Kris Wu Schools Sean Evans on Regional Chinese Food | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Jan 2, 2018
  • As an international pop star, Kris Wu has eaten renditions of dishes from his native China the world over. Eager to learn more about regional Chinese cuisine, Sean Evans takes Kris to Mr. Bing, a new home for Beijing-style street food in NYC. From the pancake-like jianbings, to bowls of beef packed with Sichuan peppercorns, Kris gives Sean a crash-course in four distinct styles of Chinese cooking. Will Kris and Sean learn how to successfully make a bing, or botch the restaurant’s Seamless orders? Find out on an all new episode of SITW.
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  • ADTU
    ADTU 18 hours ago

    I guess you could say the egg is

  • Miryã Elizabeth
    Miryã Elizabeth 21 hour ago

    Yifan it's so cute eating 😻

  • Niketa Kirdat
    Niketa Kirdat 2 days ago

    his clumsiness reminds me of Exo showtime. I am happy that he is doing very well in his solo career

  • FlyingTrees22
    FlyingTrees22 2 days ago


  • hipstered ASMR
    hipstered ASMR 3 days ago

    get this spicy boi on hot ones :)

  • vicky C
    vicky C 4 days ago

    I love. Him. ❤️ 💕 💗

  • lightronger
    lightronger 4 days ago

    That type of bing is from Tianjin

  • teonvungnook
    teonvungnook 5 days ago +1

    I’m sad and happy at the same time that Kris left EXO because if he was still present in that group,this video weren’t meant to be here. I like this video.

  • Starkhesa
    Starkhesa 5 days ago

    че то поз захотелось)

  • princess zander
    princess zander 5 days ago

    Clumsy Kris, i love you HAHAHAHAHAH

  • lon chrisding
    lon chrisding 5 days ago

    Egg where you going 😂😂😂

  • lon chrisding
    lon chrisding 5 days ago

    Juanbing guozi laiyitao😍😍

  • lon chrisding
    lon chrisding 5 days ago

    So cute

  • Kay T
    Kay T 5 days ago

    11:01 so cute erm l say the eyebrow😂

  • MAO A
    MAO A 5 days ago

    wu is a dummy

  • Korekiyo Shinguji
    Korekiyo Shinguji 5 days ago +1

    So... Is this your style, krease?

  • Jennifer Jara Rojas
    Jennifer Jara Rojas 5 days ago

    when I have a hard day this is the best video in the world to cheer me up
    0:03 I already knew that it was going to be a mess
    2:22 you are hungry? ah yeah (lmao his face)
    2:50 i dont think so (he is so cute)
    3:17 burwgerw xD
    3:48 oh man oh boy
    5:46 oh man no you dont wanna do that
    7:12 awww his childhood
    10:26 here the tutorial starts xD
    10:56 (omg kris!)
    12:12 (dont lie to him xD)
    oh man, i love kris with all my heart

  • Cobalt360Degrees
    Cobalt360Degrees 6 days ago


  • Wayne Lee
    Wayne Lee 6 days ago

    stop stealing content

  • Gahhh Hxuee
    Gahhh Hxuee 8 days ago


  • Khalid Mustafa
    Khalid Mustafa 9 days ago

    chick that works there looks salty lol

  • Ken Wu
    Ken Wu 9 days ago

    Is he Canadian?

  • izzy luu
    izzy luu 10 days ago

    Omg he met Kris Wu

  • 프로웨어
    프로웨어 11 days ago

    Not trynna complain, but why he always wear a beanie (idk what it's called tbh. Its the hat he wears)

  • Svsca
    Svsca 11 days ago +1

    This dude is 🔥🔥🔥

  • Aish Erb
    Aish Erb 12 days ago

    I miss Guangzhou sooooooo MUCH!!!

  • KingCrash00
    KingCrash00 12 days ago

    Who else screamed when the egg just slide 😂

  • David Selden
    David Selden 12 days ago

    He's awesome. Should definitely get him on Hot Ones.

  • alik zarama
    alik zarama 12 days ago

    If you put the video in 4K you can se the small dot in their eyes which lead the way to ikjyskajg the lost planet

  • meghana hareesh
    meghana hareesh 13 days ago

    Omg kris is so hot !! 😍

  • Koni Wu
    Koni Wu 13 days ago

    You’re so cute! How fun he is!🤣🤣🤣

  • Emily Ding
    Emily Ding 14 days ago

    kris is so hot

  • Tasteless Cakes
    Tasteless Cakes 14 days ago

    Oohhhhhhmmmmmmyyygoddd his voice 😍😍 kris speaking English is a whole aesthetic

  • Tasteless Cakes
    Tasteless Cakes 14 days ago

    My baby kris~~ keep doing your thing my son 💕💕

  • xihuan wyf
    xihuan wyf 14 days ago

    Kris is so cute.

  • Linn Win
    Linn Win 15 days ago

    eating with kris wu seems so surreal to think about lol. like if that was me eating with him, i'd be like "is this really happening?" lol. i'd be putting food in my mouth but wouldn't even be able to taste it lol

  • Tsei-Ann Azaré
    Tsei-Ann Azaré 16 days ago

    AHHH I MISSED I had to watch this

  • Yolinx
    Yolinx 16 days ago

    the lady behind the counter lowkey judging Sean XD

  • Yolinx
    Yolinx 16 days ago

    the beats are sick

  • Binta infires!
    Binta infires! 16 days ago

    omg his voice is 😍😍😍😍

  • Binta infires!
    Binta infires! 16 days ago

    Kris is soooo adorable!!!

  • Rosie Deacon
    Rosie Deacon 16 days ago

    I'm a simple woman.
    I see Kris, I click.

  • Rosie Deacon
    Rosie Deacon 16 days ago

    I'm a simple woman.
    I see Kris, I click.

  • Nimuë Deschacht
    Nimuë Deschacht 16 days ago

    And I thought I couldn't get any hungrier ; ;
    Btw Kris has gone from subtitles needed to smexy English

  • Caro_MX1004
    Caro_MX1004 16 days ago

    I love it when Kris speaks english!

  • ZQ Official_
    ZQ Official_ 16 days ago


  • Alombada
    Alombada 16 days ago

    Eita que "meu" Kris tá' lindíssimo

  • lily chan
    lily chan 16 days ago +1


  • Dale West
    Dale West 17 days ago

    Wow finally can see a bit of his personality ...

  • The L.I.Z
    The L.I.Z 17 days ago

    Kris Wu, a food enthusiast. I love my cold city boy ❤

  • Sherry Lu
    Sherry Lu 17 days ago


  • Quezia Jones
    Quezia Jones 17 days ago

    Hes from Big Bang? like kpop

    • Quezia Jones
      Quezia Jones 5 hours ago

      ohhh i think i remember .. from Growl song haha

    • Dinkelberg Mr
      Dinkelberg Mr 7 hours ago

      Quezia Jones so yea kpop

    • Dinkelberg Mr
      Dinkelberg Mr 7 hours ago +1

      Quezia Jones no he was a member of exo a few years ago

  • Jong out
    Jong out 17 days ago


  • give this weeb some oxiJIN

    *almost mentions that he was an exo member*

  • Nuru san
    Nuru san 17 days ago

    This is a lil boy who choked on orange juice

  • RatTaxi
    RatTaxi 17 days ago

    Sean seems a little high. Just me?

  • LOODI 12
    LOODI 12 18 days ago

    Kris Wu 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • xiurong zhang
    xiurong zhang 18 days ago

    Kris!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍

  • Mary玛丽
    Mary玛丽 18 days ago

    This Food is Kris Style 😹👌

  • Sophie Gray
    Sophie Gray 18 days ago

    Can y’all pls get my boi to 1M views thanks

  • Aneliz Fernandez
    Aneliz Fernandez 18 days ago

    His new song is lit 😌😌😌

  • Bizzy D
    Bizzy D 18 days ago

    nae style aniya KRIS WU

  • parkbyun. exo
    parkbyun. exo 18 days ago


  • Tzu Seng Niun
    Tzu Seng Niun 18 days ago

    Don't like 'Guangzhou', I like 'Canton'.

  • Ilef Fantar
    Ilef Fantar 18 days ago

    6:33 his hands will forever be my aesthetic.

  • Mahnoor Zahid
    Mahnoor Zahid 18 days ago +1

    trust kris to make a fooll out of himself everytime he tries acting like a pro.

  • blackthorn helen
    blackthorn helen 19 days ago


  • chimshoe
    chimshoe 19 days ago

    i luv himmmm

  • Southern Ballerina
    Southern Ballerina 19 days ago

    ...can I drag him to my favorite Chinese place in Knoxville?? Man I'm craving them now...precious bean

  • MrFrenz96
    MrFrenz96 19 days ago

    Oh boy, how i missed him

  • Nana Doedels
    Nana Doedels 19 days ago

    😂😂😂😂 kris ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Kannika Jeraja
    Kannika Jeraja 19 days ago


  • Leila Moreno
    Leila Moreno 19 days ago

    lol im eating congee while watching this .. asian

  • Deandra
    Deandra 19 days ago

    Omg every time I see Kris I get so happy, especially when he speaks English because I can understand him even better....he’s so cute, please protect at all costs😩💖

  • Kun_ Universe
    Kun_ Universe 19 days ago

    Kris oh god.

  • VKookies and squishy Mochi with SugaCream on top

    Wow Kris spoke english for a long time... Anyways he looks hawt af

  • haiping wu
    haiping wu 20 days ago +1

    what is the name of this restaurant!

  • Nicko Setiawan
    Nicko Setiawan 21 day ago

    Where's the chicken feet?

  • i am stressedTM
    i am stressedTM 21 day ago

    okay but kris speaking in english is so hot??? i didn't get to appreciate it that much before and im regretting

  • 李卿
    李卿 21 day ago

    kris is so handsome

  • Hadjer Ooh
    Hadjer Ooh 23 days ago

    Oh yes oh boy wow oh... 😂😂😂

  • Capt JackPal
    Capt JackPal 23 days ago

    Vivid bubble tea

  • Capt JackPal
    Capt JackPal 23 days ago

    Whattttt I didn’t know you did a vid with Kris!😍😍

  • Nicol allcca
    Nicol allcca 24 days ago

    EXO-L presentess😻😻

  • ying moni
    ying moni 24 days ago

    hhh My cute boy

  • krisfan
    krisfan 24 days ago

    kris so cute

  • Josephine Deng
    Josephine Deng 24 days ago

    Kris is such a handsome and humourous guy.

  • Zhong Sz
    Zhong Sz 24 days ago

    Cool boy

  • Kritica Shakya
    Kritica Shakya 25 days ago

    i was like wow Kris can cook pretty good until the egg fell 😂😂😂😂 I laughed so much

  • love KRICELIN
    love KRICELIN 25 days ago


  • Cathy Chen
    Cathy Chen 25 days ago

    Wow Kris Wu🔥

  • Cat Tate
    Cat Tate 25 days ago

    Kris! 👏👏👏

  • Rock$taR
    Rock$taR 25 days ago

    omg i love Kris

  • kris wu's derp face is my style


  • abby carradine
    abby carradine 25 days ago


  • Cassie Qin
    Cassie Qin 25 days ago

    yeah Kris

  • Erika
    Erika 26 days ago

    I appreciate the non-Asians in the back making this food :))))


    Idk what I want more - Kris or that food

  • FZD fatımazelihadoğan

    Whatta cool voice @kriswu

  • Moonlight Tear
    Moonlight Tear 27 days ago

    Awwww Kris is such a cutie :3