Kris Wu Schools Sean Evans on Regional Chinese Food | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Jan 2, 2018
  • As an international pop star, Kris Wu has eaten renditions of dishes from his native China the world over. Eager to learn more about regional Chinese cuisine, Sean Evans takes Kris to Mr. Bing, a new home for Beijing-style street food in NYC. From the pancake-like jianbings, to bowls of beef packed with Sichuan peppercorns, Kris gives Sean a crash-course in four distinct styles of Chinese cooking. Will Kris and Sean learn how to successfully make a bing, or botch the restaurant’s Seamless orders? Find out on an all new episode of SITW.
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  • Camille B
    Camille B 17 hours ago

    how can kris be even more sexy when he speaking english

  • Erykaa Anaiss
    Erykaa Anaiss 2 days ago +1

    10:58 me and my life tho😂😂😂

  • Terra Blade
    Terra Blade 2 days ago +1


  • Whalien 685
    Whalien 685 2 days ago

    When Kris talks for more than a minute he starts sounding like Raymond from "everybody loves Raymond"... LOL...

  • K Dolan
    K Dolan 3 days ago +1

    Watched this after Jay Park. I like Kris sm more and how he’s polite 😍 Jay is too dushy

    I don’t give I shit if you are about to hate on my opinion. Don’t waste your tine

  • Michael Bolster
    Michael Bolster 5 days ago

    fuvk off son of bitch

  • Kpop Nime
    Kpop Nime 9 days ago +1

    Kris:Oh boi 😂

  • Chicken in a Bisket
    Chicken in a Bisket 9 days ago

    Jianbing = Chinese Crunchwrap supreme :D

  • Mr. Presente
    Mr. Presente 10 days ago

    Kris Wu is amazing :) He's cute, handsome. talented and overall an amazing guy. #anatares

  • Kah Yee Choo
    Kah Yee Choo 10 days ago


  • Teaya Jx
    Teaya Jx 10 days ago

    hes not even chinese lmao

    • Zheng Yee
      Zheng Yee 9 days ago

      Well he said in the video. So...

  • rani reid
    rani reid 11 days ago

    Why didn't anyone tell me Kris Wu was the same Kris from exo? I'm proud of him.

  • Monika Choudhury
    Monika Choudhury 14 days ago

    It's nice to see how he's still so down to earth and cute even though he's a successful international solo artist now

  • you are right Gupta
    you are right Gupta 14 days ago +1

    Thank you first we feast for inviting kris the great

  • Purple Cat
    Purple Cat 15 days ago

    My man know thing about everything

  • Namjoons waterbottle that he put up to his facu

    Ohmagah who else just wants to sit next to kris and eat that food with him???????

    H.AMBREEN 18 days ago +1

    "Chicken is not my style" 🤣 man i love kris

    H.AMBREEN 18 days ago +1

    I don't want to eat the food i want to eat kris 💦👅😂

  • Ice Joy
    Ice Joy 19 days ago

    I want to eat the dumplings

  • Lauren Jessica
    Lauren Jessica 19 days ago

    It’s crazy because I knew him from EXO lol

  • thatsophia
    thatsophia 20 days ago

    😂😂😂the egg ran away

  • jord carwell
    jord carwell 20 days ago

    kris is the real meal here

  • Mengding Zhang
    Mengding Zhang 20 days ago

    Kris, you shoulda visit Shanghai and try the real one. Fake Chinese ! You do not know about the Chinese food.

  • Shanlan Guan
    Shanlan Guan 22 days ago


  • WeiChang
    WeiChang 22 days ago

    again, Kris really made the right decision to gtfo of Exo n SM

  • Genny Rose
    Genny Rose 23 days ago

    Kris is sweet!

  • Ignatius Pratisto
    Ignatius Pratisto 24 days ago

    I lost my focus to the guy in the back....jamming to god knows what

  • RJ4Y
    RJ4Y 24 days ago


  • 李静
    李静 24 days ago

    The naughty egg

  • Cake N
    Cake N 24 days ago

    I thought he was a rapper, man's got a bop with Jhene Aiko 👌

  • Chanumon
    Chanumon 24 days ago

    He's the cutest lil bean

  • tiny truffles17
    tiny truffles17 25 days ago

    Rip Kris's egg yolk

  • kjhlkjh;l
    kjhlkjh;l 25 days ago

    The way Sean pronounces jianbing hurts my ears.

  • dmoreno200
    dmoreno200 25 days ago

    Love it #kriswu our Galaxy

  • jimin got no jams
    jimin got no jams 25 days ago

    sksksj i remember eating all of these, memories :))

  • freedom Galaxy
    freedom Galaxy 26 days ago

    Kris is so cute.

  • afina kinambura
    afina kinambura 26 days ago

    okay, now im hungry. T^T

  • honeykari
    honeykari 26 days ago

    I love kris wu so much bless his soul

    YOYOYO YO 26 days ago

    Kris Who ?

  • LaFart Ball
    LaFart Ball 27 days ago

    Kris Wu is getting the industry push, thot America was against things made in China?

  • Collin Dennis
    Collin Dennis 27 days ago

    Kris Wu is a cool guy I hope his career skyrocket to the top

  • Kunpeng Rao
    Kunpeng Rao 27 days ago

    I learn a lot about the words of the traditional Chinese food, and this channel is so interesting and mouthwatering!!!

  • Channie L
    Channie L 27 days ago

    I come back to this video for the egg scene

  • xin chang
    xin chang 27 days ago

    skr skr skr skr skr skr skr 23333333

    NATASHAA CHOONG 28 days ago

    I missed kris sm 😍

  • Blake Jme
    Blake Jme 28 days ago

    I love Kris. His expressions are so real

  • Riki Drowned
    Riki Drowned 28 days ago

    I DIED when Kris’ egg just slide out of those DMs

  • Kai
    Kai 28 days ago

    wow those food looks really good, and the explains as well

  • Xu Ruiying
    Xu Ruiying 28 days ago


  • pisco248 jiang
    pisco248 jiang 28 days ago

    hahahaha the egg is so naughty.

    SOPHIE MOORE 28 days ago

    Kris is so cute i love him represent the chinese community 💖✊

  • 陈红
    陈红 29 days ago

    How to eat the meal cooked by @ kriswu?

  • 陈红
    陈红 29 days ago

    He is so cute!

  • The Last Piece
    The Last Piece 29 days ago

    Kriss eat so well😍😍

  • M U L T I - S T A N
    M U L T I - S T A N 29 days ago

    Kris wear like 5 layers of clothes, of course its gonna be hot boi.

  • hasosa A
    hasosa A 29 days ago

    Kris Wu ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • NiA exo.
    NiA exo. 29 days ago


  • 李玲燕
    李玲燕 29 days ago


  • Amanda Howard
    Amanda Howard Month ago

    It has been a hot minute since I saw Kris in something like this, especially speaking English.

  • badgal nerin
    badgal nerin Month ago +3

    kris i adore you how humble and beautiful you are u deserve the world

  • Niamh Butler
    Niamh Butler Month ago +1

    Do a hot ones with Kris !

  • Zerotic
    Zerotic Month ago

    10:57 lmao poor egg 😂😂😂

  • Sthemingway
    Sthemingway Month ago

    I like the Wong Faye poster in the kitchen.

  • Kristina Shramko
    Kristina Shramko Month ago

    Wait he lived in B.C? AND I DIDN'T SEE HIM?! Hnnnnnn...

  • Derrick Cui
    Derrick Cui Month ago

    all black chefs at chinese restaurant yeah

  • Marshay Eason
    Marshay Eason Month ago

    Ayo waddup Kris

  • Princess
    Princess Month ago

    Chris Wu ❤💗❤

  • smurfendorf
    smurfendorf Month ago

    Hahaha! Loved this.

  • Lech0n Kawali
    Lech0n Kawali Month ago


    • Lech0n Kawali
      Lech0n Kawali Month ago


  • Xiu Mayu
    Xiu Mayu Month ago

    Holy shit it's like two of my worlds colliding. International pop and Hot Ones. What.

  • Lindsay Fu
    Lindsay Fu Month ago

    Oh my goodness,he is so cute !!!T_T

  • Нонна Данилевич

    Я тоже умею готовить🍯

  • Jun Peter
    Jun Peter Month ago


  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper Month ago +1

    Looks so delicious (the food looks good as well)

  • hey hey ningen sucker

    He has such beautiful hands.

  • disney chanyeor
    disney chanyeor Month ago

    this is my fave kris interview

  • Shrix J
    Shrix J Month ago

    Chicken not my style to chinese food expert!!..loved the interview

  • deelovesyou
    deelovesyou Month ago

    Who ever kris' manager is needs a raise

  • liu kris
    liu kris Month ago

    kris like eat very much,so am i.😂

  • liu kris
    liu kris Month ago

    cool man kris are,but you seems so cute in here,😂

  • Liz V
    Liz V Month ago


  • Lamp shade
    Lamp shade Month ago

    Another title for this video would be *Kris Wu being cute and clumsy for 12 minutes*

  • Grace Hl
    Grace Hl Month ago

    all,all I think is money all the time
    I’m so selfish
    I chose this life,I’ll be so reckless

  • Lin Barcie
    Lin Barcie Month ago +2

    i came here for kris wu

  • 武皇
    武皇 Month ago +3

    Cute big boy. KrisWu's debut album has been published, and every song is particularly good. Fighting!

  • ricky w.
    ricky w. Month ago +1

    *SEAN EVANS... Low key hardest working man in modern Hip-Hop today, dude is legitimately a scholar of modern Hip-Hop, 25-50 years from now, MF'ERS gonna be able to refer back to his interviews/segments!... sh*t just hit me all of a sudden, but this TVclip channel really is comparable to ancient Greek historians! #feelingsometypeofway

  • 朱七七
    朱七七 Month ago

    Omg Kris is soooooo cute😂😂😂😂

  • dey wu
    dey wu Month ago

    OMG Kris is so cute. I love him

  • Xolo 22
    Xolo 22 Month ago

    I'm happy that my homie 69 won't do a episode with that evil gringo 😏"

  • MingDa Wu
    MingDa Wu Month ago

    My comment on Kris Wu is on his left shoulder

  • Rez
    Rez Month ago

    Why didnt exo show off Kris and his great English bck in the day. Kris is dope I like his movies and his music. I had no idea he was fluent in English

  • La Isis
    La Isis Month ago

    Ayo waddup Krease

    IRTSAL WU Month ago

    I love Kris in all languages ❤

  • laura aguilar
    laura aguilar Month ago

    He hasn't changed at all!

  • Megan GOT ARMY
    Megan GOT ARMY Month ago +1

    exo WHO!

  • Shona Trude
    Shona Trude Month ago

    I'm going to be a perv just want to kiss up them lips😙😙😙😙😙

  • Daysi Sampson
    Daysi Sampson Month ago +1

    DAMN Kris has some beautiful fucking hands wtf

  • vlone yam yam
    vlone yam yam Month ago

    kris wu is the goat

  • Derphina
    Derphina Month ago

    *OH BOY* exactly kris,thats what i said everytime i see you