I Spent $5,000 ON MYSTERY BOXES & You WONT Believe WHAT I GOT... (insane)


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  • pablo eskiban
    pablo eskiban Hour ago

    The fact i disliked this vid made it to 63k dislikes makes me proud

  • Oswaldo Rodríguez Muñoz

    Suscribe pewdie pie

  • Federico Savignano
    Federico Savignano 5 hours ago

    Cringe... Gambling... Corrupting... I'm done with the internet for today!

  • Vincnet
    Vincnet 5 hours ago

    Promoting gambling to kids for you benefit. What is wrong with you.

  • The Beast
    The Beast 7 hours ago +1

    Box office video music

  • Yeetboi240
    Yeetboi240 7 hours ago


  • warren von Hoesslin
    warren von Hoesslin 10 hours ago


  • warren von Hoesslin
    warren von Hoesslin 10 hours ago


  • Taner Ozdol
    Taner Ozdol 14 hours ago

    5:30 into the vid is he best

  • Kabama06 HD
    Kabama06 HD 16 hours ago +1

    Scaming tours

  • Spyro, the legendary purple dragon

    Honestly, what kind of people would be brain dead enough to fall for this bullshit? You pay well over 1000 bucks to get a CHANCE of getting something you probably would be better off buying on Amazon or at walmart for a much, MUCH cheaper price.

  • Calais World
    Calais World 16 hours ago

    Your rude jake paul

  • Niganii
    Niganii 19 hours ago

    I look like this guy. Picks super saiyain

  • The Challengers
    The Challengers 19 hours ago

    Can I please please please get the Apple Watch I would LOVE one soooo bad

    • R00zGaming
      R00zGaming 2 hours ago

      Cavallero14 😂😂 love the profile pic too

    • Cavallero14
      Cavallero14 16 hours ago

      Hopefully your parents beat you up for watching this jew.

  • The Challengers
    The Challengers 19 hours ago

    Can I please please please have the Apple Watch please I really need it because my family doesn’t have enough money to buy any electronics besides my mom and dads phone and this Lenovo laptop that hardly works please jake Paul I really would love to actually have an Apple Watch please please I really would love to have an Apple Watch

  • xd PhantomHawk
    xd PhantomHawk 20 hours ago

    Anyone here after Kodak vidoe

    • R00zGaming
      R00zGaming 2 hours ago

      Cavallero14 😂😂

    • Cavallero14
      Cavallero14 16 hours ago

      Can't you spell? Or is editing comments really too much for you?

  • Saint Stax
    Saint Stax 21 hour ago +1


  • Mr. Josh Worsthorriblename

    62K likes and 62K dislikes... Hmm...

  • Drawing Warrior
    Drawing Warrior 22 hours ago

    Can't you just make the car into 99.99 Percent and the shoes are 1 Percent ???

  • Darren Wade Vevo
    Darren Wade Vevo 22 hours ago

    I love how this is up even after pewds exposed you.

  • Gamer boy
    Gamer boy 22 hours ago

    I have the iMac

  • Abdel Elfazari
    Abdel Elfazari Day ago +1

    Lets get more dislikes than likes on this video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • J Town Juggalo 3317

    Just buy the dam car

  • Lukas Trofi
    Lukas Trofi Day ago

    all kids please get our of here

  • julien tig
    julien tig Day ago

    OMG!!! I WON 6000$ DEBT!!!
    Kids of the internet ...don't gamble

  • Alex Chain
    Alex Chain Day ago +1

    you're a plague

  • Hayden Hind
    Hayden Hind Day ago

    Why do people watch this guy he is just annoying

  • M31TD0WN
    M31TD0WN Day ago +1

    i won a life

  • Custard Karim
    Custard Karim Day ago +1

    He’s promoting gambling to 12 year olds. And he’s one of the most popular channels on TVclip.

    *let that sink in*

  • MN NICE Gaming
    MN NICE Gaming Day ago

    0:48 “I drank so much coffee”

  • Angus Lockwood
    Angus Lockwood Day ago

    So um, my 9 year old son lastweek got a hold of my credit card and spent well over $9,000! He then went on to show me this clip. Just so you know I've filed a report and I'm going to see you in court asswhole

    • R00zGaming
      R00zGaming 2 hours ago

      Angus Lockwood 😂😂😂 the comments

    • SuperN3rdMaster
      SuperN3rdMaster Day ago

      Lol yeah right, and yet you spell like a 9 year old

    • Ludvig Holst
      Ludvig Holst Day ago

      if you cant spell properly, i doubt you have a 9 year old son

  • trix fail !!!!!!

    Stupid dumbshit

  • trix fail !!!!!!


    W1RELESS PANDA Day ago

    im just here bcuz of asapSCIENCE's video (Dear Jake Paul)

  • Bean&Me
    Bean&Me Day ago

    Promotion of gambling to minors with developing brains is wrong.

  • Jcaulder2009
    Jcaulder2009 Day ago

    Hey can I get a murtch

  • Rodent Gaming wth//JoshuaRedstone7

    i speak for da 12 year olds dat r stuk in 2012 i we come form captianspooklez

  • Jaxon Jones
    Jaxon Jones Day ago


  • Yanko Yankov
    Yanko Yankov Day ago

    I know there are so many things wrong with this video, but one thing that bugs me even more is the fact that the box he creates (iMac and the Apple watch) costs $1 138.43, when it should cost $1 044.43 even at those ridiculous prices ($6 573.20 *5/100) + ($753.44*95/100). The iMac and Apple watch both cost around $5 500 directly from Apple, and the break even price of the box is $725.

  • master bugs
    master bugs Day ago


    Me devolve a view que você não merece

  • mig megavite
    mig megavite Day ago

    An idubbztv bootlegg of u boxing 😂😂😂

  • Bamboomxd MSP
    Bamboomxd MSP Day ago


  • ZRESH Productions


    • Cavallero14
      Cavallero14 Day ago

      Are those jew lovers in your profile pic?😂

  • EdwinOmar
    EdwinOmar 2 days ago

    Are you high on cocaine? Lmao

  • Googleparrot GT
    Googleparrot GT 2 days ago

    Advertising gambling to kids. greeeaat

  • Milk JUG Moto
    Milk JUG Moto 2 days ago

    Jake Paul =17milion
    So who’s next

  • Chris Katko
    Chris Katko 2 days ago


  • no flex zone
    no flex zone 2 days ago +1


  • Andrej Petrovic
    Andrej Petrovic 2 days ago +2

    pewdiepie is better than you

  • Bernat Camps
    Bernat Camps 2 days ago +1

    You never learn, don't you? Hope you get arrested

  • Quode
    Quode 2 days ago

    The likes and dislikes are constant af

  • 에이든 게이머Aiden gamer

    I like mystery boxes!

  • Danial Fitri
    Danial Fitri 2 days ago

    who came from AsapScience diss?

  • Clany Clan
    Clany Clan 2 days ago

    I’m 10 does it work I’m about to try it

  • The CornyCabbage
    The CornyCabbage 2 days ago


  • Shekinah Davis
    Shekinah Davis 2 days ago

    Why the hell are you promoting this crap!

    People got scammed because of you. -_-

  • SpiritAV
    SpiritAV 2 days ago

    take this video down.

  • MrBlodhund
    MrBlodhund 2 days ago

    You should take this off

    • R00zGaming
      R00zGaming 2 hours ago

      Cavallero14 😂😂😂

    • Cavallero14
      Cavallero14 2 days ago

      That or decides to make an apology video.

  • Tracey Gallegos
    Tracey Gallegos 2 days ago

    I watched some videos and you are very rude to your fans

  • Shawn Simmons
    Shawn Simmons 2 days ago

    "Gambling ads must target approved countries, have a landing page that displays information about responsible gambling, and Never Target Minors."
    *Disliked* *Reported*

  • Broken soffa
    Broken soffa 2 days ago

    Good job making gambling addicts out of children
    P.S. take a few days off of the snowcaine would you?

  • Jricco149
    Jricco149 2 days ago

    checkout the AsapSCIENCE video on this

  • Pandamondium
    Pandamondium 2 days ago

    Isnt this the same as Tmartin's? Next thing you know, people will find out Jake and his friends own the site.

  • Shawn Simmons
    Shawn Simmons 2 days ago

    Jake, you really should try to seek professional help for your gambling addiction. Good luck.

    • Cavallero14
      Cavallero14 2 days ago

      Jake should travel to the south of the united states and get lynched

  • James Mcguigan
    James Mcguigan 2 days ago

    Omg I won a Lamborghini! And they shipped it in the mail and everything. 100% legit

  • Waddles Pines
    Waddles Pines 2 days ago

    This is gambling.

  • Sparkle Fluffy Fluffy
    Sparkle Fluffy Fluffy 3 days ago +2

    Go check out ASAP Science new vid please!

  • Z M
    Z M 3 days ago

    He never got the AirPods 🤔

  • Hunter Moulton
    Hunter Moulton 3 days ago

    Money> fans for him I guess🤔

  • Donna Adams
    Donna Adams 3 days ago

    Wonder what kind of drugs he does lol

  • Donna Adams
    Donna Adams 3 days ago


  • Skinny Legend
    Skinny Legend 3 days ago

    guys plese stop saying bad stuff about jake paul we all make mitsake hes a human like us too

  • VictorRC4 Carminatti
    VictorRC4 Carminatti 3 days ago +1

    Quem veio por causa do Goulart?

  • James Soften
    James Soften 3 days ago

    Kids ... Welcome to the casino

  • Lia Azcuna
    Lia Azcuna 3 days ago

    I wish I could dislike this video more than once

  • DUCTH BAT MAPPING! ‘anarcho radical’

    As parents I would have never allowed my kids to watch this gamble crap

  • Jippmeister
    Jippmeister 3 days ago +1

    I like how you’re influencing your 8 year old fans to start gambling at a young age

  • Marshmallow Pie
    Marshmallow Pie 3 days ago +1

    Jake put down the camera, buddy. Stop snorting cocaine and quit acting like a fool for popularity and money. Go out in the world and be a real person. Or at least pretend to be one if that's above you. The world doesn't need this nonsense in it right now, times are hard enough without it.

  • Marshmallow Pie
    Marshmallow Pie 3 days ago +2

    You need to stop. You NEED to STOP. **YOU NEED TO STOP, JAKE PAUL.**

    • Markysharkboy02
      Markysharkboy02 2 days ago


  • Geri Lala
    Geri Lala 3 days ago +1

    This gave me cancer

  • Irfan Suhaimie
    Irfan Suhaimie 3 days ago +1

    I come here bcs of asapscience

  • WalkthroughUnlimited
    WalkthroughUnlimited 3 days ago +1

    You should watch AsapScience’s video

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 3 days ago +14

    let's give this video as much dislike as we can people!

    • Markysharkboy02
      Markysharkboy02 2 days ago +1

      Carl Johnson AWESOME IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ZenoGy
    ZenoGy 3 days ago

    Enjoy your future as a used Hummer salesman .

  • Timy Luther
    Timy Luther 3 days ago +8

    Soooo you’re start up telling your young viewers to go gamble. An age wear addictive elements can really effect a young, developing mind.

    What a good role model

  • abc29740
    abc29740 3 days ago

    It work guys now I'm homeless

    • abc29740
      abc29740 3 days ago

      Guess I have to gamble a box for a house then *oh well*

  • Joycesss
    Joycesss 3 days ago +296

    who come here because of AsapScience?


    0:48 are ya sure you drank coffee and even if you did. did you drink it through you’re nose?

  • Kevin Unknown
    Kevin Unknown 3 days ago +1

    You're a terrible human being.

    • Cavallero14
      Cavallero14 2 days ago

      He's a jew, what do you expect?

  • Orcelus Lee
    Orcelus Lee 3 days ago +1

    Please look search ASAP science Dear Jake Paul

  • Mia Mckay
    Mia Mckay 3 days ago

    Man U gotta look at asap science video and listen to their reasoning. just don't show gambling to ur young audience

  • Orcelus Lee
    Orcelus Lee 3 days ago

    Jake we want you to take this video down due to gambling that you have fully supported and advertise to your younger audiences
    We will be appreciated.

  • Liam Gray
    Liam Gray 3 days ago

    Jake, please go back to school.

  • sillysinz
    sillysinz 3 days ago

    just go to vegas, its probably cheaper

  • Full Aces
    Full Aces 3 days ago

    When all the products are chinese rip offs

  • Troxa com uma camera

    Why tf is this video still up?

  • Tigo_
    Tigo_ 3 days ago

    Who is better
    Pewdiepie: like
    Pewdiepie: comment

  • david losteiner
    david losteiner 3 days ago

    What the hell.

  • Ayush Kumar
    Ayush Kumar 3 days ago

    Came here because of ASAP science

  • Fisher Isenberg
    Fisher Isenberg 3 days ago

    I think I had a brain aneurysm watching this