Kris Wu Schools Sean Evans on Regional Chinese Food | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Jan 2, 2018
  • As an international pop star, Kris Wu has eaten renditions of dishes from his native China the world over. Eager to learn more about regional Chinese cuisine, Sean Evans takes Kris to Mr. Bing, a new home for Beijing-style street food in NYC. From the pancake-like jianbings, to bowls of beef packed with Sichuan peppercorns, Kris gives Sean a crash-course in four distinct styles of Chinese cooking. Will Kris and Sean learn how to successfully make a bing, or botch the restaurant’s Seamless orders? Find out on an all new episode of SITW.
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  • Tri Meme
    Tri Meme 3 hours ago

    Aku puasa lho horang horang jadi pengin nih

  • Ruhani Rusetra
    Ruhani Rusetra Day ago

    He is so pure he dropped dumpling but didn't put it aside he ate it 😗 keeper

  • Rachel Arnold
    Rachel Arnold Day ago

    Kris is so cute and precious and adorable!!!

  • Daniela Martinez

    I love kris wu

  • Jelena Chan
    Jelena Chan 3 days ago

    i really want to eat something when they are eating. Hahaha

  • Jelena Chan
    Jelena Chan 3 days ago

    pick Kris😻

  • TaéTan V. Milano
    TaéTan V. Milano 5 days ago +1

    This whole vid just showcased Kris' openness, and part of him still being a kid (when the dumpling dropped & when the egg slides thru the pan 😅😊). Also he's very comftable talking in here. And his expressions is freakin sexy and cute! 😍😊

  • 지민Army!
    지민Army! 8 days ago

    No no.... Omgd is kris wu😭😭❤😍

  • Ariel Wilkerson
    Ariel Wilkerson 8 days ago +1

    I personally loved this interview it was so fun and comfortable 😊 Really enjoyed it.

  • Anthony Hui
    Anthony Hui 8 days ago

    I just saw Faye Wong in the background! Great cantopop singer! AHHAHA

  • don't mess up my tempo


  • Pratiksha Thapa
    Pratiksha Thapa 13 days ago +1

    We call that big dumpling 'Taipo' in Darjeeling.

    • Reshu Looks
      Reshu Looks 11 days ago +1

      Yea 'Taipo' 😍😍 From darjeeling 🙋‍♀️

  • Gemma_dancer
    Gemma_dancer 16 days ago

    The bald guy keeps rocking back and forth and it’s really irritating

  • Saul Calvillo
    Saul Calvillo 16 days ago

    Lol sean I swear never even tries. He gives up hope from the start.

  • taeyong 0111
    taeyong 0111 18 days ago +1

    3:18 - 3:23 remind me Kris in EXO Showtime😂❤

  • Pukning Yawa
    Pukning Yawa 20 days ago

    Let's try it, let's get in there. Ye.

  • Pukning Yawa
    Pukning Yawa 20 days ago

    There's a lot of meat lot of meat

  • Hannah S.
    Hannah S. 24 days ago +1

    when he's talking while the dumplings is in his mouth... it reminds me of EXO Showtime ep1 when he's doing his wink ver. with his cup 😂😂

  • NeeYoDeeO
    NeeYoDeeO 25 days ago

    I really love international artists doing these shows and sharing some of their culture with the utmost respect for both sides

  • Kayla Xoxo
    Kayla Xoxo 25 days ago

    I just returned from Guangzhou yesterday 😂

  • Lily C
    Lily C 27 days ago +1

    I've watched this video too many times but I keep coming

  • Melissa Pang
    Melissa Pang 28 days ago +2

    I really want to try soup dumplings 🥟... my grandma always make eat congee (ribs) every morning before school 😂😂

  • Scratch Mask
    Scratch Mask 28 days ago

    When it's late in the evening, you watch this video when you are hungry. It's totally suffering...

  • Choi MinRa
    Choi MinRa 28 days ago +1

    i'm so hungry omg

  • gabdominates
    gabdominates 28 days ago +3

    I know others are here for the guy, but the content was hella interesting and he was so, so nice and gave a lot of information. I really appreciated it

  • Lily Liang
    Lily Liang 29 days ago

    Not a fan of kris. So 做作. Why does he try sooooo hard. Who sits like that when trying out food? With one hand on his hips🤪 He’s like Christopher Columbus. “Skrr”

  • Chloe Ma
    Chloe Ma 29 days ago

    They do have the gigantic soup dumpling in China I've been to the province where they originated. They are soooo good I'm drooling.

  • jas n
    jas n Month ago

    only here for that epic egg fail lool

  • Sasha Fox
    Sasha Fox Month ago

    Damn kris mmmm

  • TranChau chau
    TranChau chau Month ago

    why he still so hot

  • Maria Z
    Maria Z Month ago

    Kris Wu on Hot ones pls

  • john hoang
    john hoang Month ago


  • 张达芃
    张达芃 Month ago

    哪里有熟肉 生肉实在听不懂枯了

  • Raw Bliss
    Raw Bliss Month ago

    The cashier stoned af

  • Kpop_ Corn
    Kpop_ Corn Month ago

    Let’s look at Kris’s shirt.....”BULLSHIT”

  • Lizzy allen
    Lizzy allen Month ago

    No way. The Chinese food in NY or San Francisco is definitely not as good as the Chinese food in China.

  • Thu Thảo Phạm
    Thu Thảo Phạm Month ago

    Oh no egg 😂 Kris 😂

  • April
    April Month ago

    Hot ones please

  • brodamerons
    brodamerons 2 months ago

    knew he was legit when he said people from guang zhou have soup with every dish

  •  2 months ago

    Call me Mrs Wu!

  • Sarah Breitbach
    Sarah Breitbach 2 months ago

    Can Sean marry me

  • d w
    d w 2 months ago


  • eleigant
    eleigant 2 months ago +1

    He’s so comfortable here!! It’s so nice to see ❤️

  • #ssis101 #ssis101
    #ssis101 #ssis101 2 months ago +1

    Im also from Guangzhou but I used to live in Hong Kong and it feels like we eat chilies straight whenever we eat spicy food cause my parents makes the food very spicy 🌶 😂 and those spoons are my favorite utensils 😂

  • Jennifer Rosbach
    Jennifer Rosbach 2 months ago

    Cooking skills lvl Kris wu.

  • Jennifer Rosbach
    Jennifer Rosbach 2 months ago


  • William Francke
    William Francke 2 months ago

    Sean is the guy you go to an Asian place and ask the staff: "Can we get a fork?" Good try!

  • Hamad Hadi
    Hamad Hadi 2 months ago

    This is a disgrace to the Chinese with that huge dumpling, stop it please.

  • Rocky Mao
    Rocky Mao 2 months ago

    pikkachu skrrrrrrt

  • 杨硕
    杨硕 2 months ago


  • Tsz Him Ng
    Tsz Him Ng 2 months ago

    I am from HK and I don't know anyone who will eat congee every day before they work

  • A proper ot9 comeback
    A proper ot9 comeback 2 months ago +1

    The interviewer is more chinese than kris himself

  • Osaki Family
    Osaki Family 2 months ago

    Sean high as hell in this video 😂

  • yanyao zhu
    yanyao zhu 2 months ago

    So cute

  • amanda chen
    amanda chen 2 months ago +1

    kris is in LA now To do something like this🔥🔥

  • amanda chen
    amanda chen 2 months ago

    Take the host to eat hot pot🐯

  • amanda chen
    amanda chen 2 months ago

    oh I find kris's food Program

  • Ehbeenee
    Ehbeenee 2 months ago +6

    3:49 Kris's mistake distracted all the viewers from Sean's mistake

  • lazy air
    lazy air 3 months ago


  • 朝日
    朝日 3 months ago

    Why is sean so much better in this than kris? Lol

  • chaos INC
    chaos INC 3 months ago +1


  • Dave Barista
    Dave Barista 3 months ago

    Wait... Is that Ex-Exo Kris?

  • double a
    double a 3 months ago

    I see yi fan i click like

  • Jerry8136 Wang
    Jerry8136 Wang 3 months ago +1

    I Would like to recommend the steamed pork meat, which is originally popular in HuBei province. It is really great with some chilli sauce, and it’s also very healthy with little oil

  • camokiller9
    camokiller9 3 months ago

    Man this video was an “overdose” man that Chinese for made my stomach “growl” hehe he

  • Samuel Augusto
    Samuel Augusto 3 months ago

    the thing i miss the most after living in china for 3 years is their street food... it's damn good and cheap

  • Brenda Cordova
    Brenda Cordova 3 months ago

    Sean just marry me baby😚😋😎

  • shi承融
    shi承融 3 months ago


  • Rosie haha hehe hoho
    Rosie haha hehe hoho 3 months ago

    Oh boi

  • lala
    lala 3 months ago

    Kris' stare when Shawn said his was restaurant quality 😂😂😂

  • Divna Evangeline
    Divna Evangeline 3 months ago


  • Sokheang Soun EXO IS MY PRIDES

    You are dining good now. I’m so proud

  • 纪唯一
    纪唯一 3 months ago

    Lots of cilantro 😂

  • Fresh Leaf
    Fresh Leaf 3 months ago


  • 卢瀚
    卢瀚 3 months ago

    We do make soup dumplings that big in China...

  • Didi Wang
    Didi Wang 3 months ago


  • Didi Wang
    Didi Wang 3 months ago

    as om

  • John Partridge
    John Partridge 3 months ago

    @11.00 The Great Eggscape

  • Raul rangel
    Raul rangel 3 months ago

    this guys doesn't seem to the fountain of food knowledge..

  • Jamea Faye Olarte
    Jamea Faye Olarte 3 months ago

    Kris will always be the guy that fails but still funny. Also he still talks will food in his mouth. 😂😂

  • 庆瑶 刘
    庆瑶 刘 3 months ago

    My king ❤️

  • Bruce Zhu
    Bruce Zhu 4 months ago


  • rissa leighann
    rissa leighann 4 months ago

    His voice is fucking sexy. It’s so deep lol

  • Shelline Seja
    Shelline Seja 4 months ago

    😍🤗 hot @kriswu

  • Blaze Flame
    Blaze Flame 4 months ago


    SWEET LIES 4 months ago

    kris 😍

  • Francesco Poon
    Francesco Poon 4 months ago

    fuck you kris

  • Lebron Lee
    Lebron Lee 4 months ago


  • 吴斐
    吴斐 4 months ago


  • Jennifer Nguyen
    Jennifer Nguyen 4 months ago

    Is it just me or does the way Sean say "China" a little weird... Like bordering towards Trump's "Gina"

  • Girlsroxy
    Girlsroxy 4 months ago +1

    Is no one going to talk about the bubble tea?

  • Mariah Feliciano
    Mariah Feliciano 4 months ago +4

    You guys should have Jackson Wang on the show

  • Real EXO_Lz
    Real EXO_Lz 4 months ago

    Kris= me when am 🍳

  • Marcia Yang
    Marcia Yang 4 months ago

    They got boba from ViVi bubble tea

  • Htxp Yeol
    Htxp Yeol 4 months ago

    The food looks fcking amazing but kris looks even better.

  • Htxp Yeol
    Htxp Yeol 4 months ago

    The food looks fcking amazing but kris looks even better.

  • allen liang
    allen liang 4 months ago

    整個訪談整個過程什麼的就是..... skr 🤙skr🤙

  • It's yolanda
    It's yolanda 4 months ago

    my boy is soooo cute!

  • allen sg
    allen sg 4 months ago

    Black people making Chinese food😯

  • Yufan Wang
    Yufan Wang 4 months ago