$1 Eggs Vs. $89 Eggs • Japan

  • Published on Oct 7, 2018
  • "Compliments to the chef, who is the chicken."
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Comments • 16 467

  • Guardian IV
    Guardian IV 10 hours ago

    Obsession with caviar

  • Agony’s Song
    Agony’s Song 13 hours ago +2

    May the kichi kichi guy keep that smile forever and live a long happy blooming life!!!! I better not hear anything about his business ever shutting down!

  • Josh Breton
    Josh Breton 14 hours ago

    They should try balut

  • abigail pearson
    abigail pearson 15 hours ago

    Does anyone else have like 10 “Worth it” videos in their recommended?

  • KevinR3i
    KevinR3i 15 hours ago

    9:48 - 9:55 JAV Hentai going on

  • 367arnaldo
    367arnaldo 19 hours ago

    Am I the only one that can't get over spanish guitar as background to Japanese cuisine?😂

  • Shane Seeley
    Shane Seeley 20 hours ago

    I hope both of these guys get shot in the head

  • Jasmine Dodd
    Jasmine Dodd 20 hours ago

    Kichi kichi chef is my spirit animal

  • Karlie Russell
    Karlie Russell 23 hours ago +1

    The kichi kichi guy is like Gordon Ramsay pulled from an anime and then sweetened with organic ketchup

  • À Human
    À Human Day ago

    An eggcellent video

  • Yt TheWeirdASMR
    Yt TheWeirdASMR Day ago

    In Japan the scary thing is the "Slit mouth woman" which id also known as "kuchisake-onna"

  • Got em
    Got em Day ago

    I have 2 fresh eggs🥚🥚

  • Cheryl Cooper
    Cheryl Cooper Day ago

    I bet all those eggs gave you farts

  • Lucid Games
    Lucid Games Day ago +2

    No one....


  • Juris Dumagan
    Juris Dumagan Day ago


  • Juris Dumagan
    Juris Dumagan Day ago

    Kichi kichi guy is straight outta food wars

  • Josue Hernandez
    Josue Hernandez Day ago

    1:24 the Asian guy looks like and sounds like an Asian Stan Lee

  • delphox
    delphox Day ago

    Japanese person: (walking past the worth it crew in Japan)
    Worth it crew: egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg

  • roald dahl
    roald dahl Day ago

    the egg came first!, because the two things that weren't chickens procreated and their offsprings genes mutated and morphed into a chicken!

  • Esther Yogman
    Esther Yogman Day ago

    Kichi guy had best energy!!!!!!!!!

  • Eli Setzer
    Eli Setzer 2 days ago

    My three-year-old child wanted an egg so I spent five years engineering the perfect egg
    where is the logic in this lmao

  • ColeckZz
    ColeckZz 2 days ago

    Tirami-souschef. She made a pun in another language, and it's a great pun at that. Goddamn, respect

  • Ar Vivo
    Ar Vivo 2 days ago

    Guretama comment... I am just saying.

  • Hylie Jade Roldan
    Hylie Jade Roldan 2 days ago

    Who else wonder why andrew didn't remember omurice from the past when he made it on tasty

  • keepingitrealawesome

    I definitely want to go to Japan 🇯🇵 one day 😁

  • Mr Hafif
    Mr Hafif 2 days ago

    Yeah, in malaysia we use egg in almost in every dishes, like "nasi lemak" or rice in banana leaf.

  • Neutral Karma
    Neutral Karma 2 days ago

    Those black eggs look like moon eggs

  • DS FS
    DS FS 2 days ago

    man that chef reminds me of Matthew McConaughey

  • Justin
    Justin 2 days ago

    Bois, we only speak of eggs and the kichi kichi dude

  • Sierra Murphy
    Sierra Murphy 2 days ago

    Down here we are not afraid to eat things that contribute to facial expressions. Hell we eat hog head cheese which is all of the expression.

  • Jimin Anastasia Kang


  • Uyen Uyen Le
    Uyen Uyen Le 2 days ago

    I’m Chinese and I eat cooked eggs 🍳 with rice 🍚

  • Pepe Witnessing Birth Of Hitler

    First dude reminds me of asian Stan Lee.

  • Sophie Zettel
    Sophie Zettel 2 days ago

    I ate the 1$ dish too!!
    It is soooo yummy!!!😋

  • Garrick Saro
    Garrick Saro 3 days ago

    Anybody who pays $89 for a nag should be laying them.

  • B TIC
    B TIC 3 days ago

    0:51 egg and pizza no thank you

  • Kenzo Turqueza
    Kenzo Turqueza 3 days ago

    So weird that the sound is spanish

  • Derick Kyaw
    Derick Kyaw 3 days ago

    0:58 the woman is just staring at them in the background

  • Stefan Hsueh
    Stefan Hsueh 3 days ago

    I’ll add one egg for every like:

  • Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes 3 days ago

    I aspire to one day have as much fun with my job as Kichi Kichi chef does.

  • Fricken Frack
    Fricken Frack 3 days ago +3

    0:58 that girl in the background looks really confused and concerned

    • Timothy Ree
      Timothy Ree Day ago

      she is part of their crew im pretty sure. think her name was annie

  • Gald
    Gald 3 days ago


  • F.B.I
    F.B.I 3 days ago +1


  • Teath Rosmawati
    Teath Rosmawati 3 days ago

    In my country only 0.3$ maybe😂

  • Nikolay Ganovski
    Nikolay Ganovski 3 days ago

    do you remember the Tamagotchis we used to have?

  • _zachary_bean _
    _zachary_bean _ 3 days ago +1

    Me:One day I’ll be a professional cook! :D
    Also me:*Accidentally burns down the whole kitchen*

  • Alisha Murdock
    Alisha Murdock 3 days ago

    I just love you guys‼️ You bring joy to the world. 🌎

  • Chin Jet
    Chin Jet 3 days ago +2

    We need chickens....that produce milk

  • Dahnbee Chung
    Dahnbee Chung 3 days ago

    Mix mix “more”

  • Jerry Zhang
    Jerry Zhang 3 days ago


  • Can we get 0 Subs without any videos?! Yo

    Thamago cita ah ah XD

    KINDLE 3 days ago

    Japan. What a singular distinguished country.

  • Diego Luna
    Diego Luna 4 days ago

    Buzzfeed suxx

  • Sasha Alexander
    Sasha Alexander 4 days ago


  • nadeem shafi
    nadeem shafi 4 days ago

    I use to put ketchup on rice and eat it too, and I'm from Pakistan, I'm not even form japan

  • Leheart J.
    Leheart J. 4 days ago

    The Yoshokuya Kichi-Kichi, Kyoto. You're welcome.

  • punsiella
    punsiella 4 days ago +1

    andrew looks like phineas

  • Lps anna271
    Lps anna271 4 days ago

    I just started learning japanese and i still didn’t undrestand them😂

  • LPc Slush
    LPc Slush 4 days ago

    man japan is beautiful and natural.

  • Nordic Pancake
    Nordic Pancake 4 days ago

    The guy from the first restaurant sounds and looks kinda like japanese stan lee.

  • Jessica Sibuea
    Jessica Sibuea 4 days ago

    My heart is warming seeing this one 😢💗

  • Mya Benson
    Mya Benson 4 days ago

    18:12 He was so happy LOL

  • Henwo
    Henwo 4 days ago

    it probably smells like a stink bomb in that place

  • Dominic Monterey
    Dominic Monterey 4 days ago

    Adam smiled

  • jeanree joy serenio
    jeanree joy serenio 4 days ago

    Kichi Kichi is so cute to cook

  • patriotpioneer
    patriotpioneer 4 days ago

    Raw Eggs... Ummm Yeah...

  • Carl Kamuti
    Carl Kamuti 5 days ago

    That Kichi Kichi chef's trick of opening the omelette was really pretty impressive. If they do that at the table you can just imagine the cooing and applause going round the table..

  • August Santos
    August Santos 5 days ago


  • KillerbeamWasTaken
    KillerbeamWasTaken 5 days ago +1

    that first dude was like the Asian Stan Lee

  • CeyJai
    CeyJai 5 days ago +13

    The ketchup rice guy could definatley be a n anime character

    • Lorkhatosh
      Lorkhatosh 2 days ago

      Exactly my thoughts. He looks like a character from a wholesome enthusiastic show like JoJo or something.

  • _Sora_ Mitsuki_
    _Sora_ Mitsuki_ 5 days ago

    Now I really wanted to go to Japan now

  • Danielle M Hall
    Danielle M Hall 5 days ago

    I wanna learn how to make tamagoyaki now.

  • Regina Patricia
    Regina Patricia 5 days ago +5

    Rie: Gudetama is the lazy one, we are not
    Me:im not sure thats 100% true 😅

  • n
    n 5 days ago +1

    You know it's worth it when the egg doesn't have to be cooked with over 9000 different spices to be delicious

  • Raven Hill-Peters
    Raven Hill-Peters 5 days ago +6

    did you see how happy adam looked when he got the yolk out of the egg? I'm crying. he is so precious.

  • Maddiline Kathryn
    Maddiline Kathryn 5 days ago

    I would like chef kichi kichi as a grandpa or something

  • meeky poo
    meeky poo 5 days ago

    i can tell that chef is so passionate

  • Hiyori
    Hiyori 6 days ago

    I want to hug Kichi Kichi Chef 😭❤️️

  • Abhraneil
    Abhraneil 6 days ago

    I love Japan, its cuisine and of course the kind people, love from India ❤️

  • Erick Gouw
    Erick Gouw 6 days ago

    may i go japan Selling Eggs >?
    my skill almost 3 years , i Give the Prices $55 Promotion From >> CHina

  • Killer beast Killer beast

    I was eating eggs while watching this video and I didn’t even realize. When I did it was so funny.

  • Ripper
    Ripper 6 days ago

    Hey look at that girl with umbrella in 0:53 so funny

  • ii_ii-_-o_o o_o-_-ii_ii

    chicken ovulations

  • Aston Yong
    Aston Yong 6 days ago


  • JustJaguar
    JustJaguar 6 days ago


  • Carah Shapiro
    Carah Shapiro 6 days ago

    I mean... I’m vegan and watching people eat eggs... something doesn’t quite add up.

  • GrayJay Jumba
    GrayJay Jumba 6 days ago

    I'd kill for kichi kichi food, it looks, so, sooooo good.

    SHAUNA VAYNE 6 days ago

    5:36 *_you died_*

  • Cardinks Let's play Gaming Series

    1$ for an egg is outrageous to be honest. 2 dozen eggs is under a dollar

  • BlackArcher123Gaming 3

    MIB Men in Black

  • Wang Wang
    Wang Wang 6 days ago

    You really should only name the price of each serving. In this case, I don't know if 89$ is for each egg or for a box of ten eggs.

  • BlackArcher123Gaming 3


  • Little Green
    Little Green 6 days ago

    Fish sauce the main sauce of most Asian places it’s sweet and salty and
    kinda fishy

  • Chalyce MacDonald
    Chalyce MacDonald 6 days ago +3

    Adam is still not wearing a wedding ring, there's hope

  • Noob Pro
    Noob Pro 7 days ago

    I can do eggs with less than 1 $

    • Wang Wang
      Wang Wang 6 days ago

      Of course you can. In my place we can buy a dozen of eggs with 1$.

  • Julie G
    Julie G 7 days ago

    0:57 do they noticed that a person is starting at them

  • KawaiiMarshmallow Yeet

    Is it weird that I have the same chop sticks as him??....

  • SiberCrash
    SiberCrash 7 days ago +2

    Me when I make a Penta-Kill in League of Legends: 9:48

  • Zerviscos
    Zerviscos 7 days ago

    I thought using ketchup on eggs was normal for Asian people...I guess not for Malaysians, but we also use ketchup on eggs.

  • Chessy Tan
    Chessy Tan 7 days ago

    Andrew is the kinda guy to describe the flavour of a food with the taste of another