How The Fortnite Battle Bus Works - SOLVED! | The SCIENCE... of Fortnite Battle Royale

  • Published on Sep 13, 2018
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    Fortnite is dominating the internet. A battle royale game where a giant floating bus drops you in an area to fight to the last standing player. Wait... a giant floating bus? Is that even possible?! Well Theorists, today Austin is going to find out if you could float a bus full of people like the Fornite Battle Bus in REAL LIFE!
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Comments • 8 542

  • Curly Whrly
    Curly Whrly 3 days ago

    It’s pronounced boyency

  • Sameed Chowdhury
    Sameed Chowdhury Month ago

    and then in the trailer it turns out that there are seats. RIP the dream...

  • Gacha girl 4.7.6.
    Gacha girl 4.7.6. Month ago

    Where is matpat

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord Month ago

    It's Ok, Austin, you will Get better at Fortnite, I believe in you!

  • Jamie Griffiths
    Jamie Griffiths Month ago

    Wait till Austin sees the Fortnite2 chapter 2 video where it shows the seats in the bus, in the air.

  • Promethe S
    Promethe S Month ago

    There are seats in the battle bus,l. several cinimatics showing the interior of the bus make it clear that they are there

  • john schott
    john schott Month ago

    austins thing is arhourigan

  • AJAX Walker
    AJAX Walker Month ago +1

    U know that this is just a game right?

  • Mark Sippel
    Mark Sippel Month ago +1

    What about the weight of the pickaxes? Those things can’t be light.

  • Emperor
    Emperor Month ago

    You also forgot those fancy junk parts all over the bus that should make a significant difference of weight .

  • Donovan Lee
    Donovan Lee Month ago

    2 things wrong with this
    1. it's just a simulation where you are preparing for Save The World
    2. Nobdy knows what bluglo is and how it burns and works

  • Jonas Blahut
    Jonas Blahut Month ago

    Why wouldn't he do a glider video

  • Night Flare
    Night Flare 2 months ago

    Blu glow that’s power it

  • Panda Gaming
    Panda Gaming 2 months ago

    I wonder if the comic like energy used to fuel them like In Save the world would be strong enough

  • Tommy Wensley
    Tommy Wensley 2 months ago

    The thumbnail has the removed unreleased kpop skin

  • Cayde 3421
    Cayde 3421 2 months ago

    *b o u n c y j e l l y b r i c k*

  • Alex Probst
    Alex Probst 2 months ago

    what about the fans on the side

  • Lily Boo
    Lily Boo 2 months ago +1


  • T. Van der kooij
    T. Van der kooij 2 months ago

    Very smart to hide you gamertag

  • T. Van der kooij
    T. Van der kooij 2 months ago

    Yeah, its not very smart to heat hydrogen with a flame.

  • T. Van der kooij
    T. Van der kooij 2 months ago

    What i like about these classic busses are the 90 degerees angles.

  • FlameMetalRoy
    FlameMetalRoy 2 months ago

    You said 14960 GRAM nice, instead of 69 nice. Oh, Austin

  • random stuff
    random stuff 2 months ago

    You forgot to add the weight of all that metal stuff

  • nightshiftzee
    nightshiftzee 2 months ago

    You'll float to
    Only if ur on the buss

  • MMOGamer567 Hall
    MMOGamer567 Hall 2 months ago

    Anyone going to comment on caveman Austin at 5:50?!?!?!

  • GJ Studios
    GJ Studios 2 months ago

    Isn’t buoyancy pronounced BOYensee?

  • John Horne
    John Horne 3 months ago

    Um actually... Yes I said it. But the IRL bus is an international S series 3800 with an international 444E Diesel engine. The diesel engine is likely heavier than the triton v10. Also the trains is a 5 speed Alison. Don't know what this will change if anything but why not have the most accurate info?

  • TBLgGamin
    TBLgGamin 3 months ago

    The music he uses at the end is from the Efteling in the netherlands (not saying you cant do that) but its just funny

  • Robert Trifas
    Robert Trifas 3 months ago

    The engine could power turbines to power the bus

  • Rocket Crazy
    Rocket Crazy 3 months ago

    which concerto is at the end?

  • Nagadio y
    Nagadio y 3 months ago

    Find one of your friend austin 10:23 on the bottom left Kratos000007


    Austin, You and I have the same personality type : INTP the Logician!!!!!!

  • Alectricity
    Alectricity 4 months ago

    11:48 It really is a shame how much you were trying to hide your username only for you to accidentally reveal it to us all, arhourigan.

  • Element o' Chaos
    Element o' Chaos 4 months ago +2

    You forgot to hide your name in the death chat. 0:45

  • Bakkie MooMoo
    Bakkie MooMoo 4 months ago

    The things he compared his results to were... odd

  • XO Zexio
    XO Zexio 4 months ago

    i keep forgetting mat isnt the only one in this channel

  • Jebediah Kerman
    Jebediah Kerman 4 months ago

    You didnt pay me for the rocket launches
    I want my funds

  • AceCone Potatocap
    AceCone Potatocap 4 months ago

    Hey my name is nope same with all of the other names on the screen

  • Zeke Baumann
    Zeke Baumann 4 months ago

    Is Austen hungry

  • Tarif The Random Life
    Tarif The Random Life 4 months ago

    Austin forgot all the other stuff on the Bus like the ropes used to attach the balloon and the burner.

  • Marta Bronshvayg
    Marta Bronshvayg 4 months ago

    Don’t tell matpat but you are better than him

  • Chocwate Ice Cweem
    Chocwate Ice Cweem 4 months ago

    His Fortnite name is amourigan for somebody who wants to know his Fortnite name

  • jj parsons
    jj parsons 4 months ago

    Actually austin, the playera weigh nothing, they are holograms, you can see it when you die and spawn

  • Cooldude Shaner
    Cooldude Shaner 4 months ago

    I'm laying down

  • What happend to Goergia

    *Man, I just wanted to see him teach me how the battle bus shouldn't work...but fortunately I learned literally a lot! I didn't even want to learn this!*

  • GWNYunusYT
    GWNYunusYT 4 months ago

    THIS WAS MADE ON MY BIRTH DAY but it was A year AGO BUT STIL😂😂😂😂

  • weedle is op cute
    weedle is op cute 4 months ago

    I’m just researching the game to bring it down.Edit:I have seen Minecraft’s stupidity

  • frostbite0707
    frostbite0707 4 months ago

    I would love to have Austin as my science teacher

  • siolver lol
    siolver lol 4 months ago

    But in the trailer for fortnite for the Switch you can see that the Battlebus has Seats

  • Jadetoken
    Jadetoken 4 months ago

    Good job there with the SCIENCE! but I noticed a fatal flaw in your calculation about the battle bus. You forgot about ALL THE EXTERNAL PARTS that has been added afterwards.

  • Darius Drugan
    Darius Drugan 4 months ago


  • Theguywhobuiltamountain In Minecraft

    Me to buddy

  • Ohumsorry
    Ohumsorry 5 months ago

    But it’s on Venus so the gravity is lower

  • T. Van der kooij
    T. Van der kooij 5 months ago

    I cant imagine that a huge bus weighs as much as one cubic metre of somthing else (gold)

  • Senpai lord
    Senpai lord 5 months ago

    Me: ooo new video
    Austin: speaks sciencey gibberish
    Me: i think i need to go through school again

  • Dragon Destroyer
    Dragon Destroyer 5 months ago +1

    I think Austin was hungry during this video

  • Silver Flame
    Silver Flame 5 months ago

    Re make this you forgot the driver sooooooo 101 pepole

  • Elvar Eldjárn Kristjánsson

    It is Powered By BLUE GLO !

  • Gamer Bob
    Gamer Bob 5 months ago

    I think the bus is powered by the cube KEVIN.
    .......... WAIT NO is power of v bucks Cuase it has a v bucks sign of a V

  • Raven World
    Raven World 5 months ago

    You play just like me.