THOR RAGNAROK Gag Reel - Bloopers & Outtakes (2017) Marvel Movie HD


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  • Barolo
    Barolo 21 hour ago look 10$ per 1hour

  • BowgieBear
    BowgieBear Day ago

    No one can make a mocap suit look sexy.
    *Cate Blanchett - "Hold my CGI beer"*

  • DAGATHire
    DAGATHire 3 days ago

    this is fucking stupid

  • The Rolling Gamer
    The Rolling Gamer 4 days ago


    BLUEZ THE KANGAROO 6 days ago

    Also why is its my birthday theme playing in the background.

    BLUEZ THE KANGAROO 6 days ago

    New Zealand johnny depp?

  • david chapman
    david chapman 6 days ago

    Cate's dance and that little cry, OMG!!!!

  • Scrumptious Red Beans

    Best boss

  • Vinstinctify1
    Vinstinctify1 11 days ago

    this more behind the scenes...not outtakes

  • Mỹ Dung Trương Thuỵ

    Cate so sexy .i love her

  • C H
    C H 13 days ago

    Still waiting for something funny here...

  • Marleah Huffman
    Marleah Huffman 15 days ago

    What is the opening Marvel Studios vid and who is the person on the voice over :)

  • Valber Landin
    Valber Landin 16 days ago

    Esse diretor de araque acabou com o filme

  • Trevor Trevorovsky
    Trevor Trevorovsky 17 days ago

    2 minutes and I hate this guy...

  • laurentiu iliescu
    laurentiu iliescu 17 days ago

    stop licking his asshole and yes the film seemed like it was made by a kid :/

  • mikhail a
    mikhail a 19 days ago

    A Gay mr.Bean?

  • ramza813
    ramza813 19 days ago

    what a fucking waste of time. who gives a shit about the director filming himself on how great and funny he is. the director is a cunt

  • nitroxide91
    nitroxide91 20 days ago

    2:01 hips

  • Alex Stephany
    Alex Stephany 22 days ago

    Most horrible bloopers ever

  • BTS.You_Never_Walk_Alone

    I laughed way too hard

  • Yoda _
    Yoda _ 25 days ago

    "The hammer pulled you off?"

  • Confederate Texas
    Confederate Texas 25 days ago

    Trust no elf lol

  • Hunky Dory
    Hunky Dory 27 days ago

    Taika is blessing, he needs to either direct more marvel movies or a get permanent acting part in the MCU.

  • Dragon 17660
    Dragon 17660 27 days ago

    Oh my GOSH the intro is amazing

  • Marc Allard
    Marc Allard 27 days ago

    i love how fake those people are and pretend its normal

  • Green Wave
    Green Wave 28 days ago

    Intro is 😂😂😂

  • Doomsday _TheHeroKiller

    “Kneel..before your queen”

  • Striker 8
    Striker 8 29 days ago

    0:04 should be the new intro to the movies

  • Montse Kelly
    Montse Kelly Month ago

    I love Taika, seriously

  • Quincy Flunt
    Quincy Flunt Month ago

    why wasn't Hela portrayed by one of the cast members of Black Panther????

  • Rav1357
    Rav1357 Month ago

    Can we have that intro in all next MCU movies?

  • Zouva Playz - Clash Royale

    WAIT... was thor: ragnorok filmed in Australia?

  • Future Child
    Future Child Month ago

    A half New Sealander/Jew making a movie about the European Ragnarok, with a humor overload is disgusting and insulting the Nordic Gods.

  • Netty Loki
    Netty Loki Month ago

    Lol Taika is funny as besides Tom lol

  • Kayden 21
    Kayden 21 Month ago

    Wish she kept that helmet off the whole movie

  • WWE Ultimate Universe

    the intro narrator is on serious drugs

    get him help IT'S URGENT

  • Yasmin Taylor
    Yasmin Taylor Month ago

    love it!!!! awesome!! make more

  • Abhishek Tarafdar
    Abhishek Tarafdar Month ago

    That intro was pure genius.

  • TheReapersMagic
    TheReapersMagic Month ago

    The Intro...

  • Carmen Cortez
    Carmen Cortez Month ago


  • Anissa Fauziah
    Anissa Fauziah Month ago

    Idk why but I feel like taika is the on stage version of freddie mercury

  • saad merhari
    saad merhari Month ago

    He’d make a great doctor who lol

  • Creatip
    Creatip Month ago +1

    Just a reminder: Hela (Blanchett) was 48 when this movie came out in 2017....

  • David Cole
    David Cole Month ago

    Have to say this was the best Thor Movie today date and Top 5 Marvel Movie of all times.

  • Spartan11117777
    Spartan11117777 Month ago

    I want some of Hela. She is the Queen, she knows de wey!!!

  • samma ki
    samma ki Month ago

    Lol. the intro.

  • Kukimontsa Z
    Kukimontsa Z Month ago

    Half action,Half Comedy

  • T Chase
    T Chase Month ago

    33 SECONDS of this trailer wasted on dicking around with establishing the Marvel Studios logo? Really? Bite me.

    • Paper Bag
      Paper Bag Month ago

      No thank you. Also, Taika Waititi did that intro, so sit down and stay down.

    • T Chase
      T Chase Month ago

      Paper Bag Blow me & mind your own business

    • Paper Bag
      Paper Bag Month ago

      The blooper is over 10 minutes long... 33 seconds is not going to kill you loser.

  • RoyalStar
    RoyalStar Month ago

    No bloopers

  • tweet2999
    tweet2999 Month ago

    Kiwi humor.... that's what you get when you grow up in a country without Nuclear Weapons, guns in every house & people trying to kill you, Oh & no Donald Trump.

    ANGELA Month ago

    I love this man already!!

  • op3l
    op3l Month ago

    Is this the actual blooper reel?

  • Lucero Guillen
    Lucero Guillen Month ago

    c mamo con la intro XDDD

  • lan_lan
    lan_lan Month ago

    Haven’t been able to watch serious Marvel intros the same again ever since watching this. I heard Taika’s singing in my head as soon as the Marvel intro rolled in during Black Panther.

  • ila bal
    ila bal Month ago

    Conan Works Out With Wonder Woman Gal Gadot - CONAN on TBS

  • Philseyelash
    Philseyelash Month ago

    The intro OMG AHAHAHAHAH

  • Kawaii Pandicorn
    Kawaii Pandicorn Month ago


  • Your Mom
    Your Mom Month ago

    The entire movie is a blooper by itself

  • XoxoX
    XoxoX Month ago +3

    Cate Blanchette keeping it real in that skin tight suit

  • Methlokaijufan97
    Methlokaijufan97 Month ago

    2:04 lucky guy

  • SnowbordrWRX
    SnowbordrWRX Month ago

    the intro singing is fantastic.

  • Hannah van den bosch

    the intro omg I spit out my tea

  • Abby Breneman
    Abby Breneman Month ago

    I'm trying my hardest to not laugh at this!

  • SBJ R
    SBJ R Month ago


  • sadlystuckinreality

    Taika is the best thing to happen to the Thor movies.

  • Франческо Бертолуччи

    what a funny music^^
    ps. Taika best_

  • Samiiiraaa
    Samiiiraaa Month ago

    I wanna have Taika Waititi closet!! Just love his style!!

  • Reece Foreman
    Reece Foreman Month ago

    ...Like a really freaky movie..

  • TigerWolf
    TigerWolf Month ago +3

    Me before this video: Meh, Cate Blanchett isn't really hot or sexy to me.
    Me after 2:01: *watches every movie Cate Blanchett is in*

  • Physical Graffiti
    Physical Graffiti Month ago

    Why does Taika look like Mads Mikkelsen

  • An Alien from outer space

    Thank you for your service.

  • WarDragon72345
    WarDragon72345 Month ago

    Taika is definitely something else extraordinary.

  • Leviathan SA
    Leviathan SA Month ago

    Everything I see about him makes me like him more

  • Harry Jones
    Harry Jones Month ago

    Taika Waititi is a fucking genius

  • Kenneth Focarino
    Kenneth Focarino Month ago

    I'm amazed they had a movie at all after all was said and done.

  • Tichy Gill
    Tichy Gill Month ago

    The intro 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • sadev101
    sadev101 Month ago

    where are the bloopers????

  • no8pseudo8princes
    no8pseudo8princes 2 months ago +1


  • infires man
    infires man 2 months ago

    i love one (1) director

  • David Romero
    David Romero 2 months ago

    Que tipo boludo. Arruinó la pelicula. Fue una comedia.

  • Beth Fothergill
    Beth Fothergill 2 months ago

    "What's through here, through this door? Ah! Australia!"

    AARINN 2 months ago

    i love this guy. if i ever become an actor i will definetly work with him.

  • Mourzi OW
    Mourzi OW 2 months ago

    The Hela actress was looking a little thick in that outfit not gonna lie...

  • Luiz Henrique
    Luiz Henrique 2 months ago

    I recognized the DNA of DEVO in 1:27. Thank you Mr. Mark Mothersbaugh .

  • Infinite Naos
    Infinite Naos 2 months ago

    Now I see why Ragnorak was too goofy because the director is a man child, I like the first two movies because of the serious tone they both presented but the last one was way too goofy.....still good but just.....goofy

  • Adler Post HC
    Adler Post HC 2 months ago

    This movie is perfect

  • н е б о л а ј а

    this happens when u give a GAY to do the movie! he made RAGNAROK, the ultimate event in norse mythologu, a parody!

  • Victor Palencia
    Victor Palencia 2 months ago

    Whats thru this door? AUSTRALIA! 😂😂

  • Charlie López
    Charlie López 2 months ago

    I wish my boss was like him... oh well 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Fairuz Rizal
    Fairuz Rizal 2 months ago

    we all know why we clicked on this video =)

  • Xspurr
    Xspurr 2 months ago

    The title be bullshit.

    ANGRON 2 months ago


  • pills hate me
    pills hate me 2 months ago

    So where are the bloopers and outtakes... This is just some guy filming the set and mostly the director.

  • Vignesh Karthik
    Vignesh Karthik 2 months ago


  • Keith
    Keith 2 months ago

    I didn't see any outtakes. Or bloopers.

  • BB Films
    BB Films 2 months ago

    They should use that intro for Deadpool 2😂

  • Arun Durvasula
    Arun Durvasula 2 months ago

    i want more of Korg

  • prophet924
    prophet924 2 months ago

    I don’t get it.

  • Jeremy Shields
    Jeremy Shields 2 months ago +1

    This guy should be directing Spider-Man movies.

  • Dian Kurniawan
    Dian Kurniawan 2 months ago

    Hela 😍