

    I love the flex concealer, but i lost mine

  • Jay Lee
    Jay Lee Month ago

    I love your voice idk if that’s weird

  • Samantha Demonica
    Samantha Demonica Month ago

    Can you pls make a review on sand & sky pink sand face mask? I’m trying to buy it but i don’t wanna if you don’t think it’s worth it 😬 I trust you

  • Raelle Jupiter
    Raelle Jupiter Month ago

    Latina hair for the wiiiinnn

  • January
    January Month ago

    Let's see what Simply nailogical thinks about the holo stick.

  • Kaydyn Montana
    Kaydyn Montana Month ago

    8:45 😂❤️