$250 Milk Makeup Review 👽 Is it trash?

  • Published on Aug 15, 2018
  • 100% honest Milk Makeup review. I was so excited to try Milk Makeup but I'm kinda disappointed :/ I still like Milk Makeup, I will definitely be trying other items. What do you think of Milk Makeup? #Bootyguwu
    matcha cleanser: go.magik.ly/ml/ekx8/
    matcha toner: go.magik.ly/ml/ekx9/
    watermelon serum: go.magik.ly/ml/ekx6/
    cooling water: go.magik.ly/ml/ekx7/
    luminous blur: go.magik.ly/ml/ekxf/
    flex concealer: go.magik.ly/ml/ekxb/
    holographic: stick go.magik.ly/ml/ekxa/
    lip and cheek: go.magik.ly/ml/ekxc/
    face gloss: go.magik.ly/ml/ekxf/
    kush clear brow: go.magik.ly/ml/ekxd/
    USA: bit.ly/cp-Amazon
    Canada: bit.ly/Amazon-CA
    UK: bit.ly/Amazon-UK-cp
    Teespring: bit.ly/CurlyPenny-Merch
    Amazon (Prime): bit.ly/amzn-merch
    instagram: bit.ly/ig-pennytovar
    facebook: facebook.com/CurlyPenny/
    twitter: twitter.com/pennytovar_
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  • Muchachalata
    Muchachalata 9 months ago +6101

    Spill the molk sis

    • me
      me Month ago

      Ur profile pic is mildly concerning

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      kinza malik 4 months ago


    • MeLaNie H.
      MeLaNie H. 7 months ago +1

      What about me?

    • Pastel Vert
      Pastel Vert 7 months ago +5

      *When you type a similar comment but this one gets more recognition*

      No hate, I'm joking

  • jennifer A.
    jennifer A. 42 minutes ago

    I like her honesty! 💕🙌

  • roset
    roset Day ago

    OMDsssss! I luvvvv veggie tales

  • L. G.
    L. G. 3 days ago

    When you said sandia with sal limon and tajin i was like SHistRr .. ill chare

  • ppo -ppo
    ppo -ppo 7 days ago

    I love you! You're so funny! ❤💗💖💖💗❤

  • Fcks aep
    Fcks aep 10 days ago

    i love her omg skksk

  • savannahbanana
    savannahbanana 11 days ago

    I love the moment where she is like this eyebrow:👍🏻👌and then this I brow: looks like a scraggly dog

  • Daniela Lopez
    Daniela Lopez 13 days ago


  • Dilara Merve Öztürk
    Dilara Merve Öztürk 14 days ago

    U r fuckn honest i will get subscribe till the death

  • JuicyQUEEN _29
    JuicyQUEEN _29 14 days ago

    How do you sniff in Spanish😭

  • Raquel
    Raquel 15 days ago

    Lol, I like it when she talks like that 2:10

  • Kasondra Aiyana Graika

    I love your accent, it gives me life

  • M i l l y W
    M i l l y W 16 days ago

    Mood of the year “and boom l look less dead”

  • Rebecca Johansen
    Rebecca Johansen 17 days ago

    hei boo,.u are fly af

  • Rupy Kaur
    Rupy Kaur 18 days ago

    I use rose water too my girl xx 💋

  • Kaylaveeh .Morton
    Kaylaveeh .Morton 19 days ago

    I only like the cleanser in the morning since I wash my face at night

  • Abigail Duffy
    Abigail Duffy 19 days ago

    “Like to look like a glazed donut” 😂😂😂 I was dead, like the inflection in her voice was hilarious

  • Ashley Higginson
    Ashley Higginson 19 days ago

    I love your makeup reviews because they’re always super honest!!

  • Julia Malikah
    Julia Malikah 22 days ago

    Why you don't try covering some song? Sorry for my bad english 😂 I'm an Indonesian, I just curious to hear you singing 💗

  • Link Lukens
    Link Lukens 23 days ago

    Great energy your amazing

  • Link Lukens
    Link Lukens 23 days ago

    Omg I love how you talk so much your so sexy and funny

  • Helana !
    Helana ! 24 days ago

    milk is very hit or miss depending on what you get. imo the matcha mask, eye pigment and mascara are the best but i heard good stuff about the foundation too

  • Ekho Cool
    Ekho Cool 25 days ago

    who else searched for milk taste review to find out if people also like milk

  • Bottle Solvent
    Bottle Solvent 25 days ago

    “I wanna look like a cute little bunny”
    Girl same. I thought I was the only one. But I feel it makes your makeup look less... like... makeup...

  • Cora M.
    Cora M. 25 days ago

    So y' all know kind of the beginning of Mary Poppins right? PENIEL STARTED DANCING AT 10:00 WHILE THAT ONE DOOD WAS PLAYING HIS WEIRD DRUM THINGY! I'M QUAKING!

  • Kestrel Misaria
    Kestrel Misaria 26 days ago +1

    I am allergic to silicones. Most of Milks products are silicone free, so i really enjoy it

  • Kitkat Kimz
    Kitkat Kimz 26 days ago

    Molk?! Maybe she meant milk🤷‍♀️😂

  • Zena Ghabban
    Zena Ghabban 28 days ago

    Your brutal honesty gives me lifee , luv u soo much❤❤❤

  • Kanye’s MAGA hat
    Kanye’s MAGA hat Month ago


    (Named “Milk”) 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  • Cheyenne Gnik
    Cheyenne Gnik Month ago

    When you compare these with glossier it is so helpful! I’ve always really wanted a lot of glossier products, but they aren’t all vegan and cruelty free, and I ain’t about that tbh. Some of these seem that although they aren’t as good, they can be a nice vegan substitute. Thank you!

  • αиgιє ναlєитιиα

    Molk is fake holo tho

  • αиgιє ναlєитιиα


  • brooklyn
    brooklyn Month ago

    your really funny and i just discovered you and your a really good youtuber🖤

  • lil chae
    lil chae Month ago

    Her voice is so attractive 😌

  • Leah M.
    Leah M. Month ago

    When you said $250 dollars I almost cried

  • Maya’s World
    Maya’s World Month ago

    sniffs in spanish, u had me dead gurl

  • Cassandra Fernandez

    You should review the murad 30 day clear control kit

  • Priya Suhas
    Priya Suhas Month ago

    Weird talk...

  • allyiah simon
    allyiah simon Month ago

    5 mins in and i’m just watching you rub overpriced nothing on your face.

  • Alexis Hi
    Alexis Hi Month ago

    mALk makeup

  • mayda druery
    mayda druery Month ago

    3:00 I thought you were going to say *I got murder on my mind*

  • GO OFF
    GO OFF Month ago


  • Money Luffy
    Money Luffy Month ago

    seh'll roll everything but a wood

  • Sumeyra Oztek
    Sumeyra Oztek Month ago

    6:35 replay 2 times its google talking

  • Mallika Khan
    Mallika Khan Month ago

    I’m new here

  • Mallika Khan
    Mallika Khan Month ago

    Hi I’m nee here

  • Olivia Lewis
    Olivia Lewis Month ago +2

    Omg I watched veggie tales for my entire childhood✌🏽✌🏽

  • Katie Kearney
    Katie Kearney Month ago

    i love your personality HAHA

  • Peyton :/
    Peyton :/ Month ago

    I’ve learned more Spanish from you than my Spanish class

  • Dinda Annisa
    Dinda Annisa Month ago

    Your voice slightly like cardi b

  • Jessica Kaiser
    Jessica Kaiser Month ago

    why does she remind me of CARDI B ? ahahaha

  • Geo Portillo
    Geo Portillo Month ago

    omg i love your personality sm! 😂💕

  • Poqori
    Poqori Month ago

    Omg I haven't heard Veggie Tales song in sooo long LOL

  • Jackie Valadez
    Jackie Valadez 2 months ago

    Hahaha I love how honest this was and how simple you explained everything ! like this works for you or not.. love it .

  • Mira zet
    Mira zet 2 months ago

    Honest review is always a good review heheh

  • ii curlyyheadmoni ii
    ii curlyyheadmoni ii 2 months ago

    24 is the new 26

  • Fruitshooter
    Fruitshooter 2 months ago +1

    omg love coming across a beauty youtuber with my skintone!!

  • Tiger-Lily Jonathan
    Tiger-Lily Jonathan 2 months ago

    It’s cardi b wth

  • Mirna Montano
    Mirna Montano 2 months ago

    Do u speck Spanish

  • Mirna Montano
    Mirna Montano 2 months ago

    U sound like cardi b

  • Shania Evelyn
    Shania Evelyn 2 months ago

    first video i’ve watched of u and you’re fuckin hilarious *subscribe*

  • Honey Lemon
    Honey Lemon 2 months ago +1

    * sniffs in spanish *

  • James Charles
    James Charles 2 months ago +1

    I don’t know if anyone knows this but, she sounds like Cardi B. Love the accent! uwu

  • Sandypoppin
    Sandypoppin 2 months ago

    Bro milk makeup sucks it’s foundation sucks everything about it’s brand sucks

  • Nina
    Nina 2 months ago

    your voice is so beautiful wtf

  • Heather Macmillan
    Heather Macmillan 2 months ago

    I love how the thumbnail says 'molk makeup'

  • cayla angell
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  • Shifa
    Shifa 2 months ago +1

    How did I not find her earlier

  • mariah lol
    mariah lol 2 months ago +2

    Watermelon with chili powder yassss

  • Ella Sweatt
    Ella Sweatt 2 months ago

    i feel attacked 8:31

  • Savannah Reyes
    Savannah Reyes 2 months ago

    I’m dying 😂😂😂 “sister sneaky” 😂😂😂😂

  • Kailey Jones
    Kailey Jones 2 months ago

    It’s not holo.

  • Joanne Lim
    Joanne Lim 2 months ago

    I smell the liza koshy influence.

  • Karla
    Karla 2 months ago

    The matcha toner and watermelon serum helped me clear my skin but that shit fucking stupid expensive
    Also once I broke up w my boyfriend and I cried all night and I put the cooling water under my eyes 45 minutes later I was good as new

  • Karla
    Karla 2 months ago

    Malk makeup

  • Chaotically Inclined
    Chaotically Inclined 2 months ago

    You’re so unfunny it actually hurts

  • Alex Kanari
    Alex Kanari 2 months ago

    Please do origin

  • vaeh schultz
    vaeh schultz 2 months ago +5

    someone forward to 6:49 without context

  • Sara .k
    Sara .k 2 months ago

    She tries waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy to much

    • Penny Tovar
      Penny Tovar  2 months ago

      I'm just goofin and having fun :3

  • Life With Squishies
    Life With Squishies 2 months ago

    You sound like Cardi b

  • iluvcookies
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  • Nadia Liu
    Nadia Liu 2 months ago

    good cOoOoOverage

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    Imeli Solis 2 months ago

    Is it just me or does she sound like snow the product ?!? ❤️😂

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  • Emily
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    wheresmynugget x Oof 2 months ago

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    red chronicles 2 months ago +1

    I think if it smelled like sandia you would've liked it.. hahahahaha I know I would.. :)

  • Viridiana Preciado
    Viridiana Preciado 2 months ago


  • IwakoGirl11
    IwakoGirl11 2 months ago

    2:10 i feel pretty spEcial

  • Olive Cuadrado
    Olive Cuadrado 2 months ago +1

    2nd video I’ve watched by you and I love you 😘

  • Erica Lopez
    Erica Lopez 2 months ago

    The packaging looks cheap..

  • priscila hurtado
    priscila hurtado 2 months ago

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    Heels Bee 2 months ago

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    Faith White Vlogs 2 months ago

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    Makeupby Lee 2 months ago

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    Swornam Chicken 2 months ago +1

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