• Published on Mar 10, 2018
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    i've become a baby again to see what on earth my sister has been keeping secret.. IS SHE AN ALIEN?!?!
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Comments • 16 621

  • GamerJazz
    GamerJazz Year ago +4695


    JEN CHUNG 49 minutes ago

    I wanna play baby hands it so cool

  • Spider Meister 23
    Spider Meister 23 4 hours ago

    Imagine if there's a secret ending where the parents and sister come home and the sister was ACTUALLY an alien. I can already imagine Dan Screaming at a Xenomorph queen in a hoodie and jeans on snapchat.

  • MyFellowKits
    MyFellowKits 4 hours ago

    They are all Mickey Mouse cartoons

  • David Whelan
    David Whelan 5 hours ago +1

    Dan there was a book about the aliens at the book shelf hope you read this

  • Edgar Lauzon
    Edgar Lauzon 20 hours ago

    It's predator

  • Phillip Faraldo
    Phillip Faraldo 22 hours ago

    You are funny!!!!!!!!!!!!😄😊😀😎

  • xXGamerplazyXx
    xXGamerplazyXx 22 hours ago +1

    Who is watching 2019 :)

  • zena 338
    zena 338 Day ago

    Remember the firework i think you could put it in the rocket from episode #1

  • Brody Dixon
    Brody Dixon 2 days ago


  • Gaming Joe
    Gaming Joe 3 days ago

    There not in Area 51 there in the sisters room

  • Aly B
    Aly B 3 days ago

    OMG dans having a BABYYYYY

    LET'S GET CRAZZEE 3 days ago

    Did u notice that the duck went flying out of the toilet

  • KittyBel's World
    KittyBel's World 4 days ago

    That alien is called a xenomorph

  • gamer g
    gamer g 6 days ago


  • Plantera
    Plantera 6 days ago

    Cuteness replay

  • Maxim Alexander
    Maxim Alexander 6 days ago +1

    This is how many people love dantdm play baby hands

  • Arnaud R.
    Arnaud R. 7 days ago

    How much does the HTC Vive Cost € Dan

  • SanYR
    SanYR 9 days ago

    It was so funny when you wear the space helmet.
    😅I could shut up?

  • merle kl
    merle kl 9 days ago

    dan:hmmm what if I jump in toilet
    me:weird stuff happens then...


  • Rose Hubbard
    Rose Hubbard 9 days ago

    I love your videos this one is amazing♥️♥️♥️💜💜💜💞💞💞💓💓💓💗💗💗💖💖💖💘💘💘💕💕💕❣️❣️❣️🖤🖤🖤❤️❤️🧡🧡💛💛💚💚💙💙🧸🎉🎁🎊💵💴💶💸💰💷💒🦄🦉🐣🐝🐜🦋🐥🐹🐰🥰

  • Devin Bedore
    Devin Bedore 10 days ago

    Do more baby hands

  • Devin Bedore
    Devin Bedore 10 days ago

    I love the ninja turtle noise

  • buknoy baldia
    buknoy baldia 10 days ago

    Some people's play this game but some people want to summon bendy in that game... Hey Dan could you try it... But I don't know the name or you could type this how to summon bendy in baby hand simulator...

  • Dallas Squad!
    Dallas Squad! 11 days ago


  • Francis Gomez
    Francis Gomez 12 days ago

    Ninja turtles

  • 홍홍다윗
    홍홍다윗 12 days ago

    18:37 jingle bells?

  • Scott Norris
    Scott Norris 13 days ago


  • Ben Wright
    Ben Wright 13 days ago

    Teddy I'm so sorry, ah look a chicken
    DanTDM 2019

  • Lily Marsh
    Lily Marsh 14 days ago


  • Pete_Dude
    Pete_Dude 15 days ago

    Teen TDM

  • Nugget
    Nugget 15 days ago

    Use the hat on the frog and he’ll dance

  • josh8290 josh8290
    josh8290 josh8290 15 days ago

    Dan: do you recognize it? Me: jingle bells dan: I didn’t think so

  • Owen Jackson
    Owen Jackson 15 days ago

    This vid is so funny

  • Pete_Dude
    Pete_Dude 16 days ago

    Hey Dan maybe in in the game what is in the morning and dad and sister or out work and also school

  • Jill Perryman
    Jill Perryman 16 days ago

    Dan those squeaky toys put them on a toilet to summon a bathroom monster !!!!!

  • Jacob Sharon
    Jacob Sharon 17 days ago

    Does he know the ducky got shot out the toilet

  • Averee Lewis
    Averee Lewis 17 days ago

    at 0.27 there's pan flag!

  • Selene Moreno-Lapierre

    The tune was jingle bells

  • Inshan Mohamed
    Inshan Mohamed 17 days ago

    He he he he he eh eh eh eh eh

  • Aron Sauceda
    Aron Sauceda 18 days ago

    The only way to get the rocket down is throw the bath

  • Hunter Jones
    Hunter Jones 18 days ago

    you get flames from a volcano

  • Sarah Edwards
    Sarah Edwards 18 days ago

    More baby hands

  • Abdi Abdi
    Abdi Abdi 18 days ago

    Ummm the Duck flew out of the toilet not went in

  • Sandra Robinson
    Sandra Robinson 18 days ago

    It's jingel bells

  • Aimee Knapp
    Aimee Knapp 18 days ago +1

    Use the mag to read the diary

  • Thinh Nguyen
    Thinh Nguyen 19 days ago


  • Gatcha_Gaming45
    Gatcha_Gaming45 19 days ago

    I recognized it
    It was jingle bells

  • Lone Deathman45
    Lone Deathman45 19 days ago +1

    Twinkle twinkle little star

  • TheRoyal KingBoss
    TheRoyal KingBoss 20 days ago

    This part was hilarious 10:25

  • 50puft :D
    50puft :D 20 days ago

    The piano is linus' piano from The Peanuts

  • Amy Amer
    Amy Amer 21 day ago

    The alien is from the XenoMorph movie.

  • Ramune Geciene
    Ramune Geciene 21 day ago

    dantdm is the best cuz... HE IS A BABY

  • flame the dragon fury


  • Kumar Darjee
    Kumar Darjee 21 day ago

    dan: tell me my sisters secrets
    bear: heh baby
    dan: (creepy voice) tell me
    bear:boi I don't sit in your sister's room

  • Julien Awesomeness
    Julien Awesomeness 22 days ago


  • Esther Kuseki
    Esther Kuseki 22 days ago

    It's a xenomorph

  • Galaxy Queen
    Galaxy Queen 23 days ago

    SHES FROM AREA 51!!!!!!!

  • Keiya Rivers
    Keiya Rivers 23 days ago

    Dear diary I ate some bacon but my pig 🐖 don't, wan any of wait in one God I just realise😱🐷🐖🍖

  • Jaliyah Townsend
    Jaliyah Townsend 23 days ago

    18:38 is it jingle bells?? Btw I LOVE BABY HANDS PLS DO MORE

  • Rita Gonzalez
    Rita Gonzalez 23 days ago

    Wait you need a ps4 to use that???

  • Jimsters268 Baker
    Jimsters268 Baker 24 days ago

    Did u guys here him say pu**y cat

  • Tasha Meyer
    Tasha Meyer 24 days ago

    At 18:32 ITS AN ALIEN

  • rainbow unicorn kitty the cat lover

    Anyone realize it ends at 20:03? Its the year 2003

  • UnknownNitr00 YT
    UnknownNitr00 YT 25 days ago +1

    The Alien is umm.... doing something......

  • michelle imel
    michelle imel 25 days ago

    that's a tortoise...and I have two tortoises that are 2 years old....there a big difference between tortoises and turtles...

  • Panda VLOGZ
    Panda VLOGZ 26 days ago

    lol the duck shot out of the toilet

  • Patrick Gorham
    Patrick Gorham 26 days ago

    That face you make when you realize there are xynamorphs in your sisters ant farm

  • Dragon Warrior
    Dragon Warrior 26 days ago +1

    Dude. the animations on the tapes are from Walt Disney in the 1950's

  • Layla Whyte
    Layla Whyte 26 days ago

    its jingle bells

  • MinecraftDestoryer Master of stick wars

    That alien is a Xenomorph

  • marielly kim rigodon
    marielly kim rigodon 28 days ago

    i saw lab coat i think

  • marielly kim rigodon
    marielly kim rigodon 28 days ago

    i know the babys sister

  • marielly kim rigodon
    marielly kim rigodon 28 days ago

    i think the baby sister is an alien my dad told me that aleins aliens are evil is she evil?