10 WWE Superstars Who Gambled On A New Finisher

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • Big stars taking even bigger chances. From The Undertaker's "Takin’ Care of Business" to John Cena's "Lightning Fist", these are 10 WWE superstars who gambled on a brand new finisher.
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Comments • 594

  • JayBee Crownshot
    JayBee Crownshot 5 hours ago

    I like the promo this Sunday you're going for a ride, this isn't going to be any ride this will be a special ride, for this ride will be your last ride.

  • Jim Cornette
    Jim Cornette Day ago

    This is the first time they ever admitted there are people who love biker taker, even if they did it in a very condescending way

  • Jerry world
    Jerry world 2 days ago

    Or Batista Batista bite

  • Jerry world
    Jerry world 2 days ago

    U didn't add undertaker's last ride or dragon sleeper

  • swapode
    swapode 3 days ago

    In 1997 Shawn Michaels gambled on a new finisher called the sharpshooter and used it to great effect in a title match against Bret Hart.


    The Rock went from a shoulder breaker to the Rock Bottom. Kevin Owens went from the package pile driver to the pop up powerbomb.

  • C C
    C C 3 days ago

    Here's Jericho with his 6th finishing move.

  • myst cracked
    myst cracked 3 days ago +1

    Mick foleys the one that went in the same rumble several times in 1 and lose

  • Mario Kart King
    Mario Kart King 4 days ago

    Randy Ortons kick to the head was sick

  • Gorilla Mac
    Gorilla Mac 5 days ago

    Big Show had the Final Cut early on and used that sleeperhold/backbreaker while on the ECW brand. Stone Cold used the Stun Gun that he would evolve into the Stunner. Rollins' first finisher was the flying knee. And let us not forget the Miz tried to use the Figure Four as a finisher at one point.

  • Matthew Brown
    Matthew Brown 6 days ago +1

    Sheamus went from the Celtic cross to his Brogue kick

  • MajPeaches
    MajPeaches 6 days ago

    Man, those Seth Rollins Curb Stomp don't even look like they would work. I've always hated Seth's finisher.

  • DumbF*ck Productions

    I really like that Taking Care of Business finisher

  • Big D
    Big D 10 days ago

    the 6th move of doom! lol

  • Guybush Threepwood
    Guybush Threepwood 14 days ago

    Biker Taker was indeed when I started watching and boy oh boy were he and Kane my favourites! Still remember I felt bad when the Power Trip were beating them up. Last Ride was amazing as well, pity nowadays he can't do it to someone bigger than Ricochet, but hey we got them memories!

  • DaShaun Dixon
    DaShaun Dixon 16 days ago

    KINGS LANDING. OM.. sigh. It was called KINGS LANDING . For like 3 weeks. It was a great name for the kiNGSLAyerrrrr. Sigh.

  • SmoothMusic
    SmoothMusic 16 days ago

    I missed the "Brock Lock" on this list. Man, when I was in my teenie-years I was amazed by that weird move.

  • Shawn smith
    Shawn smith 16 days ago

    Booker t axe kick and the book end

  • wolvie667
    wolvie667 17 days ago

    Kevin Owens.. First the Pop-up Powerbomb now the Stunner

  • wolvie667
    wolvie667 17 days ago +1

    Randy Orton. Who started with the same finisher as MVP and later the punt kick

  • wolvie667
    wolvie667 17 days ago

    Kane from the Tombstone to the powerbomb to the chokeslam

  • ChurchillGeoff
    ChurchillGeoff 17 days ago

    Randy Orton and the punt

  • gutsdozer
    gutsdozer 18 days ago

    If we're going to talk about Big Show finishers, don't forget THE HOG LOG.


  • Eric Kincer
    Eric Kincer 18 days ago

    What about the Infamous "Brock lock"??? Wonder why he chose to stop doing that? I remember watching him do that for the first time to Rey Mysterio and just watching him do that made my entire body hurt

  • Darren O'Brien
    Darren O'Brien 19 days ago

    Pepsi plunge to GTS?

  • Joxer the Mighty
    Joxer the Mighty 19 days ago

    What about Jericho replacing Walls of Jericho with Walls of Jericho. It used to put all weight on the neck and later changed to apply pressure to lower back.. I prefer the original version

  • Joxer the Mighty
    Joxer the Mighty 19 days ago

    Cenas weird punch and his middle rope stunner was dumb. I thought the Shows knockout punch was great and made sense.

  • BroncosBailey ‘99
    BroncosBailey ‘99 19 days ago

    4:15 isn’t the phrase “listening to the winds of change”, not smelling it? Or is that a British thing? 🤔

  • Winston Wingo
    Winston Wingo 20 days ago

    i appreciate undertaker using his version of the Ultimo dragon sleeper.

  • Jon Williams
    Jon Williams 20 days ago

    Randy Ortons overdrive to RKO. Now the rKo is like one of the biggest moves.

  • Raider Nation
    Raider Nation 20 days ago

    I can't remember what it's called, but I remember Big Show also flirting with like a choke-leg drop finisher. It was on the early smackdown games

  • DrAngelMachine
    DrAngelMachine 20 days ago +1

    I actually thought that Taker's added finishing move was the Last Ride back when he was the American Badass.

  • Greg Amsterdam
    Greg Amsterdam 20 days ago

    Undertaker had that as a finisher I NBC one of the games lol

  • Nick Shane
    Nick Shane 21 day ago

    For me Kane has the best chokeslam but that's my opinion

  • Al Hendy
    Al Hendy 21 day ago

    What about Randy Orton and the punt?

    JAFER SHAMEEM 21 day ago

    Pulu mari erukku

  • dre murrz
    dre murrz 22 days ago

    X-Pac moonsault 2 a spinning heel kick 2 da X-factor

  • Shawn Schaper
    Shawn Schaper 22 days ago

    Seth started using the pedigree when was with the authority.

  • M. Swaiti666
    M. Swaiti666 22 days ago

    Santino's Cobra is way more powerful than Cena's princess punch :D

  • Lol Smarks
    Lol Smarks 22 days ago

    I liked the American badass version of the undertaker this dude talking is just a sour British bitch.

  • Cory Stoker
    Cory Stoker 22 days ago

    Is there a video about the worst foreign objects? Because there should be a video for that. And the sledgehammer needs to be on there. Not only is it an instant kayfabe break when you watch a wrestler cover the head with their hand, they don't even come close to swinging LIKE A SLEDGEHAMMER when they hit anyone.

    DEMON MUTS 22 days ago

    Johnny sins

  • Daniel arizmendy
    Daniel arizmendy 22 days ago

    The last ride was so good

  • Natumon Creator
    Natumon Creator 22 days ago

    The Hell's Gate is the best submission for Taker,
    He has a good moveset, especially the Last Ride

  • Duke Rainey
    Duke Rainey 22 days ago

    Kevin Owens used the POP UP Powerbomb then changed it to the Stunner
    Baylee went from using the BAYLEY to BELLY to using Dirty Deeds V1

  • Willis Training Universe

    Play as Taker in smackdown sym... use dragon sleeper to win 6-men hell in a cell match. Cuz submission moves can’t be broken in that game ~

  • Walter Jarquin
    Walter Jarquin 22 days ago

    What about Sting? He went from the scorpion death lock to scorpion deathdrop

  • Grayson
    Grayson 22 days ago

    Jericho updates from Wall of Jericho to Code Breaker to Judas Effect.

  • Idioten-Vollidiot
    Idioten-Vollidiot 22 days ago

    Randy Orton from Playmaker to RKO - RKO to Punt Kick - Punt Kick back to RKO???

  • Will LaSeur
    Will LaSeur 23 days ago

    How about Brock when he returned with the Kumura lock instead of F5

  • Xevious vS. Blackmanta

    Seth also used that Springboard Knee for awhile

  • Fabian Angulo
    Fabian Angulo 23 days ago

    The Rock went from a shoulder breaker to the Rock Bottom/People's Elbow

  • Derrick Jackson
    Derrick Jackson 23 days ago

    I remember the first time Undertaker did Hell’s Gates. I think he used to do it a little differently than he does today because the first few times he did, people used to bleed from their mouths. I heard that be was actually broke someone’s larynx (if that’s how you spell it, I think it was Kane’s), and the WWE made him modify it so that it wouldn’t do as much damage. Also if I’m not mistaken, it was called the Gogoplata or something like that before it was changed to Hell’s Gates.

  • Day Dreamer
    Day Dreamer 23 days ago

    When Braun first debuted as part of the Wyatt family, he had a sideways "Cobra Clutch" type hold that made people pass out in seconds. That changed to the power bomb quickly

  • Shiver
    Shiver 23 days ago

    Judas elbow/effect is more entertaining than the walls of jericho.

  • Charlie Fancyboy
    Charlie Fancyboy 23 days ago +2

    I didn’t know Johnny Sins watched wrestling

  • J D
    J D 23 days ago +1

    Anyone remember the hog log?

  • that ninja420
    that ninja420 23 days ago +4

    Umm I'm pretty sure seth still does the curb stomp 😂😂

    • singalexsong
      singalexsong 19 days ago +1

      that ninja420 yeh he said that in the video

  • Kamogelo Moleele Padi
    Kamogelo Moleele Padi 23 days ago +1

    Damn Simon from whatcultureWWE, I didn't know u were a wrestler. I'm sure ur moves r as good as the videos u put out

  • TeamElijah Corey
    TeamElijah Corey 23 days ago

    Oh great another video of talking about things but never seeing them...garbage