Christmas at Dunder Mifflin - The Office US

  • Published on Dec 21, 2018
  • Tiz the season...
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Comments • 698

  • Anshuman Mishra
    Anshuman Mishra 6 hours ago

    9:33 thats how final boss looks at you!

  • Anshuman Mishra
    Anshuman Mishra 7 hours ago

    At 0:37 Jim made the biggest mistake of his life!

  • Walt Zamalis
    Walt Zamalis 16 hours ago

    *”Old Tranny Claus”*
    “Sit on my lap- no it’s not my penis”
    The greatest snowball isn’t a snowball at’s fear”
    I know it’s unoriginal to just quote lines from a show in the comments section, but this is the best American comedy ever.

  • Walt Zamalis
    Walt Zamalis 16 hours ago +1

    “Old Tranny Claus”...mega

  • Professional Mobile Clan

    That’s horrible

  • tropikanagirl
    tropikanagirl Day ago

    Remember, it's not a snowball, it's a dusting. LOL

  • Jackson Gibbs
    Jackson Gibbs Day ago

    You know it’s a funny prank if it makes Stanley laugh.

  • bob liz
    bob liz 3 days ago

    Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu you suck Ed helms

  • bob liz
    bob liz 3 days ago

    Buuuuuuuuuuuu you suck

  • mark kay
    mark kay 5 days ago

    so jim was ready to KILL dwight? not cool, jim

    YARD DAWG 6 days ago

    Michael called Phyllis “Tranny Claus”🤣🤣🤣

  • Lulu InRed
    Lulu InRed 6 days ago

    @5:10 Dwight hands Erin a drink

  • Molly Welch
    Molly Welch 6 days ago

    Ryan Is a dick.
    Dwight is terrifying.
    Jimothy is both sentimental and traumatized.
    Drunk Erin is psycho.
    Kevin has oddly specific oatmeal tastes.
    Michael has Santa envy but puts himself on a weird level as Jesus.
    Phyllis is "Santa Curious."
    Andy Is a hopeless a fault. He also as access to some very odd Christmas resources.
    The Office is, was, and always will be the greatest thing television ever offered us.
    🎄Merry Christmas 2019🎄

  • Trevor Bode
    Trevor Bode 8 days ago +1

    Who’s here after Halloween

  • at me
    at me 8 days ago

    Unpopular opinion, Jim is a dick

  • Felícitas Cabrera
    Felícitas Cabrera 9 days ago +3

    "It's a good thing Russia doesn't exist anymore"

  • John Esposito
    John Esposito 9 days ago +3

    5:19 “Oooo you’ve been a very naughty girl I see” is such a underrated line 😂😂😂

  • Lauren O
    Lauren O 10 days ago

    0:00 to 0:25 A perfect example of why Jim pranks Dwight

  • Tasteful is Salt
    Tasteful is Salt 11 days ago +4

    “Good thing Russia doesn’t exist anymore.” Um I hate to break the news

  • Nosey 193
    Nosey 193 11 days ago

    Today is Halloween... not Christmas get outta my recommendations

  • Jalen Scott
    Jalen Scott 13 days ago +1

    Kevin sitting on Michael’s lap has me wheezing 🤣🤣😭😭

  • DrPepper45
    DrPepper45 14 days ago

    well dwight kinda started it

  • The_Friendly _Necromancer

    “Yeah who’s the little girl now?”
    Love Stanley lol

  • Neon Gravestones
    Neon Gravestones 16 days ago


  • bubble tea
    bubble tea 17 days ago


  • Tanisha Iyer
    Tanisha Iyer 17 days ago

    Steve (Michael) sounded like was doing the Gru voice when he was Santa

  • Adam Cruz
    Adam Cruz 19 days ago

    8:13- THE BLUE DEVILS!!!!

  • 1willFALL
    1willFALL 19 days ago +1

    Everyone dancing to Dynamite 😂😂 also 5:10 when Dwight's hand Erin a drink after the fight...priceless 😂😂😂

  • Da Beast From Da Weast
    Da Beast From Da Weast 23 days ago +6

    Even when Erin is literally wishing death on someone she's freaking adorable

    • Shane Tyray
      Shane Tyray 20 days ago

      Da Beast From Da Weast i agree!!! thats the only airhead on earth i would love to date

  • Aman Raj
    Aman Raj 27 days ago

    It's the 1st time when Jim really went out of the line and underestimated Dwight.

  • Nathanael Heil
    Nathanael Heil Month ago

    The last one is gold

  • Atia Tobing
    Atia Tobing Month ago +1

    Lol mindy trying so hard not to laugh 7:18 😂 i watched the bloopers of this scene and i swear they are the funniest!

    • kaela
      kaela 11 days ago

      Atia Tobing ive seen this so many times and never noticed that omg

  • Luis Serrano
    Luis Serrano Month ago

    Meredith at 4:36 is wholesome

  • Anouar Krassimovich
    Anouar Krassimovich Month ago +2

    "it's a good thing Russia doesn't exist anymore" :) haha

  • Venus
    Venus Month ago +1

    7:19 Kevin almost laughs
    Kelly almost laughs

  • b r o o k e
    b r o o k e Month ago +1

    *you can’t just yell ‘I need this, I need this’ while pinning down a coworker*

  • ravel cruz
    ravel cruz Month ago

    I am really depressed and I have no one turn in to. I've been unemployed for about 3 months now, jeopardizing my engagement with my girlfriend. I guess I'm just utilizing TVclip's comment section to vent things out. I am really sad now and I don't know what to do.

  • Guru Kirupa
    Guru Kirupa Month ago

    Dwight being Dwight to Jim 🤣

  • garym51124
    garym51124 Month ago

    Michael was sooooo correct. A woman santa...where does it stop. Lol its gotten so much worse

  • Kyla Abalon
    Kyla Abalon Month ago +1

    i love how Jim pronounces Dwight as Dawhite

  • Abu
    Abu Month ago +2

    When the camera angle switches to reveal Dwight on the roof it sends chills down my spine

  • suraj punjabi
    suraj punjabi 2 months ago

    A woman santa??? Where does it stop?? I think michael scott was a genius..he literally predicted the metoo movement and all the feminazi that come with it yeaaarrrsss before it happened.

  • Food Republic
    Food Republic 2 months ago

    Ol’ tranny clause over there!! 😂😂

  • ssmock
    ssmock 2 months ago

    The newer episodes were terrible. After season 4 it was like a different show.

  • MusicalElitist1
    MusicalElitist1 2 months ago

    Jim deserved that Prank from Dwight. I think Jim bullied Dwight a lot.

  • Mike Stevenson
    Mike Stevenson 2 months ago +2

    "So, there was talk of Oatmeal..."

  • sachin s hiremath
    sachin s hiremath 2 months ago

    Dwight beats jim by a long mile..

  • Daniel Higginbottom
    Daniel Higginbottom 2 months ago

    I think they should have added the wrapping paper desk prank

  • Hédi :3
    Hédi :3 2 months ago

    it is christmas.

  • Ana L. Velazquez
    Ana L. Velazquez 2 months ago

    *AND ALL YoUr ChRiStMaS dReAmS* hm?

  • Rachel Skidds
    Rachel Skidds 3 months ago

    The Santa Wars

  • fatma aref
    fatma aref 3 months ago

    Kevin killed me

  • Pozzy Thump
    Pozzy Thump 3 months ago

    After all the comments I could say, the one everlasting truth is:
    I wish I had Meredith dancing as the background on my phone screen.

  • Valerie Nyerick
    Valerie Nyerick 3 months ago

    Good thing Russia doesn’t exist anymore 😂

  • Valerie Nyerick
    Valerie Nyerick 3 months ago

    Season 6 “Secret Santa” is my favorite Christmas episode of the show, it’s so cute and funny

  • Valerie Nyerick
    Valerie Nyerick 3 months ago

    30, 29, 28, 27...

  • Kieran Duncan
    Kieran Duncan 3 months ago

    This has been a successful unwrapping

  • MrNasher113
    MrNasher113 3 months ago

    Tranny Clause wtf 😂

  • ADHarris97
    ADHarris97 3 months ago

    So there was talk of oatmeal

  • Jarfield
    Jarfield 3 months ago

    7:17 Kelly breaks character