Skylar Grey - Everything I Need (Film Version) - Aquaman Soundtrack [Official Video]

  • Published on Dec 14, 2018
  • Everything I Need (Film Version) - Performed by Skylar Grey
    From: Aquaman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
    Available Now:
    #Aquaman #SkylarGrey #Soundtrack
    1. Everything I Need (Film Version) - Skylar Grey
    2. Arthur
    3. Kingdom Of Atlantis
    4. It Wasn't Meant To Be
    5. Atlantean Soldiers
    6. What Does That Even Mean?
    7. The Legend Of Atlan
    8. Swimming Lessons
    9. The Black Manta
    10. What Could Be Greater Than A King?
    11. Permission To Come Aboard
    12. Suited And Booted
    13. Between Land And Sea
    14. He Commands The Sea
    15. Map In A Bottle
    16. The Ring Of Fire
    17. Reunited
    18. Everything I Need - Skylar Grey
    19. Ocean To Ocean - Pitbull feat. Rhea
    20. Trench Engaged (from Kingdom of the Trench) - Joseph Bishara
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  • Rishabh Kumar
    Rishabh Kumar Hour ago

    I love the song to the extent I don't know.

  • Noam Shrim
    Noam Shrim Hour ago

    i love this song

  • Game Lord
    Game Lord Hour ago

    I couldn't watch in the cinema. I missed :(
    But I watched Saturday night this movie and so so nice movie. I wish I could watch it at the cinema.

  • Dela Chum
    Dela Chum 3 hours ago

    Stay here

  • DarthSpiderMaul 401
    DarthSpiderMaul 401 5 hours ago

    Best DC Movie Ever! Thank you James Wan. Thank you Jason Momoa. Thank you Amber Heard.
    Thanks to all the other actors, producers, screenwriters and everyone else who made this awesome movie.
    And most of all, Thank you Zack Snyder... for not directing Aquaman.

  • Navaneeth Krishnan
    Navaneeth Krishnan 5 hours ago

    I think this song is more suitable for Arthur's parents rather than Arthur and Mera

    Also , all 3.9k autistic Marvel cucks spotted 😂😂😂

  • Mariam Tamer
    Mariam Tamer 6 hours ago

    I love this song

  • eomer chua
    eomer chua 12 hours ago

    To be human and everything i need

  • L i N u X Gammer
    L i N u X Gammer 14 hours ago +1

    เพราะมาก โคตรชอบ

  • Matthew Poon
    Matthew Poon 16 hours ago +2

    This song is meaningful and one hell of a piece!

  • Sinan Ünlü
    Sinan Ünlü 17 hours ago

    warner bros dc universe how can made this movie so good sorry marvel aquaman beat you this time and this music awesome after many movies watch end song really awesome even marvel not doing like this

  • Alexander Cruz
    Alexander Cruz 22 hours ago

    Muy priti

  • Commander Wolf
    Commander Wolf Day ago

    This is great and all, but they should have used Ocean Man

  • Alexandre Ribeiro

    Algum brasileiro aí pra ouvi essa bela musica

  • Felipe Gonzalez
    Felipe Gonzalez Day ago

    In Justus ligue aquaman already has the trident

  • Dj Mino Cono
    Dj Mino Cono Day ago

    i am just saying James Wan the best director

  • ash C
    ash C Day ago

    Its very emotional

  • Screenplays Of Famous Games

    Deserve 2B views

  • Telle Me
    Telle Me Day ago

    Am I the only who can't help thinking about Percy Jackson while watching Aquaman?

  • nsrges karimi
    nsrges karimi Day ago +1


  • Joao Guilherme Machado Mattje

    O time mais lamentável dá DC kkkk

  • daniel yuana
    daniel yuana Day ago piano version

  • 오태인
    오태인 Day ago +1

    개띵곡 듣는 한국인 있나요

  • 소준형
    소준형 Day ago

    I like it

  • Y T
    Y T Day ago


  • karekarai -
    karekarai - Day ago +1

    My father was a lighthouse keeper.
    My mother was a queen.
    They would never meant to meet, but their love saved the world.
    They made me what I am


  • Septian Maulana
    Septian Maulana Day ago

    Good music, good vocal

  • 짖읒ˇ
    짖읒ˇ Day ago

    아쿠아맨 진짜 짱이였다 재밌게 봤어요 대박이네요❤❤ ost도 짱이고

  • Andrew Syde
    Andrew Syde 2 days ago

    Just watched it 😍

  • Ola Skorża
    Ola Skorża 2 days ago +2

    Someone listen in 2019?😍🔱🌊💙

  • ariff ateed
    ariff ateed 2 days ago +21

    Queen Atlanna: Your father, tell me. Tell me about him.
    Arthur: He still walks to the end of that dock.
    Every morning. Everyday.
    Waiting for you....

    Damn man..still got me every time i watched that scene

  • P & O
    P & O 2 days ago +3

    It melt my Heart . Oh no I think its one of the most heart touching song ......... I LOVED IT

  • Michael Player
    Michael Player 2 days ago

    Pain in your hurt deep line

  • チャンネルボンバーズ

    good song

  • Natasya Ayu
    Natasya Ayu 2 days ago


  • grup dagang TKRA
    grup dagang TKRA 2 days ago +1

    Apa cuma gue yng kesini gara2 dengerin closingan pa abdi/ pa ole ?

  • Prakash Modi
    Prakash Modi 3 days ago

    Love 😍 this song

  • Warissara Limnormkom


  • mrzack888
    mrzack888 3 days ago

    This movie ripped off Jin Yong's stories.

  • tomorrow man
    tomorrow man 3 days ago

    beautiful song and great movie

  • Lomat Only
    Lomat Only 3 days ago

    Athur:i'm human mix human mix fish

  • trex mondor
    trex mondor 3 days ago

    y de la nada aparece un comentario en español

  • principal lakatos
    principal lakatos 3 days ago


  • Pedrovitor Mesquita
    Pedrovitor Mesquita 3 days ago

    muito bommmmm, adoreiiiiiiiiiii ♥♥♥♥♥

  • Cassie Stoddard
    Cassie Stoddard 4 days ago

    I love it. Surprised

  • Navjot Kaur
    Navjot Kaur 4 days ago

    I watched this movie because of this song and when I watch this I was like "what is this" jesus I really love the movie and the song I will be waiting for the second part of this movie.

  • Mehjabin Sultana
    Mehjabin Sultana 4 days ago +8

    I'm expecting more songs like this from DC and MARVEL movies .

  • Jiffin Varghese
    Jiffin Varghese 4 days ago +2

    Can't believe 3.4k dislike

  • naveen soni
    naveen soni 4 days ago +1

    best song

  • Lol Licorne
    Lol Licorne 4 days ago +17

    I love you musique 😍😢💙💚💛💜❤ i love you Aquaman 😘

  • นาร์นอย ซอยยิก

    ฟังแล้วคิดถึงตอนไปดูหนังเรื่องนี้กับเพื่อนเลย มันทำให้นึกถึงช่วงเวลาที่ดี

  • จํา ไม่ได้

    1:06 ชอบเสียงปลาวาฬมาก..

  • Mike crone
    Mike crone 4 days ago +1

    i need a doctor after listening to this

  • Venul Ekanayake
    Venul Ekanayake 5 days ago +19

    This song makes me strongly attach to the gf i never had 😂💔

  • Abhishek Neupane
    Abhishek Neupane 5 days ago +1

    Best dc movie for me..
    (But Mcu movies are the best)

  • rita nia
    rita nia 5 days ago

    Baby dendi

  • firgiawan listanto
    firgiawan listanto 5 days ago

    i really like this movie all is good, the story, the actors, actress the action , the instrument, views and the soundtrack all is good, . perfect

  • kook jung
    kook jung 5 days ago


  • S P A C E D O U T
    S P A C E D O U T 5 days ago

    im a dork.... :)

  • Diane N
    Diane N 5 days ago

    glorious brought me here randomly but i don't mind.

  • phuc do
    phuc do 5 days ago

    This Song have really grøne on me.

  • •Sanai .TJ•
    •Sanai .TJ• 5 days ago

    I LIVE FOR THIS SONG😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  • Higor Rodrigues
    Higor Rodrigues 5 days ago


  • Who's Saini
    Who's Saini 5 days ago

    2:22 2:23

  • Who's Saini
    Who's Saini 5 days ago


  • mars nikki
    mars nikki 5 days ago

    I watched the movie it was beautiful and I'm happy aqua man is king I wish he marry the red Haired girl and a new queen will come

  • ohoh hoho
    ohoh hoho 5 days ago

    I like

  • Amina Alizay
    Amina Alizay 5 days ago +1

    Awesome movie and had a great message that if u are loyal and determined then u could defeat any depravity...

  • scott candanedo
    scott candanedo 6 days ago

    like si te gusto el musica

  • Mohd. Muzmil Kabir
    Mohd. Muzmil Kabir 6 days ago +1

    Her voice is so calming 😇😇

  • Aritz
    Aritz 6 days ago

    Deberian haber metido esta canción en alguna escena triste o asi, es una pedazo de canción que en los créditos está desaprovechada

  • Aritz
    Aritz 6 days ago

    Que temazo coñooo

  • Pabitro Kumar
    Pabitro Kumar 6 days ago

    🤤 .... Mentally addicted ❤️

  • Kamal Kumar
    Kamal Kumar 6 days ago

    Well... its interesting to note that the saviour of DC cinematic universe is neither Superman nor Batman but Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

  • junyor Lopes
    junyor Lopes 6 days ago


  • Hriday Keswani
    Hriday Keswani 6 days ago

    Skylar Grey's is so heavenly!!!!!!

  • Bima Anugerah
    Bima Anugerah 6 days ago

    Official video?

  • Francie the AW fanboy

    Wonder Woman: DC > Marvel
    Aquaman: DC >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Marvel

  • Andi Komarulaeli
    Andi Komarulaeli 6 days ago

    Putri indahsari 💗

  • vun kenny
    vun kenny 6 days ago +1

    Definitely the best DCEU movie.

  • AnggaSuryo
    AnggaSuryo 6 days ago

    The *WHALE* sounds tho
    ........listen carefully...........

  • President of Paperclips
    President of Paperclips 6 days ago +23

    We all need someone to sing this song to each one of us, because in reality we are all broken in some sort of way, and we all feel that moment of loneliness or helplessness

  • Kingleap Sun
    Kingleap Sun 6 days ago

    Such a great song 🙏👏

  • Mo Bamba
    Mo Bamba 6 days ago

    What a nice film and song

  • Loretta Pozo
    Loretta Pozo 6 days ago +1

    This song is so beautiful.I love how it represents the sensitive heart of a strong person. Heroes have feelings too.Most of the superheroes movies end with this powerful song that means triumph

  • Francisco Javier
    Francisco Javier 6 days ago

    que pena y te a,o aquaman

  • Francisco Javier
    Francisco Javier 6 days ago

    llore mucho con esta cancion

  • Abigél Brezovszki
    Abigél Brezovszki 7 days ago +1

    He still go to the bridge every morning,waiting for you to come back❤️😭

  • itsDelay
    itsDelay 7 days ago


  • Ryan Milnes
    Ryan Milnes 7 days ago

    It should have bee Ocean man

  • A4
    A4 7 days ago

    Can anyone suggest more songs like this? Not sure what genre this comes under

  • Sadine al kassem
    Sadine al kassem 7 days ago

    wow ! sa voix est très belle!super cool and beautiful song !wonderful!💕🎶🎵i love it!

  • Sadine al kassem
    Sadine al kassem 7 days ago


  • TepsiDux
    TepsiDux 7 days ago

    this song gonna stuck inside your
    this song gonna stuck inside your
    this song gonna stuck inside your

    oh wrong aquaman movie

  • Annika H
    Annika H 7 days ago

    This song is beautiful❤️

  • N N
    N N 7 days ago

    Ruelle and skylar grey should collaborate

  • Михаил Пахомов

    Просто супер трек!!!

  • Along Gaming
    Along Gaming 7 days ago +2

    I can't stop playing this😍