Daddy's Home 2 - Movie Review

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  • David Smith
    David Smith 44 minutes ago

    i loved it

  • Denis Desmond
    Denis Desmond 3 hours ago

    This movie was absolutely horrific! Utterly atrocious.

  • Joel Schain
    Joel Schain Day ago

    FUCK Mel Gibson

  • Ben McDonald
    Ben McDonald 2 days ago

    We saw Meet The Parents and Meet The Fockers, how could we not?
    Maybe because Meet The Fockers was really bad

  • walter flores
    walter flores 2 days ago

    i have that shirt..but its too tight haha

  • Madison Whovian
    Madison Whovian 2 days ago

    So by that logic, then the Fast and the Furious is a Christmas movie

  • BigLitty Games
    BigLitty Games 3 days ago

    Can you do a review of the new star wars trailer.

  • BigLitty Games
    BigLitty Games 3 days ago

    I loved this movie. You're wrong on this one!

  • MrTwodogshumping
    MrTwodogshumping 3 days ago

    I really really loved the movie

  • Dr. killpatient
    Dr. killpatient 3 days ago

    Mel Gibson looks like a serial- killer w/ the grey hair. He should dye his hair. No pun intended.

  • GaerroneyMOCk
    GaerroneyMOCk 4 days ago +2

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  • Christopher Sutter
    Christopher Sutter 4 days ago

    Im surprise it wasn’t alcohol is required.... now it’s party!!!!

  • Kenny Velazquez
    Kenny Velazquez 4 days ago

    "Meet the Focking Gibson". pffffsssstt

  • Rina Nurse
    Rina Nurse 4 days ago +2


  • migo dang
    migo dang 4 days ago +1

    1:55 hahaha hilarious

  • emil engen
    emil engen 4 days ago

    Don't use dick as an insult!!!!!! It's a male organ!! Then you are a Vagina!!!!! You are bullying me!!!!

  • Skarekrow1592
    Skarekrow1592 5 days ago

    I recently watched the first one again this morning and saw the second one after justice league. I laughed my ass off at this movie. Way funnier than the first movie. There was only 2 other ppl in the movie with me, but imo that makes bad movies bit better. The turkey shooting scene was hilarious. The only thing I would add, I started wondering who would play john cenas dad, I wanted hulk Hogan to show up at the end. Would have been perfect. 7/10.
    One thing I might add, sometimes i couldn't tell if Mel Gibson was trying to make a joke or being serious. He was amazing and so was everyone else.

  • pranav k
    pranav k 5 days ago

    mark whalberg movie never fail to attract audience in teater--- this movie is also a winner-

  • Trav Vino
    Trav Vino 5 days ago

    @ 1:53 #LMFAO !!!!!!!

  • Gabriel Kanicka
    Gabriel Kanicka 5 days ago

    Stop cussing

  • ICanCook 4Dayz
    ICanCook 4Dayz 5 days ago

    Did anyone realize Griff from the original wasn’t in this one

  • Marques Jones
    Marques Jones 5 days ago

    LMAO!!! that asshole laugh was hysterical.

  • Honest Cigar Reviews

    I loved the trailer... but I won't see the movie until it is on Netflix

  • Ash
    Ash 6 days ago

    I didn't even know there was a Daddy's Home 1.....

  • kang aman
    kang aman 6 days ago +1

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  • Cat Garcia
    Cat Garcia 6 days ago

    I love Gibson. So glad he's back.

  • veronica carlson
    veronica carlson 6 days ago

    How is Marc Walhburg a famous actor. He can play one character competently. After stepbrothers will ferrel makes my skin crawl.

  • Rebecca Raymond
    Rebecca Raymond 6 days ago

    I thought this movie was hilarious, especially during the end. I agree it was cluttered and messy.... and a bit long. But the end had me snorting.

  • Matthew Gilligan
    Matthew Gilligan 6 days ago

    I keep seeing ads for this movie and just think 'pls fuck off'.

  • FreakinHobbs
    FreakinHobbs 7 days ago

    1:55 When you take money from your mom’s purse without getting caught.

  • Pacifist Pisces
    Pacifist Pisces 7 days ago

    3:10 Finding Dory.

  • Bert Fechner
    Bert Fechner 7 days ago

    Die Hards my favorite Christmas movie soooo...

  • Shawn C
    Shawn C 7 days ago

    Sequel not as good as the first movie? Does every terminator movie after the second count?

  • Frankie Redmond
    Frankie Redmond 7 days ago

    jeremy do a review on Old School..please

  • Snack Zyder
    Snack Zyder 7 days ago

    1:54 wtaf xD

  • streetbob818
    streetbob818 7 days ago

    that Mel Gibson impression legit scared. the. shit. out of me lol

  • tomf1342
    tomf1342 7 days ago +1

    Where’s the review of the first one 🤔

  • Robert Viberg
    Robert Viberg 7 days ago

    ''Was Block Wahlberg's character'' who is this Block Wahlberg you speak of? xD around 2:11

  • Terryl
    Terryl 7 days ago +1

    If you came for the Justice League review: Good time, no alcohol required

  • Venom
    Venom 8 days ago

    Justice League Review????

  • Movie Ticket Reviews

    Planet of the apes

  • Michael Coffey
    Michael Coffey 8 days ago +1

    So many #2's in sequels so utterly suck. It's sad

  • userunknown203
    userunknown203 8 days ago

    Sequel that was not as good as the original? Easy. "The Empire Strikes Back."

  • Sara
    Sara 8 days ago

    That Mel Gibson impression is so good! I love impressions.

  • Archie Robinson
    Archie Robinson 8 days ago

    Sherlock seas.... no, series 3 and 4 pleeeaaassseee

  • barcelonahershys
    barcelonahershys 8 days ago

    1:55 that shit cracked me

  • Skyler H.
    Skyler H. 8 days ago

    review Lady Bird

  • tman2469
    tman2469 8 days ago


  • Lydia
    Lydia 8 days ago

    1:54 That hair

  • Mike the Nintendo Master

    I think this film is just as good as the first. Its not better, but I don't think its really trying to be.

  • Brandon D. Adkins
    Brandon D. Adkins 8 days ago

    I have to disagree with this review, but I respect your thought JJ. I had a great time with this movie. Love Lithgow and Gibson. The thermostat scene was hilarious! And the Liam Neeson stuff at the end was great too. Comedies are supposed to make you laugh and escape the drama from this crazy world. I thought this movie did just that.

  • fredy fortuna
    fredy fortuna 8 days ago +1

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  • rosemary j
    rosemary j 8 days ago

    Saw it with my husband last night, one of the tickets was free, but still waste of time. At one point I told my husband, where is Dexter when you need him.

  • acegrafik
    acegrafik 8 days ago

    But of course you'll hate Mel-you are a jew!

  • Nicholas Updike
    Nicholas Updike 9 days ago

    Shrek the third was a sequel that wasn't as good as the other two

  • Jason  Roeder
    Jason Roeder 9 days ago

    Not watching just because of the gay stuff. Pretty soon I won't need a tv

  • sebastian gonzalez
    sebastian gonzalez 9 days ago

    That maniacal laugh tho😂

  • Jon Arnall
    Jon Arnall 9 days ago

    Hey Jeremy could you review Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic?

  • xxWilky
    xxWilky 9 days ago

    Review what happened to monday!

  • Zack Coleman
    Zack Coleman 9 days ago

    I actually liked this movie

  • The Ryan.T Show
    The Ryan.T Show 9 days ago

    I also reviewed Daddy's Home 2! Feel free to check it out on my channel! Also Jahns always gives stellar reviews!

  • Elí Garza
    Elí Garza 9 days ago

    I saw the movie. Complete waste of time. I HATE movies with liberal agenda shoved. The gender neutrals card, anti-Gun jokes, and at the end when the kid was kissing all these girls in line. Then a Boy popped up in the back. And the tipping incest kiss from stepsister. Just NO.

  • Mr. Donzo
    Mr. Donzo 9 days ago

    Let's be honest here. Mel Gibson is prob. The guy with the whitest west in Hollywoo.

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    GodzOfTheCityTv 9 days ago

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  • dodger
    dodger 9 days ago

    This guy sucks

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    N B Multimedia 9 days ago

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    • luisgallo
      luisgallo 8 days ago

      Your videos are Hindi trash though

  • Waleed Albarakati
    Waleed Albarakati 9 days ago

    The other guys was a hundred times funnier but we didn’t have sequel for it !!!

    GADO GADO MARKESO 9 days ago

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  • Captainjjb84
    Captainjjb84 9 days ago

    Meet the Focking Gibson

  • lalo landa
    lalo landa 9 days ago

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  • Eduardo Rivera
    Eduardo Rivera 9 days ago

    Your Mel Gibson impression! Hahahaha!!!

  • Lex & TJ
    Lex & TJ 9 days ago

    Check out this video for the fight

  • MoySHADY602
    MoySHADY602 9 days ago

    review "patty cake$".

  • Shawn  Waldron
    Shawn Waldron 9 days ago

    Let me critiques your review............Your not funny, your points were way off and if you have the nerve to critique someone else you should At least be a little interesting.

  • Krumple Themal
    Krumple Themal 9 days ago

    The ONLY thing more annoying than the movie, is this damn editing style for this video.

  • Tony Castro
    Tony Castro 9 days ago

    Thank you for making perfect sense with that movie

  • jacasforever
    jacasforever 9 days ago

    dumb movie

  • Mike Revelle
    Mike Revelle 10 days ago

    The product placement in this movie 🎥 killed me😖😖

  • zmoney(istj)
    zmoney(istj) 10 days ago

    I would say that this shouldn't be a predictable thing like every video. More so when you see a string of crazy comments on a particular review you make one. Reading what other people commented on this video. I think they're right. People probably would just try to send crazy comments if they knew it was every week.

  • Steven Rodriguez
    Steven Rodriguez 10 days ago

    Mel Gibson? No thank you

  • Arturo Olivo Jr
    Arturo Olivo Jr 10 days ago

    Mel Gibson and John Lithgow were great but i felt Daddy's Home 2 wasn't as good as the first film. Terrible jokes and even though it tries to be a Christmas film it fails miserable at it. A few laughs here and there but nothing more. I hope Daddy's Home 3 doesn't get made.

  • josh walsh
    josh walsh 10 days ago

    Someone make a repeat video of 1:54

  • tchesh
    tchesh 10 days ago

    It’s a silly movie for families, not for you lonely cinephiles. Chill out a little.

  • Publius Cornelius Scipio

    Knew it was going to be bad. Should be obvious

  • A person
    A person 10 days ago


  • Zach West
    Zach West 10 days ago

    Boy youre an idiot when it comes to reviewing movies lol

  • LeagedPlayer
    LeagedPlayer 10 days ago

    It's better then he talks about it he is just a desperate little bitch

  • epicness vov
    epicness vov 10 days ago

    You are using copy right stuff

  • Eduardo Cristofano
    Eduardo Cristofano 10 days ago

    1:55 i can’t stop laughing

  • Matt C
    Matt C 10 days ago

    Bad Santa 2 is nowhere close to the original

  • tired
    tired 10 days ago +1

    I hate the some of my favorite actors and comedians are making shitty movies now. Like everything looks to perfect and everything that happens is always so obvious, and I feel like all the jokes in these new movies are written for moms to laugh at

  • SteveJobs
    SteveJobs 10 days ago

    I didn’t see John Cena in this movie

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  • Jack A
    Jack A 10 days ago

    Based on what’s been happening recently, I’d guess Mel Gibson isn’t Hollywood’s sweetheart anymore because he doesn’t rape children.

  • E3ECO
    E3ECO 10 days ago

    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

  • pal98111
    pal98111 10 days ago

    Movies like this need an IQ warning label.

  • Savage TM
    Savage TM 10 days ago

    It's a Good movie, Go Watch Worth it.

  • Sierra Myers
    Sierra Myers 10 days ago


  • darrell dudley
    darrell dudley 10 days ago

    No forgiveness for Mel Gibson. I saw the movie. It was fun. But if you are African American, you sorta don't want to forgive this guy at all. Put yourself in out shoes.

  • Ryan P71
    Ryan P71 10 days ago +1

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