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  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
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  • Rito
    Rito 5 minutes ago

    Some how i feel like thats a troll account

  • Pastels Roblox
    Pastels Roblox 7 minutes ago

    Just subbed to Cody cuz of Jake. Nice video dude!

  • Jack Goff
    Jack Goff 11 minutes ago

    So Rent a car is prostitution?

  • bounty productions
    bounty productions 22 minutes ago

    Cody ko: *changes scenery*
    Jake paul: you bully

  • Holo Hoops
    Holo Hoops 36 minutes ago +1

    Please don’t ever stop Cody lmaoooo we all know you ain’t even close to bullying. Your videos make me smile and lmfao!!! that jake Paul video was funny as fuck 😭😭😭

  • Never Died
    Never Died 57 minutes ago +2

    New pewdiepie

  • MaviOz
    MaviOz 59 minutes ago +1

    i like this guy

  • Glimpse
    Glimpse Hour ago +1

    This is so motivational it make me motivated to end it all I’m joking chillll

  • Talon Elmer
    Talon Elmer Hour ago +5

    Here from Jake Paul's bullshit 😂😂😂 Jake actually brought me here and I love your content now. I cant believe I'm about to say this but thanks Jake 👍

  • Connor B
    Connor B Hour ago +1

    Wait.. is the OC good?

  • Skyler Turden
    Skyler Turden Hour ago +1

    Thank you pewdiepie for sending me to this guy

  • Connor B
    Connor B Hour ago +3

    I’m here cause of PewDiePie..
    Like if jake Paul is douche

    • Connor B
      Connor B Hour ago

      Watched video... subscribe

  • Abdullah Bin Faheem
    Abdullah Bin Faheem Hour ago +2

    I don't know how a man can have so much hate in his heart.

  • Sugam Kandel
    Sugam Kandel Hour ago +1

    Hey cody, be confident when you have a such a loyal viewers. You should not be backed off by bullies like jake paul. We love what you do and are with you. Keep going also make funny videos. Love from Nepal.💖
    P.s.- Make more trolling content of jack Paul. You have your right and you can make troll for content purposes.

  • Breached Abortive
    Breached Abortive 2 hours ago

    0:15 you look like logan paul doing his sorry video😂

  • Ma Kueb
    Ma Kueb 2 hours ago +1

    So you brush your teeth with your shirt on and walk around with tooth paste stains all over your clothes all day? Can we have a little logic please?

  • Jason Restucci
    Jason Restucci 2 hours ago

    poor poor man

  • League Of Roblox Adventurers

    I love this guys vids. Thank you Pewdiepie and Jake Paul

  • Rohan 0_0
    Rohan 0_0 2 hours ago

    Crowd coming from PewDiePie soon be ready for new subs bro...
    This is the first video i ever watched of yours and i definitely like it🔥😂👏🏻
    Best of luck bro
    (Also i think jake paul might be suffering from depression or somethin not even joking he needs hugs and love honestly)

  • Sophie Palmer
    Sophie Palmer 2 hours ago +1

    Man batter

  • HalalBoyTHC
    HalalBoyTHC 2 hours ago

    i cant tell if that account is ironic or not

  • Lycain
    Lycain 2 hours ago

    I feel like the account was satire

  • nontwins
    nontwins 3 hours ago

    This dude is fucking funny. Jake Paul is big stoopid

  • the voice in your head

    *ThAt BuRnInG bUiLdInG oVeR tHeRe*

  • The Great Knight
    The Great Knight 4 hours ago


  • Georgia Telio
    Georgia Telio 4 hours ago

    stop bullying the kids
    what kids
    these grown kids

  • Valentina Escamilla
    Valentina Escamilla 4 hours ago

    You are a fucking cyber bully! I will report you!

  • Trevor Scott
    Trevor Scott 4 hours ago


  • Mauricio Leal
    Mauricio Leal 4 hours ago

    Wow glad there was something positive out of Jake Paul getting so much attention, found this hidden gem 👌👌

  • Logan Sliver
    Logan Sliver 4 hours ago

    At 6:11 instead of thinking about pain, thinking about dicks😂😂😂

  • DrumRoody
    DrumRoody 4 hours ago

    thanks to Jake for introducing me to Cody

  • Dark Vibes
    Dark Vibes 4 hours ago

    Poop trees will grow or some shit... nah I'm kidding, you'll get a lung infection

  • Boz 2011
    Boz 2011 4 hours ago

    this is beautiful

  • Boz 2011
    Boz 2011 4 hours ago

    respecc whamen

  • Caper Lamb
    Caper Lamb 5 hours ago +2

    God I'm so glad I was sent here by Jake Paul's utterly selfless act of promotion, what a kindly act on his part in 💪 spreading 💪 that 💪 positivity 💪

  • bambifromhell
    bambifromhell 5 hours ago

    Your videos are my favorite thing on the planet!!!

  • 1985 Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno APEX GT

    Me, a car guy who gets jokes about mechanophilia (I don't have it): ~somehow stumbles upon this video~
    Me: Everytime…

  • Superlightnin
    Superlightnin 5 hours ago

    I am unsure as to if this guy was just dumped, a 'nice guy' or gay.
    Either way, dude you alright?

  • Lindsey
    Lindsey 5 hours ago


  • r a l f
    r a l f 5 hours ago +3

    Jake Paul: yOuRe A cYbErBuLlY

  • MuricanSniper
    MuricanSniper 6 hours ago +7

    Here because of pewdiepie's video about Jake Paul and let me tell you you're funny af😂😂😂😂dab on the haters bro

  • EastCoastJeepSRT
    EastCoastJeepSRT 6 hours ago +4

    Here because of Pewdiepie’s video. #subd

  • Srikar Bellana
    Srikar Bellana 6 hours ago

    I subscribed in that burning building over there

    EATBONES 6 hours ago


  • G21
    G21 6 hours ago +1

    Which kids?

  • Lexi Liana
    Lexi Liana 6 hours ago

    *oh my god* it’s amazing painter *Leonardo DiCaprio*

  • Максим Карпов

    Oh my god that one with girl texting someone better then you is so f-ing depressing. Im texting a girl I almost love and she is so slow to answer and I know its because she is totally not interested in me and probably has some more fun things to do. How the f is this even remotely motivational? I want to die because person I love will never be close........

  • ॐ
     6 hours ago

    6:36 :P

  • nottheonlysinner
    nottheonlysinner 6 hours ago

    holy shit that respect women post was some 40 year old virgin shit.

  • COLT musicvideo
    COLT musicvideo 6 hours ago

    I was having such shit day. This video made my face hurt from laughing.

  • Syndrome of a Down
    Syndrome of a Down 6 hours ago +2

    Jake Paul gave me enough reasons to subscribe to you lmao

  • Sanderkriller 99
    Sanderkriller 99 7 hours ago +9

    9 Year old army here to give this dude some love🙌 🙌

  • Lincoln Svarc
    Lincoln Svarc 7 hours ago


  • Alley Boy Steve
    Alley Boy Steve 7 hours ago +25

    here from pewdiepie's video of jakepauls video of you. Finally someone who's saying exactly what everyone is thinking. late to the party.

    • Killian McGeary
      Killian McGeary 3 hours ago

      If you like cody you'll probably like drew gooden and danny Gonzalez

  • Toopz ‘
    Toopz ‘ 7 hours ago

    4:05 he just wanna not have toothpaste on his shirt

  • Moly XD
    Moly XD 7 hours ago

    You look like the guy who plays Light Yagami on the stupidest Netflix adaptation.

  • Greentoad K2
    Greentoad K2 7 hours ago +2

    Jake Paul:U cyber bulling kids
    Cody:What kids?¿
    Also Jake Paul:I dOnt LikE cYbER bulling

  • Malacrazy YT
    Malacrazy YT 7 hours ago

    8:56 guy on the right is Russian Link

  • Lady Etude
    Lady Etude 7 hours ago +1

    Anyone else here coz of Jake Paul BS? lol

  • Cyrus Gregory
    Cyrus Gregory 7 hours ago


  • Cyrus Gregory
    Cyrus Gregory 8 hours ago

    jake paul thought you . wre bad.

  • Max Boswell
    Max Boswell 8 hours ago


  • Max Boswell
    Max Boswell 8 hours ago


    KHIZAR KHAN 8 hours ago +1

    Stop cyberbullying haha

  • Ghaith Mbarki
    Ghaith Mbarki 8 hours ago +8

    Got here from the Jake Paul cringe
    Love the channel , subbed !

  • *Ilora*
    *Ilora* 8 hours ago

    Codyyyyyy why u such a bulllyyyyyy

  • Christopher Evan
    Christopher Evan 8 hours ago

    The wise men of Instagram appear to be self pitying defeatist. Typical 😑

  • Star Filia
    Star Filia 8 hours ago +1

    I STILL LOVE YOU CODY! Jake Paul is cancelled smh

  • Jenny Boi
    Jenny Boi 8 hours ago

    Your going to die alone:)

  • GengarGaming4u
    GengarGaming4u 8 hours ago +1

    osama binladin ultmate hide and seek champion

  • Brendon Brown
    Brendon Brown 8 hours ago

    You suck jake paul is cool

  • cap america 2004
    cap america 2004 8 hours ago +1

    I feel bad for you hope your house gets fixed quickly man

  • Lwx 101
    Lwx 101 10 hours ago

    I used to think man batter was cum but now I know it's just a beard

  • Derpy Potato
    Derpy Potato 12 hours ago


  • Yee Haw
    Yee Haw 13 hours ago

    Wow can’t believe you. This is so #cyberbullying 😞😔

    • Kleropunt YEET
      Kleropunt YEET 8 hours ago

      It's actually funny that Jake Paul was a bully himself and now he's saying that CYBERBULLYING IS BAD!?!?

    • Phoenix Grant
      Phoenix Grant 12 hours ago

      Yee Haw you probably fuck your sister

  • Gabriel Padilla
    Gabriel Padilla 13 hours ago

    He looks like Jason sadakis

  • Name
    Name 14 hours ago

    Men are so weird. They don't know how to talk about their feelings directly so they do it in other weird ways, i.e. writing you a letter, making you a music playlist or making Instagram memes as shown in this video lol. Sometimes it's kinda cute but this is just super cringe.

  • braden carroll
    braden carroll 15 hours ago

    you rock bro

  • L R
    L R 15 hours ago +1

    9:27 everybody gangsta til the firefighter buys a lambo

  • Mihaela Katrandjieva
    Mihaela Katrandjieva 18 hours ago

    6:04 some advice for me struggle

  • Knugen 420
    Knugen 420 20 hours ago +5

    I must say jake paul was right. This man is VerY HaTeFuL

  • Eva Vazquez
    Eva Vazquez 21 hour ago +1

    great work mr. cody

  • grey21hunter
    grey21hunter 22 hours ago +1

    Memelous brought me

    • Tim Evers
      Tim Evers 19 hours ago

      Whatch the thats cringe episodes

  • PicKleS CucUmBEr
    PicKleS CucUmBEr 23 hours ago

    8:23 that can have a very illegal meaning

  • Declan Terry-Lacrosse

    you kinda remind me of danny gonzales

  • talissa almeida
    talissa almeida Day ago


  • Levi Polyakov
    Levi Polyakov Day ago


  • Miles' Films
    Miles' Films Day ago +1


    c h a r g e y o u r p h o n e.

  • Erica Raths
    Erica Raths Day ago

    I’m obsessed with the volume of Cody’s hair.

  • Areej Khan
    Areej Khan Day ago

    omg... the failed boyband pic is of Jenn Im's boyfriend (ben's) band...

  • Maximus Cochran
    Maximus Cochran Day ago

    Stop making fun of ppl

  • Honeydew Uwu
    Honeydew Uwu Day ago

    What kind of shit did you take to flood ya whole house?

  • Dumolko
    Dumolko Day ago

    There's no way this isn't a satire acount

  • Ellie Olp
    Ellie Olp Day ago

    6:35 I literally spat out my sprite Cranberry and started cackling

  • Hayden Silva
    Hayden Silva Day ago

    Dont spread negativity cody hoe

    • Hayden Silva
      Hayden Silva 14 hours ago


    • Real Content
      Real Content 19 hours ago +1

      Freedom of speech and criticism also comedy not negativity

    • Matcha Lattae
      Matcha Lattae Day ago +4

      Hayden Silva a-are you serious? Please say sike

  • Ollssss
    Ollssss Day ago

    Not laughed at a TVclip video this hard for a long time 😂

  • Mike
    Mike Day ago

    Was probably a « nice guy » incel

  • honestly same
    honestly same Day ago +1

    Be careful, Jake Paul might get upset at this

  • xKuro
    xKuro Day ago

    bruh u mark wahlberg? why tf u DEADASS look like him 🅱️

  • ukulele squad
    ukulele squad Day ago +1

    Omg I love this I’m following that account after this video 😂😂😂 this is just so funny