10 Worst Cheaters in Sports History!

  • Published on Jan 24, 2017
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Comments • 4 348

  • Mike Korzemba
    Mike Korzemba 2 years ago +3451

    Awesome video Matt! Safe to say Tim Donaghy is an absolute disgrace...

    • Tupac Shakur
      Tupac Shakur Month ago

      If mike korzemba did not comment on matthew santoro’s video

    • Halor 259
      Halor 259 2 months ago

      Yo Mike your my fav youtuber

    • JCB JCB
      JCB JCB 5 months ago

      Hey steph curry with a 40 inch vertical

    • Cameron Waycaster
      Cameron Waycaster 8 months ago

      Mike Korzemba You forgot Tom Brady 😂😂😂

    • Johann Palingcod
      Johann Palingcod 9 months ago

      Korzemba senpai

  • Mike
    Mike 7 days ago

    This is just speculation, but maybe the people on the Spanish team are handicapped or disabled by comparison to the rest of the Spanish population? I don't know any Spaniards for comparison, just a theory.

  • Neal
    Neal 16 days ago

    Bill Clinton! oh you mean sports only...

  • Aidan Meyer
    Aidan Meyer 20 days ago

    I'm surprised why Matt didn't add Jose Canseco aka- The "Bash Brother" to to fellow baseball player Mark McGwire. Both athletes who won the 1989 World Series with the Oakland Athletics. Jose Canseco was then guilty of using Anabolic steroids in the games and was fined over $40,000,000 for using the Steroids.

  • J. Schoenborn
    J. Schoenborn 24 days ago

    Trust me: others should be Mark McGwire and Florence "Flo-Jo" Johnson!
    I come from St. Louis, MO and I was also one of those kids who idolised Mark McGwire: 1st baseman, but you knew that almost anything pitched against him was on its one-way ticket out of the park!
    •700 HR in career for the Cardinals
    •Burger deal: the Big Mac, and if he hit a HR into Big Mac Land (area seating in Busch Stadium that was sponsored by McDonald's) Big Macs were $1 the next day!
    •Guested on the Simpsons episode "Brother's Little Helper"
    •Brought back popularity to the Barry McGuire song "Eve of Destruction".
    All came crashing down after he was investigated for steroid use and tested positive! Admitted to it, too!

  • Shaine MacDonald
    Shaine MacDonald Month ago +1

    The paralympics are athletes with physical disabilities. Not mental disabilities!

  • im not worthy of anything i earn

    me "Oprah!?" Oprah "I love bread I eat it everyday I don't deny it!"

  • Kathy Main
    Kathy Main Month ago +1

    Anti doping just sounds so stupid. They could have come up with a better name than that.

  • Paul Hampson
    Paul Hampson Month ago

    Barry Bonds was second in most WINS to Babe Ruth?

  • Pharoh B
    Pharoh B Month ago

    Thank you for these videos, they are great and I look forward every one of them. A great source of information.

  • tito jones
    tito jones Month ago +1

    i would like to polish your bald head Mr. Santoro. Do you grant me permission to do that ?

  • Hasan Halaric
    Hasan Halaric Month ago

    Jeepers Creepers when will you deal with those cheaters?

  • Wayne Pollard
    Wayne Pollard Month ago

    #7 I see a Belize flag my nation have a cheater

  • Good Memes
    Good Memes Month ago

    Hey that’s cool I’m from vinton

  • Andre Zeeuw de
    Andre Zeeuw de Month ago

    Lance used to take shortcuts also, ha ha ha

  • Tupac Shakur
    Tupac Shakur Month ago

    Where’s lebron

  • jyggalag daedric prince of order

    I'm from orange tx just 30 minutes drive from delta downs. Sadly this is the first time hearing about the horse race

  • Realjayrome
    Realjayrome Month ago

    Wow, cheating in sports, aw the shame, My COWBOYS haven't won a Super Bowl in 2 decades, the Pat's have won 6, I wish we would cheat for 1, just 1!

  • Mortchen
    Mortchen Month ago

    The guy in 3# is a total dickhead, there's cheating and then theres out-right being lazy.

  • Charles Horton
    Charles Horton Month ago

    didn't see the New England Pats in this list... Whats up with that.....caught cheating 2 TIMES....... WTF!!!!!!!!!

  • David Gore
    David Gore Month ago

    Hmm. Thought he had colon cancer.

  • Emiliano Celaya
    Emiliano Celaya Month ago

    Luis Resto should be on this list, he end Billy Collins career and life!

  • Jason Juneau
    Jason Juneau Month ago

    Why would anyone cheat? They didn't earn the win honestly. Even if you get a trophy, it would just be a reminder that you didn't accomplish anything.

  • MAL
    MAL Month ago

    Breathh breathh!!

  • Joe Russo
    Joe Russo Month ago +1

    What! No MMA cheaters!!! You could have done the whole top 10 with MMA fighters!

  • Mr. Monster
    Mr. Monster 2 months ago

    I can't believe professional athletes that get paid millions for their performance would take perfomance enhancing drugs 🤔
    Its preposterous

  • Mr. Monster
    Mr. Monster 2 months ago

    97percent at least of professional athletes take steroids. It's not cheating, they are just doing what their competitors are to keep up. Some are just better than others

  • David Campbell
    David Campbell 2 months ago +2

    Don't forget McGuire and Sosa as baseball cheaters. Same time frame as Bonds.

  • Vincent Dutcher
    Vincent Dutcher 2 months ago +1

    6:30 My favorite team.. The GANTS

  • vajleexi
    vajleexi 2 months ago

    You forgot mark McGwire who is also a baseball cheat.

  • Dave Erhardt
    Dave Erhardt 2 months ago

    Baseball players Jose Canseco, Sammy Sosa, and Mark McGwire also used steroids.

  • Freakhead X
    Freakhead X 2 months ago

    Ben Johnson should not be on this list. Every male sprinter in the top ten throughout history except Bolt has tested positive. Carl Lewis tested positive the SAME YEAR but was allowed to compete since it wasn't an official test, more a test to see if he would get caught in future real tests. So Ben Johnson cheated, sure, but he wasn't alone. Not even in that particular race.

  • D. Fu-Ski
    D. Fu-Ski 2 months ago +1

    You forgot about the New England Patriots and the NFL coverup.

  • fredinabun ;
    fredinabun ; 2 months ago +1

    I knew the thumbnail was clickbait BUT i still clicked lol.

  • Howzer The man
    Howzer The man 2 months ago

    Me and a mate took a short cut when we were doing cross country running at school. We didnt even think about the time and we 'broke' the school record so our teacher entered us in the schools cross country championship and we came last. After the race our teacher told us he knew we cheated so thought hed embarrass us and it worked lol.

  • Ugly Kid
    Ugly Kid 2 months ago

    Stayed in place was kinda smart

  • Kris Edwards
    Kris Edwards 2 months ago

    Pico Jones has to be on here. If not thats disgraceful

  • Carlos Chavez
    Carlos Chavez 2 months ago

    All for the mighty dollar.????

  • Phil Dicks
    Phil Dicks 2 months ago

    Of all of these atheletes Barry Bonds pisses me off the most. I'm a Pirates fan, and I remember his play when He first entered the league. It was obvious back then he was a HOF caliber athelete. He didn't need steroids to be great.

  • Kenneth Black
    Kenneth Black 2 months ago

    Good list. I hadn't heard about the Paralympic Team. As for any other players, with the prevalence of PEDs, you could make dozens of lists of baseball and football players. But one stand out cheater is Pete Rose, who bet on baseball games while he managed the Cincinnati Reds.

  • Brian Frumps
    Brian Frumps 2 months ago

    Dude way to much fake enthusiasm

  • malcolmr3
    malcolmr3 2 months ago +1

    Barry Bonds was never proven to have taken the steroids and he has never been convicted of anything.

  • Cousin Avi
    Cousin Avi 2 months ago

    Maybe try making one of these videos with those flailing arms strapped down to something. Maybe back off the caffeine, too.

  • Billy Click
    Billy Click 2 months ago

    Man this guy's face and the way that it moves annoys the living piss out of me

  • Brandon Krigbaum
    Brandon Krigbaum 2 months ago

    Tom Brady's been suspended three times by the NFL for illegal NFL substance banned by both NFL and NHL and let's not forget the deflategate what's screwed Atlanta out of a Superbowl Brady is the biggest piece of crap cheater is

  • Gene Dolen
    Gene Dolen 2 months ago +5

    I seem to recall a boxer who removed padding from his gloves and another who put plaster under his wraps. Diabolical. Roger Goodell because playoff games are rigged. The French and Russian Ice Dancing judges. The 1972 Olympic basketball referees.

    • Tic Tack
      Tic Tack 2 months ago +1

      Louis resto! And actually he did both! He removed the padding and put casts on his hands! He beat the man so badly,he blinded him.he could never fight again and a few months later, porpuosly killed himself in a car wreck. For years resto said he felt no remorse. It wasn't until recently that he decided it was wrong! But still blamed his manager and said the mob made him do it. He spent 3 years in prison,when he was found guilty of assault with a deadly weapon! And was banned from boxing forever.

  • Brandon Krigbaum
    Brandon Krigbaum 2 months ago

    U should throw tom brandy on this list

  • john loza
    john loza 2 months ago +1

    mike tyson

  • juckimal
    juckimal 2 months ago

    so if ben johnson cheated with Juice how can anyone run faster without juice? BOLT?

  • Hagabur
    Hagabur 2 months ago

    Second to Babe Ruth in career wins?

  • Emotion
    Emotion 2 months ago +1

    Can you do push ups on camera and make it a video Matt?

  • William Yanosko
    William Yanosko 2 months ago

    Justin Gatlin...caught doing at the Olympics. . Stripped ,suspended, and now running faster at age 37..lol.. he just hasn't been re caught yet..lol....

  • Andrew Galindo
    Andrew Galindo 2 months ago +7

    In my opinion Alex Rodriguez belongs on this list as well.

    TOM ARCHER 2 months ago

    Well done video. Gifted commentator!

  • dizzybynature
    dizzybynature 2 months ago +1

    conseco comes to mind..

  • Donald Jones
    Donald Jones 2 months ago

    Are they all Democrats? They all cheat. Ask Hillary and Al Gore

  • David Wright
    David Wright 2 months ago

    9:53 thanks for not playing the audio on that clip and making me listen to her moan "why why" most annoying thing ever

  • Dave Brown
    Dave Brown 2 months ago

    Faking disability now that's diabolical

  • E. C.
    E. C. 2 months ago

    11:46 one of the most racist thing I have ever seen in my life, and spaniards doesn't have that accent, so he is racist to them and to central American and Mexican Spanish speakers

  • Shawny Drummy
    Shawny Drummy 2 months ago